Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy

About a man who turns into a slime and must survive.

Currently on Arc 2.

Random Updates.

No reincarnation. No OPness. No harem. Slight levels of LitRPG.

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The Smiling Man

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1 - Call of Tuatha ago
2 - Call of Tuatha ago
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10 - Domain ago
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13 - Spoilers ago
14 - Adventure Time with Mur ago
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How I Made A Profitable Story (Part One) ago
Current Writing Process (Part 2) ago
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  • Overall Score

A cool slime story in a LitRPG:D

The premise is interesting. The main character has a clear goal and has plans and motivation to achieve the goal.

A major obstacle has been established to hinder the main character which is good.

The story itself is fairly believable - no gigantic gaps in power for no reason. Sometimes cool things happen which are interesting and reveals more about the world itself.

Main character is fairly likeable and side characters are endearing.

Only issue is the grammar: every now and then, there may be a word missing. (estimated 1/200 words)

Pretty gud give it a try if you like this sort of genre. I certainly like it even though I don't often read this type of fiction.


It's great to have you back Outspanfoster. I loved your Negative Man story and I am enjoying this too. I hope you will have sucess in royal road and in real life.

  • Overall Score

Started out well enough but slowly the MC devolves into a child. despite his rough and dark past as an alcoholic and gambler by the 37 chapter it was clear that plot armor would be his saving grace instead of actual skill. The story doesn’t  align properly with common sense giving any background to his life no correlation to the story 

It has its merits but it gets harder to read and cringeworthy for a story about a mature adult in his twilight years being punked by kids in his quest for revenge against a god.... just wow 

  • Overall Score

This is very much not what I expected, and in a good way. MC is not some earth SI reincarnating as a slime. Rather, as a local of the world, he gets his body stolen and ends up as a slime.

The litRPG system is not ubiquotous, but rather limited to those who directly serve a god. MC uses his 40 years of experience as a cleric to very slowly groping in the dark to become a god (but not in an OP manner, nor does he have any cheats)

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score
  1. Interesting concept.  Story is young but has good foundations.  Well executed.  Prose flows well, which is a huge plus and genuinely satisfying to find on this website - only a select few novels have writing that isn't repetitive or awkward and halting.

Very interested to see where it goes.  

Characters: The main character is decent, gaining interesting motivations, but I'd like to understand his background more.  What does being a cleric mean to him? What did that make his role in a party? What is he used to? How will he try to develop his powers?  I'd like a bit more focus on him developing himself and his own style.  He could also use a bit more literal focus - right now he's basically a tactician and an unskilled (slime) laborer.  Is he going to try to be a Scouty hidden rogue? A frontlining tank? A Druid, back to his priestly roots?  That said, the story is young.

Other characters aren't flat, but have yet to be developed much, though I have faith.

Grammar: generally excellent.  Two critiques, and neither are particularly irksome.

1. Doesn't use continuation conventions (dashes, parentheses, semicolons, etc.) pretty much ever. Reads vernacularly but can be a bit stilted.  

2. Sometimes uses a word or two incorrectly.  Off the top of my head, one that bugged me was 'leer'.  Not too far off, but off enough that it annoyed me - like the use of 'monopolize' in Change: New World.  But significantly less common.

Stylistically: I would like to see a bit more clarity in terms of character power growth - while I understand his confusion, leaving him unable to answer his own questions about the extent of what he can do also leaves me unable to answer those questions.  Would prefer to see a few more clear skills than just 'craft' or 'Bite' - like, he has a series of elemental affinities.  Can we get a rough number on that? How do they compare to the fire and water ones?


  • Overall Score

First of all this is a good story, author writing skill is great, story is interesting to read, but near the end of the arc, instants power up that denies logic of this story, and MC that is old man that was betrayed and turned into a monster acts like a kid just ruined it for me. 

Like I said before 48 chapters are great, after that... 3,5/5 for good time I spend reading. 

  • Overall Score

Exponential Power-Creep

If you want to read a story about a slime, stop reading after ~30 chapters.

All sense of scale and relative power is lost around chapter 48. The writing and style are fine but the plot and worldbuilding escape the author pretty quickly. When you ramp up the stakes too quickly all future progress and plot progression feels meaningless.

  • Overall Score

Excellent job at laying the groundwork for the MC

LitRPG that im very pleased with how methodical and slow the MC is growingm no massive cheat shortcuts, just good fashioned hard work and ideas.  Also there is some very adorable mental imagery with some interactions between characters.

  • Overall Score

An interesting take on the re-slime genre.

It's not the typical truck-san story but actually well-thought-out premise. Even though I don't entirely agree with the meaning of a god here, apart from that unimportant hick-up I found the story very captivating!

  • Overall Score

This is the first story that I'm up to the current chapter on this site and it's great. There's LitRPG elements to it, but it's not someone rapidly gaining levels and becoming an OP god among men. If you’re familiar with this author's previous work, this story has a familiar yet more personal voice.

Revenge, check. Gradual power and knowledge increases, check. A good time, check. It’s a fun story to read and even if you’re only slightly into LitRPG like me, you’ll enjoy this.

  • Overall Score

Some good ideas, but a confusing mess

TL:DR If you came for an interesting, and unique story about a shapeshifting slime with magical abilities, and huge potential for strange evolutions which keeps you guessing. A cast of unique and quirky characters with exciting personalities. A story that is well written and filled with humor and witty banter, wrapped in an interesting world with mystery and a coherent plotline...

Then you've come to the wrong place. And the only advice i can give you is; If you haven't already read: Everybody loves large chests, then stop reading this mess and go read that instead. It's all of the above and more.   


I've read till chapter 48, and i have to say: this story is a mess. The plot has been lackluster in the way it has progressed, and the story has been confusing in SO many different ways almost from chapter 1-2.

The only reason i've read as far as i have, is because the author kept saying that Arc 2 would be thought out, and then the same for arc 3. And that has all been false imo.

Confusing facts/points in the story:

Taking such a diverse and interesting monster that is filled with potential; like a slime. And then completely ruining all the preset/established fantasy lore about them like:

Being immune or resistant to physical harm, but still takes dmg from forest critters? Having an elemental core which does nothing in the ways of magic, elemental manipulation or resistances? Not being able to split itself/clone itself or have ANY kind of self-regenerative/self-preservation abilities, like in every fantasy story/game/lore that has slimes in them? Writing about hiveminds but has no idea what it should actually mean? Honestly it's like the author has never read or played anything with slimes in it and just picked a slime because it sounded cool in his head.


At first it's about a slime doing boring mundane things with a completely unrealistic end goal; Killing a god who has had more than 40 years to plan and grow in strength, has lied about everything the mc knows to be true, and now has a deity-like body and spirit.

There is no way that the mc would ever be able to beat something like that, given the authors own 'world building' it would take the mc decades to even be able to scrape the gods feet. And it's not like the god would just stop gaining power and wait for the mc to kill him, right? This would require obnoxious levels of plot armour to even make a little sense. 


There have been very few side characters introduced, and those that we've read about are lifeless and boring, the only interesting part about ANY of them *spoiler ahead* is that some of them use singing as magic which i always liked in fantasy, too bad it's not detailed/planned or explained nearly enough. The Mc is also a lifeless boring personality with no unique or interesting features or quirks.  

All in all, this story is not worth my time (and possibly yours), and is a poor excuse for a fantasy story.