The Golden Gravekeeper 黄金の墓守

by Tanaka Tomoyuki

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Satire Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Summoned Hero
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Upon being summoned to another world, a group of bullies attempts to murder their classmate by throwing him off the transportation spell and to his death.

However, Tanaka Tomoyuki finds himself revived as a zombie. Dragging himself from beyond the grave, he returns to the world of the living to exact revenge on all those who bullied and tormented him when he was still alive.


In other words: vengeful EDGELORD to the max...the worst and most cringeworthy story to ever exist on the site. Cardboard, 2D villain characters with no depth at all whose sole purpose is to exist as antagonists to be beaten up by the vengeful protagonist. And the protagonist somehow isn't bitter and edgy enough because of his lame jokes and he's the typical spineless beta male...whatever that means because it's such a bullshit term coined by so-called alpha males who think there's only one way to be "masculine".

Will probably delete the story once I get the inevitable flood of 0.5 ratings.

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Tanaka Tomoyuki

Tanaka Tomoyuki

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Summoned to another world ago
Chapter 2: Death in another world ago
Chapter 3: Rise of the Dead ago
Chapter 4: Reunion ago
Chapter 5: Law of the jungle ago
Chapter 6: Eat and Grow Strong ago
Chapter 7: King of the jungle ago
Chapter 8: Final siege ago
Chapter 9: Fall of the Demon Lord ago
Chapter 10: Ascension ago
Chapter 11: Dead or Alive ago
Chapter 12: Thousand Astral Graves ago
Chapter 13: Alpha Predator ago
Chapter 14: Goddess ago
Chapter 15: Guardian of the Temple ago
Chapter 16: Forbidden Garden ago
Apology ago
Chapter 17: Lyia’s Chosen ago
Chapter 18: Blooming Buddha ago
Chapter 19: The fruit of victory ago
Chapter 20: The Spear Hero’s Spear ago
Chapter 21: Tanaka the Wizard ago
Chapter 22: Survival in a new world ago
Chapter 23: Time to party! ago
Chapter 24: The orc arc ago
Chapter 25: Tanaka the Wizard…again ago
Chapter 26: In hot pursuit ago
Chapter 27: The Sword Saint ago
Chapter 28: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ago
Chapter 29: Millennial Town ago
Chapter 30: Meeting the manticore ago
Chapter 31: Match with the manticore ago
Chapter 32: Downtown ago
Chapter 33: Midgardia ago
Chapter 34: First and Only ago
Chapter 35: Direct Counter ago
Chapter 36: Desperate Escape ago
Chapter 37: Demon Territory ago
Chapter 38: The Gremory Clan ago
Chapter 39: Hero Slayer ago
Chapter 40: Adaptive Mutation ago
Chapter 41: Game of Gods ago
Chapter 42: Walpurgis Night ago
Chapter 43: Hostage ago
Chapter 44: Sieging a Fortress ago
Chapter 45: Golem ago
Chapter 46: Titan Fall ago
Chapter 47: Command ago
Chapter 48: Armored Convoy ago
Chapter 49: Haemorage ago
Chapter 50: Spearhead assault ago
Chapter 51: Dance of the Dead ago
Chapter 52: Shooting Stars ago
Chapter 53: The Vampire Queen ago
Chapter 54: The night before departure ago
Chapter 55: Witch Doctor ago
Chapter 56: Return to Havia ago
Chapter 57: Academy Affair ago
Chapter 58: Airing ago
Chapter 59: Maximum Carnage ago
Chapter 60: Attack from the wyverns ago
Chapter 61: Crimson Dragon ago
Chapter 62: Rescue mission ago
Chapter 63: Dawn of Dragons ago
Chapter 64: The wish ago
Chapter 65: Bitch, please ago
Chapter 66: The pride of House Clarence ago
Chapter 67: Waifu Wars ago
Chapter 68: Meeting the Iron Knights ago
Screw up ago
Chapter 69: Return of the Spear Hero ago
Chapter 70: Iron Knights versus Raijinshuu ago
Chapter 71: Level 1,000 ago
Chapter 72: Feat of Strength ago
Chapter 73: Starlight ago
Chapter 74: The Spear Hero ago
Chapter 75: Cross Castle ago
Chapter 76: Takeda Tetsuo ago
Chapter 77: Information Exchange ago
Chapter 78: Negotiation ago
Chapter 79: Elevation ago
Chapter 80: Comrade ago
Chapter 81: Ultimatum ago
Chapter 82: Breakdown ago
Chapter 83: Schemes and Conspiracies ago
Chapter 84: Lord versus Lord ago
Chapter 85: The Eight Guardians ago
Chapter 86: Gravekeeper Tomo ago
Chapter 87: Escape ago
Chapter 88: Engagement circumstances of the Daughter of Haemorage ago
Chapter 89: Military Instruction ago
Chapter 90: First Date ago
Chapter 91: Representative from Haecient ago
Chapter 92: The Elders of the Haecient Council ago
Chapter 93: Mobilization ago
Chapter 94: Moving Out ago
Chapter 95: Defense of the Tomb ago
Chapter 96: Light Golem ago
Chapter 97: Divine Angel ago
Chapter 98: Inside the tomb ago
Chapter 99: Secrets of the Tomb ago
Chapter 100: Line of Traitors ago
Chapter 101: Duel ago
Chapter 102: The Duel (part 2) ago
Chapter 103: True Vampire ago
Chapter 104: Rules of Engagement ago
Chapter 105: The Dwarven Kingdom ago
Chapter 106: Moria ago
Chapter 107: The Great Undertaking ago
Chapter 108: Engineering Revolutions ago
Chapter 109: Buying time ago
Chapter 110: Super-heavy ago
Chapter 111: Glory of Heroes ago
Chapter 112: Clash of Titans ago

