First there was nothing. Then there was something. The boys in the development department had outdone themselves in shoving so much nerdiness into one world. There were boss monsters with rich backstories filled with sorrow and hardships, magical weapons and powers that would shame virtual mountains if they could, dungeons that could make even the best Diablo player cry at the difficulty and detail put into each and every one, Npcs with rich backstories and relationships that seemed almost life-like, and then came the world building.

They may have worked hard to add so many things, but one thing they forgot was how to make it all fit into an actual story. Lets just say the company execs weren’t too happy about having one huge orgy of random quests, items, npcs, towns, and bosses without one single thing to connect any of them. So, as companies occasionally do, they threw it all out the window!

All of this hardwork and dedication ended up being scrapped for a procedurally generated world with only the most basic rpg monsters, items, and npcs, but, the one thing that made this unique was that it wasn’t just stuck like that until release. No, the world was filled with sentient beings with thoughts and feelings that would develop over the next 3-ish years, and thats how we got the world of <insert name here> ! Now we may not have a name yet but were hoping to make the best of a bad situation by the end of the 999 days we have left.

Now of course, we can’t monitor every single thing that happens in the world. We have a god A.I to do that! It will act as the main developer and rule-maker of the world. We set it basic instructions on tiers and evolutions of creatures and that it only had one restriction, it all had to be connected in one way or another, then we set it free to rule it’s own mini world. The only things we have a decision on is the major game changes and introductions of new species into the world. We do have a back door though, just in case the A.I gets too out of control! So, naturally, we named it Randy!


End of Message leaked from employee of StudioBlue about upcoming projects and games.


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