Forging his own destiny

by Anuel

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Summoned Hero Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Story Author: Anuel


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Chapters Proofread: 1-5; 28-39; 42-117; 120-133; 169-178; 197 - 211, 220-260)


The story like many (more or less). The dude was living, the dude has died, the dude was (semi)reincarnated after extremely cliche conversation with god. In the new world, MC has access to a game-like system. And that's all. Really, nothing more... Or wait, actually the story is being written together with readers (I do know where my story is heading, but the path of this "travel" is made together with you. I will run you down with polls, you are also free to drop any suggestions in the comment section. I am not English-native speaker, so prepare for grammar mistakes (feel free to point em out - it will help me improve) The story contains blood and gore, racism, all of possible forms of ruling a country (from matriarchy to patriarchy, from democracy to empire, reign of science and reign of religion), slavery, sex, bananas and whatever is bad in any society. So, if you are over sensitive... turn around...


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Interesting but needs to be polished

Overall rating 3.5

I like this story quite a lot however the grammar is a glaring issue and takes away from the story quite a lot. Although not the most original story it is intriguing nevertheless. The characters are funny and well done and the main character is quite funny and likable.


Style 3.5/5

Although not written terribly the format is quite messy and disorganized. Sudden and random POV changes take away from the story and are a little off putting at times.  The stat box is formatted weirdly it would be better if the author used the stat boxes similar to stories like Don't Fear the Reaper as that is much more visually appealing and easier to understand,


Story 4/5

Not anything spectacular but engaging nevertheless. 


Grammar 2/5

Easily the biggest issue with this story. Maybe it's just me but the grammar and spelling mistakes are really offputting and disengaging at times. With numerous mistakes and the constant switching of where and were used in the wrong place. If the author copy and pasted the chapter into a google drive doc and used the spelling it would make it that  much better as I tried doing that myself.


Character 4.5/5

Easily one of the best factors about the story. Each character introduced so far has been described and is unique. The main character isn't a complete dope either and is quite likable and makes rational decisions.


Do I reccommend it?

Yes I do. Although the grammar and spelling is horrible, if you can get over that it is quite the interesting story and is enjoyable.


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Well, the first thing to point out is the the title of this story was an extremely poor choice. As a matter of fact, it is exactly the opposite. What, with the gods toying with his life all the time and all, he has no time to decide anything for himself.

 Few spoilers ahead:



 Second, I find the mc a neurotic bordering on psycosic. Really, in a way that's super creapy. Like when he kills this gobling girl that he met for 5 min, and then he spends many chapters mourning her for no reason at all. Or like with Ruby, when he spends a little time with her and then he is willing to give up everything for her, even though it's not like she treated him anything special. Come on! How pathetic is the mc? How broken can he be.

This story could have been a decent one, if the mc were not so pathetic.



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  • Style Score
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There is a tl;dr at the end if you wish to skip this wall of text. =)

I want to start this review by saying that its my second try with it. First time I only got 15-20 chapters in before abandoning this fiction. I simply couldn't stand the butchering to the english language that was going on. Ok, maybe not _that_ bad, but still pretty horrible. Anyways that was a year ago and now I once again stumbled upon this fiction. This time I managed to get through the obstacle that's known as the Language Barrier (after just two weeks). And I'm glad I did!

So the worst part of this fiction is that its written in bad english, that gets better when the author gets a few proofreaders and becomes fine. Not great, but good enough, I can stop guessing which word he actually meant. The grammar score at the beginning 1-2 starts. at chapter 240, 4 stars.
But lets leave this grammar stuff behind us now, time for the good stuff!!

What this fiction has, as a semi-standard reincarnation story is originality with the genre. Small twists that ensures a more satisfying read then most web novels around. Besides the great plot twists it early on establishes a long term goal that the novel will go towards, along with arcs that moves the story on without any real slow points. Okay, a few during character building and such, but that's really fine to be honest.

Let's get down to the best part of this fiction, shall we? At least in my opinion. The characters! Every character feels alive and noone gives me a filler feel (except filler characters, that is). Poor blondie mage, a few appearances but still can't get him to acknowledge her. =)

All characters are filled with emotions, we get frequent POV from other people then the MC, they have different characteristics that influence how they interract and speak. But they aren't limited to just that, there is space to grow as a person as well. The author has a very nice touch when it comes to humor as well. He makes the MC humorus while not making it seem strained. It's the little things from getting a skill for singing after days of death metal growl or the friendly banter of adventures. (favorit part to this date, Daralon vs innocent girl)

Another thing I like is that he's OP, he truly is, but his growth spans over a long time (chapter wise). He doesn't stand on equal footing to others that have trained 10-20 years after a few days or chapters. Maybe 100-200 chapters instead.