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  • Overall Score

I stopped reading at the apology between chapter 16 and 17.   I thought it was pretty good but I honestly felt weirded out by how suicidally depressed the author is and I think writing a book is the worst thing he can do since he'll no doubt get some negative reviews and that will really hurt him a lot. I'm rating this 5 stars for this reason but I really suggest you seek counciling dude.  I don't know if they can end up helping but its not a healthy state of mind and you gotta help yourself get out of it.

  • Overall Score

The Story is great and I really enjoy. It is a well written revenge story and is very enjoyable. MC actually takes revenge and isn't some kind of edgy loser cough arifureta cough.

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Me love this story. The story good.


First look like Japanese novel usual. Then the plot same also. But then the plot shock. Read first you will understand I.


Story me like. Period.


Character is good. Cringeworthy sometimes. But read first. The good man good. But stupid sometimes. Me like him though.


Grammar is simple. Simple is good. Orc love simple thing.



  • Overall Score

Somewhat suprisingly, this story is actually pretty good. None of the trash tier grammar and spelling in RRL, and a decent plot. The jokes are pretty good too. Not the best, but very enjoyable

  • Overall Score

Graphic violence.


MC who gets his butt kicked but keeps coming back for more


What's not to like?

  • Overall Score

This is going through be good...

This story is shaping up to be rather interesting and this author has a great track record of writing excellent stories. Usually they start rather generic with some rather odd elements, but start becoming increasingly interesting, unique, and all-around excellent as the story progresses. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will develop!

  • Overall Score

Good but makes me so angry?

Don’t get me wrong I love this novel but it makes me feel like I want to burn the whole worlddd.

Story: It’s a good story!! with a lot of cool concepts although not executed excellently, but that’s understandable.. you’ll enjoy it:)

Character: ehh.. the goddess, sigh. The goddess is the most useless character I’ve ever seen in a good while. Classmates are a bunch of no brain generic evil bullies, and they appear the whole novel because they’re considered heroes?saviours, and all humanity follows them.. Character building is mostly with our MC, nothing drastic though despite his death? 

For me? I enjoyed it but at the same time it’s torture. The story gives you lots of anger, if u can get over that you’ll enjoy it! The bullying is exaggerated too.. actually too much! and the novel gives off “All the myriad existence against MC” kinda vibe. I know the author needs good reviews but inflated good reviews will bring the novel a bad alley, so criticism once in a awhile is good... 

  • Overall Score

All the puns one could ever hope for!

I love the main character. I find him to be interesting though it somewhat bothers me that most people around him have some sort of hate boner? Is our poor MC cursed or something? Oh gods I hope it's not a SURPRISE YOU WERE CURSE HURRHURR. But anyways, I find this story to be quite fun and the MC is a nice change of pace from most. It almost feels like the story is purposefully trying to dodge stupid tropes <3

  • Overall Score

So, first of all, reviews are useless without critics of course. Now the author does infact make spelling errors due to him being a human and not a cyborg/robot, but they are exceedingly rare for the most part. If you like puns, and that sort of word play humor this is the story for you! If not, clear out, immediately. You have been warned. The story is compelling, and makes fun of several tropes like the “classmates are out to kill him” trope while also implementing them in an interesting way. This is a revenge story, so people die a lot, but the author makes every death of a hero a challenge, he makes them mean something, which is rare. The main character has to figure out ways to kill them, it’s not just “Through the power of love and determination! I Will End You!” Or “Super mega reaper death form I just unlocked in this battle! Feeeeel my eeeeeeeeeeeedge raaaaaaaah” This is a legitimately good story, and I dearly hope the author will continue updating it. This has been an overly long review via Wolfenshaed, I sure you had brought popcorn and a soda because after all this you probably feel like you just watched a damn movie. This review was made as of Chapter 37.... or 38... I don’t remember at 2 in the morning on the day before college classes (or would it be morning of college classes?). Someone end me.

  • Overall Score

Response to IILOKI!!! From chapter 1-39 the MC still asks every single classmate he encounters why they want to kill him? This is a very reasonable question. We know he asks this question because of just the fanatical devotion they have about killing him. They're completely mad. VERY good story, consider picking it up because I Know you will enjoy it!