The Zombie Knight Saga by George M. Frost

by NotTheAuthor

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts School Life Slice of Life Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

First of all. I'm not the Author or creator of this series. The Author(George) allowed me to post this here. You can find his original work on his blog here:

The Zombie Knight Saga

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A young man dies and is offered to be revived by a grim reaper in exchange for servitude. Responsibilities typically include the fight against abominable horrors, human or otherwise. However, this young man already has a few problems of his own... such as crippling shyness.

The setting of the story is a modern fantasy world called Eleg, which is culturally and technologically similar to present day Earth in many ways, yet also divergent in many others. It's not an alternate timeline, as Eleg has its own geography and political systems, but there are still some historical parallels.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: ‘O, benevolent darkness...!’ ago
Chapter Two: ‘Hark! Ye quiet horrors...!’ ago
Chapter Three: ‘Thy path be not gentle...’ ago
Chapter Four: ‘Embolden thy steeled heart...’ ago
Chapter Five: ‘Beholden to thy grim task...’ ago
Chapter Six: ‘Of iron promise...’ ago
Chapter Seven: ‘O, truculent fortune...!’ ago
Chapter Eight: ‘Where an Aberration doth grow...’ ago
Chapter Nine: ‘Forbearant soul, gird thyself for war...’ ago
Chapter Ten: ‘And ye shall know fear...’ ago
Chapter Eleven: ‘A true flesh wound...’ ago
Chapter Twelve: ‘O, vigilant heart, take heed...’ ago
Chapter Thirteen: ‘O, blood of noble birth...!’ ago
Chapter Fourteen: ‘Foul souls, gather ye wits...’ ago
Chapter Fifteen: ‘Behold! Thy deathly steed...!’ ago
Chapter Sixteen: ‘Trust thy suspicious heart...’ ago
Chapter Seventeen: ‘Hold thee dear...’ ago
Chapter Eighteen: ‘O, crashing pyre...!’ ago
Chapter Nineteen: ‘Come forth, ye jubilant devils...’ ago
Chapter Twenty: ‘Thine unyielding aegis...’ ago
Chapter Twenty-One: ‘Alliance of calamity, capitulate not...’ ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: ‘Quiet guardian, take respite...’ ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: ‘Thy beloved kinship...’ ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: ‘Be not troubled...’ ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: ‘A maelstrom doth brew...’ ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: ‘Thy desperado’s heart...!’ ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: ‘O, implacable father...!’ ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: ‘Beware thy shadow...’ ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: ‘Forth unto ruin...’ ago
Chapter Thirty: ‘No quarter...’ ago
Chapter Thirty-One: ‘The dance of shade and darkness...’ ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: ‘Steadfast heart, expect not refuge...’ ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: ‘O, solemn child...’ ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: ‘Blighted warriors, quell thy fury...’ ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: ‘Tremulous friends, be wary...’ ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: ‘O, restless ones...’ ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: ‘Avail thyself...’ ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: ‘O, burgeoning snare...’ ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: ‘O, turbulent cloud...’ ago
Chapter Forty: ‘A treacherous clash...’ ago
Chapter Forty-One: ‘When the Thunder doth roll...’ ago
Chapter Forty-Two: ‘Thy forgotten history...’ ago
Chapter Forty-Three: ‘O, creator and destroyer...!’ ago
Chapter Forty-Four: ‘Hark! Thy distant troubles...!’ ago
Chapter Forty-Five: ‘O, noble men of the Crown...!’ ago
Chapter Forty-Six: ‘Devoted protector, choose well...’ ago
Chapter Forty-Seven: ‘O, loitering chaos...’ ago
Chapter Forty-Eight: ‘Thy diverging ways...’ ago
Chapter Forty-Nine: ‘Thy converging ways...’ ago
Chapter Fifty: ‘O, strange guardian...!’ ago
Chapter Fifty-One: ‘Of shifting tides...’ ago
Chapter Fifty-Two: ‘O, colliding fires...!’ ago
Chapter Fifty-Three: ‘Under mayhem’s gaze...’ ago
Chapter Fifty-Four: ‘Fierce blade, be well...’ ago
Chapter Fifty-Five: ‘Thine inherited wills...’ ago
Chapter Fifty-Six: ‘Gather unto thee...’ ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven: ‘Thy royal passing...’ ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight: ‘O, warriors of the fore...!’ ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine: ‘Thy promised return...’ ago
Chapter Sixty: ‘O, looming tempest...’ ago
Chapter Sixty-One: ‘To yield no ground...’ ago
Chapter Sixty-Two: ‘The Battle at Rathmore...’ ago
Chapter Sixty-Three: ‘Of advancing borders...’ ago
Chapter Sixty-Four: ‘The crack of Thunder, the pulse of Fire...’ ago
Chapter Sixty-Five: ‘Come, ye devils, and perish...!’ ago
Chapter Sixty-Six: ‘Once the Light has arrived...’ ago
Chapter Sixty-Seven: ‘Blessings be upon thee...’ ago
Chapter Sixty-Eight: ‘Of measured worth...’ ago
Chapter Sixty-Nine: ‘Thy bonds in blood...’ ago
Chapter Seventy: ‘O, abiding blade...’ ago
Chapter Seventy-One: ‘Thy unassailable walls...’ ago
Chapter Seventy-Two: ‘Gentle rain, learn well...’ ago
Chapter Seventy-Three: ‘O, guarded promise...’ ago
Chapter Seventy-Four: ‘O, forsaken sanctuary...!’ ago
Chapter Seventy-Five: ‘Son of Water, observe carefully...’ ago
Chapter Seventy-Six: ‘Thy buried history...’ ago
Chapter Seventy-Seven: ‘Lord of the Rain, go calmly...’ ago
Chapter Seventy-Eight: ‘The undefeated woman...’ ago
Chapter Seventy-Nine: ‘He who burns fiercest...’ ago
Chapter Eighty: ‘O, monstrous child...’ ago
Chapter Eighty-One: ‘What it means to serve...’ ago
Chapter Eighty-Two: ‘Precious might, accrue now...’ ago
Chapter Eighty-Three: ‘Relations from afar...’ ago
Chapter Eighty-Four: ‘With thy shroud, endure...’ ago
Chapter Eighty-Five: ‘Thy ancestral blood...’ ago
Chapter Eighty-Six: ‘Turn toward the needful...’ ago
Chapter Eighty-Seven: ‘Thy bitter heart, bear down...’ ago
Chapter Eighty-Eight”: ‘The land that breeds austerity...’ ago
Chapter Eighty-Nine: ‘Answers ye seek...’ ago
Chapter Ninety: ‘The bridge between the Two...’ ago
Chapter Ninety-One: ‘When the Lake is quiet...’ ago
Chapter Ninety-Two: ‘The weight of the rain...’ ago
Chapter Ninety-Three: ‘The code of the shield...’ ago
Chapter Ninety-Four: ‘Kindred souls, be swift...’ ago
Chapter Ninety-Five: ‘Where the streams darken...’ ago
Chapter Ninety-Six: ‘Thy strong hearts, be welcomed...’ ago
Chapter Ninety-Seven: ‘The Siege of Marshrock...’ ago
Chapter Ninety-Eight: ‘Tread not upon the Pride...’ ago
