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Chapter 26 – Blessing in Disguise

The boy smiles as he observes Headmaster Joss jots down his signature on the several papers the boy has prepared beforehand. “Perfect.” the boy says as he takes the papers from the headmaster and examines them again.

Headmaster Joss sighs as he slumps back into his seat. Once again, he got caught up with the boy’s pace. Or more accurately, he got pulled into the whirlpool of insanity that is the boy. The headmaster gazes at the boy who is happily checking the papers he’s holding in his hands.

Earlier, Headmaster Joss had watched the boy wrote at an astonishing speed the same message over and over again on the papers the man gave him. Even though the headmaster had managed to remain calm at the amazing sight, his eyes nearly jumps out of their sockets as he reads the contents of the message the boy had written.

The man glance up from the papers he’s reading  and looks at the boy’s expectant face, looks down to reread just to make sure he wasn't mistaken, then looks up at the boy’s smiling face again.

Problem? the eyes of the smiling boy seems to ask the headmaster who was looking indecorously at him. The boy’s right hand is outstretched as he holds a pen, waiting for Headmaster Joss to take it from him and sign the papers.

You Godsdamn right there’s a problem!” was what the headmaster wanted to shout, but he managed to keep it inside. After mulling for a few second (which was actually an eternity for the man), Headmaster Joss takes the pen from the boy’s hand and jots down his signature on all of them.

Why do I feel like I've signed my soul over to a demon? the headmaster thinks quietly to himself as he sighs again.

“Don’t worry. Your soul is yours to keep. Unless I could trade it for a blueberry muffin. Gods, what I wouldn't give for a bite of one…” says the boy without looking up from the papers he’s currently inspecting, unaware that Headmaster Joss is currently frozen in his chair.

“Did… did you just-“

“No, I am not reading your mind.” answers the boy, again without looking up. Before the headmaster could stutter out another question, the boy turns abruptly and faces Mistress Ricon and Pigtails Girls Synnove Ciro.

“I am going to distribute these announcements all over the academy before the students leave their classes for lunch . You guys can go return to your own business.”

“My place is by your side, Master.”


“Shall I fetch Master some new clothes in anticipation for the task you're about to undertake?”


“That’s right, your clothes… They’re still at the infirmary.” Mistress Ricon who has been strangely quiet all this while (since the face slapping incident) has finally spoken.

“No, Pigtails Girl here has already taken them.”


“As expected of Master. To see through my actions so easily. I will wash Master’s clothes and return them to you.”

*snorts “Yeah right. You were going to replace them with similar clothes and keep the originals to yourself.”


“Master is indeed wise. I will reluctantly return Master’s original clothing to you.”

“Don’t bother. After the things you put those clothes through while they’re in your possession, I’ll just end up burning them.”


“Thank you for your gifts, Master. I shall treasure them forever.”

They are not gi- You know what? Fuck it To hell with it, do whatever you want.”


“Mistress Ricon, you should really return to the infirmary. There are currently 15 students eagerly waiting for your care.”


“Don’t worry. The worst case is a guy with a dislocated jaw. All the others are just suffering from some bumps and bruises. Ah, the big guy may need some ice and ointment to keep the swelling down.”

“Why do I feel like you’re about to send a lot more students to join them.”

“Relax. I won’t give them any life-threatening injuries or anything like that. How they’ll end up in the infirmary is entirely up to them.”


“Although you may want to break out a few more extra beds just in case.” says the smiling barefooted rag-wearing boy to the female teacher.


After the boy, his “maid” and Mistress Ricon had left his office, Headmaster Joss gets up from his chair and walks over to a cabinet where he keeps the files on all the students and faculty members of the Whiteford Academy. The files in the cabinet are disorganized and in shambles, a product of the headmaster’s not-so-meticulous nature.

The headmaster takes out a fail containing information on all the first year students. He flips through the many papers contained in the fail before finally finding the one he’s been looking for. Headmaster Joss takes out the piece of paper and studies its contents.

“So that’s his name…” the headmaster says to no one but himself as he examines the profile. Headmaster Joss reads and rereads the background information contained in the paper before walking over to the fireplace in his office  and tossing it into the open flame.

“I don’t see what the fuss is all about.” the headmaster murmurs again as he watches the flame lick the piece of paper hungrily and turning it into ash instantly.

Even though his filing system seems to be a mess at first glance, Headmaster Joss knows exactly what goes where and can retrieve any information he needs with no problem. Which seems to be a blessing in disguise based on the conversation he had with the boy earlier before he left the office.

Just as the boy was about to leave the room (Mistress Ricon and the other girl had already left earlier) the boy turned around and spoke to the headmaster.

“Oh, and one more thing.”

“What is it? Change your mind about taking my soul?”

“Nah, you can keep it. Besides tinkering with the beverages in your office last night, Master Haithur was also poking around looking for information on me.”


“Don’t worry, he didn't get it. His paranoia and the fact the night guards were making their rounds kept him from finding it.”


“Also, your shit filing system seems to be a contributing factor. Seriously, how do you find anything in that mess?”


“Anyway, I appreciate it if you destroy the paper containing the information on me.”


“The same reason you killed and buried in your back garden the men  who invaded your home all those years ago.”


“Even though you could have easily incapacitated them and turned them over to the authorities... but chose not to...”


“... in order to protect your family.” smiles the boy as he left the room to do some good old fashioned raiding, pillaging, and plundering. You know, basic normal pirate stuff...

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11/05/2015 17:50:04TriageX Wrote: [ -> ]god, he really wants to be a Fucking Pirate doesn't he.

Definitely seems that way, that's why hes so funny.

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13/05/2015 03:41:51na700037 Wrote: [ -> ]wow, read this whole series from 1 to 26 in a fucking 5hours straight, now Im hungry.

you owe me a blueberry muffin pal

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