The life of a Soldier

by Sayl-san

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Psychological Romance Tragedy Martial Arts Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
Raised by abnormal parents, he goes to join the army. However somethings seem to be out of place. Memories of people are fuzzy, things seem wrong. Making friends is easy in the army, what if they are not what they seem. Abilities that make you strong, can also make you reckless. this story is one of betrayels, twists, and confusion.

The story is dark and some parts are brutal and gory to an extent which people might find off-putting.
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Fantastic Story With Some Gripes That Made Me Stop Reading

First of all I have to say that this is a great story and should be definitely read if the gripes I have about it don't matter to you.

There will be some spoilers in my review so be warned.


Style: Sayl-san has a writing style that draws the reader in and makes you want to continue reading even when there are no chapters left; it's simple and easy to read which is always a plus and makes it easier for the reader to connect and care about who they're reading about.


Story: We've got our protagonist raised in a fantasy world by parents who are more than they seem and train him from a young age in blacksmithing(One of my favorite parts of the story), magic, and fighting. Our protagonist chooses to leave his home at the age of 16 to join the army and to hone his battle skills as well as to see more of the world. Then things spiral from there which will be one of my main gripes listed at the bottom(I only really have two gripes.)


Grammar: Grammar is pretty good with some mistakes here and there, but nor real glaring errors which is kind of rare for a royalroadl fiction.


Character: Our protagonist is fun to read about, he also does things that fall in line with his character and doesn't do illogical things which don't fit in with his character that a lot of other fictions on this site tend to do. He's a good guy, but has no qualms with killing those who deserve it which is always a big plus. He's also a badass when it comes to defending those who need defending and fits in well with his group.


Gripes about the story: So there are really only two gripes I have about this story(Which made me stop reading at chapter 17) and if they're not deal breakers for those who read them then by all means read this fantastic story.

Gripe #1: The story starts off with our protagonist joining the army of his kingdom which is totally like the Roman Legionnaires and he ends up going through basic training with his squad where they train in group combat; this is the main point that hooked me to this story. We don't have many stories where the MC joins a legion of soldiers and we actually get to see "The Life of a Soldier" which is awesome for the first six chapters and then the story spirals out into our *Pretty huge spoilers* protagonist joining a fucking vigilante group. Sorry about the language, but this shit pissed me off, we go from this unique experience of the actual life of a soldier with training and the like to a story where it's basically MC joins vigilante group whose sole purpose is to clean up the city's criminal underbelly and by clean up it's actually murder all of the really fucked up criminals(This part was kind of cool). So really my main gripe was that I didn't sign up for the Punisher, I signed up for a Roman Legionary and his squad's daily life.


Gripe #2: My second gripe really actually ties in with the first and that's that I was expecting legionary based combat with six squad mates  watching each others backs which is what we initially got, but then we end up with the vigilante squad where the MC decides to train in the ways of an assassin. That's it, that's my second gripe, that the MC ends up as a fucking assassin(I'm so fucking tired of all these assassin stories, when am I gonna get another MC that uses a sword and shield like Thadius in Samzen's "No Longer a Game" which you should go read right now if you haven't or an MC that uses a greatsword like Guts from "Berserk".) So my second gripe ends up with me just hating assassin stories and wanting cool legionary squad based combat.


If my two gripes don't matter to you then you should definitely read this story and not be a petty child like me who decides to stop reading stories because they don't go the way I wanted them to.

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 This one looks promising.I always wanted to do this kind of novel too bad I would just destroy the story 

With my ideas.


This has been said but please don't put a forced harem in the novel....... (harem ruining novels since forever)

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Its about a soldier in a fantasy world. Read It. Its Good. I shall give it five stars.

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Nice, fluid and interesting.

A great start to what I hope will be be a great story. Deserves atleast 4,5 stars as of chapter 8. I hope the author doesn't go the generic "destroyed village, killed friends, MC bent on revenge" route. Also there's a few  spelling mistakes. But only a few.

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love the sorry so far it is well written and the characters are well rounded and thought out.

it feels more novel like than almost all stories on rrl I could totally see it as a kindle novel on amazon or a real published book.

the characters are fairly believable and the interactions between them while odd sometimes don't feel forced or to unnatural.

descriptions are good but spelling could do with some work but still deserves a 5 star rrl standards.

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It’s clear that the author thought out what he was doing before he started writing. The twist that just happened in the most recent chapters completely blindsided me, and I’m really curious where the story will go from there.  Hopefully the author can keep what really happened and what didn’t from becoming confusing, because I think the story could easily become unclear if he doesn’t.. One thing I would like to see however, is for the world to be developed a little more. You’ve done decently with that already, but the world view is pretty narrow. I’m also excited to see what you’ll do with the nobility you mentioned in your A/N, as I’ve yet to see a story on RR that focused on them to any notable degree. I definitely suggest everyone gives this story a try.