Chapter Ninety-Nine: ‘The Siege of Rheinhal...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred: ‘How the Wind doth rise...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred One: ‘The clash of Tide and Sea...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Two: ‘The demon in the mud...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Three: ‘Ye who must hold firm...!’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Four: ‘Chaos, be ended...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Five: ‘The Gargoyle of Korgum...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Six: ‘When the waters run red...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seven: ‘Thy strangling breath...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eight: ‘Thy ancient likeness...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Nine: ‘O, stalwart deluge...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Ten: ‘O, curious devil...!’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eleven: ‘Thy respite, embrace...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Twelve: ‘The house of four flames...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Thirteen: ‘O, worldly warrior...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fourteen: ‘Thy discerning nature...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fifteen: ‘A devil’s paradox...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Sixteen: ‘Vision in the dark...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventeen: ‘Riddle in the sand...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eighteen: ‘O, radiant Star...!’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Nineteen: ‘Shadows in space...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Twenty: ‘O, coveted children...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-One: ‘Thy boiling will...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Two: ‘Diversion of Fire...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Three: ‘O, rending union...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Four: ‘Bind ye, in confidence...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Five: ‘Diligent souls, abide...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Six: ‘O, burning Sea...!’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Seven: ‘O, dire Scourge...!’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Eight: ‘Hold true...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Nine: ‘O, guardian of the Sun...!’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Thirty: ‘Thy persistent shadow...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-One: ‘The Monster of the East...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Two: ‘Resound! Thy swelling regard...!’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Three: ‘Thy deepening concern...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Four: ‘O, unknown messenger...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Five: ‘Thy temperate descent...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Six: ‘Thy renewed vigor...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Seven: ‘Buried in the Dark...’ ago
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Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Eight: ‘The land of leviathans...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Nine: ‘Solicitous souls, take heart...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Forty: ‘O, virtuous Wicked...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Forty-One: ‘O, perilous mediator...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Forty-Two: ‘Thine avaricious fever...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Forty-Three: ‘O, meddling fellowship...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Forty-Four: ‘Thy toxic prize...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Forty-Five: ‘The intervening calm...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Forty-Six: ‘Into the writhing den...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Forty-Seven: ‘O, colossal tyrant...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Forty-Eight: ‘The Battle with a Behemoth of Old...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Forty-Nine: ‘O, gathering Deep...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fifty: ‘O, hidden Liege...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fifty-One: ‘What remains of a Falling...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Two: ‘To thine scorching heart...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Three: ‘Countenance in greed and fury...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Four: ‘Hark! And unravel...!’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Five: ‘O, attentive Hunter...!’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Six: ‘O, banneret of the Underworld...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Seven: ‘A glimpse of Madness...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Eight: ‘A search in spirit...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Nine: ‘Pursue thine bounty...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Sixty: ‘He Who Sits...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-One: ‘A trial of gods...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Two: ‘Embrace thy turmoil and observe...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Three: ‘O, deadliest Knife...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Four: ‘Assess and have forethought...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Five: ‘O, disgruntled lord...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Six: ‘The Unworthy...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Seven: ‘Bolster thine insight...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Eight: ‘Look erstwhile and take heed...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Nine: ‘Think not, worry not...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventy: ‘Hold, and achieve beyond thyself...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventy-One: ‘The Lord of Darksteel...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Two: ‘Thine ambition, grasp firmly...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Three: ‘Ascension in body and spirit...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Four: ‘An untimely arrival...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Five: ‘When the world began to shift...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Six: ‘Descend, and have care...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Seven: ‘Attend to thee...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Eight: ‘To a place of prospect...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Nine: ‘The Leech’s gambit ...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eighty: ‘Old cruelty...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eighty-One: ‘Those who await...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eight-Two: ‘O, resolute Iron...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Three: ‘Thine addled hearts...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eight-Four: ‘Submit unto thee or begone...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Five: ‘O, quondam desire...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Six: ‘Take repose and steady thyself...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eight-Seven: ‘Temper thine ambition...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Eight: ‘O, convalescing companions...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Nine: ‘O, ravenous flower...’ ago
Chapter One Hundred Ninety: ‘O, respectable reunion...’ ago

