Mythran's Master Of All - Continued

by Bokuboy

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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Sexual Content

This is Mythran's property. It's a tribute to his story and I claim nothing except having fun and adding new things. I wanted to continue Ren's story... hopefully as faithfully to the original outline as possible. The first 16 chapters by Mythran are here: Master Of All, Jack Of None  Please Note: This story has just passed 2,000,000 (two million) words. March 31st 2018 (Previous record of 1 million on May 30th, 2017)
17 year old Ren Haddon hasn’t had an easy life. His drug addict parents used him as a lab rat and left him almost crippled for life. After they were caught, he went on to spend his life in the hospital. Under constant care, the white walls of his room was all he knew... until that day. That fateful day his name was drawn out from millions of others to receive a one of a kind class in the new virtual world game called F.L.O.W. (‘Fantasy Life Online World’). These are his adventures.

Please Note: This fan fiction is posted daily, unless otherwise stated.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 17 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 18 - What Happened? ago
Chapter 19 - Ren... The Hero? ago
Chapter 20 - Out Of The Frying Pan ago
Chapter 21 - Into The Fire ago
Chapter 22 - Sally's Surprise ago
Chapter 23 - The Field ago
Chapter 24 - A Forgotten Friend ago
Chapter 25 - The Party ago
Chapter 26 - The Hospital ago
Chapter 27 - The After Party ago
Chapter 28 - Opportunity Knocks ago
Chapter 29 - Into The Wild ago
Chapter 30 - The Wild ago
Chapter 31 - The Homestead ago
Chapter 32 - Is That A Clue? ago
Chapter 33 - A Loophole? ago
Chapter 34 - In A Hurry ago
Chapter 35 - To The Rescue ago
Chapter 36 - Did I Do That? ago
Chapter 37 - Revelation ago
Chapter 38 - There's More ago
Chapter 39 - The Cleanup ago
Chapter 40 - A Normal Day ago
Chapter 41 - This Is My Life ago
Chapter 42 - Basic Labor ago
Chapter 43 - Timber! ago
Chapter 44 - Hard At Work ago
Chapter 45 - Decorations ago
Chapter 46 - The Gift ago
Chapter 47 - The Surprise ago
Chapter 48 - Nice Boots ago
Chapter 49 - A Confession ago
Chapter 50 - Some Advise ago
Chapter 51 - Surprise! ago
Chapter 52 - Healing x2 ago
Chapter 53 - The Trip Back ago
Chapter 54 - Done Travelling ago
Chapter 55 - Saying Goodbye ago
Chapter 56 - Shopping (New Arc) ago
Chapter 57 - The Sage Of Ages ago
Chapter 58 - The Forge ago
Chapter 59 - Just In Time ago
Chapter 60 - Donan's Teachings ago
Chapter 61 - A New Item! ago
Chapter 62 - Let Them Eat Cake ago
Chapter 63 - Another Order? ago
Chapter 64 - Back At The Mines ago
Chapter 65 - Ore Delivery ago
Chapter 66 - Captain of the Guard ago
Chapter 67 - A Quick Encounter ago
Chapter 68 - Another Day, Another Tool ago
Chapter 69 - To The Bow Trees! ago
Chapter 70 - Whaaaaat?!? ago
Chapter 71 - A Night In Jail ago
Chapter 72 - Sweet Freedom ago
Chapter 73 - Consequences ago
Chapter 74 - Miss Woodworker ago
Chapter 75 - It's Almost Done ago
Chapter 76 - Let It Begin ago
