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Right-o. People seemed interested in Dee having a little fling, so I don't mind delivering. The sexy part is marked with ***** both at the beginning and the end. Somehow that part seemed to become really long, even though I tried to keep it short. Probably due to the instructional aspect. Even now it feels like I had to cut it shorter than I wanted. Anyway, those that read my previous story know that the sexy times don't detract from the length of the normal chapter, so this chapter is quite a bit longer than normal. The sexy part has very little to zero plot relevance. I hope you'll enjoy.

Dee was honestly intrigued by Nessera’s proposal. Besides the fact that she had heard the whole thing was quite pleasurable, it could also serve as a way to let of some steam. Most importantly she had very little reason to refuse. She saw several upsides but almost no downsides. She on some level recognized that such situations carried possible dangers and might come with problems, even if she lacked the experience to recognize most of the more subtle dangers.


There was no way she was going to get pregnant with a female partner, even if it even was possible in the first place. A possibility on which she still had no concrete evidence one way or another, as the results of the experiments done by Zabaniya were not entirely clear without actually trying to get pregnant, something she wasn’t willing to do. Dee wasn’t in a relationship with anyone else and to her knowledge neither was Nessera, so none of the so called ‘cheating’ could occur. Nessera’s suggestion also made it clear that this was not a precursor to a relationship, so that would not be a problem either.


“I think I’ll take you up on that offer.” Dee said, smiling in a way that she assumed showed interest. Some of it got lost in translation as she looked more hungry than anything else, but that suited Nessera just as well. A person could be hungry for more than just food and she was ready to get devoured.


Nessera stepped closer and spoke in a practiced seductive tone, her voice managing to simultaneously sound throaty and purring. “Well then. Since we don’t know how much time we have, and we really want to take our time with this, we better take the chance to get to it. Why don’t we start where we started the last time.”




Nessera started shedding her clothing while making a small show of it. The succubus was already rather scantily clad, so it did not take much time or effort. Dee found it especially interesting when Nessera bent down at the waist to slide of the tiny piece of fabric that feebly tried to perform the job of being her panties. The succubus gave her hips a slight suggestive wiggle while she was bent down, before slowly straightening up, taking her time to flex and show of her impressive form. Nessera had noted Dee’s interest and sashayed next to a table before exaggeratedly bending over the table and presenting her luscious derriere for the punishment that was meant to follow.


Dee gave a small grin before moving to the succubus and letting her hand smack on the enticing flesh without the slightest preamble. She followed the strike with a slow caress since she remembered that the succubus had enjoyed it last time. “Oh!” Nessera yelped, before giving a small ‘mmm’ of appreciation.


“This is as good a time as any to start your little lesson.” Nessera started before giving a small gasp as another strike landed. “Depending on your partner, setting the mood is very important. If you’re with a male partner, mood is less important as they tend to want only one thing. That said, setting the right mood and giving a little tease to drive them wild will make them perform much better.”


Another strike landed, drawing a little blood as Dee nicked the succubus on purpose. “If you’re with a female partner like now, mood is very important. Getting your partner all hot and bothered and getting her to really want to do it is half the battle. Making them pant with anticipation will lead to a much greater enjoyment for both of you.”


The spanking session this time was much faster as there was no longer any pretense of punishment and the whole thing was more for getting back the mood they had been in the previous time, just as Nessera instructed. Nessera got to enjoy the slight pain and little caresses while Dee got to display her dominant side. Nessera also continued to give several tips on how to drive men and women crazy and how to tease them. The succubus also rather responsively instructed Dee on the dangers of teasing people and not delivering. There was a line that you should not cross if you did not plan on going further with the game.


“Now then. Would you do me the favor of changing to your angel form for the rest of the festivities? I’m pretty sure it will be easier for both of us that way. Truth be told I don’t even know how to kiss someone with the snout of a fox.” Nessera requested while panting with arousal. “Also, I admit that it has been a dream of mine to sleep with an angel.”


