Demon Hero Reaper Saviour



Chapter 25 – Served on a Silver Platter

The boy was in shock as he stares at Mistress Ricon. And not just him, Headmaster Joss is stunned as well. His butt is lifted halfway from his chair. Just moments earlier the headmaster was about to throw himself across his desk and throttle the boy.

Surprise gives way to anger. The boy looks at the female teacher with so much fury, she flinches a bit, but still Mistress Ricon holds her steadfast gaze.

The boy is fuming inside and annoyed as well. How dare she disrupt his plan! It was a good plan, one that would ensure the headmaster’s cooperation and guarantees any assistance the boy might need in the future. And it also had a side benefit of making one of the boy’s childhood dream come true.

The boy originally had two major options, ways on how to deal with Headmaster Joss.

Option A: he could bully the man into cooperating with him. This would involve a lot of talking, shaming, blackmailing etc. Sure the headmaster likes to think himself as a good man, but no one is that good without having their hands dirty once in a while.

The boy knows a few skeletons in Headmaster Joss’s closet, some that even the man himself has long forgotten. It won’t even take that long, 30-45 minutes top, before the boy would succeed in tearing down the mental walls surrounding the headmaster, breaking his pride and bending the man’s will. By the time the boy is about to wrap up his talk, Headmaster Joss would have broken down in tears, begging and pleading for him to stop and agreeing to any terms or demands the boy has, a shell of the headmaster former self.

Option A would really really put a bad taste in the boy’s mouth, which is why he went with Option B: guilt-tripping the headmaster into helping him. This would involve goading Headmaster Joss into attacking him, which of course involves putting the boy in harm’s way.

The headmaster would inflict grievous injuries on the boy’s face. After Mistress Ricon and Pigtails Girl finally succeeds in stopping Headmaster Joss from pummeling his face until it becomes a wet mess in the office floor, the headmaster would look down at his handwork and recoil in horror. Something inside Headmaster Joss would break but he would undoubtedly change into a better man. And considering the rut and the lethargy the headmaster has been suffering lately, the boy is doing him a huge favor.

Well, that was the plan, until Mistress Ricon decided to stick her nose in where it doesn't belong. Why did the female teacher have to be so… nosy? Fuck! The boy couldn't even find the proper words to properly express his anger and more so his disappointment.

Yes, the boy is actually disappointed that Mistress Ricon stopped Headmaster Joss from smashing his face in repeatedly. Sure, his might lose a few teethes but those probably aren't important. He was never fond of chewing steaks and blueberry muffins aren't that hard to eat. Hell, judging from the way people would flinch whenever he flashes them a smile, it would be a huge improvement on his part. Perhaps a toothy grin might help the people to be more at ease when they are facing him.

But that’s not the main reason behind his disappointment. The real reason why the boy is fuming and annoyed at Mistress Ricon is because she prevented Headmaster Joss from busting up the boy’s left eye… which denies the boy a proper excuse for wearing an eye-patch.

HOW DARE THAT WOMAN KILL MY CHILDHOOD DREAM OF BEING A PIRATE! The boy is furious. Just as he was looking forward at the chance wearing of one, that female teacher had to go and ruin it for him. Sure, maybe his left eye would heal... maybe it won’t... but at least the boy would have a valid excuse of wearing an eye-patch instead of just pretending.

“You think you’re doing me a favor, but you’re really aren't. You… you… you Destroyer of Dreams!”


“…Dream Destroyer? Fuck! I can’t even think of a proper insult to… to… insult you!”

The boy slumps into his chair, defeated. He looks at Headmaster Joss who already has remained seated a while back. The man’s anger is still simmering underneath, the boy could feel it but he knows he has lost his chance of goading the headmaster again, not right now anyway. Headmaster Joss has already gotten his emotions under control and the man seems to have a faint realization of what the boy was attempting to make him do.

The boy sighs again. Thank you, Mistress Ricon, the boy thinks sarcastically. You've just doubled the amount of work I have to do.

“And I sooo wanted to be a pirate.”


*clasps hands

“It looks like we've gotten off on the wrong foot here.”

*snorts “It’s a bit too late for that.”

“Nothing is ever too late. I’m a living walking proof of that.”


“But first things first…”

*bows head

“I am extremely sorry for using your marriage and your children like that. It was absolutely despicable and rude of me. Please accept my sincerest apology.”

“…there are some small grains of truth in what you've said. I’d be a fool if I denied them all… Apology accepted.”

“Thank you. I am grateful that you are so forgiving and understanding. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

“I’m still going to hit you later, you know?”

“I understand.”

“I owe you several punches to the face and body.”

“I deserve them all, and more.”

“You won’t see them coming. I’ll slide up to you with a smile and hit you when you least expect it.”

“Of that I have no doubt.”



“This thing that you've asked of me… it’s too big of a burden.”

“It is indeed. And I’m not asking you to do it for free. I will of course pay you first with something of equal value.”


“I will remove the thing that makes your thirst unquenchable even though you've downed so many wine glasses.”


“The reason why your food taste like bile even though they’re cooked with the finest of spices and ingredients.


“The reason why you keep tossing and turning at night, as if your mattress is made of sandpapers and your pillows as hard as rocks.”


“You have an idea what I’m talking about, right?”

“You will do this favor for me?”

“I will serve his head on a silver platter for you.”

“Just to be sure… you’re talking figuratively… and not literally, right?”

“I was about to stuff his mouth with garlic like you've wanted. But if you wish the damage to be done only in a spiritual and mental manner but not physical, then sure. Why not?”


“Ah, but in order to ensure the destruction of our serpent acquaintance (figuratively, not literally of course), I will need you to do something for me first…”

“…what do you need me to do?”

“Got some pen and papers?” the boy smiles, satisfied.


The scene at the north hall during lunch hour is normally more subdued and composed when compared to breakfast time in the morning. The students, having already spent most of their energy in the morning, are usually looking forward to a delicious lunch, maybe grab a quick nap before afternoon class starts.

But something is different during lunch hour that day in the north hall. The scene is chaotic and frenzied, with students pushing and shoving each other in order to get a better view of the announcement board.
There, and like many other places around the Whiteford Academy, a single piece of paper is posted with the words

By order of Headmaster Rykell Joss, Principal of the Whiteford Academy

The restriction banning first year students from participating in duels have been lifted. First year students are now allowed to issue challenges regardless of their level differences, but are not allowed to accept any challenges issued to them unless permission is granted by a teacher and the duel is monitored by the said teacher.

The restriction that a student is only allowed to issue or accept a challenge once every three days has also been lifted. A student can participate in as many back-to-back challenges as he/she wants or is able to unless denied by a teacher for any health or safety reason(s).


Rykell Joss


The students are wondering and asking each other what sort of madness would possess their headmaster to issue such an absurd and ridiculous announcement. Their questions are answered during that afternoon, the seventh year elite students are busy in the middle of their lesson when suddenly the door to their classroom is flung open.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Afternoon you landlubbers! I’m here to stake my claim on your booty and also to challenge you scallywags to a du- you know what? This doesn't really work without an eye-patch…” sighs the dejected barefooted rag-wearing boy to the stunned occupants of the classroom.


Calm down, guys. I just wanted the blue box for announcement purposes, not for status windows.

"Demon Hero Reaper Saviour" will be back after a two days break so I could have a rest and enjoy the weekends.

If you have any questions, constructive criticism, suggestions etc: feel free to leave them in the comments. Like if there's something you feel is unclear or you couldn't understand because of my limited writing abilities. Your comments actually help me write more than you think.

Thank you.

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