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When I woke up and after getting myself cleaned and dressed I was greeted by a light knock on the door and a voice that happened to not be Elaine.

“Lord Nemesis sorry to interrupt you but I came to inform you that I managed to create health and mana potions in the Alchemy Lab.” When she said that I stepped out the door and followed her to the lab to look at two potions. One a blood red color and the other a deep blue color.

“Due to this entire dimension being affected by Lord Nemesis’ mana everything I have created was also affected by it and became more potent.” After she said that I decided to appraise the potions.

[Nightmare Health Potion.]

[Restores 50% Hp when drank and can restore injuries or even lost limbs when applied.]

[Nightmare Mana Potion]

[Restores not only 50% Mp but also most stamina lost as well.]

Before I could say anything about the potions she pulled out one more with a silver and gold color.

[Nightmare Elixir]

[Restores 50% Hp and Mp, restores stamina, and can be applied to heal injuries.]

My jaw just dropped and I couldn't say anything for a few minutes as I just stared at the potions then back at Lydia who's face and ears turned red when I did. When I finally regained my composure I asked the important question.

“How many of these have you made and how many more can you make?” The main reason why I asked this is because I can't replicate these potions with my current level of pocket dimension and I might not even be able to when it hits 3 or 4. That's how high quality these potions we're. Lydia pondered for a bit before speaking up.

“There are currently 10 Health Potions, 15 Mana Potions, and 5 Elixirs. I can make around 10 more of each before running out of materials for these specific potions.” When she said that I thought to myself for a bit. Does that mean there are other potions she could possibly make? Honestly the current amount is more that enough and we can possibly get more materials for them once we explore the dungeon further. Once I came to a conclusion I stored the potions in infinite storage then headed out of the lab with Lydia to meet up with Elaine and Dan. After we met up I had Lydia explain the situation about the potions and everyone in turn began to praise Lydia for such an accomplishment. Also as it turns out the moment she made each of those potions for the first time her Alchemy skill rose by one in turn for each. Now her Alchemy skill was level 7 after rising in level 3 times. After we discussed about the potions we dove back into the dungeon to finally finish off the desert floor. Since the Mana Potions also restore stamina I decided for each of us to use one when we got tired so that we could finish the floor exploration in one day. When we finally reached the boss room everyone was full of energy as the sun has set and the full moon was in the sky. Even though this was a dungeon it had a full day night cycle inside of it. When we went inside we were greeted by a chimera that had the head of a tiger, the body of a lizardman, and the tail of a scorpion.


Level 30

That may seem like a low level but from what I found out by looking at how Dan grew it didn't mean a damn thing for monsters. When monsters reached a certain level they evolved and their level reset while retaining their stats. The same situation applies to this chimera. Right now I am level 94, with Elaine at 71, Lydia at 42 and Dan at 12 because he recently evolved from Martial artist to Monk. We should be fine but I don't want to take any risk so I went in the front as a quasi tank with Elaine and Dan on the sides and Lydia in the back. When we charge in the chimera roared then charged at me. The result? Sadly very underwhelming, I expected it to be a tough fight but I quite literally slashed it once with my katana and decapitated it. Thankfully however it gave all of us a huge surge of experience. Oh which reminds me, I messed with the party setting so that all of us would get 25% of the experience no matter what so that everyone would get the same amount for this fight.

I changed it back to default afterwards. This time after I collected the corpse, not one chest but three appeared. One chest had a spear made out of darksteel a new metal to add to my arsenal. The other two had two skill books each and more coins in them. I guess skill books are supposed to be rare but not to me who can literally make a copy of them as long as I obtained it once and placed it in my library. However one of them caught my eye, not for myself but for my subordinates. [Dimensional Storage] the basic and much weaker form of infinite storage. Unlike infinite storage dimensional storage had limited space based on level of the skill and the person using the skill. It can also only hold a certain amount of weight per level. However the longer and more it's used the more it will level. I put the skill book in storage for later then headed down to the fourth floor. The fourth floor looked identical to the first except much bigger and colder. There was snow on the walls of the cave. Well I guess it's about time to specifically request for winter gear for adventuring.

