Adventures of an Old Dreamer

by TheEpicLotfi

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead Supernatural Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

There once was a boy that lived in a village with no name in a remote corner of a province in a grand empire. Every villager had their place, and his was a shepherd's. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, the boy was an avid dreamer, yearning for adventure between each book he read.

Decades go by in the blink of an eye and the young boy grows into an old man, yet remains a shepherd, watching his flock live and die in an endless cycle of life.

Yet, the old man dreams on about adventure, never too old to indulge in his delusions.

One fateful night, however, his endless prayer gets answered. Two immortals fall from the sky, and from their corpses, the old man acquires the means to strength in order to adventure.

What does the world have in store for Lao Chen?

This story has undertaken the pledge, assuring that the story will be written until its natural completion. God help me.


Temporary cover image until either 1) I earn enough money to hire a concept artist to make me one or 2) I develop a wide enough fanbase that some godsent artist decides I'm worthy of being made cover art for. At the end of the day, I'm not going to beg for someone to make me one. If the people like the story, someone is bound to come around. 


Rated gore and traumatising, potentially triggering. Enjoy!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1: Chapter 1 - Adventure Calls in Senescence ago
Chapter 2: Cultivation of an old geezer ago
Chapter 3: Benefactor Lao Chen ago
Chapter 4: The Yin-Yang Sect Patriarch ago
Chapter 5: Years come and go for an old dreamer ago
Interlude - Blessing of Empress Wa ago
Chapter 6: A Decade of Preparation Concludes ago
Chapter 7: The Gold Stone City ago
Chapter 8: Our Strongest Youth ago
Chapter 9: Dragon Flight Gala ago
Chapter 10: Dao of Dreams ago
Chapter 11: Round One: Su Chen Vs Wu Shan ago
Alchemy 101: The Essence Flame ago
Chapter 12: The Bipolar Princess ago
Chapter 13: Round Two: 'Bipolar Princess' Vs 'Storm Fist' ago
Chapter 14: Define Allegiance ago
Chapter 15: Interrogation of an Old Dreamer ago
Chapter 16: Destroyed Pillars ago
Chapter 17: The End of Shao Lei ago
Chapter 18: A Meeting With The Blood Dragon Patriarch ago
Chapter 19: A Surprise Surgery ago
Chapter 20: You Two Know Each Other?! ago
Chapter 21: Dragon Amongst Men! ago
Actually, this is just a popularity poll ago
Chapter 22: Departing from Gold Stone City ago
Chapter 23: Journey To The West ago
Chapter 24: Dreamweaver ago
Chapter 25: A Decade of Bondage ago
Chapter 26: Devoured by the Dao of Lust ago
Interlude - Lotus Buds Part 1 ago
Interlude - Lotus Buds Part 2 ago
Interlude - Blood Dragon ago
Chapter 27: The Mountain ago
Chapter 28: The Cave ago
Chapter 29: The Paragon ago
Book 2: Chapter 1: Azure Empire ago

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  • Overall Score

Not that great. But not bad either.

I'm actually shocked by the number of really good review on this novel, it is not a bad novel, but it is in no way the "great" novel people make it out to be.

The progression is confusing and unchallenging for the MC, we see him go from zero to hero in 4-5 chapters tops. The few fight are awkward and unfun to read about, a friendship is develloped in litteraly a single chapter and they are the best of friends already, the foreshadowing about the barrier and the expert of his country is very badly done.

The MC is also way too forgiving and accepting, i suppose this is intentional but it is overdone and when you add that to the cringy/more or less badly done interaction it takes away from the rest of the story.

The power spike was so sudden the reader doesnt have the time to get a feel for the power scale of your world, there is also the fact that your mc is a Mary Sue of cultivation encountering 0 difficulties whatsoever and the few he encounters are irrelevant or a setup for a instant arbitrary powerup.


Now even with everything said there is still potential as this is clearly a rough first draft, it should also be fairly easy to edit/rewrite the bad parts in the future when your skills have grown.

  • Overall Score

This is very good so far. I like how you made Lao Chen the way you did. In my opinion, there are too many Xianxia storys where the MC is a self righteous prick. Keep it up. I'd like to see where this goes.

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This is a great start (first 6 ch). It is original, fun and the people in it have ethics which is very nice to see in a novel. I hope that the author does not give up and that he/she (probably he) has a great time writing this story.

  • Overall Score

Think its a good story but it only makes sense if you read a number of cultivation stories. Still im not sure if that is such a big deal considering its potential reader base.

  • Overall Score

It is really nice to have a story like yours so you better continue as you are. I would say that your story is truly a dream come true ! *wink wink*

  • Overall Score

I love this story it really change from other xianxia.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Oh my god, take some writing classes. All I've seen so far is repeats of cliches of popular stories executed without a lot of skill. I don't feel attached to any characters and the setting, while possibly interesting, fails to interest me due to the telling instead of showing.

