The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons

by Virlyce

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Magic Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead

Blue mages learn skills from beasts. This is the story of one fortunate enough to be taken in by dragons.

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Please note that this is the original, unpublished, web-novel version.

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Good Light-hearted fun with some nice romance and seriousness mixed in.

Whole story is just fantastic and the style and grammar match it.

You can get what you came for, a nice slice of life fantasy with romance, with the occasional serious plotline, and a final fantasy inspiration. And in that category it is perfection. The romance feels real, the characters are enjoyable and we finally after sooooo long get an OP MC who is realistic in using his powers. No trite plot stories to nerf him or somehow restrict his power, he is who he is and it is oh so much fun reading along. 

I'm writing this as I just re-read the story for a second time and it'd  be silly not to share my love for this story after such a thing. 

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Personal Opinion

This story will reach the top-weekly or even top-monthly, it's just a question of time. On another note… Chapters are kinda short, but have an daily release. Maybe you would consider a longer chapter a day?


Its written well, you know how to use paragraphs and you know your vocabulary. The sentences are about the right length, as are the paragraphs. However there is a lack of things that would help to visualize. How does the vampire look? The adventurers? The pooping dragon? everything I know about the MC are his dragonic eyes and that he probably is a 4Y/O midget?


Its relatively unique, to this point (ch15). BTW blue mages aren't limited to FF. Please don't rush the story, also don't crawl through it.




If anything is to bitch about it's the lack of visualization, I know their personalities but I have mostly no friggin idea how they look. Don't you dare to use images! On another note, be careful of how "deep" you make your characters, randomly creating deep characters just to never see them again… Nit a good idea. Also be careful about how and how many you introduce characters.

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Lost interest after a while

I lost interest after a while (about ch. 44).  It was cute and fun for a bit, but it never really felt like a cohesive story.  The world building was shallow, the character development was shallow, the author seemed more concerned with getting a laugh than telling a good story.  Also, just because you have an OP character doesn't mean there can't be challenges.  Everything was just too easy, which made the plot bland.

  • Overall Score

Although I very much enjoy this story, there's one problem that continues to grind at me;

Excluding the children, all the characters seem to speak and carry themselves like a 19 year old.  I find it quite immersion breaking when the nobles and royalty of both countries  speak and act like teenagers, and the dragons all leave me with the impression that their personality belongs in a sh?nen anime.


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Very entertaining to read

I was not expecting much, just having an hour to kill, but this story is not about serious business, betrayal and all that like usually.


It is all about a fairly light hearted story, written in correct English (at least I didn't stop on major grammatical errors while reading).

The chapters are definitely a bit short though, so you expect a lot more content from those 40+ chapters, but I definitely prefer to spend a few hours having fun reading over some of those stories that you need to decipher, especially since it seems to be updated regularly at the moment.

The style is also definitely not at the level of a professional writer, the characters are not very fleshed out, and it really shows that it's the work of a fairly new writer, but it's enjoyable anyway.


Without spoiling, I will just say that the take on the undead army made me actually laugh the first few times.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Awesome read, lighthearted and refreshing, funny at the same time

I seldom write reviews, but as an author whose story revolves around dragons as well, I couldn’t pass up on this fiction.  So I’ll go over things starting from the best to the ‘worst’ (?) aspect of this fiction.




Really well done on the Grammar front, proper punctuations, breaks in sentences and paragraph length. While you could improve on your range of vocabulary, it has little to no effect on the flow of the story, the picture it paints or the expression of the characters.




There has been substantial character development for Vur as well as his interactions with other ‘side’ characters. It seems to progress at a relatively good rate and makes the readers look forward to how his attitude, manners and etiquette changes as the plot progresses.


The supporting characters, mainly the dragons, demons, elves, and humans have been painted in quite the detail starting from the appearances to their personalities and even their relationships with others. It’s a very good mix and keeps the readers engaged. Good job on that, I really appreciate a story that doesn’t focus only on the MC. They provide comedic relief at good intervals, substantial plot development, and at times, the feels.




This brings me to the story. The plot and general atmosphere of the story seem to be lighthearted, with no real grievances or tragedies that will weight down on the reader’s minds subconsciously. However, that in itself is also a point of improvement since there seems to be no definitive goal to the story’s plot as of now (Chapter 27) but i do see increasing tension that strains the relationship between the MC and the demon princess.




I wouldn’t say it is horrible, but it definitely has room for improvements. For example, with the constant change of POV that I see occurring in the earlier chapters, the author could possibly include a title at the start of each POV or location in brackets and different color or bold to help the readers transition better. with his current style, it leaves the readers wondering where the events are taking place until they read through the first paragraph. 


Also with regards to the POV changes, I’m not entirely sure if the author intended to write it the way he did, or he just haphazardly wrote them as they came to his mind, but it would be good if he could standardize it each time he wrote. As long as it doesn’t affect the flow of the story that is. For example, he could standardize it at Vur’s POV > Human Kingdom > Demon Kingdom, and keep that structure for future chapters as well.


All in all, it is a really good read that I insist anyone who is even remotely interested in dragons to read. I hope the author continues writing this as it has plenty of potential and I could see it dominating the top charts in the very near future. 



 [Edit as of chapter 34]


Great improvement in the structure and style of writing. I seldom find myself addicted to fan made fictions, but this is one of the rare few aside from FC. Daily updates almost seem insufficient as i join the F5 army. keep giving me your daily dose before i call the narcs on you. =D


  • Overall Score

Interesting characters, great humor, and leaves you wanting more.

Fun story that will have you laughing or breathing air through your nose. Read this with suspension of disbelief with a light hearted attirude and it will leave you happy and semi-satisfy only because you do not wish for the experience to end.

  • Overall Score

Pure gold...Dragon gold...

Just great, pure fun,solid charaters and an easy going story (in a good way).

Cracked me up a lot! especiallythe undead singing army! 

the mc is still like 5-6 years old, but he feels so real in the aspect of a dragon that is.

give this hilarious fiction a try and you wont regret this!!!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The high ratings are misleading.

Spoilers below.


From the reviews, I expected a lot more than I got. The series has the barebones of what could be a good story, but it just falls entirely short in pretty much all aspects. The story varies from breakneck pace to a plodding crawl where a whole lot of nothing goes on. All of the characters are one or two dimensional, with the only characters with some depth being Grimmy and Lindyss despite being side characters. Even worse, characters come and go and you feel nothing with their deaths or absence because they had so little impact on you to begin with, i.e. the suddenly evil Demon King (with no foreshadowing of his evil) dying. The romance is as unbelievable as it is flimsy, especially after the decades long time skip that left Vur at the mental age of six which no one seems to mind.


I could go on and on, but I was just really disappointed by this series and finally had to drop it at chapter 80. If the author rewrote the whole thing and fleshed out all the good bones of a story and character they had set up then it could be a truly great read, but as it is it's really anemic. There are better things to spend your time on.

  • Overall Score

I never thought would find a story where undead trolling living things other than in The Legend of Sun Knight.

For you who love comedy, this is a must read.


Err...... LONG DEAD UNDEAD? (pun not intended)



Advised to read alone. You don't want others to think you're insane for laughing like a crazy person, right?