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A powerful wave of psi energy is transmitted into the soldiers brains, causing their neurons to stop firing. For them the world is frozen, no information is transmitted, no action can be taken. With the signals transmitted to their legs allowing them to stand cut off, they begin to fall. Leviathans psi drains quicker than it ever has before, every second over twenty psi is lost, but it is enough.

In but a moment Leviathan is able to close the distance, pointing the rifle at the soldiers head he pulls the trigger. Bullets rip his skull apart, blood and brain matter scatters about, like taking a bat to a watermelon. Quickly rotating he points the gun at the other soldiers chest before pulling the trigger, dying the ground red.

Psi 0/238
Int +24
Psi 24/262

Looking at the bodies for a moment, a sense of accomplishment washes over Leviathan. Finally feeling as though he has real power, finally accomplishing something without aid from B8. Scanning the surroundings he sees people escaping from collapsed buildings, fires, and loud gunfire in the background, but no soldiers in the immediate area.

“This place is to conspiquies as its the only place undamaged, we need to move”

Leviathan sweeps the lot, taking all the ammo he can find before returning to the building. As he enters he sees a small silver shell on the couch, the walls have a few bullet holes, but everything else seems to be ok.

“It wasn't ideal B8, but we have accomplished what we wanted to do here. continue to sweep the city of soldiers. When the numbers have been reduced enough use this entire city to make bots! I’m going to go back to the ship location, and from there we will storm the next city. how's the girl?”

The silver shell begins to open, revealing a sleeping girl inside. Her eyes are puffy, and face covered in dirt, making her look miserable. Faintly smiling he picks up a couch cushion and places it on the hover disk. Scooping up the girl, he palaces her on the cushion.

“B8 protect the girl, I don't want her hurt” At his command the bots move to the disk and form a thick dome over the top surface. Nodding in satisfaction he has the hover disk follow him as he heads out the door. Looking at the rifle in his hand he checks the stats.

Superior Ballistic Rifle
Durability: 29/30
Damage: 13~40
Clip: 120/250

Good Holding the rifle he begins to move. Arriving on the street people stare him down, as he's not wearing the silver skin his racial features are on display. Carefully moving forward he makes sure no one has any hostile thoughts, and because he was prepared this time the emotions don't overwhelm him. People mostly look at him with curiosity, some fear, but most people were worried about their families and when they would be saved. Traveling slowly for a while, he arrives at the bakery. The building is partially collapsed, and under the rubble the lower body of an elderly woman can be seen, biting his lips for a moment he enters the building.

The hover disk is too big to squeeze through the rubble so it leaves it outside. Looking around for a moment he finds a paper bag. Moving to the partially destroyed counter he begins to load the bag with bread that wasn't destroyed or to dirty, and carefully looking he finds some sort of juice. Eating a small piece of bread and drinking some juice he moves back to the hover disk.

“B8 put these inside, also open up tiny holes so light can get through so she can see if she wakes up” A hole opens up in the dome and Leviathan places the bag inside. Looking inside as the hole closes he sees the girl is still sleeping on the cushion next to the coin counting machine.

“Ok B8 it's pretty far from here to the south gate, so I need you to make a big ruckus with the soldiers”

“Master, no need to worry”

With hover disk in tow, the small convoy moves towards the gate.

A sea of blood flows, holes blown into the street from RPGs, bullet casings dyed red, and in the center of it all stands a silver Asura.

“Orders received” bending at the waist, it takes off. Running down the street it moves towards its next target, turning it finally sees the military base. At the gate of the base are two machine turrets and two 4 shot missile launcher operated by four men.

“Enemy attack!!”

The machine guns immediately open fire. Bullets easily blow holes into B8’s body, as its only made of steel and puncture holes into the concrete ground. But B8 continues to advance, every hole opened new bots move to take its place.

“The Machine guns aren't working fire the rockets!!”

The missile launchers take aim, firing a rocket each.

Seeing the approaching rockets B8’s body begins to stir, the mass along its body is visible reduced and its tail thickens. Using all its power it smashes it tail into the ground launching it into the air. The rockets hit the ground causing a massive explosion. The flames sweep up engulfing B8’s legs, due to the high temp they are melted away, but the blast sends him higher in the air.

“Yea we got him!”

“Hahah fool! the 3rd prince will never be king!”

As B8 glides through the Air he looks at the humans on the ground.

B8 mumbles to itself “Do they think they have won? How illogical, I am not a biological lifeform” In the next moment its body explodes into millions of droids.

Seeing this the soldiers are momentary baffled “Call for backup! backup!” the machine guns begin to fire into the swarm, as the bots are to small most of the shots miss. The rockets are fired, as they pass through the swarm B8 hijacks the missiles. Tampering with the guiding systems it leads the missiles into parts of the city that are heavily guarded. The swarm descends the the ground like locust. The soldiers fire in vain, In the distance hundreds of reinforcements are coming from the base, But the bots finally land.

Instantly boring through the men's flesh, they scream in pain as they drop to the ground. Taking control of the Machine guns he begins to fire on the reinforcements. As the high caliber bullets reap their lives a voice yells from the distance.


the soldiers who survived by hiding begin to cheer.

“Colonel Wilson!”

“Please save us Colonel!”

A buff man in a military uniform emerges from a building, seeing his men being killed by his own guns a deep frown blooms on his face “How dare you!” lifting up his hands reveal two cybernetic arms. Using his pointer fingers, he aims at the two turrets “Die for me!” Instantly a Laser beam is formed, firing into the turrets. The machine turrets explode, and not taking any chances he points his middle fingers at the rocket launchers. Another beam is fired at the rocket launchers instantly destroying them.

