Chronicles of a Dungeon Core

by dragon_knight79347

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

A young man awakens to find himself in what he is told is the depths of a dungeon. He is told he will have a month to train before setting out on his own to make his own dungeon. Most dungeons cores are born with all the knowledge they are required to survive, but for some reason this young man has trouble adjusting.  The story follows the life of dungeon core #212 while he discovers just what it means to be a dungeon core.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Birth ago
Training Begins ago
Dungeon Core Information & Mis[Communication] ago
Defining Battle ago
Training in Madam Erin's Dungeon ago
Pushing our Limits ago
The Seventh-day ago
A New Home ago
Gunner and Leo ago
3rd Princess of Gowen ago
Belinda Gowen ago
Belinda's Discovery ago
Belinda's Birthday ago
A Heroic Encounter ago
Belinda's Decision ago
Belinda's Return to Adventuring ago
The Elder's Summons ago
A New Threat ago
XP Shortage ago
Madam Erin's Dungeon ago
Belinda's Return ago
C-Ranked Trouble ago
Escape ago
Tragedy in Tobes ago
Recovering From Tragedy ago
Denova's Plan ago
Returning to Denova's Place ago
Belinda, Two-Twelve, and Zoey? ago
Happy Birthday... ago
The New Cores Training Begins ago
Zoey's Recklessness ago
Adair, Phobos, and Queen ago
The New Elder ago
Trip to the Capital ago
Meeting with Queen ago
Meeting the King ago
Our New Home ago
Two-Twelve Citizen of Tobes ago
Back to Work ago
Housewarming Party ago
Logan's Trip to the Dungeon ago
Once Again Into The Tower of the Gods ago
The Girls Return ago
The Winter Solstice Festival ago
Finding the Perfect Gift ago
Training Camp ago
Kline Torres ago
Logan and Queen's Arrival ago
Failed Attempt ago
A Surprise Announcement ago
Observation Screen ago
Dyson's Meeting ago
Once More into the Tower of the Gods ago
Unexpected Guest ago
Dyson's First Request ago
Lilah's Birthday Party ago
Scylla and Zoey's Birthday ago
Dungeon Core #245 ago
Inari's Training ago
Inari's Training Part 2 ago
Inari's Training Part 3 ago
Inari's Evaluation ago
Madam Erin's Bet ago
Katie Finds her Place ago
2nd Annual Winter Solstice Festival ago
Dungeon #135 ago
Meanwhile Back in Tobes ago
Reprimanded ago
Dungeon Expansion ago
An Audience with the King ago
Kline's Decision ago
Summer Ends as the Wedding Approaches ago
Final Preparations ago
The Wedding ago
Catalina ago
The Aftermath ago
Southern Merretta ago
Traveling with Listel ago
Ingress Mine ago
Return to Catalina ago
Dungoen #21 ago
Dungeon #95 ago
Dungeon #684 ago
The Next Task ago
Dungeon Building ago
Dyson's Help ago
Shortcut to Exeter ago
The Second City of Exeter ago
Ruined Colosseum Dungeon ago
Training Interruption ago
Exeter's Queen ago
Long Day ago
Amassing the Troops ago
Our Continued Struggle ago
Dungeon Core #135 ago
Maeve's Training ago
Two-Twelve's New Training ago
Two-Twelve's Daughters ago
Two-Twelve's Decision ago
Guided Tour ago
Starting Our Investigations in Toran ago
Sidetracked in the Capital ago
Elder Draco's Task ago
Duramond ago
Faron's Task ago
The Missing Prince ago
The King's Response ago
The Patchwork Woman ago
Helping Inari ago
Inari's Task ago
The Mage's Guild of Tobes ago
Orders from the Old Gods ago
Fortifying the Dungeon ago
The Summoning of Divine Monsters ago
Logan, Dungeon Core for a Day ago
The Warning ago
Kaelmathis ago
Followers of the Old Gods ago
The Investigation into the Old Gods ago
Belinda's Secret ago
Two-Twelve's Juggling Act ago
The Mage's Guild Chooses a Goal ago
That Time of the Year ago
Death of an Elder ago
The Fall of Faron ago
Dungeon Core #715 [Irthos] ago
Calm Before the Storm? ago
Meeting with Maric ago
Dyson's Trip ago
A Storm Brewing ago
The Storm Approaches ago
The Storm's Arrival ago
The Storm Rages On ago
The Eye of the Storm ago
Back into the Storm ago
The Unending Storm ago
Losing Hope ago
The Storm's Conclusion ago
Dyson's Progress ago
Moving Forward ago
Visiting Inari ago
The Dungeon's Newest Allies ago
Dyson's Return ago
A Roadside Meeting ago
A Rough Winter Begins ago