Chapter 77 - Making Furniture ago
Chapter 78 - A New Friend ago
Chapter 79 - Can You Cook? ago
Chapter 80 - Bow Bracers ago
Chapter 81 - Cooking Up A Storm ago
Chapter 82 - Gathering Supplies ago
Chapter 83 - A New Mount ago
Chapter 84 - The Journey Starts ago
Chapter 85 - A Taste Of Dwarf Life ago
Chapter 86 - A Misunderstanding ago
Chapter 87 - The Duel ago
Chapter 88 - Teach Me, Nathalia ago
Chapter 89 - House Neram ago
Chapter 90 - The Fine ago
Chapter 91 - The Date ago
Chapter 92 - Oh, Baby! (Explicit Content) ago
Chapter 93 - Unexpected Visitors ago
Chapter 94 - A New Uniform ago
Chapter 95 - The First Day ago
Chapter 96 - The First Order ago
Chapter 97 - The Commander Knows All ago
Chapter 98 - Hello, Ruck! ago
Chapter 99 - House Faldihr ago
Chapter 100 - Discharged ago
Chapter 101 - A Taste of Stone ago
Chapter 102 - Not You, Too! ago
Chapter 103 - In All Honesty ago
Chapter 104 - Camping Out ago
Chapter 105 - What's Everyone Doing? ago
Chapter 106 - A Good Discovery ago
Chapter 107 - Back To House Neram ago
Chapter 108 - Ordering Stuff ago
Chapter 109 - Trading For Ideas ago
Chapter 110 - General Information ago
Chapter 111 - Getting Ready ago
Chapter 112 - Deliveries ago
Chapter 113 - A Job Offer ago
Chapter 114 - End Of The Day ago
Chapter 115 - The Next Morning ago
Chapter 116 - A Bit Too Much ago
Chapter 117 - Repercussions ago
Chapter 117 A - The Condom (Some Explicit Content) ago
Chapter 118 - Back To Work ago
Chapter 119 - A New Title ago
Chapter 120 - A Library? ago
Chapter 121 - Building Shelves ago
Chapter 122 - A Banquet ago
Chapter 123 - You've Been Shelved ago
Chapter 124 - Caught ago
Chapter 125 - There She Is! ago
Chapter 126 - A Little Too Much ago
Chapter 127 - I Can Explain ago
Chapter 128 - One After The Other (Explicit Content) ago
Chapter 129 - Back To The House ago
Chapter 130 - Barracks? ago
Chapter 131 - A Different Job ago
Chapter 132 - The Hole ago
Chapter 133 - That Was Quick ago
Chapter 134 - And The Winner Is... ago
Chapter 135 - A Farmer Visits ago
Chapter 136 - It Still Floats ago
Chapter 137 - Cat Fight! ago
Chapter 138 - Time To Relax ago
Chapter 139 - Task Complete ago
Chapter 140 - The Fire Realm ago
Chapter 141 - The Showdown ago
Chapter 142 - Fire Good! ago
Chapter 143 - Send In The Troops ago
Chapter 144 - The Council ago
Chapter 145 - Picked Up ago
Chapter 146 - Running Errands ago
Chapter 147 - Setting Things Up ago
Chapter 148 - Holy Crap! ago
Chapter 149 - Start Shoveling ago
Chapter 150 - It Comes ago
Chapter 151 - Get To Work! ago
Chapter 152 - Finish The Day ago
Chapter 152A - Both (Explicit Content) ago
Chapter 153 - Print That ago
Chapter 154 - Hello, Doggie! ago
Chapter 155 - It's Mine! ago
Chapter 156 - You Didn't! ago
Chapter 157 - Fire Bad! ago
Chapter 158 - You're Mine ago
Chapter 159 - It's Over ago
Chapter 160 - Until She's Full ago
Chapter 161 - Hello, My Lord ago
Chapter 162 - To The Village ago
Chapter 163 - Patty Cake ago
Chapter 164 - Remember Me? ago
Chapter 165 - For The People ago
Chapter 165A - Ma'am! Yes, Ma'am! (Explicit Content) ago
Chapter 166 - Castle Panic ago
Chapter 167 - Found Them ago
