Life Magic, An Elemental Fantasy

by LeoDuhVinci

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The Beginnings:

Jessica was always overshadowed by her sister, who was gifted by Air Magic while her own talents failed to develop.  But as time passes, she discovers that she may have been gifted with something else- something with the power to change the world.  Join her as she is recruited by a mysterious mage in a race against the Shadows.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Ember ago
Chapter 2: Candle ago
Chapter 3: Growing Pains ago
Chapter 4: Laddergate ago
Chapter5: Trial by Fire ago
Chapter 6: The Magic Test ago
Chapter 7: Air Magic ago
Chapter 8: The Dance of Death ago
Chapter 9: Opportunities Arise ago
Chapter 10: The Proposal ago
Chapter 11: A Race For Life ago
Chapter 12: Querkus ago
Chapter 13: A Lesson in History ago
Chapter 14: Extortion ago
Chapter 15: Knives and Scars ago
Chapter 16: The Blind Seer ago
Chapter 17: Into The Storm ago
Chapter 18: Pruning the Garden ago
Chapter 19: Bloom ago
Chapter 20: Collide ago
Chapter 21: Blood ago
Chapter 22: Hunted ago
Chapter 23: Interruption ago
Chapter 24: Flight ago
Chapter 25: Cryson ago
Chapter 26: Fork ago
Chapter 27: Written in Blood ago
Chapter 28: The Royal Gift ago
Chapter 29: Welcome Guests ago
Chapter 30: Setting the Trap ago
Chapter 31: Breach ago
Chapter 32: Pebble Upholding the Boulder ago
Chapter 33: Shadowseeker ago
Chapter 34: Cat and Mouse ago
Chapter 35: Lockdown ago
Chapter 36: Through Closed Doors ago
Chapter 37: Rendezvous ago
Chapter 38: Inside the Wall ago
Chapter 39: Whisterwood ago
Chapter 40: Granttan ago
Chapter 41: Underwater ago
Chapter 42: A Taste of Whiskey ago
Chapter 43: Pearls ago
Chapter 44: Sink or Swim ago
Chapter 45: The Veil ago
Chapter 46: Tymik ago
Chapter 47: Moonlight ago
Chapter 48: Current ago
Chapter 49: Harmony ago
Chapter 50: Amellias ago
Chapter 51: Split ago
Chapter 52: Narrowing In ago
Chapter 53: Scurry Away ago
Chapter 54: Yawn ago
Chapter 55: Glow ago
Chapter 56: Whispers in the Forest ago
Chapter 57: The Show Must Go On ago

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Enjoying it so far. Good story, original and well-written. May many people read it!

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So far with only 5 chapters i have enjoyed the story  it seems promising and like something i will continue reading in the future.

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Completely Suprised!

Came after seeing Tomolone's signature, and I'm really glad i gave this story a chance. Now I'm not one to usually write reviews, but i believe this story deserves it, so here we go!


The first thing i would like to point out for this story is the pace of its world building. Unlike most fictions that i have read recently, Life Magic has its information spread out throughout the chapters in a appropriate manner that eases me into its knowledge. In short, there's no chapter long info dumps that make feel like soldier trudging through a swamp with my rifle overheard just trying to make it to the other side.

The characters are excellent, and even though later on the perspective shifts from the MC to other relevant characters, they too also grip my attention and leave me wanting to know more on how they will affect the story. I love Jessica's character development, and felt that i grew with her because my contempt towards her sister, whom is a big B, eased as Jessica matured after the time skip.


The only thing at this time that i feel needs fixing is some of the chapters with font colors that are difficult to read. However, i did bypass the color issue by copying the text into word and changing the color, but i shouldn't have to do that just to be able to read the story easily.

Otherwise, this story is great and is a must read for this site, and I look forward to continuing to follow it! :3




The Albatross
  • Overall Score

I decided to try this fic out by pure chance and I am happy that I did. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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Really love the concept

I adore this story line and the characters in it. This story is interesting and unique and well worth a read. The only thing holding this story back from greatness in the grammar and writing style.There is the ocasional clunky discription, odd grammar choices (use of *in strange* places, perhaps  italics would be better suited for these phrases), andsome jomping back and forwards in time that I personally would consider revising.


All negatives aside, I think this story  (and the author) have brilliant potential and I will be following it egarly. To give you an idea about how much i like it, this is the first - and only - story I have subscribed to so far on this site.

Two thumbs up from Birdie, keep up the good work!

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Great Read, one of the best on RRL

I just picked up this story today, and I am thuroughly enjoying it. (chapter 44)

It has some of the best grammer on this site.  The story flows pretty quickly, and in my opinion is well described (ie. concise descriptive sentences).  The characters are great and are well fleshed out with perfectly lengthed backstories.

I should quantify the four star for the style...  The jumps back in time take a couple sentences to catch on to.  That's not detrimental, but it is a little jarring.  Also Those cliffhangers maan, you know, the ones where there's two or more chapters of somebody elses perspective on the middle of a climax..   It was frustrating at first, but to your credit, the chapters were necessary.  That, and it doesn't happen often, so... cool.

Again, good story, and fun to read.

P.S.  This is a small thing that I always notice:  Of all the (30?) stories on this site that I've been reading Nobody has done the proper quotations between paragraphs of a single speaker.  For example: He said cheekily "I don't know what to write here.  Just pretend I'm being philosophical or something.

"You can tell it's still me talking though, because there was no quotation mark at the end of the last paragraph."

Kudos for that ;)

  • Overall Score
  • Overall Score

This is going to be the first review I have ever written. Hopefully I'm not too harsh or incoherent.

I began reading this story without knowing a single thing about it, I didn't even read the synopsis. I believe the kids are calling it 'going in dry'. I just made that up, I have no idea what kids say.

The story though, it was a pleasant surprise. The first thing I noticed was the amazing imagery. Each action, person, place, or innocuous thing came alive with LeoDuhVinci's words. Although at times it felt a bit drawn out. Some things just don't need a paragraph to describe.

The characters were a different matter. They're personalities were built gradually over time. Each one unique and we'll thought out. The characters were easily my favorite part of the story. 

The only other minor issues I found within the story were a few minor grammar mistakes, but they were almost nonexistant. Compared to other stories on this site the grammar in this story is impeccable.

Overall, this story grabbed my attention from the beginning and never let go. The writing style alone will catch your interest so if your some random passerby reading this review, stop it. Just read the story.




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Taking a realistic view at fantasy

I just finished reading all of the chapters currently released, and I have to say that it is a well-written and fleshed-out story. The characters are realistic in their reactions and have real personality. The story does get a little jittery in it's transitions, however, it is not too difficult to figure out what is going on after reading on a bit. Overall, the story is very enjoyable and I look forward to seeing more of Jessica's journey unfold. Cheers to the author!

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It's intriguing story, one that requires deep and unabrupted reading. I plan on enjoying this beautiful story.