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Mr. A
  • Overall Score

 I read the story until about chapter 50 and it became unbearably excruciating to read onwards.

The story starts good but the Mc stops having any ideas at one point. He doesn't take any initiatives. I mean, why not send beastman groups to collect xp? Why does he not try to create an alliance with any other dungeon? Why doesn't he try to take down the commissions which are bad for him? Like collecting equipment.

Not only that he basically leaves the dungeon in the hands of a 12 years old girl, who almost got him killed, and his reaction is mild at best "because she's a child".


And the author keeps nerfing him every chapter. For no reason! Let's say he gets 5400 xp from X people. Then from X-2 he suddenly gets 100xp. What the hell?

It seems like Mc doesn't care about getting killed and actually I find myself hoping it happens.


Style is bad, long chapters with almost zero progress. Only author at some points adds a random event.


Any way this was a real waste of time for me.

  • Overall Score

I enjoyed it, until...

I really like concept and how main story went. Mc was kind of meh, not something I prefer. But story was still quite good, though it can be quite irritating to read. You can pretty much contribute all that to mc.

That was until novel went up in flames and we get new mc by brainwashing. I read that for a while, but finally it just got too annoying to read and I had to stop.

Its story of mc going with the flow no matter what. If that flow happens to take him into becoming slave or another person, he will accept it.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Why would you get rid of the MC 3/4s through?

I was enjoying the story so much... until you commited literary suicide and decided to get rid of the MC and replace him with a nobody?

What the fuck is the point in this 'alternate personality' trope you seem to be obsessed with? 

I stuck with it for a few chapters while it took place, and then a few more after its in effect but I really can't be bothered reading at all anymore. Its just not something I, and MOST people who get to that point, want to read?!

If someone could tell me what chapter this stupid 'brainwashed' MC nonsense ends maybe I'll pick it back up and read from there, but for now I'm just dropping it, and I regret spending time reading it.

  • Overall Score

Not my bread and butter!

I find the storry disappointing:

The start and worldsetting are good, however I find the execution severely lacking. I am unable to understand most of the characters actions. Furthermore the Core 212 lacks a will of his own, he mostly goes with the flow, or what others tell him, I find his personality is nonexistent.

I know he almost knows nothing about the world, however with how he has seen core-37 react to humans (or what he has read in the journal) he should have been more cautious. Moreover with his dangerously low intelligence, his plotarmor is simply too superb, I had to abort reading this series after chapter 13 (Belindas birthday).

Because im a frail human being that can not handle so much idiocy, alcohol and cake.

The cake was a lie.


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

It is a good story, taken way to far.

The story has horrid grammar. In early chapters many sentences aren't ever finish, every other sentence the author uses a negative when he meant a positive and visa versa, despite that it is fairly easy to infer what the author is trying to convey. Overall I would've said that it is a fun story that is mildly serious and dips into cliche' without making it unbearable, then I got to Catalina. It became very hard for me to read it, not becuase the story becomes bad or repetitive, but becuase of how dark it gets. The author does a great job building the characters up, so when the main character is put throuh the worst kind of torture immanginable for at least half a dozen chapters it hits you very hard. The twist comes out of left field as well. I don’t know if the author suddenly became a sadist or something , but I am not going to keep reading. I am also not really sure if that kind of twist fits into this story, especially with how long it goes on for, but I can at least say it is powerful even if I really do not like it.