Chapter 168 - An Old Friend ago
Chapter 169 - No. Just no. ago
Chapter 170 - Suzie Like! ago
Chapter 170A - Shower (Slightly Explicit) ago
Chapter 171 - Now They Know ago
Chapter 172 - Is That All? ago
Chapter 173 - Let Me Drive ago
Chapter 174 - It's So Fluffy ago
Chapter 175 - Oops! ago
Chapter 176 - On His Way To The Mines ago
Chapter 177 - Bracelet Of Enforcement ago
Chapter 178 - Did That Just Happen? ago
Chapter 179 - You Did What? ago
Chapter 180 - Oathbreaker ago
Chapter 181 - The Convent ago
Chapter 182 - Work It Out ago
Chapter 183 - Will That Work? ago
Chapter 184 - The Talk ago
Chapter 185 - Lord Eric ago
Chapter 186 - I'd Buy That For A Dollar ago
Chapter 187 - Innocence Lost (Slightly Explicit) ago
Chapter 188 - Come In, It's Open ago
Chapter 189 - Tuned In ago
Chapter 190 - Love And Understanding ago
Chapter 191 - The Secret's Out ago
Chapter 192 - Congratulations! It's A Mine! ago
Chapter 193 - Selling and Buying ago
Chapter 194 - Attacked ago
Chapter 195 - Making Plans ago
Chapter 196 - It's A What? ago
Chapter 197 - Discussions ago
Chapter 198 - Uh Oh! ago
Chapter 199 - I Did It Again ago
Chapter 200 - Nathalia Is Here, Part One ago
Chapter 201 - Nathalia Is Here, Part Two ago
Chapter 202 - Nathalia Is Here, Part Three ago
Chapter 203 - For Me? ago
Chapter 204 - Poor Bonnie ago
Chapter 205 - Poor Ren ago
Chapter 206 - Investigations ago
Chapter 207 - A New Quest ago
Chapter 208 - Prepped And Ready ago
Chapter 209 - Giant Problems ago
Chapter 210 - Let's Go Home ago
Chapter 211 - I Just Want To Talk ago
Chapter 212 - Giant Repercussions ago
Chapter 213 - So That's Why ago
Chapter 214 - The Plan ago
Chapter 215 - The Pit Trap ago
Chapter 216 - Did That Just Happen? ago
Chapter 217 - Real Life? No Problem ago
Chapter 218 - Oh, For Loot's Sake! ago
Chapter 219 - More Giant Problems ago
Chapter 220 - A Big Help ago
Chapter 221 - Out Of Proportions ago
Chapter 222 - Camp Giant ago
Chapter 223 - Help Me! ago
Chapter 224 - Pleasant Memories ago
Chapter 225 - It's Magic ago
Chapter 226 - I See You ago
Chapter 227 - Episode Two ago
Chapter 227A - Almost (Explicit Content) ago
Chapter 228 - Girlfriend ago
Chapter 229 - French Toast ago
Chapter 230 - Pen Play ago
Chapter 231 - A New Book ago
Chapter 232 - Not Now! ago
Chapter 233 - Warnings ago
Chapter 234 - High Elves ago
Chapter 235 - Confrontations ago
Chapter 236 - A Broken Promise ago
Chapter 237 - Home? ago
Chapter 238 - Checking Things ago
Chapter 239 - Fill Her Up ago
Chapter 240 - Into The Dark ago
Chapter 241 - The Gift That Keeps On Giving ago
Chapter 242 - Show-Off ago
Chapter 243 - Time Away ago
Chapter 244 - Stella Says Play ago
Chapter 245 - Studio Time ago
Chapter 246 - Searching ago
Chapter 247 - Dinner Date ago
Chapter 248 - Offers ago
Chapter 249 - Window Dressing ago
Chapter 250 - Stained Glass ago
Chapter 251 - Physical Problems ago
Chapter 252 - An Inquiry ago
Chapter 253 - Early Warning ago
Chapter 254 - Preparation G ago
Chapter 255 - I Want That ago
Chapter 256 - Episode 3 ago
Chapter 257 - A Good Distraction ago
Chapter 258 - A Treat For You ago
Chapter 259 - She Likes It ago