I guess this is all for me. Gives this fiction a chance. If you can't get over the grammar, it won't be for you, but if you can see the authors  "voice" through it then you are in for a treat!

John Kash
  • Overall Score

good job, have more confidence in your story

though dont let polls run the story this is your creation its ok to ask for names and such but dont let people decide important things like classes and jobs

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Early in the story, the MC in this tale is a pitiful soul who is reincarnated into a human body and dropped into a dark evil forrest (tends to happen when you tell the gods to give you a challenge).  He develops into an all-arounder class.  While he initially doesn't have as much control over his destiny as he'd like (more bluntly, he gets screwed over), eventually he is able to grasp a bit of control over his circumstances.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Hated by many because he has become something of a monster (not by choice), he is hated and hunted by assassins, the Alchemy Guild, and the neighboring nation of "good" angel worshiping light-magic users; they are hunting him because he is a witch and an abomination.

But, it is all good fun!  Enjoy!!!

  • Overall Score
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First: I like the story as it is atm. Maybe a bit too many polls the author does

So now to why only 2 1/2 stars:

Style: not much i can say as it isn't this far developed, but because of all the language mistakes only 3 stars

Story: Nice story, 4 stars

Grammar: HORRIBLE! Mistakes everywhere. Past tense and present used wrongly, wrong words, sentences that make no sense. 1 1/2 stars is the most i can give you there (I thought about giving even less and if you don't start proof reading your chapters i will)

Character: Nice characters, so far in the story we haven't seen many different kinds of people, so not much introduction and background weaving for the author, that is why 3 1/2 stars


all in all 2 1/2 stars, but if the author doesn't do better with the english language it will decrease. At the moment it is a real pain to read and can make eyes bleed

  • Overall Score

Added to the read later list

2.5 stars because that's really all I can give ; Improve grammar and proof-read and I'll gladly change it.

You are on the read later list and I sugest people to do the same and post the same reviews to get the attention and will to do it from the author.

Too many stories on this site would be pure gold and 1 top weekly with decent writting and simple spell-checking and re-reading.

This is one of those.

And that's just sad.

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I give 5 planets. Why? Because fu** you thats why.

If really, read it all up to date (185chapter). There are some peast and cucumbers with grammar, but that's not the point here. The story itself is pretty good, at the begining i tought it's doomed to fail by runing out of ideas because I tought MC is going to become OP af with his race being divine and having that origin of magic grimoure, but alas I was wrong. 

MC is not stupid, dense or cringy, but he's also not the brightest guy which is kinda good itself. It adds to the irony of the comedy? 

Plot moves somewhere there or about right there so it's also fine, no?

There are several strong factions which I don't really care about and author does not too.

Keeping in mind that author gets banished to the cabin in the most darkest, eeriest woods there are I would say it's still satisfying for me.


If you're looking for a professional review, it's not here. I just enjoy this neutral-chaotic and a lil bit of random story alot.















Seeing that there are so many negative reviews I find it quite funny: "I give negative 9001 stars because 'improve grammer' "

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Overall great story You might need to put who's pov it is sometimes its confusing who's thoughts I'm reading is it hanna ruby or some one new its hard to know u can put some names in them or like witch hunter 1, or 2 or just mysterious guy. Or u could just put? ?? You been improving hard to read and good sometimes there sfill mistakes but or thatts just thanks to the editor :) you may want to reviereread your story from time to time for more inspiration not just from the readers
Lucien of the Old Blood
  • Overall Score
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The story is fantastic, fun, and surprisingly unique (I have never read a RRL or novel by any translator with an mc that is a Mishmash animal druid).


Only one bad part, I haven't read too far yet so I may be mistaken later on, but the author created a fucking whore who the MC spent weeks poisoning himself and running on fumes just to help, and she just straight up abandons the MC at the drop of a fucking hat and then goes with some random fuckboy after a few days. It disgusts me and so far the author hasn't, and in the comments said he won't, murder the shit out of that whore. This story is a 4.5 stars for enjoyment, however this whore puts it down to 2.5 stars. 


Updated Review:

Still find issues that he hasn't properly punished that whore or that guy.... But irregardless she is the only problem and progressively gets mentioned less and less as the story goes on. Still 2.5 Stars when she is around, maybe we a need a real love interest and something to make that bitch realize who she lost before I stop caring about her completely (like Alice from Coiling Dragon). 


Long story short, awesome story, one bullshit character that needs to meet a Mr Boxxy T Morningwood, and a shit lot of interesting stuff going on. I recommend reading it to anyone who likes a powerful (not OP) MC who reminds you of an extremely young Leylin Farlier.