Dee felt a the slightest pang of regret that even the succubus preferred her angel form over her usual one, but she didn’t truly mind and wasn’t against the idea. She also decided to save time by not shifting in the clothes while she took the angel form. Thus she was bared in all her naked glory after she made the switch.


“Mou, such a shame. I wanted to take the clothes off you.” Nessera made a small sound of disappointment. “That’s part of the setting the mood part I mentioned. Some people really enjoy undressing their partner, while the rest like watching while you do it yourself. You enjoyed watching me do it right?”


‘Still, she really is gorgeous in this form. Not that her other form is half bad either.’ Nessera devoured Dee with her eyes. In her angel form Dee was just as ample as Nessera was, and she was a succubus. ‘That body really is made for sinning.’ Nessera had had a thing for Dee’s angel form ever since she first saw it during one of the psionic training exercises.


Nessera was still much shorter than Dee but she still managed. She took Dee’s face in her hands and planted a kiss on each cheek. Then she carefully kissed Dee on the mouth. It was one of those languid kisses with no hurry to go anywhere, the sort that seemed to reach down into your heart and set it on fire, but a slow simmer instead of a raging inferno of lust. This was still meant as a lesson of sorts, and Nessera couldn’t hurry too much, even if her own desires were raging. There was little chance of speaking though, and all the succubus could do was to show what to do and hope Dee could pick up on it.


Dee picked things up in spades. She had been shocked when Nessera’s nimble tongue slipped into her mouth, but she noticed all the fun implications immediately and her own tongue was ready to start the duel and start its own exploration. Dee got another surprise as Nessera replied with small nibbles and eagerly sucking on Dee’s tongue.


Finally Nessera started progressing further as she slipped down Dee’s throat and started kissing her neck. Such an elegant neck it was. She slowly moved downwards, kissing every spot of skin she could reach on the way. She finally reached the soft mounds of flesh on Dee’s chest and started to first tease them, with soft licks and nibbles before truly devouring them. Dee found that her breasts were extremely sensitive to such stimuli and there was this exquisite and pleasurable pain that flared when the succubus got a little rough with them.


Dee also found that her stomach was a very sensitive and a sensual area as Nessera slowly moved downwards by barely touching the skin, and skimming her hands atop the soft but firm surface. Even in the angel form Dee was toned to perfection without losing the feminine charms that came with soft and delicate skin.


“Where are you going?” Dee asked softly and in slight confusion. She knew, or at least suspected, but surely Nessera wasn’t planning on putting her mouth there?


“You know perfectly where I’m going.” Nessera replied with a grin, while letting her fingers softly crawl across Dee’s inner thighs. Her fingers were softly circling their destination without actually touching it. Dee unconsciously shifted her hips, almost seeking Nessera’s fingers.


Dee narrowed her eyes as she realized something. The succubus was using her racial abilities to subtly influence Dee’s mind. The effect was not registering as an attack, similarly to Dee’s own stealthy aura, and thus didn’t meet any of Dee’s defenses. The effect was meant for enhancing her feelings of pleasure and inflaming her lust. The succubus wasn’t even entirely aware of what she was doing. ‘Well two can play that game.’ Dee thought before copying the effects with her psionic talents. She couldn’t replicate it perfectly, but close enough.


Nessera’s eyes widened in realization as she felt her own emotions and feelings shift. “Oh, so that’s how you want to play it? Well then.” She turned around on the bed the two were now laying, and planted her own nether regions on Dee’s face as well. “Time to learn by feeling and doing at the same time. Just copy what I do.”


“Start gently as these areas are very sensitive for a woman. See the little nub just above the entrance where the folds meet? That’s the real center of pleasure and is really sensitive.  Graze don’t rub. Like this.” Nessera showed just what she was talking about with a soft kiss and it was as if lightning had coursed through Dee’s body. This place had rubbed on her clothes plenty of times during training, but apparently it was very different with a certain amount of arousal mixed in. Something had changed.


