Until death?

by Andur

Original COMPLETED Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Psychological Romance Martial Arts Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
Author's Comment:
I was asked about reading my work on other sites.
The answer is simple: Currently I am not active in any other networks than royalroadl.com. Only here, I correct mistakes and errors.

If you read it anywhere else and have to pay for it, or have to deal with an annoying amount of advertisement, You Are Being Betrayed.
You would do good if you make other people in that network aware of it. This is a free project of mine for the purpose of having fun. And if people try to make money with it you shouldn't bother visiting their website.

The only one whom I actually allowed to have my work on his website is Armaell who invested the time to compile them into pdf.


Ever been a god? Well I was!
Until I died.... and got judged by the other gods!
Apparently they didn't like the whole “My Faith is the only true one!” idea.
Oh and for the record: The Apocalypse wasn't intentional ok?

Well yeah... seems like for punishment I got sent onto a vacation!
….or so I hope?
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Kicked by a Goddess! ago
2. I see the light! ago
Not a Chapter! But post here if you want to discuss something. ago
3. All my relatives? ago
4. A visit at the temple! ago
5. Matchmaking and Assassins! ago
6. Tied up conversation? ago
7. Headaches and a new educator? ago
8. Training! ago
Not a Chapter - List of Characters ago
9. A formal dance between the two? ago
10. Conclusion and new education! ago
11. Interlude - Another judgement! ago
12. Choosing your lesson? ago
13. A new rumor! ago
14. Interlude – A broken world? ago
15. End of the first schoolday! ago
16. The ominous notebook? ago
17. Prototype and special class? ago
18. Another raccoon geezer! ago
19. Interlude - At the centre of all things! ago
20. A new form of art! ago
21. The end of the second schoolday! ago
22. The End? ago
23. Reunion or restart? ago
24. Interlude - Henchman? ago
25. Training and mistakes? ago
26. I want my own toys! ago
27. Failure and an abandoned child? ago
28. What to do? ago
29. A mad scientist in my lab? ago
30. An angry ex-god? ago
31. A light at the end? ago
32. Interlude - Neither black nor white? ago
33. It is the first ....? ago
34. The past always returns? ago
35. A nice greeting! ago
36. School life continues? ago
37. Interlude – A certain god's hot spring? ago
38. Plan or no plan? ago
39. Coronation!? ago
40. A Dream? ago
41. A bad prophecy? ago
42. A picnic in the woods? ago
43. Graduation party! ago
44. Interlude - A stolen world? ago
45. Until death? ago
46. The day after..... ? ago
47. My daily life? ago
48. New life at the end? ago
49. Striking back! ago
50. Interlude - An ocean of clouds? ago
51. To the north! ago
52. What a god can do. ago
53. Who you really are? ago
54. Where it all starts anew? ago
55. Between father and son? ago
56. Interlude - The Sphere of Sight! ago
57. Sorting out the mess? ago
58. A mount for a goddess? ago
59. Remember, remember....? ago
60. Hide and seek? ago
61. Sending a message? ago
62. Preparations! ago
63. Discussions? ago
64. Rebellion? ago
65. Diplomacy! ago
66. Victory? ago
67. Waking up to reality? ago
68. If there is light? ago
69. Work for the next generation? ago
70. A new sport? ago
71. Gods and their children. ago
72. The daily life. ago
73. More than one Party? ago
74. Party, Ambassadors, Harem, Children and Wine? ago
75. Party, Ambassadors, Children and Wine? ago
76. Party, Ambassadors and Wine? ago
77. Party and Wine? ago
78. Red light district? ago
79. A god calls for help? ago
80. Dungeon Reward: ****? ago
81. Saving a world? ago
82. Revelations and a goddess's vacation? ago
83. A new perspective. ago
84. The Choice? ago
85. I want more children! ago
86. Searching and a damsel in distress! ago
87. Things to find out and stuff to hide? ago
88. How to climb a mountain? ago
89. Support group and aftermath? ago
90. War and leaving the mountain? ago
91. To Oblivion? ago
92. Old memories? ago
93. Ascending! ago
94. Being a daddy! And teatime? ago
95. Asheim! ago
96. Signing your fate! ago
97. The mistakes of youth? ago
98. Discussion? ago
99. This is my fiancée! ago
100. This is my fiancé! ago
101. Bad awakening? ago
102. An envoy? ago
103. Rescue mission! ago
104. Inevitable? ago
105. A call for death? ago
106. Omega? ago
107. Alpha? ago
108. ~Epilogue I~ ago
~Announcement~ ago
109. ~Epilogue II~ ago
Ebook Version of Until Death? ago

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  • Overall Score

Andur you have come a long way, and your story is still the best. Period.

for me it meets all of my favorite criteria

good spelling and grammer



sadistic torture

insane main character

violent female lead




more laughs

overall hilarity 


it it is a must read!

keep up then great work andur!


love yo


  • Overall Score

Hilarious, Sweet, Brutal

Well, I think those three words summarize this series.


Prepare yourself for a (romantic?) comedy between a sadist, techno-freak, freedom-lover, magician MC and pervert, control-freak, order-lover, martial artist heroine.  Oh, and they can be so brutal when they act.


+ it's updated everyday

+ author is really open for any error he made

+ it has well-planned story


- each chapter is short, but they're updated everyday anyway

- grammar need works, not that I'm better than him. He's open for suggestion anyway

- side characters could be confusing, at least for me


Easily become my favorite ff in this site at the moment.















  • Overall Score

Warning!  Eating and/or drinking while reading this story  may be considered a choking hazard.  And having hot coffee shoot out of your nose isn't pleasant either.  You have been warned.

  • Overall Score

One of the best FF on this side and I love the upload speed :)

But seriously. Are they gods or demons? I'm not so sure after the coronation. :D

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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Are They Serious??? (The Haters I mean) This FF is Awesome

Holy Crap......

This is one epic ff .


I love the style of the dialogues with their interactions and whatnot (the colored lines are epic)

And the story is unique to boot (Sure there's tonnes of reincarnation stories out there,but the premise of this one is seriously unique with characters that are  very likeable) and the character's interactions makes me crack a smile and keeps me wanting more.

Although the grammar might need some work (whose doesn't) it still delivers the message across (and until any of you haters "try" to read a machine translated chapter you guys don't know shit about "bad" grammar).


All in all Watcher and Triangle.... go suck a [email protected] (unless you're into that in which case eat poop) this ff is awesome 5/5 stars.


  • Overall Score

I like the character dynamic here. There are some grammar- and spelling mistakes now and then, but thats easy to look past. I especially like the pace at which the chapters are released. Personally, I like shorter chapters in a shorter time-frame better, because a tight release schedule helps to keep the memory of previous events fresh. Thank you for your efforts and please keep writing this story, I am enjoying it quite a bit :)

  • Overall Score

I highly enjoyed the authors innovative way to tell his story and I can feel his determination to keep the story as intriguing as possible by keeping a strict code when writing each chapter. A author running out of source material is a scary thing. I hope this gets better.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great FF from great author

exelent fic! funny, intersting, unusual... (discovered it this morning, currently reading chap 29... ) and finally a FF that offer more than 10/15 chapters! great work honnestly!


only thing missing, links to next and previous chap at the end! (tiny detail I know but well! more confortable that way)

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Hoping it won't End any time soon..

Great story with great characters. I can see this story lasing quite a while (depending on how you plan to move the plot anyway). Either way hoping this doesn’t end any time soon its very good loving the silly Couple, make my day.