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Ok, to make things simple, THIS SHIT IS THE REAL DEAL!!!! A TOP TIER WORK!!!


–The story is deep and intresting, a nice blend of action, reflexion, comedy, mystery. The story will last for a long time. To some people the beginning may be a bit slow, but I think the pace is (near) perfect!!

–The worldbuilding is very complete with history, geography, culture, and of course some supernatural rules. By the way, at the beginning you may think the story takes place in our world, but that is not the case.


–The characters are ALIVE!!! No, seriously, the characters are deep, and I’m not just talking about the mc. All characters, good or bad, involved with him have a clear personnality, it is simply amazing.

–The mc himself is gold (or in this case, iron, but iron of the highest grade). I usually don’t like shy wimpy characters, but this one, I’m fond of him!!! And watching him grow is a real pleasure!! 

–The interactions between reapers and servants is just EXCELLENT!!!


Just read it, accompany Hector and Garovel in their adventures, watch Hector grow, appreciate tthe good (and even the bad) people they encounter on their way. 


This story is an incredible journey!!!

  • Overall Score

i really wish more people knew about this awesome story

to be honest i'm not much of a reviewer, but this story is just soo good that i think it could very well reach top 5 list if more people knew about it, the action in this series is just epic and  mind numbingly exciting. and the powers, the autor comes up with is just creative and fun. i dont know if this will reach the top weekly  review but if it does, please anyone who reads this give this book a try its worth it i promise you 

  • Overall Score

Great story, fantastic grammar, unique characters... This is superb

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Awesomeness is the best word to depict this masterpiece! This is the kind of book that you'll regret picking up 'cause you won't be able to put it down anymore! 

I hope this story will have a good ending...

  • Overall Score
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Hello, I would love more people know this great story.

Well, hopefully more people interested in history, in my opinion the best novel web.This web novel is inside my favorite with worm.Thanks for bringing it to Royal Road history, not what I expected.

  • Overall Score

Shouldn't have any less than 4.5 stars

This work is wonderful. I have read up until chapter 39 and  I only started yesterday night. That tell you


1) I have a lot of time on my hands

2) This is some good stuff


The author of this work is intelligent. He drops little bread crumbs and they seem unimportant at the moment until it comes to bite the mc in the         . 


Glad i finally decided to read this. I originally put it off because I didn't want to read anything set in presentdayish settings unless it was VR. I was terribly wrong. I was only bored enough to read it yesterday and I have never been happier.


I'll certainly visit the author's site as well to give him/her  a review (s)he can see. :D

  • Overall Score
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This is a true story. It has a solid plot, great character development, and  an original idea. This isn't just a story i would read, its a story i would buy.  

Anybody wanting to read something new should definitely come check it

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This story...this fucking story...SMH

This story should be listed in the dictionary as a paragon of Awesome.

The characters are deep and well developed with lively interactions. The interactions can give Blackthorne, which is a great story in case you haven’t read it yet, a run for its money

The grammar is practically impeccable.

The story is wonderfully original and created epic-ally. You can really get the feeling that the world is large  with plenty of things to learn and explore.

Frost, the author, writes in a professional manner. This is a story you would expect to be displayed on shelf.

I honestly believe that it is one of the best WNs around.

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
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This story is simply awesome. Everything is perfect. The setting is inredible and 

very creative (no VRMMORPG, no xianxi, no rpg fantasy :D) and the world is very 

lively. The characters are great designed although I believe that not everybody

will like the MC (I do!).

This story is better than many professional stories and I would buy it

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Excellent, truly great and a must read. READ IT.

K ive read it all, and its literally at the level of a first class writer. I saw someone give it a HALF star and almost lost my shit there... please rate the story on the STORY, not that it took 12 hours to get it all out, because hey, you don't know that the format the author has it in makes it hard to copy,( its page by page) and it doesn't make much difference, unless you read it all in the four hours until the next 50 chapter post.