Demon Hero Reaper Saviour



Chapter 50 – The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

The sun has greatly pass its midway point before the boy manages to pry himself free of Rolfe’s clutches and escapes to the kitchen in order to grab something to eat and maybe drink several glass of water to replenish his fluid. After making sure he has fully rehydrated, the boy makes some sandwiches using the stuff that is available on the kitchen counter.

He divides the sandwiches into two shares and puts them on a couple of plates, one for Rolfe and one for himself. The boy brings the plates out of the kitchen and into the living room. He sets one plate down on Rolfe’s bare stomach and sits down besides her. The boy immediately devours his share of the sandwiches.

Rolfe who is lying on the floor lifts her head to see what the boy had put on her tummy.

“Did you just went into the kitchen and made me a sandwich?” the diligent student asks the boy.

“Yes. Why?” the puzzled boy asks, his mouth full of food.

Five minutes later, the entity manages to stop laughing and calm herself long enough to explain the joke to the boy (which he didn’t get, of course).

Frustrated, Rolfe grabs the boy and has her way with him again, much to the boy’s chagrin, his protests falling on deaf ears.


Night has fallen on the Whiteford Academy. The students and the teaching staffs are making their way to the north hall for dinner. Meanwhile the boy is sitting in Rolfe’s bathroom, throwing hot water several times on his body as well as furiously scrubbing himself from head to toe using a bar of soap he found.

The boy is trying his best to get rid of any scent that might clue in Synnove on what the boy has been doing for the better part of the day (the answer is Rolfe Primero by the way). He didn’t want a repeat of his fight with the pigtails girl like the one in the abandoned classroom this morning to happen again. It is extremely difficult to take down a berserk Synnove without injuring her, and the boy has grown too fond of his maid to use excessive force if she gets out of control.

The sliding door behind the boy suddenly opens, and Rolfe Primero enters while wearing a towel that covers her body (thankfully there is no strap-on this time).

“Not tonight, honey.” says the boy without turning his head.

“Why? Do you have a headache?” asks the diligent student as she takes a stool, sits behind the boy and immediately washes his back.

“No, I have some business to attend to.”

“Ouroboros again?”

“Nope, just sending-off our mutual acquaintance. He’ll be leaving the academy this evening for the last time after all.”

“Will you be setting off fireworks and unfurling a banner?”

“Gods, Rolfe. There is such a thing as being a graceful winner.”

“Sorry. I guess that was a bit too much.”



“I made him a get-well-soon card. Would you like to sign it as well?”

“Oh hell yes.”

Both beings laugh until their sides hurt.

“Anyway. I’m meeting Synnove afterwards.”

“Ooo, are you going to give her a nightcap? Slip her something warm to drink to help her sleep better?”

“Get your mind out of the gutter, Rolfe. We’re just going to have a nice long talk, sort out any misunderstandings we have.”

“Is Synnove under the impression you guys will be doing something else?”

“I might have misled her on a few matters.”


“I had to promise her a few things in order to get her to calm down, things I’m not too comfortable of doing.”

“What did I tell you about lesson number five?”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep?”

“That’s the one.”

“Then what would you have me do?”

“Stop playing with her maiden heart and start fucking her brains out.”

The boy turns around in shock.

“You’re actually telling me to sleep with her?”

“Yes. Quit pussyfooting around and just wreck her pussy. Make sure you do a thorough job and fuck all the craziness out of her.”

“And you’re fine with that?”

“It’s only a problem if I can’t protect myself from Synnove once she finds out that you and I have been sleeping together. And I’m pretty sure there’s nothing she can do to physically harm me.”

"No, I mean… and you’re fine with that?”

“What am I? Some sort of goddess or a clingy jealous girl who wants you all to myself? It’s not like I have a monopoly on you. I can learn to share.”

“I don’t know. This sounds too good to be true.”

“There’s nothing suspicious about me giving you the go ahead to give her head.”



“Just how many lifetimes did you have to wait before you could use that line?”

“Three. It sounds better in my head when I first thought of it.”

“No, it was pretty good actually.”

“Anyway, here’s a new lesson and I want you to take it to heart. Lesson number seven. You can love, but you can never love.”

“What the hell does that even mean?”

“You’ll understand it eventually, given enough time.”


“Anyway, lesson number seven subsection a)…”

“There’s more?”

“Never put your dick in crazy.”

“What the… then why did you tell me to-“

“Lesson number seven subsection b) the above subsection is voided if you have an increased healing factor.”

“Why would increased my healing factor allow me to-“

“Lesson number seven subsection c) In case an increased healing factor is not available, just make sure there are no sharp objects nearby that she can use to stab you with while you guys are in the middle of having sex.”


“I forgot to check under this chick’s pillow one time. Totally missed the ice-pick she hid there.”

“You really are a fountain of knowledge.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Anyway, I think I finally understand lesson number seven.”

“That fast, huh?”

“Thousands of true loves, across an infinite number of universes, am I correct?”

“Congratulations. Give the man a cigar. By the way, that reminds me. What are your chances of a do-over?”


“If things go south, is there any chance of a second restart for you?”

"Between Synnove and me?"

"No, you fucking idiot. I meant about saving the world."

"Oh yeah, that would have made more sense."


“No… yes… maybe… I don’t know. I have to visit to the deepest floor of the Great Library of Reginheraht and find the spell that sent me back into the past. And this time, I have to make sure to study it carefully and thoroughly.”  


“If memory serves me correctly, the little girl told me the priests made some errors and mixed up some runes to open the portal. Which is why I fell through the Time Abyss for as long as I did before finally ending up at the little girl’s doorstep, like a package that had been mistakenly sent thousands of miles off course.”

“Did they say what was supposed to happen when you step through the portal?”