Nessera gave Dee’s thighs a couple of licks touching the soft, soft skin before slowly moving towards the waiting lips. Dee gave an involuntary shudder of excitement and anticipation. Nessera blew softly on Dee’s lips, which were quickly becoming wet and were already red and swollen. Her tongue then traced a path along those lips at the same time as she felt Dee following her example.


Nessera started to really work on Dee’s pussy as her mouth took a hold of the lips as she licked them, sucked them and softly nibbled on them. Dee was giving small moans of pleasure now, and her hips were moving back and forth ever so slightly as if working her pussy in Nessera’s mouth. The succubus’ tongue slid deeply inside and a soft cry escaped from Dee’s mouth. Nessera replaced her tongue with a finger while her tongue worked around Dee’s clit. She wanted Dee high on the mount of pleasure and she wanted the girl to stay there for a while.


Dee’s on fingers joined the game and started to match the rhythm set by Nessera. Nessera also yelped in surprise when Dee realized that she could still shift her tongue back to the one she had while in her furrier form. The rough and long tongue of a canine had its upsides and it plunged deeper into Nessera’s sex. Both of their movements became more frenzied as their eyes started to glaze over as they lost themselves to the pleasure. Dee was on the edge of what she would soon learn to be a powerful orgasm, too soon as far as Nessera was concerned, so she slowed her assault. That brought the fast boil down a bit to a simmer. A heavy simmer but at least Dee wasn’t boiling over yet.


Dee was confused about what Nessera was doing, but to the succubus’ pleasure she followed the example. Nessera brought both of them back to a boil again and again, only to back off. Dee was gaining back a measure of her sanity and was starting to enjoy the little game, moving slightly on her own path and improvising, seeing how far she could push the succubus while still keeping up the same game her more experienced partner was playing. Each time they went to the edge without tumbling over, their arousal seemed to heighten. Nessera was honestly impressed that Dee had not demanded her to finish the girl off, and had kept up her end of the game. She kind of missed the fact that Dee didn’t really know to demand for something she had never felt. Dee only knew this was fun, and while the pressure was mounting she wasn’t a stranger to pressure and she knew there would eventually be some kind enjoyable of release.


Nessera finally decided they had reached the heights they would on their first try. She sucked Dee’s clit into her mouth, flicking it with the flat of her tongue. She also showed another trick she had been hiding so far as she at the same time inserted a second finger and went for the little rough patch at the wall inside Dee’s pussy, working directly on the girl’s G-spot.


Dee’s scream was magnificent. Her whole body arched off the bed. She was still screaming but it had transformed to resemble the roar of a dragon. Nessera felt Dee’s pussy clench around her fingers as the powerful thighs clamped around Nessera’s ears, pulling the poor succubus’ head harder against Dee’s body. Nessera half wondered if those thighs would suffocate her as she kept up the pressure, forcing Dee’s orgasm to higher and higher levels. Dee’s eyes rolled back, but she barely managed to keep from fainting as she crashed back on the bed. Somewhere deep inside Dee something instinctual took over as she continued to finish Nessera off, bringing the succubus to a very satisfying conclusion, even if it wasn’t as glorious as the one Dee had received.


The two lay on the bed gasping for breath for almost ten minutes. “Ready for round two? We can check if you have the potential for multiple orgasms.” Nessera suggested half in jest. She had however underestimated Dee’s stamina and curiosity. Now that Dee had found something new and this pleasurable, she was going to make damn sure she explored it further.


“Gods yes!” Dee said emphatically and rolled on top of the smaller woman.




Moirai had gone to talk with Razark and the old man about Dee’s future training. They had made plans for hours and Moirai had also offered her own opinions on the best ways to proceed. She had the most experience with her pupil after all and she was in charge of the psionic part of the training.


