First there was nothing, then there was something. The transparent being woke up in a bed of stone. After what seemed like years, the being slowly rose until it saw a bright shining light and a semi-transparent blue box with some squiggly lines. After looking hard at the box, and trying very hard to not look at the bright ball behind the box, like a lens coming into focus, it all suddenly made complete sense.

Name: Dale

Species: Incorporeal Specter

Level: 1 (0.00% to Lvl 2)

Health: 110

Stamina: 8

Mana: 40


Transparency Lvl 1- You pass through some objects slowly. Objects determined by Phase level. Be warned! The more you level this skill the lower your strength gets!

Spookyness Lvl 1- Small, weak willed animals are afraid of you. Level up this skill by scaring other beings!

Weak Possession Lvl 1- You may possess small inanimate objects. You can level this up by possessing other things!

Language- Basic knowledge of SpecterSpeak and English. Able to read basic words in given langauge.


Intelligence: 5 Increases damage of spells and basic intelligence.

Corporeality: 0 (Species Variation MAXXED) Physical form.

Phase: 10 (Species exclusive) The ability to pass through objects.

Strength: -10 Determines what weapons you can wield, what armor you can wear, and general strength.

Agility: 10 Determines how fast you can move, stamina, and stamina regeneration

Wisdom: 12 Determines mana pool,  mana regeneration rate, and controls common sense. (Always remember K.I.S.S)

Fortitude: 5 Determines Health, health regeneration rate, and increases pain tolerance.

Faith: 10 The amount of belief you hold.

Luck: 1 ???

Destiny: 15 ???

Vision: 10 How far and how clearly you can see something.

Interesting! Dale thought, not really knowing what any of it meant, but more numbers mean better things even if they do have a line next to them, right? After looking at the blue box for some time he started to notice it was fading slowly. After it was gone Dale took a good look at the surroundings.

He noticed a bunch of rocks surrounded by a fence that looked similar and went to examine them “001-074” “Baron of Randotown” “He will be missed” he looked at each and everyone for a time until he noticed a slightly smaller box in the corner of his vision.

Int + 1

Suddenly, the world made a bit more sense. Looking at the stones again he realized that they were there because people had died! He wasn’t sure why people would put these rock thingies here for their dead, and he didn’t want question it more because they may do that to him if he asked! Deciding that there was nothing left to do in the death rock place, he looked at him self and only noticed a faint outline of a male shaped body. The only thing was, he could see right through himself! He sat down to examine himself more and noticed he was slowly sinking into the ground! He leapt up and instantly started floating up into the bright ball thingy, which he now recognized as the sun. Slowly, he phased himself down to the ground, but not into it, he then noticed another box in the corner.

Phase + 1

More numbers, yay! Dale thought, quickly trying again to get more numbers. It took a bit longer, but he finally got more numbers

Phase + 1 

He decided not to do it more because it was getting boring quickly and he didn’t want to be here all day.

Wisdom + 1

Now he was really confused, It was different letters again, but he wasn’t sure why he got them. After a while of thinking he finally got up and tried to walk towards the fence. But when he tried he just walked in place.

He wondered how he could move until he remembered how he had gone up and down earlier. He tried to shift himself forward and found that it was much easier than trying to move with his legs, even if it made him look a bit silly.

After getting the hang of phasing, he now noticed the sun was gone and there was a silvery white ball in the sky, in all its illuminating glory. Dale looked at it in utter silence. It was the most beautiful thing he had every seen. He was paralyzed by the magnificence of the moon.

After what seemed like ages, he looked around and realized it was darker than earlier and he now couldn’t see past the fence. 

Not wanting to leave the safety of the rock yard, and totally not because he wanted to look at the silver ball in the sky more. He decided to wait until the sun came back.


A note from HadesPrime

Whooo, didn’t expect it totake all day to write this, but hey, at least I put some effort into doing it. Thanks for reading!

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