  • Overall Score

Starts good but then Restart everything

Story is good then after (The Wedding) it look like you want to make evrey thing up to that point in time a back story and start a new one.

When you 'brainwashed' the MC you made him a as new character and show no desing to bring back the MC as of (The Second City of Exeter) but to just give us this new story with a new MC. If you wanted to have a new MC then do a new story don't just change your sotry so that you have a new one. I enjoyed what was there and keept reading up to there so way would you even consider that you need to change your MC.

I am going to try and keep reading because with how good you did at the start I hope you can fix this, and I have spent way to much time reading this story to not to try. But after you did the brainwashing I just started skiping most things beucse it is not worth the time or commitment if the story that I started with will evre come back and you just keep with the nw MC and his new story.

This is my review becuse I think others should new from the start what you are plaing.

  • Overall Score

The amount of chapters kept me going pass the need of editing and proofread but "killing" the mc? i consider that an insult after all the time i invested reading this.

It was interesting and not bad, i have read worst things here but i dont do powerless and abused, wish someone would have told me this before i started reading.

I have no idea why were you thinking, its one thing to kill 1 character here and there but this... i guess you just got tired of your novel and wanted to start something new without thinking about your readers.


Last time i felt this "insulted" was after the ending of book 3 of spellscribed, you are one of the authors i will never read again.

  • Overall Score

Amazing start took a wrong turn

If you start reading this novel, you'll be very disppointed. The story is AMAZING. The novel unfortunately ends in the chapter called "The Wedding" because everything after that is just bad (please don't read further than this, save you time for something better). I tried reading past that but the author tore away the MC's personality and just totally changed the style of the novel from a fun to read enjoyable slice of life novel to a psychological mindcontrol novel that says f**k you again and again.

  • Overall Score

Your writing is decent, grammer and spelling are alright. Then you have the story. The story: how the fuck am I supposed to continue reading about an Mc that can't fucking wipe his own ass without someone shiting on his face for no apparent reason while being powerful enough to do something, but doesn't cause fuck the readers. I mean god damn you made all your characters horrible absolutely no-one is likeable. There's no explicit sex in the chapters Iv'e read to make this a perverts' story (hint hint wink wink) or anything else to cause you to like the story. Overall 0 payoff that Iv'e wasted hours of my time looking forwards too. The premise was awesome and it had so much potential but it's wasted. Still giving you a star cause you actually made me waste a couple hours on this shit storm.

  • Overall Score

Nearly unreadable combat scenes

I really wanted to like this story; the premise seems like it would have been great fun, and I looked forward to reading about it. Unfortunately, the execution left me disapointed.  

By far the worst issue is that the combat scenes are absolutely impossible to read. The description is dry and disjointed, going through what happens with each group of minions at a given point in time before jumping to the next. Furthermore, the groups in question are not well-disambiguated from each other, needing the reader to recognize them by their equipment and few distinguishing characterictics - which does NOT pair well witht the jumpy exposition. The end result is that it takes a very considerable amount of effort just to undestand what is going on at all.

But - don't take my word for it! Here is a couple of paragraphs of this exposition from the story itself:

Example Scene

The rusty sword and shield goblins charge into the spear using kobolds along with the other goblins. The final great-sword wielding goblin moves in on the mages.

The kobold mages each in turn hit the blue slimes with fire spells as they try to slither across the battlefield to attack the spear kobolds. The great-sword wielding kobold drops the iron equipped goblin that is not wearing armor and attempts to brake the group up, but not before the remaining four sword and shield goblins take out the spear users.

The goblins keep pushing the group of kobolds in as all the sword and shield goblins gang up on the great-sword kobold. The great-sword wielding Goblin manages to take out one of the mages while the spear using goblins hold off the sword and shield wielding kobolds. 

 EDIT: Thankfully, this does get a little better later on in the story, where minions are called "Archer" or "Mage" instead of "rusty sword and shield goblin"; I've upped my rating from 2 to 2.5 accordingly.