‘Maybe it’s time I introduced Dee to the more complex concepts of force control. She seems like the kind of person who would excel with her imagination and calculative abilities. Who knows? Maybe she’ll turn out even more skilled with portals than I am.’ Moirai wondered as she opened the outer door to their shared dwelling. She was rather certain she would find her disciple within as there weren’t that many places of interest around and Dee certainly needed some time for rest and relaxation.


She halted her steps immediately as an overpowering smell of sex hit her like a wall. There was no mistaking this smell, and it hung heavy in the air. “What the hells?” The smell of female arousal was so overpowering that there was zero chance of something non-consensual having happened here. Moirai was leery of what she was walking into, but she still needed to check what on earth had happened to her disciple. Perhaps something had gone wrong with Dee’s psionic experiments? The results were hard to estimate when toying with the mind.


Moirai opened the door to Dee’s room and the smell was even stronger, despite her finding that almost impossible to fathom. Nessera was splayed naked on the bed on her stomach. The bed was a goner. It had been torn to shreds and there were copious amounts of blood and other fluids soaking it through. Dee and Nessera had gotten a little rough towards the end. Luckily Dee had her regeneration and was capable of healing her partner. Otherwise at least one of them would have bled out a long time ago.


Moirai checked the succubus with her mind, finding Nessera alive, but completely spent. Any further and the woman would’ve died, from what exactly Moirai wasn’t entirely sure. The happy grin stuck on the succubus’ face made it obvious though that this was the way she wanted to go if it came to that. Dee was still in her angel form whistling a horribly out of tune ditty by the window, also still naked. She at least was cleaning herself with her holy magic.


“I’d ask what happened here, but the smell alone makes it pretty obvious.” Moirai commented. She wasn’t entirely sure how to take what she was seeing.


“Ah master. My apologies for showing you something like this. We just finished as Nessera’s body gave out. Too bad she hasn’t really trained her stamina. I quite liked all the things she was teaching me.” Dee replied with an unusually jolly smile on her face.


“I can imagine that. Before anything else though, you need to clean up and air this place out. The whole house smells like a brothel. And Nessera looks like she has just gone through a gangbang.” Moirai decided to just let the whole thing go. In her thoughts she was still protesting slightly. ‘You fucked a succubus into submission?! How did that happen?’


“A gangbang?” Dee asked tilting her head. The term was unfamiliar. She could make a guess, but it was not the sort of thing one wanted to guess wrong.


“I see you didn’t get to that part in your training. Ask the succuslut when she wakes up. She ought to know. If she wakes up. You really did a number on her. Also fix the bed.” Moirai paused for a moment. “On a second thought, burn the old bed and get a new one. I don’t think that one can be salvaged.” She covered her eyes, feeling like there was a headache creeping up on her. Why did her disciple always cause all kinds of trouble? This is why being a teacher was so bothersome.




Moirai took Dee back to a large storage building, where Razark and the old man were waiting. “It seems the day off is over.” Dee said half in jest, still feeling almost giddy.


“Bah, you’re not getting any days off as long as I’m here.” The old man scoffed by the side. “Should’ve had you running the stairs to keep you from getting bored.”


“I’m pretty sure boredom was plenty far from today.” Moirai muttered to herself.


Razark ignored both of them and took a long hard look at Dee before speaking. “As your supposed master it’s about time I take a more active role in your training. Now that the senile old fool has gotten you up to speed, we can move on to something a bit more advanced. We’re going to have to start you up on a weapon with a bit longer reach than your fists and I have several visitors planned to see to the other gaps in your skills. It’s also about time for you to get outside for a bit as well. I assume you have questions so we might as well get them out of the way before we start.”


Something in Razark’s expression seemed odd to Dee, as if there was more going on that it seemed. Not surprising as she had suspected as much already. “It seems there’s a lot going on besides just my training. I don’t like working blind. Is there something between you and the order? When I said my goodbyes to my friend who’s a captain in the order, it seemed like she was sending me off to war.”


