An Unidentifiable being even by God enters a fantasy world

by NightPainTrain

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Guy gets dropped in fantasy world.

Bends and breaks rules of said fantasy world.

Draws the line between mortals and gods.

Authors Note:

Will have regular chapter releases each week or week and a half. If I say that the release will take longer in the previous week which it most likely won't happen but you know, shit happens

I decided To Incoporate the different Points of view into the main story.

It does contain elements of slavery but in the sense of not showing any heavy side of it. Imagine any of those japenese manga or light novels where light hearted mc's gain slaves. Now imagine a badass who gives no fucks except for those in his clan, that is this novel.

Also For anyone looking for a novel that goes by 'rules' fuck that the term 'fantasy' means its unrealistic.


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The Lost But Never Found

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[As of chapter “Disintegration is nothing to me!”, yes i know this is a bit early for a somewhat in-depth review, don’t bully me too much]

I found this book to be quite enjoyable, hence the high overall score. Although thinking about it objectively I believe there to be a few faults.

Style: I don’t really get what this means, so it can have 4 stars just because

Story: The plot is something like, guy enters fantasy world, gets subordinates, gets stronger, . . . , profit. There isn’t much of an overarching plotline or destination with this story.

Grammer: I can’t really remember any particular problems but I am sure there were a few spelling or punctuation mistakes around the place somewhere. Although for the most part I would say this doesn’t detract from the reading experience and can be considered quite good for a RR novel.

Character: The characters aren’t fleshed out enough. They have vague personalities and habits but we are not shown much in the ways of there pasts (some characters don’t really have pasts though) or feelings so it makes the characters somewhat boring. Also, while we have seen some non-subordinate people, they seem to be there merely to create interactions with the main characters, and they are not given in much detail at all.


In summary, i think its a good book (one of the better ones I’ve read actually) if you want to just turn off your head and read. Although if you actually want to pick it apart, then it may be a little lacking.

[I don’t really know what I’m talking about, so feel free to take my review with a grain of salt. Thats an actual saying, right?]

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How would a god not know what a divine race is?and why is a god able to give skills that compete against other gods so easily?This novel broke one of the 7 deadly reincarnation novel taboo's which is "Op mc powers with non sense origin"

this taboo has about 3 ways to define it but its 

1.God giving powers that they shouldn't be able to

2.Powers with unrealistic origin

3.Powers that cause the mc to grow way too quickly

I rate this novel 2.5/5 it's slightly better than invisbile dragon

Darkest Void
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[Thank you don't go on hiatus]

A great story indeed a new kind of domain building with unique creatures 

Better than your average dungeon/castle building novels around here because of it's original unique plot

(My idea sharing)

Other novels like this tends to focus on being friendlier with other humans and becoming involve in it's political problems

In my opinion he should first expand his clan and pocket domain

And creating more subordinates and strengthen themselves before adventuring or going on a journey to explore the world 

The being adventurer part making him less involve in the higher ups make it more easier to change the course of the story because higher ups always have connections to each other making it hard to remove them

Giving one permanent base for his clan in the outside world will give him a lot of advantages to stop the people to question where his clan men came from

All are just my opinion

I'm ready to read your story until you finished it (or drop it hope it will never happen)

Can't wait for the next chapter 

A worthy story for a 5 stars review

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After reading close to about 30 books on this websited I can gladly say that this is one of my top 5 and would recomed to others.

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My first review got deleted because it's not a review... I just avoided spoilers, so:

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Now, how do you delete my previous review and leaves my "The Hope Engine" abomination intact?


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This novel is pretty animeish

The story meets all the staples of anime with the waifu introduced and skill acquisition being god tier. If you are a sucker for anime stuff go for it but if you are looking for a mature atmosphere and some actual stakes then this isn't for you(or me). Proof reading and better characteristization/explainations would help alot as everything in this novel seems onenote or an outline with no actual depth. Still a good read if you don't really want to go further.