Chapter 259A - The Closet ago
Chapter 260 - Not Again ago
Chapter 261 - Something New ago
Chapter 262 - Crafting Galore ago
Chapter 263 - To Give Is To Get ago
Chapter 264 - Recruitment ago
Chapter 265 - Grinding Away ago
Chapter 266 - Here They Come ago
Chapter 267 - Help Them! ago
Chapter 268 - Last Of The Prizes ago
Chapter 269 - Un-Freaking-Believable ago
Chapter 270 - Under My Command ago
Chapter 271 - This Is Teepo ago
Chapter 272 - Stella's Place ago
Chapter 273 - Mixing Business and Pleasure ago
Chapter 274 - Do It! ago
Chapter 275 - Food For Thought ago
Chapter 276 - Having Fun ago
Chapter 276A - Police Play (Explicit) ago
Chapter 277 - Two Heads Are Better Than One ago
Chapter 278 - Trouble With Ereka ago
Chapter 279 - First Supply Delivery ago
Chapter 280 - I Could Use That ago
Chapter 281 - Assault on Castle Black ago
Chapter 282 - Hard Fought ago
Chapter 283 - Cleaning Up ago
Chapter 284 - Another Surprising Discovery ago
Chapter 285 - They Are Loot ago
Chapter 286 - To The House ago
Chapter 287 - The New House ago
Chapter 288 - Accepting Gifts ago
Chapter 289 - Water Play ago
Chapter 290 - Something For Tommy ago
Chapter 291 - Put A Bow On It ago
Chapter 292 - Getting Ready To Party ago
Chapter 293 - The Award ago
Chapter 294 - Issues ago
Chapter 295 - A Hasty Retreat ago
Chapter 296 - Rampage ago
Chapter 297 - Load Me Up ago
Chapter 298 - Special Delivery ago
Chapter 299 - Almost Done ago
Chapter 300 - Saying Goodbye ago
Chapter 301 - Cast Off ago
Chapter 302 - Job's Done ago
Chapter 303 - Lisa's Visit ago
Chapter 304 - Lisa's Visit Part 2 ago
Chapter 305 - Getting Back To It ago
Chapter 306 - A Slight Interlude ago
Chapter 307 - The Ship: Part One ago
Chapter 308 - The Ship: Part Two ago
Chapter 309 - The Ship: Part Three ago
Chapter 310 - Engine Trouble ago
Chapter 311 - Shoal Island ago
Chapter 312 - Water is Right ago
Chapter 313 - What's Next? ago
Chapter 314 - High Expectations ago
Chapter 315 - Room To Move ago
Chapter 315A - Redhead Fever ago
Chapter 316 - Here We Are ago
Chapter 317 - Moving On Up ago
Chapter 318 - Mi Casa ago
Chapter 319 - Es Su Casa ago
Chapter 320 - Royal Treatment ago
Chapter 321 - Exponential Enchanting ago
Chapter 322 - A Little Bit More ago
Chapter 323 - Almost Home ago
Chapter 324 - On The Shore ago
Chapter 325 - In Aurora Again ago
Chapter 326 - The Tour ago
Chapter 327 - To Clint's Ranch ago
Chapter 328 - Hanging Out With The Guys ago
Chapter 329 - The Pink Pearl ago
Chapter 330 - Take Me Home ago
Chapter 331 - Unleashed ago
Chapter 332 - Purr-fect Timing ago
Chapter 333 - A Brief Break ago
Chapter 334 - Settling Things ago
Chapter 334A - Anabelle's Fulfillment ago
Chapter 335 - I'll Try That ago
Chapter 336 - A Bit Of Bonding ago
Chapter 337 - Caravan Version 2 ago
Chapter 338 - Walin County ago
Chapter 339 - Can We Build It? ago
Chapter 340 - Meet The Parents ago
Chapter 341 - A Promise Is A Promise ago
Chapter 342 - On Our Way ago
Chapter 343 - To The Capital ago
Chapter 344 - The Gathering ago
Chapter 345 - Blowback ago
Chapter 346 - That Was Quick ago
Chapter 347 - She Wants That ago
Chapter 348 - Shopping At The Capital ago
