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Chapter 32 – Crawling out of the Woodwork

“Holy shit! Did you hear how loud that cracking sound was just now?”

“It’s broken! His right arm is definitely broken!”

“Ahahaha. He’s so screwed! Serves the fucker right!”

“I'm willing to bet 1 silver coin he’ll lose by the fifth guy.”

“Are you an idiot? The fucker won’t even make it pass the first guy.”

“Ooo… brave words. Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?”

“Fine, I’ll take that action.”

“Me too. Sign me up as well.”


Master Haithur has been watching at the farthest edge of the courtyard in order to not to draw any suspicion on him self. The male teacher then signals a young member from Ouroboros who is not participating in the duel, a student of Class 7A, to come to his side.

“You called me, Master?”

“There’s been a change of plans. Pass the word around. Tell the third group, their orders to be on standby are cancelled.”


“They are to join the first and second group and participate in the duel immediately.”

“Shall I join them as well, Master?”

“No need. That little shit’s fate is sealed.”

“What a pity. And I was really looking forward to ending him myself.”

“But just in case, you need to prepare yourself to carry out the contingency plan tomorrow if these fucking idiots failed to do their job properly.”

“I hear and obey your orders, Master.” smiles the young Ouroboros member from Class 7A with a cruel grin and a malicious glint in his eyes.

Master Haithur smiles a little inside as well. Earlier, he had gathered all his followers at a secret meeting place, far from prying eyes. There, he divided them into 3 main group and 1 support group. The first and second group would participate in the duel directly while the third group will be their backup. The support group would go around passing messages and strategies devised by Master Haithur.

Master Haithur’s orders are simple. The first group should do their best to tire out the little shit, draining his stamina and wounding him little by little. Once the little shit has overexerted himself, it is the job for any members in the second group to swoop in for the kill.

Master Haithur would then deal with the fallout of the little shit’s “unfortunate” death, using his influence to make sure the boy’s killer would get off with barely a slap on the wrists. No one (important) would lose sleep over a dead commoner student, particularly one as annoying as this.

If all else fail, the third group would participate simultaneously in a free-for-all melee. The little shit would get stabbed during the confusion, a victim of his own hubris and stupidity. And the beauty of the plan is that no one would be left to hold the knife over the dead boy’s body.

Even the most battle-hardened of warriors could not escape unscathed when outnumbered and attacked from all sides by skilful enemies, much less a young boy who is wet behind the ears.  Which should have been the fate of the little shit this morning, but he managed to avoid it, probably by the skin of his teeth.

Master Haithur chalks up the failure due to sending only one of his followers to deal with the boy. Another factor may be because the attack this morning was heavily dependent on using Synnove Ciro’s followers as a smokescreen to cover the assassination attempt as well as relying on those amateurs for additional muscles.

Those idiots probably got in each other way and the little shit was lucky enough to take advantage during the confusion, muses Master Haithur.

The male teacher resumes watching the events that are currently unfolding in the middle of the courtyard. Headmaster Joss is still trying his best to persuade his deputy to leave the boy alone. Master Wes is alternating looks between the headmaster and the vermin, the deputy is feeling frustrated and confused why his old friend would continuously defend the fool.

The boy is walking unsteadily towards his maid, it looks like a strong wind could come at any moment and topple him over. The boy finally reaches Pigtails Girl, who wordlessly and immediately sets about bandaging and putting his right arm in a sling.

Just as Pigtails Girl is about finish her treatment, she quietly asks the boy.

“Why didn't you dodge it?”

“Dodge what?”

“Master Wes’ kick. You should have seen it coming a mile away.”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Who knows…”


“I can’t see everything, you know. There are some things that continues being hidden from me despite my best efforts to uncover them.”


“But let’s say I did saw the kick coming. Maybe I chose to accept it because the alternative would have been much worse.”

“To the point of breaking yourself?”

*shrugs “If that is the only thing that is required, then I find it acceptable.”


“You wear that sad face for me? Don’t.”


“Sometimes you need to sink the ship to get rid of the rats.”


“Yes, I know it sounds stupid. But at least you’re no longer gloomy.”


“Are you done patching me up? They’re getting a bit impatient and I really don’t like to keep people waiting.”


“Thanks for the treatment.” the boy stands up and slowly heads back to the middle of the courtyard.

“Master…” Pigtails Girl calls out to him.

“Hmm? What is it?” the boy turns to face his “maid”.

“I’ll be here with the bandages, ready to keep you from falling apart.” Pigtails Girl flashes him her most cheerful and brightest smile yet.

“I’ll be in your care.” the boy bows his head in appreciation.


The boy counts the number of students who are waiting to duel him. “From twenty people to thirty-six, quite a nice catch ♪♫.” whistles the boy happily. Looks like the sight of him with an arm in a sling has managed to draw more of them out of the woodwork.

“Let’s get this fucking show on the road.”

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