After we got down to the entrance of the the fourth floor we went back to the pocket dimension to prepare for the floor and rest. When I requested for winter clothes I also requested for three copies of the skill book for dimensional storage for Elaine, Dan, and Lydia. When they learned the skill I told them to start storing their weapons and extra gear inside. Dan put an extra set of gauntlets and knee guards inside his storage, Elaine put four extra daggers and another set of winter clothes inside, and Lydia stored winter clothes, an extra bow, and a ton of arrows. Getting that skill book was a true struck of luck. Now they won't have to carry much when going around the dungeon and can move faster because of it, even in the cold. Apparently Dan isn't affected by the cold, he must have gained a cold resistance skill somewhere along the way or a skill to heat himself.

Before resting for the day I stored meat and fruit in the freezer, put materials in the lab, and the original skill books in the library. It's almost been a month since I came to this world and that means I can almost create a new 'undead’ subordinate. I sometimes feel as if Dan is more alive then other monsters and forget that he is a special kind of undead that doesn't have the weaknesses of a normal one and is more 'alive’ then his goblin counterparts. Like Elaine said a while ago I really did just create a new species instead of just raising some random undead. After I thought about that I went into a deep sleep. When I woke up I heard the sound of steel clashing with steel. I walked towards my window and looked outside to see Elaine and Dan sparring while Lydia was practicing with her bow. I wonder if I could make live and unkillable training dummies?

“Hey Pocket Dimension is it possible to make training dummies that mirror the fighting style of their opponent and can alternate it slightly? Also going along with that thought can I make one’s that also act as just extremely fast moving targets?” When I asked this it took a few moments before it responded.

[It is possible to make Golems that can be set to gain experience from training with opponents and self evolve the more experience they gain, similar to monsters. You can also make Golems that are agile and also have a self evolving feature for moving faster the more times they are defeated. Also whenever one will be defeated they will be recreated with the same materials and when they evolve they will be re made with their own materials based on the evolution. For example these Golems unlike the ones that are manually made by people or monsters in this world will be able to gain levels and evolve like a normal monster. In this way it is like you are able to technically make monsters of your own. Also due to the increase in level of the skill my intelligence has increased and I have gained a sort of personality.]

Holy shit that's awesome. If I can do that then training my subordinates won't have to be done personally by me each time. I will still verbally giving them suggestions but this is an entirely new can to break open.

“Alright create two Golems for the purpose of being training dummies and one for being a target.” This number will most likely be increased in the future but it's fine. Since everyone's stamina is increasing steadily at a rapid rate we have been sleeping less after dungeon exploration and training more.

[Creating two Nightmare Dummy Golems and one Nightmare Target Golem. They will be created this instant and will start out being made out of stone.]

When it said that light shown in my room and then three humanoid sized stone Golems were standing in front of me. Two of them had the physical looks of a muscular male in his late 20s and one looked like a developed female in her early 20s. I decided to appraise them.

Nightmare Dummy Golem (x2)

Age: 0

Race: Golem

Class: Training Dummy

Level: 1/10

Hp: 120/120

Mp: 20/20

Inherent skills:

[Self-Evolve] [Reconstruct]



Nightmare Target Golem

Age: 0

Race: Golem

Class: Target

Level: 1/15

Hp: 50/50

Mp: 130/130

Inherent skills:

[Self-Evolve] [Reconstruct]



[Self-Evolve allows the skill owner to evolve after being defeated a certain amount of times. Everytime the skill owner is defeated they will level up.]

[Reconstruct: Everytime the target is defeated they will Reconstruct themselves even if there is nothing left as long as the creator has Mana or materials to create them.]

The skills are just like how Pocket explained. I decided to give a small speech to the three golems.

“From this day forward you three will be training with my subordinates to not only make yourselves stronger but also make them even stronger than they currently are. Your ultimate goal is to keep my subordinates on their toes and continue to make them stronger because just like you they have no limits. I will give each of you clothes to wear and as you don't need sleep you can do whatever during your time when we rest as long as it doesn't bother those around you. Do your best to earn a name for yourselves and become stronger. There should be rooms for you three on the second floor. Use them as you please. That will be all, now go introduce yourselves to my other subordinates. Dismissed!”

