Chapter 11: Steel Door and the Football

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James marched out of the hole in the wall with new found purpose, holsters on both his hips craddleing his newfound relics of this realm. Stomping close behind him Boudawin followed, miffed at his battlewounds. Such damage would take down an ordinary man, perhaps even kill, but Boudawin was no ordinary individual; Boudawin had the blood of giants in his vains, with their almighty prowess for regeneration. This ability did not dilute Boudawin's sense of reality in regards to his survivability--at anytime he can find himself at the wrong end of a devastating blow. It was for this reason that Boudawin still carried his mighty axe rather than use such mystical weapons; if he were to die he shall die a warrior, and meet his fallen friends in the feasting halls of hel.

James and Boudawin came to the T intersection of the formless hallways that they considered a prison. Turning right James looked at Boudawin "Quite lucky of us to find your axe in there," he muttered. "It would have been great if I had my weapons..." He went on, gritting his teeth. Boudawin looked down at James, the size difference between them boldening in definition. At this moment James just realized how tall Boudawin really was, dwarfing him by a good 3 feet. Tilting his head Boudawin gave a smug look down at James "Don't feel bad. You did okay for a little man." This seemed to be absolutely hilarious to Boudawin, as he burst out into a savage roar of laughter. As he wiped a tear from his eye Boudawin's ears twitched as he heard the thundering sound of boots pounding on the tile floors, followed by frantic conversation.

"We better clear out of here, stat!" one said, struggling for breath. "They're easilly class 5s!" responded the other. Bolting down the hallway past another intersection they did not notice the two warriors standing in the shadows. "We need to get to the Chopper, let the ring figure this out!" with that they busted through two massive metal doors, with a bright red light above it illuminating "Exit." Boudawin, excited for more blood letting of the enemy ran forward after them. "Lets make them pay!" he shouted to James. For once James seemed to agree with Boudawin's line of thought.

Dashing past the exit they found themselves in a courtyard, with some kind of humming metal contraption with a spinning blade at the top and another at the tail end of the vehicle. Aboard it sat the fat man with his cane, barking something into a small metal tablet.

"Open fire!" Before James could even adjust to the burst of sunlight a massive gun began firing at him from behind a barricade. Boudawin knew at this point that it was a bad idea to tango with these individuals, and so he had to think of a new strategy. Without a moment's notice Boudawin grabbed James and threw him like a football at the enemy, much to his terror. James flew behind the barricade, but the man who manned the gun was still focused on Boudawin. Landing elegantly on his feet, James found himself at the wrong end of a gun, and he could sense a man comming up behind him with a club. James knew what to do.

Without any hesitation james grabbed his adversarie's arm, yanking the gun away from his face as it fired. With this same momentum James threw his opponent into the other, who was coming at him with a baton. As they tumbled over each other and onto the ground James drew his own gun from his right holster and shot them both. As he turned to look at the barricade he saw Boudawin charging at the gunner, using the metal door as a shield. His bullets were futile against the steel door, causing the man to jump away from the barricade at the last second. James took this opportunity to shoot the man in the chest, making him fall on his back.

With this the vehicle began to roar as it began to elevate into the air, the fat man fidgeting with a cigar as it lifted. Boudawin, not accepting such a pathetic retreat, through his massive axe at the rising metal vehicle. It landed at the tail end, ripping off a large chunk, causing the vehicle to spin out of control with a plum of black smoke; it was clear that it would not get far.


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