Razark gave a mirthless chuckle. “I’m not surprised that you have noticed something going on. Although your friend’s worry might be because we seem to be on the brink of a war, you are right. There’s something else. The relations between me and the rest of the order are tense. That tends to drag in those friendly with me. It’s not to the point that there would be an internal struggle within the order just yet, but there is a clear rift. There’s also a power balance of sorts. You’re aware that there are ten Blades in the order?”


Dee simply nodded in reply.


“Well I’m widely considered to be the strongest of the Blades. Only the Grandmaster himself might be able to stand up to me in a direct fight if it ever came to that, and that’s not a certainty as we don’t really know the depths of his power. He is a rather new and young grandmaster after all. He did go to the Cauldron of Blood and rise to the first rank there, so his battle skills are considerable. Anyway, two of the Blades would follow me if things came to a head, while five would follow the grandmaster. Two of the Blades have been neutral so far, but if we assumed they were to split evenly or even stay out of things, I’d be on the losing end.” Razark rubbed scratched his neck a bit while considering what to say next.


“This is important in keeping the balance because the order knows that I’m dissatisfied to say the least, but they can put some faith in me because the power balance ensures I would lose if I were to actually start a rebellion of any kind. On the other hand they know that I won’t tolerate any more shit from them. So we are at an impasse of sorts. I perform my duties because I still have a little bit of trust in the order’s mission, while they stay away from me. This has satisfied both parties, at least until now.” Razark gave a small sigh.


“I don’t quite understand. Why do I get the feeling that my presence is a problem?” Dee asked. She could see her presence had importance but she was lacking information to make an accurate guess as to why.


“I don’t suppose you would understand without explaining. Are you aware of the racial characteristics of Alpyrans?” Razark asked a question that seemed to veer off topic in Dee’s mind.


“Vaguely. I had Nessera gather some info, but I can’t say how complete or truthful it was.” Dee readily admitted. If they thought she would not spy on them, then they were sadly mistaken.


“I think that would suffice for now. She informed you that we Alpyrans are very kin-centric, yes? That is a trait that runs deep in all of us. We don’t put much faith in ideals and institutions. Instead our kin means everything to us. We don’t accept others easily as members of our kin, but in certain situations such bonds will develop almost against our will. One such situation is between a master and a disciple. Now, the order has caused the deaths of my kin twice already, either by negligence or purposefully to send a message. There will not be a third time.” He saw the light of understanding dawn in Dee’s eyes.


“So why send me here in the first place?” Dee asked, still not getting all the pieces.


“The order didn’t. Commander Wolfhart did. The order knows you hold quite a bit of potential, but they are still underestimating you. The commander used to be an old friend of mine, so he sent you here partially as penance and partially to break the deadlock. He has quite a bit of faith in you.” Razark smiled wryly.


Dee could see several ways how her presence might upset the balance with enough time. She needed some time on her own though to think things through. “So why are we here?” She asked a bit absently, gesturing at the warehouse.


“Well, we are here to run an experiment. You need a weapon. This place is filled with them.” Razark explained simply.


“You should be aware that I can just create one, right?” Dee pointed out. That’s how her gauntlets came to be as well.


“Yes, that’s where the experiment part comes in. There are a few problems with the weapons you create. What will you do if you’re in a situation where you can’t utilize your holy power? You’ve done well learning unarmed combat, but your potential would still go down a lot. Secondly, just like mages and warriors, psions have their own dedicated equipment specialized to be utilized with psionic power. With your little trick you’d miss out on the benefits of such weapons.” Razark explained.


“I don't have much knowledge about items designed for psions. Aren’t we a bit too rare for something like that anyway? I assumed it was something like how most wards don’t work on us either because it would not be economical.” Dee asked in confusion.


“You’re right that psionic equipment is very rare, even Moirai only has a couple of items. However, you’re forgetting something. There are a couple of races that are entirely psionic, even if their presence is extremely rare in Pantheon. They would naturally create equipment specialized for their own use. Besides, there are some smiths and mages that like to explore things, so they push boundaries in everything, including this. Such items rarely filter to the public, but finding them is not impossible.” Razark replied with a small smile. He liked that he had managed to stump his disciple.