“The higher-ups assumed that I… or rather Athorius, was suppose to find ourselves transported instantly into the past.”

“Lesson number eight. Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. And Athorius was the one they picked to go back into time?”

“Yeah, he was the only reasonable choice. But the sonuvabitch was… held up, and I ended up going in his place.”

“Wow, imagine that…”

“Yeah. Seriously, you should see him when he’s grown up. If an evil god descends on earth and tells us to pick someone to challenge him, all the fingers would have been pointing at Athorius, and the guy would step forward, no hesitation at all, and proceed to beat the shit out of his opponent.”  

“…what could have been…”

“I know, right? Athorius would have wrapped up this whole saving the world business in a fortnight. He doesn’t even need a goddess’ blessi-“

“No, I mean if Athorius was the one who got sent back, I would have never met you…”



The entity suddenly hugs him from behind. The boy doesn’t say anything, he really is at a lost at what to say.

“I’m really glad I met you.” the diligent whispers to the boy’s ear after a long moment of silence.

"I'm really glad as well. Now the tortorous eternity I spent in the Time Abyss doesn't seem too bad at all."


“Your hands… Stop… I’ve just washed myself thoroughly down there…”

“I’m sure we have plenty of time left before you have to see our mutual acquaintance off.”


“Gods…” the entity laughs cruelly as she nibbles on the boy’s right ear from behind. “You do make the cutest sound when you bite your lips like that.”

And the boy finds himself having to wash his body thoroughly for a second time later on that evening.


After putting on some new clothes provided by Rolfe (again, no shoes), the boy is just about to leave the manor when the diligent student calls out to him.

“Here.” the entity who is sitting on a couch in the living room throws something towards the boy.

“What is it?” asks the boy after catching the thing that was sailing in the air at him.

“It’s a birth control pill.”

“I’ve told you. I’m just going to meet her and have a little talk.”

“Well, what you plan and what takes place ain't ever exactly been similar.”


“Just make sure she eats it before your little master and maid’s play.”


“Unless of course you want a little version of you running around the academy in the near future.”


“Have fun.”

The boy could still hear the entity’s laughter as he leaves the manor and enters the forest, on his way to visit their mutual acquaintance currently lying on a hospital bed in the infirmary located on the second floor of the east building.


Sorry for the late release. I wanted to finish this yesterday but I was so tired from work.

Anyway, to make up for it, I've decided to do a Q and A session as an apology


Q: Was totally expecting that situation with Sinnove. xD

Oh, and I forgot to say this last chapter but I'd love a side story of what happens to the well murderer (I already forgot his name, did it start with a J?)

A: Don't worry, there will be a side story that with that guy and the boy later on. And it will almost make you feel sorry for the paralyzed not-so-smug-are-you-now bastard. Almost...


Q: I can't get enough of the conversion between the MC and the entity.
I still have no idea what is the MC's name?

A: Wait, I didn't tell you guys his name yet?

Haha just kidding. I'll give you guys a fake name for him later on. His real name is secret for now.


Q: With his sex drive, I don't think that the boy's body is as young as I thought it was... Did it happen to mention his apparent age or the enrollment age at this school?

A: I mentioned in Chapter 6 that the age of enrollment for first year students in the Whiteford Academy is between 11 and 13.

I haven't decided on the boy's real age yet because I'm pretty sure if I type "How long before a boy is old enough to have sex" on google search, the FBI will be surrounding my house real soon.


Q: The "take over Ouroboros" bit makes me wonder if he doesn't meet the requirements to join (and therefore take it over). Then again, they might be willing to let him take over if it's that or being psychologically tortured/turned into a bloody pulp and dying a slow, painful, death.

Or he could just destroy them, that's fun too.

A: Read chapter 12 and 28. The boy doesn't have to fill all three conditions. And without giving out too much for fear of future spoiler, lets just say the boy didn't have to use his powers to search information on Ouroboros...


Q: thanks for the chapter!
but you need to speed up the story!
it would be awesome if it would get 200-300chapters(with the current speed thats probably the storylenght)
but it probably wont be over 100 ._.
still awesome!

A: I really don't think this story can be wrapped up in 100 chapters (not with my slow ass writing, my busy workplace and my upcoming marriage. Oh yeah I'm getting married in February next year). I'm trying to crank out 5 chapters a week but it's been getting harder and harder lately.

I'm not getting paid for this so I can't devote all my time for writing. I hope you guys can understand. Just come back once every two week and read the chapters that have piled up if you think the story is moving too slow.


Q: Sir Author. Could you add harem to this story, please??

A: No... Yes... Maybe... I don't know... I'll probably keep it down under ten.


Q: I know right, and its only the beginning : D

Hmm this couple would make satan look like a dog xD. Anyways it would be surprising if rolfe became suddenly pregnant *cough*, I wonder and when does he actually graduate from academy?

A: It's the start of a new year and Rolfe is in his sixth year. He should be graduating in another 2 years (after he has finish his seventh year at the academy) Unless of course something happens to him first...



Q: You sir, are a great story teller. Keep up the good work! It’s like a sponge, sucking and absorbing me into reading this LN. Amazing, simply amazing.
I got 1 question though, why Demon Hero Reaper Saviour?  I mean, that’s some crazy ass title you got there. Lol

A: Read na700037's comment in Chapter 45 (it's in page three) Should give you a brief explanation as to why I chose that title.

But as usual there's more to that story than I'm willing to let on. I'll reveal it to you guys in due time, maybe when DHRS has finally finished (based on the rate I'm going should be in about three millenniums... Hope you guys are healthy and have a long life expectancy.


Demon Hero Reaper Saviour will be back after a one day break. Now put down that twinkie and go out and do some excersice, Porkins.

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