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Chapter 28 – A Thorn in His Side

The boy turns and leaves without even bothering to close the door to the classroom. He doesn't even wait to see if anyone would say or do something. Not that it would have mattered. No one, not even Master Haithur, would have dared chase after the boy even if they had recovered from their surprise earlier.

Through the open door, the occupants in the Class 7A listens to the pitter-patter steps of the boy as he makes his way down the hall to the classroom next door.

Still refusing to move or say anything, the occupants in Class 7A listen as the boy opens the door to that classroom violently.

“Good afternoon Class 7B. There’s no teacher here? Good, I’ll make this quick.”


“I’m challenging any willing male students here to a duel. Meet me in the courtyard outside the north hall in 30 minutes.”


“If there’s any male students here who doesn't wish to duel with, I will understand.”


“But just know that your membership to the men club will be revoked. Please turn in your balls to Master Wes for termination.”


“Reason? It has been discovered you guys are giant pussies and are unworthy of them.”


“I’ll see you guys later.”

*walks over to the next classroom

*slams open door

“Good afternoon Class 7C. Good afternoon, frightened female teacher. Please don’t try to jump out the window. We’re on the fourth floor and you will indeed break something in your body.”


“I assure you, frightened female teacher. Despite what your instincts are telling you, I’m not here to molest you. But I can’t say the same for the rest of your class.”


“No no no, please remain calm all you female students. I have no interest in you at all. I’m actually aiming for your male colleagues.”


“Ah, please don’t look at me like that, it actually hurts my feelings.”


“The girl with the rotten imagination back there who’s picturing me dominating all over your male classmates, please stop. You’re having a severe nosebleed. And that’s not the kind of dominating that I have in mind.”


“I’m here to challenge all the male students of Class 7C to a du- Huh? Girl with the severe nosebleed, why are you raising your hand?“


“You have a question for me?”


“Godsdammit! How many times must I tell you! I’m not here to turn your male classmates into my slaves!”


“Don’t you have any pity for your male classmates? How can you instantly predict they will lose to me? Have some more faith in your friends!”


“A duel! I just want a normal duel!”


“No, the winner doesn't gain the right to violate the loser’s body. What the hell is wrong with you? You… you Rotten Girl!”


The boy sighs as he walks down the stairs to the third floor. He can’t believe he had already wasted so much energy talking to that girl with the severe nosebleed from 7C. Rotten Girl gives off the same scent as Pigtails Girls. The boy is sure they’ll be best friends if they learn each other’s perversion even if they don’t have the same inclination.

The building that the boy is currently in is where the fourth until the seventh year students take their lessons. The seventh year students’ classrooms are located on the fourth floor, the sixth year students’ classrooms are located on the third floor, the fifth year students’ classrooms are located on the second floor, and the fourth year students’ classrooms are located on the first floor.

The first year until the third year students are studying in an adjacent building. Each year is divided into six classes: A, B, C, D, E and F. Elite students are sorted into the A, B and C classes while the common students fill the remaining classes.

The boy didn't even bother visiting the seventh year D, E and F classes. There are no young members of Ouroboros in those classes. Ouroboros rarely recruits from the lower classes, but there are the odd occasions where common students are recruited even though they didn't meet all the three main conditions.*

*refer to Chapter 12

The boy grimaced from the unpleasant memories from his past, but he immediately pushes them back to the farthest recesses in his mind. He has a job to do, and there’s no time for memories. He has plans to challenge students from the fourth up to the seventh year. He left the first to third year classes alone. There are no active Ouroboros members there, although there are a lot of potential candidates. Vicious self-entitled little bastards who think that having power and wealth means they’re untouchable and can do as they please.

The boy arrives on the third floor where the classes for the sixth year students are held. His bare feet lead the boy until he stands outside Class 6A. If the seventh year students from the floor above could see the boy now, they would be utterly shocked. Compared to the playfulness the boy displayed to them earlier, there’s no trace of it now, not even a smile. Instead an aura of seriousness has enveloped the boy.

The reason why there is such a drastic change in the boy’s behavior is because of Class 6A, or more specifically, it has to do with a person from that class.

Inside this room, lies an entity that if left unchecked, could continuously serve as a thorn to the boy’s side for years to come. Undoing and destroying the boy’s hard work with a flick of a finger or without breaking a sweat.

The only way the boy could stop this entity from bringing constant ruination is by either straight up murdering him. Or by befriending the entity (which is next to impossible by the way). And the boy really really didn't want to kill him. To the boy, killing this entity is akin to destroying a great work of art.

The boy opens the door to Class 6A in a calm and respectful manner. Usually around this time, Mistress Rayze is supposed to be giving Class 6A fencing lessons in the gym. But since she is currently on a leave of absence, the students of Class 6A are left to their own devices until a replacement teacher is found.

Just like Class 7B on the floor above, there is no teacher in this classroom too, But unlike Class 7B where the students would chat leisurely or play around if there is no authoritative figure to watch over them, the atmosphere in this sixth year classroom is absolutely different.

The air is stifling, almost to the point where it’s hard to breath. The noise level is also bizarrely low, not what you expect from a classroom full of teenagers who are on the verge of becoming young adults.

The reason for this is the seventeen year old male student sitting in the middle of a classroom, quietly reading a reference book and studying diligently. The boy walks towards him, not too fast or too slow. He stands in front of the seventeen year old student, waiting for the entity to notice him. The boy doesn't dare to say anything, any wrong moves now will send out ripples that will turn into shock-waves, obliterating any hope of a future he would try so hard to build and protect. After a few minutes has passed (which is equivalent to several lifetimes for the boy), the diligent seventeen year old student finally looks up from the reference book he’s reading.

“What is it you want?”

“This young underclassman requires your guidance.”


“If it’s not too much trouble.”

“Where and when?”

“In the courtyard outside the north hall in another two hours.”

“Why not here and now?” The diligent seventeen year old student lets out blast of killing pressure that almost makes the boy step back... almost. Three nearby female students have also fainted when they couldn't take the strain anymore.

“Ahaha, you flatter me.” The boy laughs with a touch a nervousness hidden in it. “Unfortunately, there’s already a line of people forming in front of you.”

“How many?”

“Thirty six.”


“I require extreme guidance.”

“Very extreme indeed.” The diligent seventeen year old student smiles knowingly. The boy wonders if it’s safe to smile back.

A moment pass before the diligent seventeen year old student continues talking.

“After two hours and thirty six people, if you’re still standing, I would be more than happy to share my knowledge with you.” smiles the diligent seventeen year old student known as Rolfe Primeiro.

“Thank you, I will be in you care then.” bows the boy before making his exit, all the while maintaining eye contact and reminding himself not to turn his back until he is well away from the classroom.


Came back home from work to find this pleasant surprise.

To all the people who are kind enough to read my ff and also to those who are gracious enough to leave me comments and reviews, I owe you several blueberry muffins.

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My prediction of a future after the invasion.

"The boy is now the world's greatest pirate sailing the seven seas in search of bakeries and perverted girls to torment. "

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That last he a fucking god! He seems to be the scariest person in this story to make the boy react like that.

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