While B8’s abysnic core droids are made up of tier 6 metals, these bots were made of steel, a tier 1 metal. If the shadow iron, which is a tier 3 metal was here, this place would be easy pickings. But faced with advanced tech level 2 laser weapons these steel bots might as well be paper.

But laser weapons had their disadvantage. Giving up the turrets the swarm of bots rush towards the base, tearing their way through everything. Soldiers hiding were eaten alive and screams one again filled the air.

Using his other fingers Colonel Wilson fired into the swarm, but the area of damage was too focused, and the recharge time was to long on each finger, so he couldn't make a noticeable difference. Seeing the tide butchering his men, it wasn't fear that overtook him, but guilt. As the leader he failed to protect his men.

“If thats how its going to be! I’ll kill as many as I can!” charging his lasers he runs at the tide, fist clenched as tight as possible.

Seeing the man approaching B8 instantly understood what the man was doing. with his understanding of laser technology he knew the man wanted to explode the crystals to cause a pulse blast. B8 decided the best course of action, would be to hide in the people. In the next second millions of bots begin to burrow inside of the soldiers. millions of bots hid inside of around fifteen people. their bodys slightly bulged and they kneeled over in pain. The bots that couldn't make it into people dispersed through the base.

Seeing this Willson was infuriated, when he finally neared his men all he saw was them rolling in pain. “Despicable! fight honorable!” looking around he sees one of the men rolling on the ground, causing his eyes to go wide. Dispersing the energy he runs over to the man and drop to the ground, checking the man's condition.

“Charley! charley my boy! are you ok!” Wilson looks over the man's body, face full of worry.

Seizing the chance B8 erupts from charley’s body, a steel spike puncering Wilson’s chest.

Wilson's face contorts in pain. Struggling he tries to aim his hands at the Steel spike.

Not giving him the chance the steel spike begins to move. The bots move across his chest and restrict his arms from moving by binding his shoulders. Wilson struggles to his feet as the bots begin to squeeze his body.


The bots explode from the other soldiers bodies, killing them. Millions of bots begin to climb up wilsons body. Starting from the legs B8 begins to destroy his body, and slowly replaces it with bots. His feet are quickly replaced, followed by his legs. Copious amounts of blood and bone powder pour out from the droids as the body is destroyed.

“AHHHHHHHAHHHH NOOOOOOO” unimaginable pain, unbearable pain. As Willson is about to blackout from the pain he hears a voice.

“Thanks for the upgrade”

And he loses consciousness, forever.

B8 Finishes destroying the man's body, and as he does he reforms his Asura body, the only difference is the middle arms are the ones with the finger lasers. Studying the Cybornetics slowly, he begins to replace that too.

As Leviathan moves towards the gate he hears explosions in other parts of the city. Moving through back alleyways he is able to avoid soldiers. After traveling for a while he finally arrives at the gates, but they are crowded with people. The soldiers are refusing to let people leave.

Furrowing his brows he decided to take a different approach. Hover disk in tow, he begins to travel along the wall away from the gate.

What, where am I? Mommy I'm scared

Stopping in his tracks he looks at the hover disk “She's awake?”

Don't worry little girl, dont be sad

“What, who's there?” a small voice echoes from inside the dome.

“I'm Levi...I saved you”

“Are...are my parents really gone?”

Leviathan is silent for a moment. “Yea"

After answering, the girl no longer speak.

Thinking if he should say something else, he shakes his head.

Arriving at a spot out of view Leviathan turns towards the dome. “B8 I want you to drill through this wall.”

The dome disperses, revealing the little girl sitting on the cushion. She's covered in dirt, and her eyes are still puffy. She has green eyes and a small dainty nose and a tiny mouth. Seeing Leviathan her body jumps for a moment and her eyes go wide

Don't be scared

Startled, the girl jumps in surprise “Is that you? Why is your voice in my head"

As he opens his mouth to answer, he stops. Focusing for a bit, his voice is transmitted next to the girl.

“This is my ability"

Shocked the girl turns her head.

“Cool right"

A smile begins to form on her face, before quickly disappearing. Curling into the fetal position she lays down.

I’m not allowed to be happy

*Sigh* shaking his head he turn towards the wall. “Drill through, B8"

The droids move up the wall a a few feet. Moving in a circular motion, they begin to drill through the wall.


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LordOfTheDance @LordOfTheDance ago

Wow what a great chapter, keep up the good work. Fight on!

Sav @Sav ago

Nice chapter, thanks.

VoidEater @VoidEater ago

I'm pissed off he's adopting the girl. Should have killed her. He have already killed a lot of civilians. Why does sparing one life makes a difference? Author just uses the girl to say that the mc still has humanity left in him. Such BS.

Cranium9 @Cranium9 ago

Yoooo ruthless. Love the story and is he gonna raise her or drop her off at a orphanage like place

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conspiquies -> conspicuous

also my poor binge read...

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    Tbh saving the girl is interesting, but doesn't really seem like something he would have down based on what we know of him from the last 17 chapters...also I feel like if he has to take care of/protect a little girl the story dynamic will change. It could be a good thing I don't really know where you are planning on taking it, but just thought I would let you know it felt out of place and I didn't expect. I don't mean unexpected like a plot twist either.

unboltednorm @unboltednorm ago

This is interesting I’m going to bookmark this in the hopes it isn’t dropped