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Chapter 30 – Cream of the Crop

The boy has finished visiting the last classroom on his list, Class 4C. Altogether, he has delivered requests for duels to 12 classes, from the seventh down to the fourth year. All of them to A, B and C’s classes, and all of them to male elite students. With the exception of course being the entity in Class 6A, the diligent seventeen year old commoner student known as Rolfe Primero.

Rolfe Primero… even though the boy was busy taunting/insulting/belittling/mocking delivering duel requests, his mind is still replaying the first meeting he had with the entity. He has survived the encounter… barely… and is now dreading the second meeting with the diligent seventeen year old student.

The boy has a one of a tenth chance of surviving the second meeting, and knowing Rolfe Primero, 10% is extremely well generous. The boy has serious doubts he will be walking away unscathed from the second encounter with the entity. Or even walking away at all.

The boy first learnt of the entity’s existence while he was busy writing the documents announcing the amendments to the rules of dueling. He realized that the original rules (first year students are not allowed to participate in duels / students are only allowed to issue or accept a challenge* once every three days / students are only allowed to duel with an opponent in the same year or with a one year level difference) were first introduced nearly four years ago by the previous headmaster of the academy.

And the reason why those rules had to be introduced in the first place can be summed up in three words: ROLFE MOTHERFUCKING PRIMERO!

10 years ago, the thought that a first year student would go around challenging people to a duel would have been considered a laughable idea. And there was no need to ban a first year student from accepting a challenge for a duel because no upperclassmen would consider declaring a challenge to such a greenhorn. It’s like punching a baby in the face while he’s sleeping in a crib.

Even asshole nobles who like to kick kittens or drown puppies would find challenging a rookie to a duel to be in an extreme bad taste. I mean, why issue a challenge for a duel to a first year, a duel usually done under the watchful eye of an authoritative figure, when you can easily take him behind the gym and teach him a lesson in manners?

By the way, a lesson in manners when taught by nobles usually involves the receiving party being severely outnumbered and getting a one-sided thrashing.  

Needless to say, all that changed when Rolfe Primero arrived at the Whiteford Academy 5 years ago. The bodies he left in the wake of his carnage? Uncountable. The tales of how he defeated his opponents? Legendary.

Then everything came to a screeching halt when the previous headmaster implemented the rules to dueling. Not for the safety of the first year students or to look out for their well-beings mind you, but to protect the upperclassmen from Rolfe Primero.

All the accomplishments that the diligent commoner student had achieved were swept under a rug, never to be spoken of or to see the light of day. Stories of Rolfe Primero’s feats became whispers before finally turning into myths. Maybe it’s because the humiliated elite students secretly threatened to severely hurt any other commoner students from spreading them. Or maybe it’s because the diligent student finally settled down in his second year and didn’t actively look for trouble.

But that didn't stop trouble from looking for him. Rolfe Primero had no qualms about accepting unofficial duel requests from upperclassmen trying to regain their broken pride or the occasional battle maniacs who wanted to test their fighting abilities against him. There’s no record of any wins, ties or losses but it can be assumed that the diligent student was a victor in all of them.

And the one feat they couldn't deny, the one feat that could never be taken away from Rolfe Primero, was that he was the only commoner student to be accepted in the Class A in his second year. It was the first time in history of the Whiteford Academy that a commoner student managed to achieve that.

There are of course the rare occasions when a gifted or talented commoner student would rise up from Class D to Class C. But he/she would never stay there for long, due to open hostility from elite students.

Rolfe Primero not only succeeded in getting promoted to Class A, the place where the cream of the crop would gather, he successfully defended his position from being demoted by angry noble parents, snobbish teachers, jealous upperclassmen or basically any assholes who didn't think he deserved to be there.

The boy sighs. I rather take on ten Razors at the same time than face him, the boy secretly wishes. He noticed too late the existence of the entity. And now he’s regretting it deeply.

Rolfe Primero wasn't present during dinner last night, or any nights before this. The diligent student has stopped going for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the north hall for the past four years, preferring to cook his meals in his own kitchen and eat them in the comfort of his own living room.

Yes! The guy has his own building and he lives alone there! It looks like the diligent student had managed to build his own manor where he lives, studies and sleeps when he doesn't have any classes in the academy. The manor is situated on a hill that overlooks the Whiteford Academy. The boy wonders how the diligent student successfully gained permission to build a manor which is technically located on the school’s land. But knowing Rolfe Primero, it would have been a simple task.

In the boy’s original timeline, he had never noticed the existence of the manor nor the entity that is known as Rolfe Primero. Maybe it’s because of the information clamp down by the elite students. Or maybe it’s because Rolfe Primero didn't cause any major issues in the two remaining years he had with the academy. Or maybe it’s because the boy together with his best friends Athorius and Marven were trying their hardest to survive Master Wes’ harsh tutelage.  

Which then brought up another question, where was Rolfe Primero in the original timeline when the Razors invaded the Grandiel Continent?


