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Chapter 9 – A Saber Facing Two Boars


Chapter 9 – A Saber Facing Two Boars

Minutes after hearing the roar, the second boar appeared before the pair.

Different from the first beast the group found, this pair of giant boars was at least 1.80 meters each with a strength around of the late stage of core forming, making the difficulty of fighting them many times grater than the first one.

Of course, different from Lia that was unexperienced in fighting, Aiden had ample combat experience. It, together with the support of Lia threads in case of something goes wrong, made the difficulty of the fight lesser than the one against the first one.

Grasping his saber with both hands, Aiden moved his foots searching for a position to face the two beasts and avoid being surrounded. Lia, seeing the situation, retreated a few meters behind Aiden.

Calming his breath, Aiden looked the pair of giant boars and moved a foot backwards to use it like support.

Moving angrily, the boars tried to intimidate the pair with strong bellows; but seeing the calm expression in Aiden’s face and noticing their bellows fail to do effect one of them inclined his head and charged forward.


Hearing the roar of the boar and seeing the giant figure charge forward many times faster than the one what fought Lia, Aiden draw energy from the core in his body and used it to reinforce his muscled and take a step forward.

Immediately, a sharp sound filled the clearing. A formless pressure impacted the charging board causing a sharp pain in its skin.

Feeling the pressure, the boar instinctively dodged at a side before retreating fearfully.

An instant later, a ray of saber light cut across the place where the boar was seconds before.

Beside it, Aiden could be seen holding the saber downwards in a posture of just having attacked.

Frightened, the first boar roared fearfully. Seeing it, the second boar walked toward it and the two began walking around intent on attacking at the same time.

Eyes calm, Aiden prepared his saber again and took an attacking posture. Instantly, the same stinging pressure could be sensed by the boars. Feeling wary, the boars could not help but pause for an instant, but in that instant, Aiden attacked.

Moving at a speed even faster than the boar, Aiden sprinted forward and swung his saber strongly. Then, with the sound of air being cut, a sharp saber-light appeared before one of the boars. Scared, the beast tried jumping to a side but was unable to avoid the blow completely.

Seeing its companion in trouble, the other boar charged towards Aiden without hesitation, but only was able to impact the air due at Aiden feeling his movements.

Jumping backwards, Aiden took another stance with his saber a looked toward the boars. One of them, the one that was cut, was bleeding from a wound that cut its neck. If it would have doubted for an instant before dodging, then perhaps it would have left the world already.

Bleeding heavily, the injured boar seems like it knew that their opponent was too strong and tried retreat. On the other hand, the uninjured boar was roaring defiantly in anger from its prey escaping.

Drawing a deep breath, Aiden augmented the pressure in the surrounding. The saber in his hands hummed in pleasure like if wishing for its owner to draw more blood and a sharp presence assaulted all the living things a few meters around it.

Even Lia, a few meters behind Aiden, was able to feel the sharp intent filling the air. And the boars, being exposed at most of the pressure, felt an intense urge to retreat from the place.

The sharp pressure in the surroundings was called saber intent. Saber intent was considered a special form of aura exuded for a strong sabersman. It is known that apart from weapon spirit users, it is extremely difficult generate any kind of martial intent, and in reality, not even every high-level cultivator was able to use a martial intent. For Aiden to be able to generate saber intent with his low age and cultivation, and such strong one, could be said was a miracle.

Thanks to his powerful, saber intent Aiden was able to reign undefeated in core forming and fight weak core fusing experts head on despite his lack of spirit. It could be said that Aiden’s saber intent was a cheat compared to other fighters.

Directing his powerful saber intent toward the boars, Aiden took a step forward and swung his saber again, intent in dealing the fatal blow to the injured boar. Sensing the danger, the beast retreated afraid and tried distance itself from its attacker. The other boar, seeing the enemy advancing in another direction, charged forward to penetrate the youth, only to see the enemy disappear before its eyes and feel a sharp pain in the back.

In that moment, the boar did its utmost to avoid the blow directed toward itself only to fail. Aiden, intent in dealing a fatal blow, chased after the boar and attacked again, this time fusing a great amount of energy in his muscles to increase his speed.


A powerful saber-light filled the surrounding. An instant later, Aiden could be seen beyond the boar while the animal was frozen in place.

After a few second, a whimper sounded. Then, a red line appeared slowly in the neck of the beast before a fountain of blood exploded.

Swinging the saber, a pair of drops of blood fell from the saber, leaving it like if nothing happened.

Seeing its companion dead, the other boar roared in fear and tried to escape with the last bit of strength left in its body, but in the instant when it moved, a second ray of saber-light appeared and beheaded it, don’t leaving any opportunity for the beast act again.

Breathing deeply, Aiden closed his eyes and sheathed his weapon again. Then, as if everything would have been a lie, the sharp pressure in the surroundings disappeared, leaving behind only the smell of iron and the body two boars.

It was only necessary for Aiden to attack twice to kill both beast. Lia, seeing it, looked agape, impressed that her young master was able to kill two strong beasts without problem while her, despite her equal level of cultivation, had trouble to end a weaker beast of the same kind.

“Young Master! You are truly impressive! You are definitively a genius!”

Seeing the purely impressed expression in Lia face, Aiden could only smile bitterly.

“Compared to you Lia, my only talent lies in the saber. I think you are more impressive to be able of reaching to the peak of core forming in only three years despite you poor foundation. Though I’m currently stronger than you, in terms of potential you are way above me.”

“Don’t say it young master! Don’t you say that you are going to create your own spirit!? You know I don’t like when you are all self-deprecating!”

Seeing the mad expression in Lia’s face, Aiden smiled wryly and apologized.

“Sorry sorry! I know. It is only that I’m not sure about how to proceed… I wish that creating a spirit were so easy like brandishing the saber. Perhaps so I would have less troubles doing it.”

“Don’t worry young master… I’m sure that nobody in the world is most adequate than you to do it. If you are unable to create a spirit, then, who can do it?... Also, I’m with you, I’m sure that my presence will help you with it.”

Seeing the encouraging expression in Lia face, Aiden could no help but smile before nodding in agreement.

“You are right, I’m sure that someday I will make it…”

Taking a deep breath, Aiden raised his face before speaking again.

“But before it, I think I will kill all the pests nearby.”

At the instant when Aiden said it, another strong roar resounded in the forest.

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