Heart of the World

by HopeWriting

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Drama LitRPG Male Lead Virtual Reality

"The Heart of the World always whispered from afar. We happily went about exploring the vast world of Realm of Ancients at our own pace. However, what happened changed it all. The call has gone from a soft pull to an immense river sweeping us towards it. What we will find at the center of the hurricane is shrouded in uncertainty. Yet, we cannot ignore going there anymore."

-A note discovered in the mountains


Virtual Reality has engulfed the world. With it, it has become an overcrowded battle royale of who would press the envelope the most, and secure the biggest player base. It is because of the war, that one company sought to go far beyond what the others were putting on the table. And in that search they found something that would change the status quo, a new strange power source.

But experimentation with highly unknown elements have never been without risks. Now Will, a relatively new employee to the company, is thrown into the middle of this truth and sent on an unwitting adventure to find out what has happened inside a world inside a world.


Hi! This is a little project I have started for the fun. 

I added quite a bit humour to the story, but as things go into the eye of the storm the character will face challenges that hits him down. But what do they say, when you've hit bottom, only way to go is up! :D 



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