"Eh!!! Goblin king you say?"


I returned from the guild and reported my quests.

" subjugated 110 goblins, 4 hobgoblins and 1 goblin king!"


"This is weird you know!!! An F rank adventurer subjugate 110 goblins with 4 hobgoblins with class and a goblin king! On top of that, you are just a child!"

All eyes are on me right now since Ms. Receptionist are shouting all of it.

"What you see is the truth!"

"Your right, all of it are recorded in the quest paper."

The quest papers are imbued with magical properties to record the monsters subjugated. It's to ensure that nobody steal from other adventurers since there are other adventurers that take leftovers from other adventurers fight.

"*sigh... you really surprised me Hal. With this you can rank up! Also, do you want to sell that sword?"

She pointed at the sword covered in blood. This is the goblin king's sword by the way.

"Hmm? Maybe I'll keep it this time."

"Too bad. You did say it has vampiric attribute, it can sell for a high price."

"I get the feeling I might need it someday."

"Then your reward money 1 gold coin and 50 silver coins."

"Is that a little too much?"

"Well, the goblin king is a C rank quests and the materials of the goblin king are expensive since its whole body can be used as medicine or equipment. And you also took down 4 hobgoblins with class so you must be thankful that you encountered this treasure pile."

"If you say so.."

"You are strong Hal."

"I'm a beastman after all, I have my strength and also I have my own battle instinct. You can say that battle is within our bodies."

"Hehe, what kind of phrase is that."


"Did you really do that!!?"

"You heard the receptionist right!"

"Haha! To think you are that strong! Well, beastman's have natural gift of physical strength."

I'm together with Grunt-san with his party members, watching the bulletin board. Since there still more time I plan to take another quest. I hang the goblin king's sword on my back, since it's height are same as mine, it's much more intimidating to me.

"I would suggest going to the dungeon!"


"It's further south from here, it's a beginner dungeon. Knowing your strength, maybe you can reach the boss room."

"Then I can give it a try!"

I head towards the reception desk.


"Right, Grunt-san said I would go."

"*sigh... Well, you need a party of three, you have to find two more person to go with you."

"Eh? But I'm strong enough on my own!"

"Hal! That's the rules, you may be strong but your still an E rank, rank D can go solo on that dungeon and for lower ranks are not permitted to go solo! Understand!"


I plan to go solo, but since that is the rules then I can abide as well like the others. But a party....

"Good, now then. Your lucky we have two newbies today. You two over there! Come here!"

Ms. Receptionist call one male and one female. They're teenagers...
The male wore a simple gear, chestnut hair and brown eyes, slightly tanned skin and a sword hangs from his side. The female wore a green cape and under it are simple black shirt and a mini skirt, her face are similar to the male but her skin are whiter, her hair are tied to a ponytail and she holds a staff on her right hand.

"Since you two are both newbies why don't you go on the beginner dungeon together with Hal over here."


The male fixated his gaze upon me. Is it me or he is lowering his face.

"This chibi?"

"Yes! Is there a problem?"

"No, well anyway...nice to meet you!"

"Me too, nice to meet you."

"The same..."

"Okay, good luck to the three of you!"


"Then, is this it?"

【 Beginner Dungeon 】

A sign hangs from the entrance which is a wide cave.

"Looks like a normal cave to me."

"Anyway, let's go inside to see what the real deal is."

We head inside and we acknowledge it as a dungeon.
Goblins, Giant bats, kobolds, slimes...

"Let's go!"

"Wait Rain! It's dangerous!"

He ignored the lady's warning and head towards the crowd of monsters.

"What are you afraid of? It's just beginner monsters right!"


Her name is Mila, after knowing her, this Rain person is her older brother.

"Battle magic: Attack up!"

"Wind magic: Wind blade!"

Rain charges towards a mob of goblins. Backing him up is Mila's wind magic.
Rain manages to kill two goblins, but...he still a newbie.
The way he swing his sword is like playing with a wooden branch of a tree and he shows many weak points. If it weren't for Mila's wind magic, he would be surrounded by goblins.

"Incoming kobolds! What should we do?"

Mila became flustered.

"Leave it to me, just deal with the goblin first."

"Eh? But Hal! There's five of them! Handling them on your own.."

"Don't worry! It's just beginner monsters right?"

Now, I raise my shining halberd and point at the incoming kobolds.


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