‘“Yes Lord Nemesis!”’ They all bowed and said that together before leaving my room. I found out not to long after that the more subordinates I create the bigger this mansion will become to accommodate for them. When I made the golems a training area was made outside in the back of the mansion. When I went downstairs and got outside all of my subordinates bowed to me and thanked me from the bottom of their hearts. From this day forward half of the day would be spent exploring the dungeon, part of it would be training, and the rest would be for resting. Before we went out to the dungeon my subordinates and the golems had a quick spar. Needless to say they were weak and we're defeated several times.

That was to be expected however. Afterward we went through the portal and back into the dungeon. Now that we had the golems I started to collect more stone when we went along with our dungeon exploration. A little bit into the dungeon floor we encountered our first trap. It was a pitfall trap that Dan fell into but quickly vaulted off of the wall inside it and back up to us. Looks like that trap has been proven useless. We walked for a little while longer and encountered our first monster on the floor. It was an Ice Wyvern. Seriously what is with the difficulty spike of this damn dungeon? Does it really have 50 floors like this? When I asked Elaine that after we beat the Wyvern, apparently dungeons don't normally have monsters like this on early floors unless the dungeon doesn't have many to begin with. I guess that our dungeon exploration will be shorter then I would have liked it to be.

For the next several days we encountered nothing but Wyverns on the floor, a few more pitfall traps, some acid traps (poor Dan fell into some of them. I'm sorry but it's for everyone's safety because I can just bring you back if you die) and tons of chest with books, weapons, armor, and coins. Back at home the golems evolved a few times but still aren't a match for my subordinate trio and we have a massive amount of food, water and materials from the dungeon. On this day we encountered the boss room. When we entered inside we discovered a giant Elder Ice Dragon.

Elder Ice Dragon

Level: 75

Behind it was a large crystal which I assume is the dungeon core. When the dragon looked at us it was startled and began to speak.

[What are you?]

“If I could answer that I would but sadly not even I know.”

[I see, I have been in this dungeon for thousands of years but have never seen a being such as yourself. Now that you have entered however even if I know I will be defeated I will fight you all regardless to defend the dungeon.]

“I was going to fight you regardless of what you said, but I have no plans of destroying the dungeon I just want to 'move’ the dungeon somewhere else.” As I said this the dragon looked puzzled before speaking up again.

[What do you mean by moving it? That isn't possible.]

“You will find out after we defeat you.” Before the dragon could speak again we charged the ice dragon at full force. The dragon didn't even get a chance to react before it received four simultaneous strikes from me, Elaine, Dan, and Lydia. After that the dragon was defeated before it could even put up a fight. However instead of putting it's corpse inside the storage I did something else. I found the perfect target for my create undead skill. So without further delay I yelled to the top of my lungs.

“Create Undead!” When I said this my three subordinates backed up instinctively and then dark blue light absorbed the dragons corpse and brightened the whole room. When the light dissipated what was revealed was a well developed women with blue hair, eyes, and light blue skin. However the biggest distinct trait was the small dragon wings on her back that I saw before they retracted inside her skin. I went ahead and appraised her.

Name: Mary Nightmare

Age: 10,000?

Race: Ice Dragon

Class: Nightmare Ice Dragon

Level: 1

Hp: 344/344

Mp: 420/420

Inherent skills:

[Dragon Form] [Fly Lv9] [Dragon Breath Lv 6]


[Ice Magic Lv7] [Space Magic Lv4] [Night Vision] [Dark Magic Lv1]


[Clan Member] [Apostle Of Nemesis] [Subordinate Of Nemesis] [Elder Dragon]

“My name that has been bestowed on to me is now Mary Nightmare. I the Elder Ice Dragon have been reborn into a Nightmare Ice Dragon by the Great Being Nemesis and I hereby swear loyalty to you who has grace such a lowly dragon with a second life.” Before anyone could react she asked a question.

“Master Nemesis I would like to ask a question as to what you plan on doing with this dungeon?” When she asked that I just said something simple and everyone almost fainted in surprise.

“I'm just going to move it into another dimension and develop it myself for training.” When I said that all four of them ran in front of me and stood with eyes shining with expectations. After they did that I waved them to move out of the way and moved in front of the dungeon core.

