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NOT A CHAPTER - Book 2 has been released on Amazon!

A note from edwardcastle

Fair warning before anything: I'll soon add the first couple chapters to RoyalRoad, just like I did with book 1. Only the first couple chapters. Amazon's Kindle Unlimited policy doesn't allow me to add more than that.

Just a heads up so you don't feel cheated when the rest of the book doesn't show up.

Hey, everyone!

It's been a long time, huh?

I just wanted to let you know that Unbound Deathlord: Obliteration, the second book in the series, has been released on Amazon.

Just like the first, it's available on Kindle Unlimited too.

I have received some nice feedback from it, so maybe you should check it out too! xP

The blurb:

Jack is out for blood.

After being manipulated by his family most of his life, and believing an even worse lie for the past few years, he has finally learned the truth.

Now that he knows what V-Soft has taken from him, he’s going to take everything from them, even if the country is destroyed in the process. The plan is to strike from all sides, so that those who still live can watch their lives, and their life’s work be reduced to ashes.

But in digging their grave, will Jack wind up buried alongside them?


A note from edwardcastle

In case you're interested, here's the link: http://mybook.to/UD-Obliteration

I hope you like it! xD

Also, no, I haven't forgotten RoyalRoad is where I started writing, my root of sorts.

I'm working on a project to post here that will never leave the website even if I end up publishing it in the future. It should come out in a few months, and not only am I greatly enjoying writing it, I believe it'll be well accepted by most of you who liked Unbound Deathlord! x)

And that's it. Thank you for everything!

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    Marc'dU4death @Marc'dU4death ago

    i concour, i liked the story until the neo-soft conspiricy became the prominate factor. sure maybe the author needed a villian, it just didn't jive with me so meh indeed.

      blackfear2 @blackfear2 ago

      I mean i did not hate it but the irl part of the story should not overshadow the stakes in the ingame world you know? A fantasy world has plenty of antagonists why go back to the same old irl?

      Rhythm @Rhythm ago

      Yeah, Now it just seems like his goal for playing the game is to destory it, not because he WANTS to play the game. Totally disconnects from the reader and makes the story dull in my opinion. Ill still read it to see if it gets better but the way the 2nd book leads off is not my style. The story started out cool, and at first the whole "the company killed his parents to cover up" was neat until he turned into a vigilante with Zero Empathy and ended up wanting to destory the game he enjoyed so much. The Author has distanced his main character fully from the readers at this point and doesn't have the skills as an author to make the story sand up without immersing the reader.


      edwardcastle @edwardcastle ago

      All of these are very helpful feedback (things I hadn't heard before) and I sincerely thank you for it.

      Rhythm @Rhythm ago

      Not to discount your work. I really enjoyed the first book! I'm enjoying the game portions of this one a good bit. Its still worth a read, it just started out as a 8-9/10 LitRPG story, that wasnt done often the way you did it. His personal vendetta has thrown me for a loop, I don't know if its that way from everyone but don't let my critisim discourage you.

      blackfear2 @blackfear2 ago

      im seconding what rhytm just said. This whole irl vengeance plot could work really well, just later on in your series. Let your mc just play the game, thats what the people want. If you pull him in irl at the perfect moment readers will be torn between wanting to see him ingame and being sucked into his irl struggle whether it affects the game or not. But don't do it as suddently as you did. Give the audience time to get accustomed. A fiction that does this well is Bitter. The heroine is 60% ingame 15% in school and 15% with family or the company that made the game. It has been distilled to perfection there and practised for over 300 chapters. What i saw happen in your series was in book1: 90% game 10% irl then in book2: 60% irl 40% game. It just did not balance out. I really liked the first book (to the point of missing 2 buses because i was reading and could not be bothered with raising my arm or checking whether they were coming) and i know you can put out a great story! So do not feel discouraged if some people are upset at you or leave minimalistic yet mean comments ok? Just improve and devoted readers will follow. Me? Ill take to the sidelines and wait for your new project.

      Michizure @Michizure ago

      I’m only halfway through but to me the second book is still 90% in game. I like the irl tie in, to be honest I dislike pure litrpg stories because at the end of the day nothing they do really matters in the real world. As long as you have really intriguing characters it CAN work, but if all you have going for you is tons is stat sheets and skills lists, you might as well go read a game manual.

      Rhythm @Rhythm ago

      Well yeah, real world or non game tie ins are good if done right, but making the mc's only reason to play the game to destory it? Thats a little much.

      Michizure @Michizure ago

      To be honest it is a weak excuse to play the game anyway. I mean he says as long as he plays fairs they wont just roll back the game, but what company would choose throwing away their game and losing ALL their profit vs upsetting some players or violating some of their own policies and potentially losing some of their profits. It doesn't really make sense, they would totally just do a reset or reprogram the AI to do a reset if they were blocked from doing that for some reason. Or you know, just patch in some new in-game BS that fixes whatever he does if it isn't a reset.

      Cimmerian @Cimmerian ago

      Read the book. Enjoyed it. Going to defend the author for a bit.

      Spoiler: Spoiler

      I enjoyed the book and missed the story when you stopped posting here. Looking forwarard to Book 3.

      GOOD LUCK!


      blackfear2 @blackfear2 ago

      The irl plot bummed me out because it felt like it happened 3 books earlier than intended not because it was badly written or out of place. Yanking the Mc from the game while he just dipped his toes in it just feelt wrong.

Michizure @Michizure ago

Chp 26 secrets page 1