Original ONGOING Comedy Fantasy Magic Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Everything can grow.

Everything can rise, and ascend.


Even, a Tree.

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  • Overall Score

It's No Masterpiece, But it Is Very Fun to Read

If you came here looking for a very detailed story, giving vivid descriptions that drag you in and make you lose yourself in the wondrous scenes told, you came to the wrong place. 

The chapters are short, and there is no consistent plot. However, the story manages to still capture the hearts of readers. How, you ask?

In order to enjoy a story, it doesn't have to be formatted like a best selling novel. It doesn't need a year of planning before writing, or anything as taxing. A story can be enjoyed by simply being what it is, and being able to see the joy the author has in writing what they do. 

This story is about a tree and its inner companion, just messing around and having fun with some action, but mostly consisting of funny moments. 

Simply put, this story is a comedy. There is action here and there, but each chapter more or less will at least give you an inner smile. Now, I'm not saying to expect to laugh out loud, but the comedy is really enjoyable. That is the main reason I stick with the story besides just enjoying it overall. 

The OP moments are great too, but it is really just a nice story to read and spend my time on. Nothing to invest myself heavily into either. 

I definitely recommend this story to read. It won't sweep you away, but it is definitely worth the time to read. I'll be following it for mostly daily fun. 

  • Overall Score

While I've only read 4 of the chapters I feel it's enough to grasp at least the tone of the story, and I've got to say the genre tags and story description didn't represent that tone at all.

The life and death implications described by the story description aren't highlighted at all, even in the chapter where he dies and is reborn. It's written off as a joke just like most reincarnation stories that are tagged with comedy(Cue the obligatory God scene). But there's the catch, this story wasn't tagged as a comedy.

It's forgivable not to include some facts(Like the mc being a tree) so you can give the readers a surprise, but the tags are there to let readers know what kind of story they might be getting if not the exact details.

I would've liked to see this kind of thing shown clearly in the tags. I thought it would be interesting to see a tree mc and what that development would look like, but the plot only seems to be important for its ability to introduce jokes and comedy.

All this isn't to say the story is bad. If you want something "funny" and unusual I'm sure this will be a good read. I scored the story right in the middle for that reason. This is intended for everyone else who likes to know what they're committing to before spending a couple hours on a story.

  • Overall Score

Strange story about a tree with too much time and not enough sense.

Plus: good humor

Minute: Mostly written in the form of an internal monologue which makes following what happened difficult. 

  • Overall Score

The only thing that I can currently say is that I enjoyed it. I hope that author likes his work and wil continue to write an interesting humorous chapters.

  • Overall Score

Awesome tree with fire magic!

all he needs now is buff type magic, enchantment magic and healing magic/life magic

  • Overall Score

Sentient Tree is best Tree!

This story is amazing. Seriously, you took a former average dude who really like a tree and died trying to save it from burning, and turn him into a proto-deity. Then watch the madness happen! Really, burning down that forest wasn't his fault, he was about to die from being encased in ice! What do you mean he did it to himself?!?! That doesn't matter! And it only gets more fun from there!

  • Overall Score

Iff all you want is to read some random shenanigans by moderately insane op mc. This is the story for you. Though it's quite confusing to read sometimes as lots of details are skipped and time skips happen frequently.

But if you don't like that I suggest you go read something else.

Wise old penguin
  • Overall Score

I love the story, you managed to make us somewhat aquainted with different characters in an incredibly short amount of time and still make them memorable.

I have a feeling that I'm missing 90% of the actual references/jokes, because I'm too old, but it's still very funny.

I removed half a star, because the early chapters are confusing. Especially when you haven't realized that his "sleep" takes centuries on average.

  • Overall Score

It started so dumb, but got so good

How did you do that? This book is so dumb, for like, a lot of chapters. There's no coherent plot really, its a whirlwind of random pov's and mishmashed moments of development. But then, out of no where, a plot happened. And characterization. And I suddenly understand what's happening. And I really really like it. I feel really invested in the most recent chapters. How did you turn one of the most mediocre, confusing stories... Into this!? It's good, but how!? I don't get it!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

 Seriously, what is this crap? There is a pretty good premise, of a dude being reborn as a tree, but the style makes it impossible to know or care what's happening in the story. It's as though the story was written by a 5 year old. 0/5, would not recommend