Demon Hero Reaper Saviour



Chapter 27 – More than Meets the Eye

Master Jev Haithur is currently in class 7A, teaching the seventh year elite students in the classroom the required syllabus for that day. Although the male teacher seems to be hard at work dispensing today’s lesson, in reality his mind is not in the classroom but elsewhere.

The reason why Master Haithur is secretly distracted, the reason why the male teacher could not concentrate properly… is definitely because of that blasted boy! That little shit! It’s because of him Master Haithur had to endure the stares and the whispers from the people around him. If that wasn't bad enough, the male teacher was stopped numerous times today by annoying female students who would tell him that they believe him and will support him.

Damn that boy and whatever wretched whore that birthed him! If Master Haithur is left alone with the boy in the deepest woods with no witnesses around, the man would undoubtedly walk out of that place alone… leaving the boy’s corpse to be devoured by wild animals. But not before Master Haithur has a chance to torture that little shit… make him suffer him for hours… force him to cry and beg for mercy. Payback for humiliation the male teacher had to suffer last night.

Last night… Master Haithur still couldn't believe last night had happened. The boy, bursting into the dining hall like a sudden tidal wave, swallowing anything and everything that lay in his path. And the most unbelievable part of it all, the boy exposed that which should never be revealed. The boy told the world about Ouroboros!

Master Haithur briefly wonders if someone from Ouroboros itself had sent the boy in order to sabotage him, perhaps jealous of how quickly he rose up the ranks. But the male teacher dismisses the thought immediately. No one in the organizations is that stupid as to use such a reckless way to bring him down, especially when it means outing Ouroboros to the public.

In the olden days, just talking about Ouroboros out in the open is an automatic death sentence. Any drunkards who foolishly or falsely claim to be a part of Ouroboros in order to impress or intimidate would be found dead behind the bars or taverns when the sun rises. Any prosecutors or government officials who tried to investigate Ouroboros would wake up in the middle of the night and discover their tongue ripped out and placed in a glass of water besides their beds… and their intestines wrapped around their necks.

Every new recruits who enter Ouroboros will be exposed to a myriad of rules, but there are two main rules that any Ouroboros members, young and old, must swear to defend and uphold.

The first ironclad rule of Ouroboros is: You shall not talk about Ouroboros!
The second ironclad rule of Ouroboros is: You shall kill the fool who talks about Ouroboros!

So when the boy suddenly spoke the forbidden word to the people in the dining hall, it took all the willpower Master Haithur had not to throw his hidden blade at the little shit. The male teacher realized that it would not be in his best interest to commit murder in front of all these witnesses. It would only draw more attention to the nonsense the boy is sprouting.

Which is why Master Haithur decided to deal with the boy later and not kill him on the spot. But then as if reading his mind the little shit decided to goad the male teacher. Master Haithur seethes as he remembers the boy’s words…

“Oh and by the way, Master Haithur, before you throw the blade you keep hidden under that robe at me, just know that I am fast enough to catch it and skillful enough to do so without being scratched by the Slevir poison coated on its blade. And when I do return the blade to you, and I will, the knife will lodge itself in your right chest, between the third and fourth rib. Just above the ‘I eat babies’ tattoo.”

I do not have a fucking ‘I eat babies’ tattoo!” was what Master Haithur wanted to scream at the boy. But the male teacher wasn't about to fall for the boy cheap taunts. Even when the little shit continued provoking him, Master Haithur kept his cool.

I don’t know who you are or who sent you. All I know is you’re the fool who signed his own death warrant, the male teacher smiles bitterly inside. Master Haithur had decided to dispatch the boy while he was sleeping in the infirmary, but the presence of the guards put there by the headmaster deterred him.

Which was why first thing this morning, the male teacher persuaded Synnove Ciro and her followers to go after the boy. A disciple of Master Haithur would then kill the boy during the confusion, and the little shit would be a forgotten, an unfortunate victim of who had accidentally angered the nobles with his disrespectful antics.  

Not the neatest of ending, but it would have to do. Or so Master Haithur thought, before the boy managed to send all his 15 attackers to the infirmary. The male teacher couldn't believe the news when he heard it. It looks like there’s more to the boy than meets the eye. Seems Master Haithur needs to find a more creative ending for the boy.

The male teacher looks at the seventh year elite students in the class. Even though they seemed to be studying diligently, Master Haithur knows that they, like him, are also distracted. If not by the events last night in the north hall or the incident in the courtyard this morning, then by the announcement  that was made during lunch regarding the lifting of restriction for dueling for first year students.

That fool of a headmaster. He must have finally succumbed to senility. Master Haithur wonders what type of madness had taken over Headmaster Joss and had forced that old fart to make those changes. I mean, what kind of first year idiot would go around challenging people to a du-


Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Afternoon you landlubbers! I’m here to stake my claim on your booty and also to challenge you scallywags to a du- you know what? This doesn't really work without an eye-patch…”


“Ah, Master Haithur. Fancy meeting you here. And teaching 'the ethics and conduct of a gentleman/noble lady'. Wow.”


“Are you sure you have the right subject? Aren't you more suitable teaching ‘Poison and Venom 101’ or ‘how to use your forked tongue to smell’?”


“I mean, that’s like having a mongoose teach a cobra on how to groom its fur… or is it a cobra teaching a mongoose how to shed its skin? I always get those two mixed up.”


“Hahaha just kidding, teach. Lighten up, will you?”


“Anyway, relax. I’m not coming after you… (yet). I’m here for your disciples. Although technically, that also means I’m coming after you too. So make of that what you will.”


“You hear that, kids? Any loyal followers of Ouroboros here? Fancy helping your leader out of a bind?”


“I’ll be waiting in the courtyard outside the north hall.”


“You can ask your beloved teacher for tips on how to best kill me.” says the smiling boy to the silent and shocked occupants of the classroom.

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