"This area seems infested by those goblins."

Goblins walking around this forest.
I'm standing on a tree branch right now observing the surroundings.


I jump from my position.

"Unique magic: Blade magic 《 Piercing tallows 》"

Five silver swords appeared behind me, the blade split into small arrows (Λ like this) and fly towards the wandering goblins. Since its small, it instantly cut the goblins neck unnoticed. The other goblins saw the scenario and called for other goblins.

Thank you for doing that.

After a while, ten goblins plus appeared.
Then, several lines head straight towards them. Shock by the speed, they didn't react fast, several goblins had their bellies cut open and their entrails flowed out, and some goblins died by severing their limbs with my dancing blades.

"That's fourteen."

I took each goblin ears for proof.

"They came that way right?"

I followed the path the goblins came from, resulting more goblins wandering the woods or eating somethings.
I collected each part of them, I also got one magic stone. Magic stones are rare type of item that you can get from monsters that had magic or high mana. I got it from a Mage goblin.

"Since this is rather easy, I got to rank up fast."

I continued my walk. A cave came into view and the goblins are coming in and out.


Since no harm will befall to me I descended in front of their cave.


"Kuh! Gagak!"

After seeing me, they began to shout, calling for other goblins on the vicinity.
Several goblins came back from the forest and more came out from the cave.
I call my 《 Piercing Tallows 》 that has been flying around the forest.

The goblins were curious after seeing my flying blades.
I raise my hand and descend it slowly, the blades followed and start to dance around the whole surrounding killing all the goblins in the surrounding.


Not knowing what's happening, the goblins started to head back to the cave.
Still, something seems off, there should not be this many goblins in one place.

I order my 《 Piercing Tallows 》 to enter the cave and kill the escaped goblins.
Piercing shrieks echoed from the inside of the cave.


Something stop my 《 Piercing Tallows 》.
A huge green humanoid came out of the cave.
Red eyes and huge tusks, wielding a huge sword.
Fragments of my blades are stuck on its skin.

"I think this is what you call, a Goblin king."

Soon after, several different goblins came out.

"Hobgoblin Mage, hobgoblin warrior and hobgoblin priest."

There seem to be high ranking goblins mix in this place.


The hobgoblin warrior charge towards me, wielding an axe, together with the goblin king. The hobgoblin mage and the hobgoblin priest started its chant readying their spells.

"Since the hobgoblins are F rank, but with class, they become rank D. Since this Goblin king are rather stronger, I guess his rank is lower rank C."

The goblin king swung its giant sword, I evaded it by jumping backwards. The hobgoblin warrior climb from the back of the goblin king and swing its axe.
I parried its attack with my halberd. I sense magic.

"Unique Magic: Blade magic 《 Blade create 》"

With the use of my mana, I gather the minerals from the ground and create a sword with a giant blade to resemble a shield.
The hobgoblin Mage fires fire balls towards me. I shielded myself from its attack with my shield.

"Battle magic: Speed up."

Light engulf my body, with my speed, I slice the hobgoblin warrior's body in half and ran towards the hobgoblin mage. I pierce its chest making a hole on its body.

The goblin king is in rage and red aura came out from its body.

"Oh, you have it too huh? Battle magic: Blood surge."

It's a skill that makes your body stronger, the price is that your defense will go down and worst case you will go berserk. Since this goblin king can use this skill that means his Battle magic is already level 5.

"Unique Magic: Blade magic 《 Blade Dance 》"

Floating silver swords appeared before me.
I attack the goblin king with my swords, it parried with swinging its own sword with speed. With the buff of Blood surge he gain speed and explosive power.


It roared and dash towards me, ignoring the swords.

"Battle magic: Pierce!"

Since the goblin king is extremely angry he gone berserk. I used his momentum and dash pointing the spear part of my halberd. The goblin king's side are split open.

"I'm a person that killed many C rank monsters."

The hobgoblin priest ran towards the injured goblin king.


Light formed from it hand, that must be healing magic.


I'm confused too. The goblin king pierce the hobgoblin priest with its sword.
The blade shone red. Hmm?

"So that sword had vampiric attributes."

The wound slowly healed.

"Well, I'm not a stupid person to let you heal."

I decapitated the goblin king.

【 Level up conditions been met ➖ LVL 237 >> LVL 238】


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