The boy told Headmaster Joss, Mistress Ariessa Ricon, and Pigtails Girls Synnove Ciro about the events that will happen 30 years from now (give or take a few years). He didn't get into specific details, only sticking to the main points.

That hundreds and hundreds of magical creatures made out of knives and nightmares began flooding out of the Khazun Mountain Range. And a single one of these 'Razors' could wipe out over a thousand men.

That a normal weapon could hardly damage the creatures and they needed high quality swords or special weapons produced by the Shahjahad Kingdom to even make a difference.

That the Eight remaining kingdoms (the Alvian Kingdom was already decimated at this point) barely managed to work together. Squabbling and petty arguments were common. The people up top had only learnt to set aside their differences at the very end, but by then it was already too late.

That it only took the Razors two years to completely wipe out the majority of humans in the Grandiel Continent from one end of the next. And what little humanity remains was forced to hole up in an island north of the Drumvell Kingdom.

That the survivors had to accept the reality that it was really THE END. And in the face of Armageddon, with the sword of Apocalypse hanging over their heads, humanity who had been standing on their last legs, decided to proclaim “FUCK THAT SHIT!” and do something about it.

That the powers-that-be invoked their last trump card: a long lost spell they found hidden in the deepest floor in the Great Library of Reginheraht. It was discovered when humanity was researching information on the Razors, trying and failing to find their weaknesses or origins.

That they chose to send someone back into the past to change it. A person with great leadership skills, legendary fighting prowess, highly intelligent and most importantly, could convince the world to believe his words and follow him to change the future.

“But that ass hole was indisposed. So you guys are stuck with me."


"Any questions?”



“What a load of crap!”

*the boy sighs

“I can’t believe I just spent an hour listening to this horse shit!”

“Headmaster Joss…”

“That’s one hour of my life I’m never going to get ba-“

“Now I know why your wife left you and took the kids.”

*audible gasp from Mistress Ricon and Synnove

*growls “What did you say?”

“You heard me, you old fart.”


“It wasn't the drinking or the constant moaning and bitching about ‘the good old days when men were men and women were still virgins.’


“Hell, it wasn't even because of your so-called dedication to your job, which by the way you're doing a laughable and half-assed attempt if I may say.”


“She left because you were not the same man she married 25 years ago.”


“Where’s the man with the devil-may-care attitude? Where is the man who was reckless, impulsive and wild?”


“What? You want to hit me? A boy barely a third of your age?”


“You, who couldn't do jack shit against Master Haithur but finally finds the courage to raise your fist against me?”


“Did you know in original time line, you got shoved out the door within half a year due to gross negligence and incompetence?”


“Sure, Master Haithur had a hand in that, but you want to know the truth?”


“Even if he didn't exists, even if you continued doing your job until the end of your term, your reign as headmaster barely made a footnote in the history of this academy.”



The moment is coming, the boy could feel it. He knows that great men are divided into two categories. Those who are forged in fire, and those who need a fire lit from under their asses in order to get them moving.

The boy takes no pleasure from what he is doing. He may look like he’s enjoying it, but that was just an act, a charade. The boy needed Headmaster Joss to attack him, to beat him senseless until Mistress Ricon and Pigtails Girl finally manages to pull the man off him, before the man could beat the boy to death.

Which is why the boy needed the female teacher in the first place. He requires a witness and someone strong enough to stop the Headmaster Joss from finishing what he set off to do.

Only then will the man regret his behavior and be spurned into action, snapped out the rut and lethargy he is currently suffering in.

What the boy is about to do next will undoubtedly leave a bad taste in his mouth (and he’s not just saying that because of the blood and the teeth he will be spitting out in a few moments) but because he was a father himself. The boy briefly wonders if his teeth will grow back or if he will regain eyesight from his left eye.

But Headmaster Joss needed one last push.


“And your daughters, Gisela and Elsie, do you want to know their fates?”

Don’t you say their names! Don’t you dare say their names!



*stunned silence

“Fuck the lesser of the two evils. You choose another way.” says Mistress Ricon as she stares into the boy’s eyes.


Guys, how do you do those blue boxes? I need them for the next chapter.

If you have any questions, constructive criticism, suggestions etc: feel free to leave them in the comments. I do read them from time to time. It's what keeps me writing (almost) every day.

Thank you.

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