“Hey Pocket is it possible to move the entire dungeon inside the dimension if I take the dungeon core?” When I said this I received a quick response.

[Yes that would be possible. When you touch the crystal imagine moving it inside the dimension and it will be placed in an area near the mansion. Also when you do this the next time you exit the portal outside the dimension you will go to the original entrance of the dungeon inside the forest. Also one more thing I should mention, Pocket Dimension has leveled up to level 3 and a new species has been added to the available races to choose from called Nightmare. You can also create more advanced golems.]

As I was processing what Pocket had said I touched the dungeon crystal, moved the dungeon, then another screen came up.

[ You have gained control of ancient dungeon core No.132 and can give it simple guidance as to how it should build its dungeon.]

A smile floated across my face as I read the screen before taking everyone to the gate of the mansion. When we arrived in front of it I received a similar reaction to one I go a while ago.

“God, no I mean Master Nemesis is this the home I will be residing in from now on?” When Mary asked that question I nodded and she fell down into a dogeza position repeatedly bowing her head up and down to me before I stopped her before it became excessive. Now that was a reaction I didn't expect, but then again at the time Dan didn't have much intelligence so I guess he didn't truly understand the worth of the mansion otherwise he might have done the same thing.

“Master Nemesis I have a small request if possible. Is there a way you could make a shrine near here?” When she asked that I pondered and found out that I could.

“Why do you wish for a shrine to be made?”

“To worship you.”

“I'm sorry?”

To worship you.” When she said it a second time I was about to say no because of how painstakingly embarrassing that would be but then Elaine, Dan, and Lydia started to join in.

“My lord I believe that that is a wonderful idea and should be implemented right away.”

“This one thinks that it would like to pray to the Divine being that gave it a second life.”

“Lord Nemesis I believe that a shrine in your name would be a great way to show others of your true benevolence.” This is the first time the three of them have been so enthusiastic in speaking to me in this way so, sadly I couldn't refuse them and made a shrine right next to the mansion. However when I asked Pocket to create a shrine it made a fucking Church sized place that was so big it would make a cathedral dwarf in comparison. When I saw it I did my damnedest to ignore it and made a new Golem that would Self-Evolve with increased amounts of magic resistance the stronger it became in order to train Mary. After I did that I headed inside the mansion towards the subordinate creation room while the others, including the golems went inside the cathedral.

“Alright Pocket I'm gonna need you to make me a Nightmare Elder Dwarf with the inherent skill growth rate and no level limit. I want you to make it male and give him every bit of knowledge I have gained on the makeup of every weapon I have encountered and made. Also I want you name him Malkin Nightmare.”

[Alright it will be a Nightmare Elder Dwarf then. This will take 4 hours to create and will take 20% of your current mana. Also the armory/smithy will be upgraded to cater to the Dwarf and will take an additional 20% of your mana so brace yourself ok?]

As it said that, once again I got that feeling of my mana being sapped from me but only for a few seconds this time. Then a four hour timer appeared over the magic circle then I headed out. When I stepped out I went outside and didn't see anyone around so I walked to the cathedral. When I slowly stepped inside I saw everyone on their knees with their heads bowed and hands clasped together. Considering who they are praying to it doesn't make me feel any bit like a god, much less a divine being. I looked at my status after a long time and just stared at it with an awestruck expression.

Name: Nemesis Nightmare

Age: 18?

Race: Divine

Level: 178

Hp: 743/743

Mp: 522/522

Unique Skill:

[Pocket Dimension Lv3] [Creation]


[Infinite storage] [Growth x25] [No Level Limit] [Appraisal Lv8] [Sword Art Lv9] [Stealth Lv8] [Presence Detection Lv8] [Mapping Lv6]


[Clan Master] [Golem Master] [Divine Being] [Teacher] [Bearer Of Life And Death] [Creator Of Life And Death]

The race spot has been filled in and a new title has been added to define me. Well I guess that my subordinates were right in saying I was a Divine Being if it is literally in my status.

“Well everyone it looks like my race has finally been defined by the system.”

“'What is it?!”’ They all asked at once with their eyes shining as they turned around and stood up to face me.