He continued. “The main strengths of the weapons you create are the increased cutting and penetrative power and the corrupting effect they leave in the enemy. Neither of those requires the whole weapon to be made of your power. I’d like to test whether you could clad a normal weapon with the same dark power without losing efficacy. If it works we’ll try a magical weapon next. If that works as well…well then we’ll know. I don’t know if we can find you a suitable weapon designed for a psion, but I do have a friend who might be able to help with the gauntlets at least.”


They entered the warehouse and Dee noted that it was one of those buildings that were much larger on the inside than on the outside. The walls were all lined up with thousands and thousands of different weapons. “So how will this work?” Dee asked impressed.


“I have some ideas about what your future weapon should be. We’ll focus on one that suits you, but eventually you’ll have some experience with all of these. I’m thinking we’ll use the little trick the old man used when teaching you all the different unarmed combat styles. If you really want to master the flow and control style of fighting you need to know what all of the weapons can do.”  Razark said while leading Dee in a certain direction.


They stopped in front of a particular wall. The wall was filled with heavy weapons meant to be used with both hands. “Since we want to bring more emphasis on your strength, the weapon has to have some weight and length to it to give you proper leverage. The ones that best fit that criteria and fit the flow and control style are something like these two.” He pointed at a weird looking spear with a blade that was almost a sword or an axe. The other weapon was a large two handed sword normally called a claymore.


“The sword is heavier and is less suited for the style, but I doubt you would have trouble with it considering your strength and extra hands. The spear is known as guandao. It comes in several varieties, but the gist of it is that it combines the reach of a polearm with a heavy blade more suited against heavier opponents. Most of the guandao retain a certain amount of a spear point, but piercing is not their specialty. Stab for lighter and quicker attacks but cleave for really heavy damage. Personally I think the guandao is more suitable, but it’s also harder to use. Even more so if you want to use one that has a blade on both ends. That type might suit the style even more, but we’ll test which type is more suitable for you in particular. Test the thing we talked about.” Razark advised Dee and handed one of the guandao to her.


Dee tried to form the dark weapon around the spear and it seemed to work. Then both of them disappeared. Dee stared at the empty air in slight confusion. Then she realized she could still feel the weapon’s presence, it simply wasn’t in her hand anymore. The guandao had gone inside the shadows surrounding her. With newfound interest she tried calling the weapon back out of the shadow, and it appeared straight into her hand, now fully clad in the dark power. It seemed her power needed to ‘consume’ the item before it could work with her power.


She suddenly went to the other side of the room where some armor pieces were located. She let her power consume them and then tried to make them appear as if she was wearing them. The darkness clad items appeared on command surrounding her in a suit of black metal armor. Dee wasn’t entirely sure what the dark power would do to armor, but this seemed really handy. The only problem was that the items were now completely black. Dee tried to change their color but to no avail. Could she get rid of the items?


She tried to force the shadows to disgorge one the items and it was successful, but as the dark power left the piece of armor it immediately corroded into a lump of useless rusted metal. It was also still black, so it had not gone back to its original color.


“That looks handy.” Moirai commented from the side.


“indeed. If she can equip and take off armor with a simple thought, then it makes things a lot easier.” Razark said in agreement.


“Not big on the whole black thing though.” Moirai said while puckering her lips a bit in judgement.


“That doesn’t matter with the scout armor. It’s black anyway and designed to render the wearer almost invisible when activated. I suppose I wouldn’t recommend doing it to her whole wardrobe though.” Razark half agreed.


Dee looked at her masters in judgement. When did they turn into fashion critics and why would anyone care?


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We’re going to have to start your up on a weapon with a bit longer reach than your

We’re going to have to start your up on a weapon with a bit longer reach than your

but in certain situations such bonds will develop almost against out will.

but in certain situations such bonds will develop almost against our will.