Dan's consciousness slowly resurfaced, Rubbing his murky eyes, Dan urged his upper body and sat up, glancing around, he found himself inside a luxuriously decorated room, with numerous auspicious colored antiques and porcelain items on shelves that looked as shiny as a polished jade.

[Countdown Finished! Dissipating System-induced Coma]

Feeling a strange weight pressing on his thigh. Dan looked down and found a sight which almost stopped his heart, leaning on his right thigh was the Young Mistress whom he told all of those bullshits two days ago. The latter's expression as tranquil as an undisturbed lake and her cheeks looked rosy and plump which would shake in each time she took a breath.

Beaded sweat formed on his forehead, 'Could it be that she wants to pummel me so badly to the point that she stayed by my side even as I slept?!' His complexion ashen and his breathing ragged. But before he could speculate about the Young Mistress's intention, a sudden affable voice echoed at the side, "Don't worry about it, young man, she is the one who insisted on sleeping in this room with you..."

Dan turned around and found a middle-aged man whose rugged visage looked scary at first impression, Dan's eyes momentarily landed on Charlotte before frowning, for Dan noticed that the Young Mistress's face didn't resemble him, which was out of his expectations, but even so, the domineering air that surrounded the former indicated his strength, as Dan respectfully said, "And why would she do that, sir?"

"Well," The middle-aged man hesitated for a moment, his expression froze as he fell into deep contemplation, but in the next instant, he continued, "Well, she's making sure that you're not gonna escape..."

When Dan heard this words, his already pale face became paler as he sat there with a twitching smile on his lips, the middle-aged man revealed an amused expression when he noticed Dan's reaction, 'It seems like he misunderstood what I said, well, this can also serve as a punishment for what he did, and his bullshit...'

'Man, what the fuck should I do, I'm sure that when she wakes up soon, she will immediately imprison me or some sort...' Dan inwardly panicked, but his expression quickly changed as he remembered a matter that happened several days ago.

"Senior, just what is her cultivation method? If I didn't calculate the route that she would take beforehand, I would've lost my coin pouch, forever!" Thinking about the coin pouch that he placed inside the System's unlimited inventory, Dan felt that the amount of money contained within it should be enough to last him for years.

The middle-aged man revealed a familiar smile, "Don't sound so distant... Just call me Mathias..." He gave a small chuckle, 'Judging from the way that the Young Mistress acted two days ago, it seems like this little rascal managed to imprint himself deeply in her heart...Although he seems to have not noticed it, yet, it should be a matter of time until the two becomes closer...and by that time, I wouldn't dare to have him call me a Senior...'

He bitterly smiled inwardly for a person that suddenly arrived inside the clan managed to move the Young Mistress's clan whose heart wasn't even moved by the power and riches that those young masters from the other clans possessed.

'Could it be that this kid, somehow fed a bewitching drug to the Young Mistress?' His eyes flickered for a moment and darted to the quietly sleeping girl, 'Nah, that couldn't be, with my perception as a Divine Ascendance Realm cultivator, I should've long noticed it...'

"Okay, then, I shall call senior as Senior Mathias..." Dan gave a refreshing smile and Mathias's attention returned back to him as he said, "The cultivation method that the Young Mistress's cultivates is called the Soaring Phoenix Physique, it specializes on speed, medium capability on attack and it also has the weakest defense. However, don't belittle it, even though the cultivation method's defense is low, at the peak of the cultivation method, you could supposedly move as fast as light and explore even the heavens above..." A proud smile hung on Mathias's face.

"I see, so that's the reason why she could travel at those speeds and even evade the surrounding crowd...Not only her speed is top-notch, her agility is also excellent, it could be said that she's an excellent talent...Enough that she could become a future Divine Empress..." Dan nodded his head as he evaluated, the middle-aged man's eyes shone in satisfaction as he heard the former's evaluation, and because of the good vibe that surrounded them, the two continued talking for a while Dan became happier as time passed by, especially when he heard the incessant sound of system notifications, saying that he obtained more knowledge.

If a third person was around, they would notice that the two seemed to be as close as best friends as they would sometimes laugh and joke around to each other. 

Because of the noise that they generated, the Young Mistress slowly awakened and the first scene that she saw, was her father, talking amiably with Dan, who also replied in kind.

"Oh, you're already awake!" She tried pretending asleep but her cover was blown by Mathias who boisterously laughed. The Young Mistress noticing that she still leaned on Dan's thigh even when she was already awake, immediately flinched backward and sat upright as if she was electrocuted.

Dan revealed an awkward smile as he noticed the signs of infatuation just from staring at her expression. The former on the other hand became even more embarrassed after realizing that Dan's gaze thoroughly focused on her furiously blushing face.

"Don't act so embarrassed, Charlotte, I heard all about what he said to you from your grandfather, you know?" Hearing these words, Dan almost choked and Charlotte's expression became even more reddened to the extent that she looked like a ripe tomato.

"Even so, kid, I don't think that what you said was believable, however, I cannot also say that it is impossible, all sorts of mystery and miracles could be found everywhere. Regardless, what I cared about is you actually managed in moving the heart of my little girl..."

