The Dungeon of Evolution

by MaxOsnes

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Reincarnation Slice of Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The greatest mage and researcher in the universe, Ian Irwin, known to only his closest friends died at far too young an age. For their own goals and to give the mage another chance at life, the Gods and Goddesses reincarnated him into a dungeon. Most would shudder at the thought, in fact Ian did, but not for the same reasons. The plants, animals, fungi, and monsters that inhabited dungeons fascinated Ian in a way nothing besides his wife had. Ian had studied everything he could about dungeons and now he could be one.


Traumatising Content: The purpose of dungeons while not evil is a moral borderline that may skew some young individual's perceptions about the world. I, the author, do not believe it is enough for the genre tag, but wish to tag my novel for someone who may. Thank you very much.

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  • Overall Score

Decent stat to a dungeon core book

The writing is fine, the world building is interesting and the main character will be interesting in the long run.


I never thought I would say this but the detail is just too dense.  Not the blue screens, which are well done, but the musings of the main character about the nature of dungeons and magic.  I actually found myself tempted to skim through the exposition at several points which is rare for me, especially when the actual quality of the writing is good enough.

I love the massive detail and world description, especially in a dungeon core or kingdom building story, but I feel like that information needs to be delivered in a better fashion in order for the story to reach its clearly high potential.

  • Overall Score

First time leaving a review. I'm not a native English speaker so can't really comment on grammar and stuff but so far I have found it extremely easy to read with no issues. The Story seems well thought out and I love the long chapter length, the first 2 chapters is at least as long as 3 or 4 chapters on most other stories here. Would recommend to give it a try on what is out so far.

  • Overall Score

The story will EVENTUALLY start moving, right?

So far (as of Chapter 14), the story has been exceedingly slow. It gives us chapter after chapter of exposition, with no conflict and negligible character interaction. Basically, it feels like 200 pages of prologue, with the actual story not yet in sight. I can only hope that things will improve somewhat when adventurers finally get introduced.

EDIT: The first adventurers are introduced. So at least something has started happening now! The adventurers enter the dungeon, they start interacting with it and reacting to it... and then our author begins to describe their trip through every room on the G- floor, one at a time. Does every little thing, including the ones that aren't remotely important, really need to be described in detail? 

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The Dungeon of Evolution is a great story but it gets a little boring after a little while before the adventurers starts to appear since it's about the dungeon making process but I know it's important and the details are great but a little dense sometimes and the blue boxes are arranged quite well also the release schedule is great considering the length of the chapter, the grammar, the way it has been made (as in the way its been written and its arrangement) and its quality which is good comparing to other authors and considering it's your first novel here in RRL I would give 4.5/5 as my rating and not 5/5 due to preventing you from being cocky or arrogant and to help tell you that artists strive to improve themselves are artists that are not satisfied with their work

  • Overall Score

 Im loving it already and i look forward to more, plz plz plz dont drop. Im incredibly excited to see where this story heads to.

  • Overall Score

Ithas an interesting premise, but the longer the story goes on the less I care. Between nothing ever really happening and the book not really going with the premise, it just becomes boring to read.

  • Overall Score

Awesome book, way better than some stuff I've seen published actually! Keep up the good work! I love how you seem to be getting even better at phrasing and paragraph flow as the story progresses, while sucking your reader into the story.

  • Overall Score

TL:DR If you like Dungeon novels, this is a must try.

Just like the title says, I absolutely love the novel so far and it has one of the most important factors to a novel that I need, it makes me want to read more, unlike some other novels I have read, (where I would have gotten bored if not for the fact that I binge read it) I feel like this one truly drags me into a want-to-read mood.

  • Overall Score

Worth a read! Please show adventurers soon though lol

  • Overall Score

LOVE IT!!! Don't change a thing.

I love your writing style. LOVE IT!!!

This is more of a professional quality than I have come to expect from this site. 

Keep it up!!!