Bloody f...I accidentally scheduled Chapter 46 for April 16th instead of May 16th. I apologize for the mistake.

On the other hand, I've stopped writing after Chapter 64 so I think I'll be dropping this story. This is a terrible story with no originality whatsoever, awful characters and downright poor storytelling.

I probably will quit writing for good. If you would prefer me to just drop the story here and now instead of giving it a slow death until Chapter 64, please let me know and I will oblige you accordingly. I know a lot of people are unhappy with this story and with me, and I even received a complaint from a forum-goer telling me that he refuses to read my stuff because he wants me to drop the story.

I also got into trouble with another writer who claims that I ripped the cannibal zombie idea from him and is pestering me to delete the story.

Not only that, I'm having problems with my graduate school stuff and I'm failing all my classes and screwing up whatever essays I write. This is the end of the rope for me. All that awaits me at the end of the road is despair and self-loathing. I hate myself for being so useless. I hate myself for being so stupid. I hate myself for being so incompetent. I think I'm better off dead. I have enough. I'm nothing but a pathetic failure who doesn't deserve to live. I think I'll do the whole world a favor and erase my existence. This mistaken scheduling is evidence of my utter stupidity and gross incompetence. To atone for my error, I'll pay for it with my life.

Thanks for following me this far, and if I do change my mind, you'll see Chapter 65 on June 4th. Otherwise just assume I'm dead.

Sorry, everyone. And goodbye.


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Tanaka Tomoyuki

  • Minnesota

Bio: The worst writer ever to exist on Royal Road Legends. Do not read any of my stuff unless you enjoy suffering, raging and burying your face in your palm.

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irulecool @irulecool ago

Whoo! Double release! I kinda skimmed over it once I realized it was of the wrong story, but I still enjoyed it!

...ok, no I didn't enjoy it, but that was because it was out of context. Also, because this isn't the zombie story, I don't need to write nom at the end of this comment.

The chapter changed.

irulecool @irulecool ago

...I honestly don't know what to say. I mean, I do understand if you drop the story to raise your grades for your school stuff, but if you need help or anything, I'll try to help.

Humpuny humberto @Humpuny humberto ago

  • If you want to drop the story Is ok. The school Is important for the future. But i think you are a great writer, personaly i have read all the storys you have posted. So i only say it Is you'r decision, bit i want you yo know that I love you'r writing, and for the people that say that your story Is nada wellcome fuck them, nobody Is making them read them. So what if they don't like it, there are people like me that reading one of your storys males mayores day better. Just saying thank you for the storys.

Sorry if my message has bad grammar i am not a native english speaker

Skeletickles @Skeletickles ago

Fuck whoever was pestering you. The cannibal zombie idea is used by a lot of people. And regardless, always keep in mind that you can write whatever the hell you want. If you like writing then write, and fuck the other guy.

wolfgoesbaa @wolfgoesbaa ago

Geez, please refrain from using my name in such an omnious post. I already have enough enemies as is without getting my name in any of your fans hate list... oh who am I kidding, everyone loves me. Disregard what I said. Again, I only said you can't come up with new material because I've seen you do other versions of this story. Not extaclty this but definetly bullied boy gets summoned into another owrld , gets killed and becomes a zombie. Sure not on RR, which is why I withdrew that comment. And I never said you were poor writer... I think.

I get your pain. I too am in the same boat, writing is getting in teh way of academics and academics is getting in the way of writing. All I'm doing is posting backlogs of chapters but I haven't written anything in a while now. I say best to focus on school and write when you can... at least that's what I try to do. As for your depression... I suggest you see someone about that.

Good luck.

newyevon2 @newyevon2 ago

Dude I hope this isn't dropped I've been binge reading this since I saw it

Srayan @Srayan ago

Still alive here. Tell the guy who claimed to have originated cannibal zombie idea that it is core to the zombie genre going way back. Like bloodsucking to vampires. Or blue screens to RPG.

Belgarion @Belgarion ago

awww this was such a great story...I don't want it to I am unsure if I want to keep reading only for it to end....ahh fuck it the story is too interesting

fro5tint @fro5tint ago

Well, Seymour, you are an odd fellow but I must say you steam a good ham.