"What are you saying, Dad!" Charlotte softly retorted at the side. She almost wanted to storm out of the room, but after noticing Dan's gaze that focused on her, Charlotte couldn't find any strength in her limbs.

"Aiyaaa..." The middle-aged man sighed, "It seems like the saying that a daughter that is in love would thoroughly side towards her lover..." 

Dan's expression quickly became strange while Charlotte's visage started to visibly tremble and her head, slightly inclined to the side, as she didn't want to meet the former's gaze.

The middle-aged man stared at his daughter and found that she was on the brink of exploding before exuberantly laughing, "Well, jokes aside, I can see that your cultivation is at the Middle-Stages of the Spirit Tempering Realm..." The former's expression changed before continuing, "I wonder, just how old are you?"

Dan slightly smiled and honestly replied, "I'm currently sixteen years old."

"Sixteen?" The middle-aged man and Charlotte uttered at the same time, "Are you really sixteen years old or you're bullshitting us again?" The former's eyebrows frowned while the latter revealed an indescribable expression, if what he said was true, then it could be said that he was an unprecedented genius, for even she, who enjoyed the great resources of her clan, could only attain the Peak Stage of the Organ Tempering Realm in her current age of sixteen.

"I swear with my cultivation as the stake that my age, is really sixteen years old, if I say any deceit, may the heavenly tribulation descend down and strike me." Dan spat this malevolent oath, immediately dispersing the doubts that the two had in their minds.

"Hiss..." The middle-aged man took a deep breath and said, "If that is true then you must also belong to a powerful clan, right? Because only with an enormous amount of resource could such a young man like you, possibly achieve that realm in that age..."

Dan revealed a wry smile and decided to tell them about his background and about how he decided to wander the world on his own, gaining insights and surviving life and death battles.

In the end, since the middle-aged man still cannot confirm his claims. He had no other choice but to trust him for now, and with an ambiguous smile on his face, left the two behind as his figure, vanished in thin air. 

But his disappearance didn't give any relief to Dan, for under the System's scrutiny, he found that the middle-aged man just hid in a make-shift space inside the room. Meaning, the two could not see him, but the latter could see everything.

'What a cunning man...' Dan inwardly thought, reminding himself not to do anything stupid under this circumstances. His gaze then landed on Charlotte who looked even more flustered before bowing his head deeply and said

"I'm sorry about my preposterous claim several days ago..." Dan scratched his head awkwardly. 

Charlotte mustered up her courage, took a deep breath and calmed herself down, her expression quickly became dignified and graceful, yet her cheeks still slightly gave off a pinkish sheen.

"It's okay, I also believe about reincarnation, but I'm sorry that even though a small chance of me being your previous wife exists, I can't just easily say that okay, I'll also be your wife in this life..." She knew that Dan's claim was unrealistic, however, since she was a fan of mysteries and miracles, she believed that there might be a chance, that she really was his wife in his previous life.

Hearing her words, Dan revealed a slight smile, 'Thankfully, she's not only beautiful and strong, she's also smart...' Pondering for a while, Dan decided to answer with, "I know that what I said was unrealistic, but even so, I believe in the memories that I had of my previous life... and the small chance that you're actually my wife, so that I can tell you the words that I wanted to tell you, a long time ago..."

"You have your memories of your past life?" Charlotte's curiosity perked upon hearing his words, her love of mysteries and the strange phenomenon around the world, made her forget that her body, subconsciously leaned closer towards him.

Dan became flustered but quickly regained his calm as he gave a small chuckle filled with complicated emotions, "Yes, but back then, I was just a small farmer inside a small country. However, that small country has too many enemies to the point that even civilians like me had to fight for our lives in the front lines, just to protect our loved ones..." His eyes, moistened as he reached the end of his sentence.

Charlotte's expression also changed as Dan continued, "I was a member of an organization called the Pro-Spanish Philippine Republic, back then, I had a lover, whose face, thoroughly resembled yours...We even swore our undying love towards each other, under the illumination of the moonlight at the top of a castle...However as the war between our two countries erupted, I had no other choice, but to find and defend the country whom I loved, including her..."

"But sadly, our group was ambushed and I fought valiantly against the enemies and in the end, I died with dignity and pride..." Dan took a deep breath and exhaled, his expression somewhat pale as tears threatened to spill from his eyes. 

Charlotte's eyes looked reddened and her shoulders, visibly trembled as she fought the urge to cry. Dan noticed this and sighed before saying, "It's okay, young mistress, although I believe in reincarnation, for I have my present life now, I can't just dwell in the past, and also... I can't just think that you're still my wife..." Dan almost choked as he reached the end of his sentence, unknowingly, he dropped a bombshell which made, even the middle-aged man who hid in the fabric of space, almost believe him.

On the outside, Dan's expression looked prideful, yet melancholic, but inwardly, he was violently cursing himself, 'Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Why would you do that, Dan! What you did is tantamount to saying that you want to pursue her heart!' 

Charlotte who heard his words froze, and after several seconds, she slowly stood up, her expression, indiscernible as she hid it by turning her face away from his sight. Walking towards the sliding room, she disappeared from Dan's sight.

But little did the panicking Dan knew that when Charlotte closed the door, a magnificent smile, which could topple empires and kingdoms, blossomed on her face.

















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