“Divine Being.” As I said that Mary fell to the ground presumably fainted and everyone else bowed.

“You guys don't have to act any differently than you have up until now, just act the same as before and I will feel the most at ease.” After I said that I went back to the mansion and took a seat to relax while I waited for Malkin to be created. After relaxing for the next few hours I came back to the subordinate room to find a short but extremely muscular man with a large black haired beard, tanned skin, black hair, and pitch black eyes. When I arrived he bowed to me and said.

“I Malkin Nightmare am grateful for being given life by the Divine Lord Nemesis. I will do my best to live up to the Nightmare name.” As he finished saying this I spoke up.

“Well said Malkin, there will be a room for you on the second floor as well as their being a smithy on the first floor. Use that room to improve your skills. I will create a personal Golem for you to train with and once you create yourself a set of armor and a weapon commit yourself to training each day. Keep a good balance between training, crafting, eating, and sleeping. Keep yourself in good health and don't hold back to ask me questions when you need help. Now go to your own devices I will rest for the night.” Before I headed out I checked Malkin’s status.

Name: Malkin Nightmare

Race: Nightmare Elder Dwarf

Level: 1

Hp: 100/100

Mp: 70/70

Inherent skills:

[Growth Rate x4] [No Level Limit]


[Craftsmanship Lv5] [Axe Arts Lv3] [Fire Magic Lv2]


[Clan Member] [Apostle Of Nemesis] [Subordinate Of Nemesis]

Afterwards I went inside my room, took a bath, then took a well deserved rest. When I woke up and got dressed I received the usual knock that breakfast was ready then I headed down. This time the large dining table was used and I sat at the forefront of it. After I sat everyone else took a seat and began eating. After I finished my meal before I stood up Malkin asked a question.

“Lord Nemesis is there anyway you could make a Golem that could learn to craft? I understand that I will be the main Smith of the clan but it would be helpful to have an assistant or two. From looking at the golems you have created they are much more advanced than any other golems. Especially since they have sentience and can have intelligent conversations.” When he put forward this topic before I could even ask Pocket spoke to me in my head.

[It is possible to make them for that purpose but they will have to be manually trained before they could be of any use and they would gain experience from crafting instead of being defeated.] After Pocket said that.

“It seems like it is possible but you will have to train the golem yourself. For now I will create one additional golem aside from the one that will be used for your combat training that will have the purpose of crafting weapons and armor.” After I said this I stood up and went to the smithy with everyone following me in tail. When I arrived I had Pocket create a normal training dummy golem and then a crafting golem. It had a similar appearance to that of the target golem except it looked slightly more muscular. I apprased it to take a look at the status.

Nightmare Crafting Golem

Age: 0

Race: Golem

Class: Crafter

Level: 1/30

Hp: 70/70

Mp: 110/130

Inherent skills:

[Self-Evolve Craftsmanship] [Reconstruct]



After I made the golems, I sent the dummy golem to the others and had the Crafter Golem stay put. Afterwards Malkin spoke up.

“I thank you so much from the bottom of this dwarven heart for creating them for me right away Lord Nemesis. I didn't think they could be made instantly.” When Malkin said this everyone nodded their head in admiration.

“ Now with this I will have everyone training today while I go outside back to the forest to exit it. I expect everyone to work hard while I'm gone but don't overwork yourselves. I will be back by the end of the night.” When I said this I left everyone to their own devices and went out the portal and arrived to the forest. The sun was high in the sky.

“Well, it's time to leave this forest and find some civilization. The clan is big enough now that I don't have to worry about it.” As I said this I headed north to look for an exit to the forest. After about two hours and several wild boars later I found the exit to the forest and stepped out. When I stepped outside their was a long road connected to the forest but no town in sight as far as my eyes can see. So I decided to walk along the road for about 7 more hours before heading back into the Pocket Dimension. When I arrived inside everyone was either training or conversing with each other. When they saw me each one in turn came to greet me with a bow before I sent them back to what they were doing before. When I walked inside the mansion I headed to the Alchemy Lab and saw Lydia eager in her work so I decided not to bother her. Then when I went to the smithy Malkin was having a heated discussion with his assistant Golem. When he noticed I was there he came to greet me.


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