Earlier, after the boy left Headmaster Joss’ office (before he made his entrance at Class 7A to challenge the male students to a duel and taunt Master Haithur at the same time), he had searched for the information, and when the answers finally returned, the boy was deeply saddened and regretted knowing it.

It seems during the years he spent studying in the Whiteford Academy, Rolfe Primero made some powerful enemies. Who would have thought that defeating countless sons of nobles, putting them down a notch or two would leave those fuckers with a deep grudge and hatred for you? Normally this wouldn't be a problem for Rolfe Primero, but then those fuckers took his pregnant wife hostaged and forced him to end his own life.

Even though Rolfe Primero made those nobles swear that after he died they would not harm his wife and his unborn child, those fuckers still… ARGGGHHHH! It drove the boy mad just thinking about it.

The boy debated with himself whether he should visit those fuckers and make them pay for a crime they have yet to commit… had committed… are about to commit… FUCK! This time travelling stuff is confusing! the boy thought to himself.

Oh shit! the boy had just realized something then. Is the boy’s own wife going to be in danger if her presence is known to his enemies? The boy searched for the answers and heaved a huge sigh of relief when the answers came back. It seems that as long as the boy didn't reveal her name or actively seek her out, his wife would remain safe.

The boy wondered if Rolfe Primero was still around when the Razors invaded, would the outcome turned out any differently? The boy ran the calculation through his head and was surprised by the answers. It seems humanity, with the aid of Rolfe Primero, would survive for an additional 5 years before being wiped out by the Razors.

If it took the Razors 7 years instead of the original 2 years to completely wiped out humanity, what would happen if we were to combine our powers? The boy ran the calculation again and at that time he received a huge shock. 1 year.

THE FUCK IS THIS? 1 year? What happened to the original 2?

Question: What are the chances of me recruiting Rolfe Primero to aid my cause?
Answer: 0.001%


Question: What are the chances of Rolfe Primero turning into my enemy?
Answer: 99.999%


The boy was deeply puzzled by this. The calculations didn't make any sense. The boy opted to search for the answers instead of calculating.

Question: Why can’t I recruit Rolfe Primero to aid my cause?
Answer: It’s because he would rather fight you instead.

Question: Why would he rather fight me instead of saving the world?
a) It’s because he is bored and he finds you interesting.
b) It’s because he doesn’t care about the world.

Question: Why doesn’t he care about the world?
Answer: [Unknown]


Question: Who is Rolfe Primero?
Answer: [Unknown]

Question: What is Rolfe Primero?
Answer: Entity(s)



It took a lot of searching and calculating (trying to find his weaknesses, strengths etc.) before the boy managed to find a suitable way to deal with Rolfe Primero. He would have to visit the diligent seventeen year old student first before the entity seeks him out. Then play the part of a polite and grovelling underclassman. Then get him to come fight the boy after his duels with Master Haithur’s followers are finished.

It would involve some preparations, luck and timing. Oh, and the boy would have to endure a considerable amount of pain. Pain that would make the beatings he was supposed to received from Headmaster Joss this morning (bashing his head in until it became a wet mess on his office floor) feel like a mild mosquito bite.

Being friends with the seventeen year old diligent student seems to be out of the question, but there’s a slim chance he could be turned into something that is not an ally but also not an enemy.

The boy could theoretically kill Rolfe Primero with enough preparations, but it would take a huge amount of time (years) and energy (money and manpower) to do so. Time and energy that would have better be spent trying to stop the imminent arrival of the Razors instead of indulging the whims of a bored and apathetic entity.

The boy finally arrives at the courtyard outside the north hall where his duels is supposed to take place. Pigtails Girl is already waiting for him there.

“Did you bring me the things that I asked for?”

“Yes, Master. One set of clothing, some bandages and a stick. Everything Master needs for your fight against Master Haithur’s followers.”

“You’re actually mistaken. The set of clothing, bandages and the stick is not for the kiddies fight against those chumps.”


“I’m going to use these things to take down a god.”


“Okay, technically he’s not a god but an ageless entity possessing a huge amount power and knowledge.”


“I just wanted to say something cool when you asked me that.”


Just give me the damn things!


*Guys, I made a typo in Chapter 25.

The announcement should have read as

The restriction that a student is only allowed to issue or accept a challenge

instead of

The restriction that a student is only allowed to issue or accept a change

Sorry for any confusion it caused.


Just to show you a sample of the boy's thought processes and why he isn't an all-knowing / Omnipotence being. He has to ask the right questions first before he can know the things he knows.

Let me know if you like it or dislike it (the boy ask question / calculates: get answers technique) so I can know if I should use it in later writings.

Or in simpler terms

Question: Should I write this technique to show the boys thought process in later chapters?
Answers: [Pending]


"Demon Hero Reaper Saviour" will be back after a two days break because I'm so knackered after writing such a long chapter.

If you have any questions, constructive criticism, suggestions etc: feel free to leave them in the comments. Like if there's something you feel is forced or screams plot-holes. Your comments actually help me write more than you think.

Thank you.

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