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Bonus: Don't Feed The Dark (Audio Edition)

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Don't Feed The Dark (Audio Edition) - Narrated by Jerimiah Vega

Well, that last chapter finishes the longest single story arc in this series to date, clocking in at over 170,000 words. Next up when the series resumes in April, we'll catch up on Gina's exile period, and what happened when Marcus finally caught up with her... as well as a few other surprises... in the new arc, titled, "The Nomad".

Until then, you might want to check out the new audio book episodes of Don't Feed The Dark, narrated by Jerimiah Vega. He's already completed the first four chapters in the series (the first twelve episodes) with more pending. In fact, by the time many of you reach this point in the series, there will probably be a whole lot more already available. It's been quite a treat listening to this story come to life and hearing these characters' voices outside my head for a change... lol. I believe the audio edition adds a whole new level to this terrifying tale. Above is the direct link to the audio contents page from my main site. I hope you enjoy them.

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***NEW*** There is now an audio edition of DFTD started over at my homepage, narrated by Jerimiah Vega.

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