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I’m too lazy to think up a proper title...

I give it 4 1/2 simply because while I love this story, it does have a few errors every now and then, one or two plot holes but nothing major enough to mention. The spelling errors are few and far between and usually corrected pretty quickly so if you’re a grammar nut then this shouldn’t be too bad.

Plot wise, it has a tendency to wander but I think that’s intentional, and in its own kind of adds to the charm. The characters, while ridiculous, are believable enough as opposed to the usual “I am powerful therefore fear me” and “young master samaaaaaa” that we commonly get.

Keep it up my friend, and I will continue reading. I wish you the best.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Im somewhat confused i thought i aleady rated your story but it seems i didnt post it for some reason.

To the story i really like it i feel right at home with it its comparable to many popular xanxia and wuxia over at wuxiaworld. Its fresh and your absolutly right novels like Martial God Asura, Against the Heavens, Coiling dragon, Desolate Era, Perfect World, I shall Seal the Heavens, Swallowed Star, Book eating magician, its always about a youth walking to glory sure hardship, woman and treasure make most of the allure for it but in the end they are all so similar to each other some like atg and mga where mc is sometimes a complete douche and chases every woman with above average beauty even building harems seems the norm.

It gets tiring to always read about the same overall scheme and your story is really refreshing instead of a young boy or even more a child its a old dude who lived his life mundane but kept a young heart its inspiring after the first few chapters i instantly associated with the mc i even thought when i grow old i should never forget to dream its inspiring.

I love the story i like the addition of his nascent soul beeing independent completly novel in any wuxia i ever read never seen something similar and her even becoming his daughter i love. Even though you added to her many hidden talents an heavenly potential which falls back into schema F its forgiveable and in the end at its core thats the reason we love wuxia so much power fantasies and such.

If i didnt know its a fan writen story at many points i completly forgot im on royal road and associated your story to the professional translators over at ww.

Now lets talk about the storys short comming after so many honey'd words some salt is neccesary grammar is somewhat lacking but good compared to most other novels here on rr you definitly need a proofreader or a second one if you have already one if you search for grammar errors too long you become blind for them its normal and happens to everyone, so a second pair of eyes is always a good choice also called peer review.

Story has its ups and downs start was stellar i litteraly got starry eyes after i read your first few chapters after that its a normal low story progression  and such. the part where he was in the village you could have made him fight some minor troubles or something else in my opinion wasted potential there. The part in the froest was also nice the fight of those two core formation experts again wasted potential as he regenerated the forest again and i remind you part of the allure are "unforeseen consequences and hidden encounters" he could have caught the attention of a hidden entity which you can casually integrate into the story later ads some mystery.

The city ark was ok but it seemed to miss something not sure what, your story your imagination.

The rest of the story is still in developement and its fine rome wasnt build in one day.


So for the end i hope i addressed the major things i thought could change and forgive me if i forgot some story parts its already one or two weeks since i read your story. A tipp from a bored writer with regular writers block plan your story in with a rough outline major events and major charakters 10 chapters in advance if you dont its easy to write yourself into a dead end and you dont want to go back and rewrite major parts of your story jsut to make it plausible again alot of wasted brain power and time with that.


A wish from my side if you encounter a writers block anounce it and dont endlessly excuse yourself like many do tell us especially me :D so i am not so disapointed for checking the third consecutive week with no meanigfull update. I wish you many interessting thoughts and a good flow for your future chapters even if you quit now i wont forget what you wrote and will incorporate similar ideas into my own storys in the future.

I wish you a good day and btw im german pls excuse my horrendous grammar XD.

  • Overall Score

This story Fights against the common Xian Xia novel cookie cutter idea. Most Xian Xia follow a person as they struggle to get to a semblance of strength all the while they fight against people who call them trash and weak. This breaks that mold almost completely. *Synopsis(not spoilery i swear)* It follows a person very quickly through his life until he reaches old age where he finds a book that teaches him about, shocker, Cultivation. The story follows him as he quickly grows to a decent strength and then begins exploring the world. Sounds pretty generic I know.


The most interesting thing about this entire story is, in my opinion about how he goes about dealing with conflict. Up to chapter 26, he doesn't just kill everyone who slights him, he teaches them, spares them, corrects their behavior, forgives them, and occasionally fights people who are hell bent on seeing the end of him. Its not just *ooo* *aaa* you insulted my family its time to die dialogue. He mixes in a sort of self made philosophy about what it means to dream to accomplish something. Truly a breath of fresh air to those who have read Xian Xia, and an example of a good Xian Xia to anyone new to them.