Demon Hero Reaper Saviour



Chapter 17 – So Near and Yet So Far

“3 blueberry muffins left.” says the boy as he watches the last of his opponents fall. All of them are either unconscious from being knocked out or have passed out from the extreme pain the boy inflicted. A few of them are foaming at the mouth with their hands clutched around their respective heads, stomachs, knees or penises genitalia.

Among the people that Master Haithur sent, the boy had to pay special attention to two guys, Gargantuan and Knife Nut. Gargantuan wasn't the biggest threat, even though the guy is huge. The boy needed several kicks more to the little giant and another chop to the neck for good measure before the guy finally collapsed over like a huge tree from the Ancient Forest of Leafern that has been cut down.

The boy rather liked Gargantuan. The guy is simple-minded, in love with Pigtails Girl and eager to please a teacher (if you can call someone like Master Haithur a teacher). The boy is sorry he had to do those things to Gargantuan, but the guy had to be put down hard and fast, or else things would have gotten messy for everyone later. Besides, Gargantuan had committed the gravest sin of all, getting in between the boy and his blueberry muffin.

The boy was more concerned with Knife Nut. The guy could handle his blade like nobody’s business, and even though the boy had exposed Knife Nut’s true identity, he was still determined to sink his blade into the boy’s chest regardless of how many witnesses will see him do it. Which is not surprising since the guy is a member of Ouroboros.

It took several seconds (which is an eternity for the boy because his blueberry muffin is waiting for him) before the blade could be successfully disarmed from Knife Nut’s possession. The boy had kicked the knife away before it had hit the ground and sent it sailing high into a nearby tree near the edge of the courtyard. The blade has lodged itself in the tree’s trunk several feet in the air, destined to stay there until the boy will find some use for it in the future.

Knife Nut had a look of surprised on his face, probably couldn't believe someone barehanded had managed to best him in a knife fight. He went down after the boy delivered a blow to his head, dislocating his jaw in the process. The guy won’t be chewing on (horses) steak any time soon.

Surveying the bodies strewn at his feet, the boy is surprised none of them had suffered any stab wounds. The boy was sure three or four will get cut up when they got in the way of his fight with Knife Nut. Looks like his warning about the poison on the blade had some effect, which is good because Bad Haircut Guy was supposed to be back with the antidotes, and he’s still haven’t arrived yet.

The boy also noticed Thesaurus Boy isn't lying on the ground with the rest of them. Looks like he had quietly fled during the battle. Why the hell did he ran away? the boy wonders. I already told him I was only going to break one of his arms instead of both.

The boy used to be a soldier, a veteran on the battlefield. Even without his “gifts”, he could have taken these amateurs apart with one eye closed and one hand behind his back. But to do so without maiming or crippling them would be a bit hard, considering the time limit he is under. And the boy really didn't want to deal with the aftermath if he had used such deadly forced on those students. Gods knows the fuss those snobbish parents would raise if their precious sons was missing an eye or a limb. Which is why the boy didn't hurt them much… well not too much anyway.

By now, a small group of onlookers have gathered at the edge of the courtyard. They had watched the boy took down the group of people surrounding him with frightening speed and brutal efficiency and are now whispering among themselves. The boy pays no attention to them.

He is halfway to his goal now. So near and yet so far. The boy could almost taste the blueberry muffin in his mouth. It looks like I'm done here, if I hurry I could ma- before the boy could even finish his thought, something unexpected happens. Pigtails Girl has suddenly thrown herself at the boy’s feet and is currently wrapping her arms around his knees.

“Please forgive me. I had no choice, Master Haithur made me do it.”

“What the hell? Get off me, woman! You’re in my way.”

“Spare me, I beg you. Please take pity on this poor soul.”

“Stop crying and using my hospital gown to wipe your snot. I swear to the Gods if you make me late for my bluebe-”

“Nooo, have mercy. I’ll do anything, just don’t kill me.”

“Then will you let go of my hospital gown? It’s going to get ripped. I assure you, I haven’t told anyone that you’re Soup Gi-“


“It’s ripping! My hospital gown is ripping!”

“My life is over. You’re going to expose me to everyone.”

“I will do no such thing! But if you still won’t let go, your life will indeed be ove-Godsdammit two blueberry muffins left!

“I will be forced into a life of servitude.... they will come at me… day and night...”

“Wait, why is your face red? And what’s with the heavy breathing?”

“Not letting me have a moment rest… sometimes there will be 3 or 4 of them at the same time…”

“Snap out of your delusions! Go back to crying! Go back to crying!”

“Crawling on the floor on all fours… with a leash around my neck…”

ONE BLUEBERRY MUFFIN LEFT! Fuck it! Pigtails girl, I will spare your life and keep your secret quiet. In exchange, you will be my maid and follow me faithfully for the rest of your life or until I dismiss you from your service!”


“Now, my first order to you as your master: release me! One blueberry left, I could still make it if I !!!!!“


“Did you… “


“Did you just peed yourself on my leg?”

“I’m sorry, Master. When you spared my life and promised to keep my secret safe, I was so overcome with relief that I accidentaly relieved myself.”



A new rumour began circulating around the Whiteford Academy that day about a Demon boy who beat up several friendly seniors who just wanted to say hi, turned a noble girl into his personal slave, and frightened the poor girl so much she wet herself in terror.

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