Chapter 349 - A Slight Grievance ago
Chapter 350 - Fight Or Flight ago
Chapter 351 - Comforting Words ago
Chapter 352 - Can You Resist Change? ago
Chapter 353 - For The People ago
Chapter 354 - A New Way ago
Chapter 355 - Blow On This ago
Chapter 356 - Change Can Be Good ago
Chapter 357 - The Mayor ago
Chapter 358 - Don't Bug Me ago
Chapter 359 - Do This For Me ago
Chapter 360 - More Than Words ago
Chapter 361 - It's Building Time ago
Chapter 362 - Rush Hour ago
Chapter 363 - Healing Hands ago
Chapter 364 - Delivered Problem ago
Chapter 365 - No Holds Barred ago
Chapter 366 - Mayor Duties ago
Chapter 367 - Teach Me ago
Chapter 368 - A Good Day ago
Chapter 369 - Teaser ago
Chapter 370 - Gutter Ball ago
Chapter 370A - Bathroom Break (Explicit Content) ago
Chapter 371 - Gloria, Come On Over ago
Chapter 372 - In The Pool ago
Chapter 373 - Just A Friendly Visit ago
Chapter 374 - Food With Friends ago
Chapter 375 - Discussion ago
Chapter 376 - Episode Four ago
Chapter 377 - Getting Ready To Party ago
Chapter 378 - Deep Learning ago
Chapter 379 - Clint's Ranch Again ago
Chapter 380 - Party Quest ago
Chapter 381 - It's Time To Party ago
Chapter 382 - The Hunt ago
Chapter 383 - The Cause ago
Chapter 384 - Have A Drink ago
Chapter 385 - I Agree ago
Chapter 386 - Royal Consort ago
Chapter 386A - The Royal Bed Chamber ago
Chapter 387 - Going Back ago
Chapter 388 - Oil's Well That Ends Well ago
Chapter 389 - A Clean Sweep ago
Chapter 390 - Get Them! ago
Chapter 391 - Deal With It ago
Chapter 392 - A Real Deal ago
Chapter 392-B - Sexy But Not Too Sexy ago
Chapter 393 - Quest Complete? ago
Chapter 394 - New Residents ago
Chapter 395 - Take A Nap ago
Chapter 396 - Don't Make Me Mad ago
Chapter 397 - Monstrous Truth ago
Chapter 398 - Make Work Not Problems ago
Chapter 399 - Good Intentions ago
Chapter 400 - Pleasure Palace ago
Chapter 401 - Dance Off! ago
Chapter 402 - Bouncers ago
Chapter 402A - Jennifer's Joy (EXPLICIT CONTENT) ago
Chapter 403 - Up And Running ago
Chapter 404 - A Good Talk ago
Chapter 405 - In The Hospital ago
Chapter 406 - Home Sweet Home Version 2 ago
Chapter 407 - Acceptance ago
Chapter 408 - What's this? ago
Chapter 409 - Shargon Caverns ago
Chapter 410 - Abyssals, Terrorize! ago
Chapter 411 - Hello? I Need Information ago
Chapter 412 - I Met Another One ago
Chapter 413 - Spirit Of Earth ago
Chapter 414 - New Friends? ago
Chapter 415 - Taste This ago
Chapter 416 - Working Things Out ago
Chapter 417 - Rest And Relax ago
Chapter 418 - Let's Go This Way ago
Chapter 419 - Ren Smash! ago
Chapter 420 - I've Got This ago
Chapter 421 - Cuddle Me ago
Chapter 422 - A Necessary Warning ago
Chapter 423 - Build Me A Bridge ago
Chapter 424 - Now You See Me ago
Chapter 425 - Homemaker ago
Chapter 426 - Sweet Nectar ago
Chapter 427 - Kamikaze? ago
Chapter 428 - Pledge Problem ago
Chapter 429 - Discovery ago
Chapter 430 - You Know Me ago
Chapter 431 - Hugs Are Always Welcome ago
Chapter 432 - You've Got The Touch ago
Chapter 433 - You've Got The Power ago
Chapter 434 - Here I Am ago
Chapter 435 - The One That You Love ago
Chapter 436 - Moments Like These ago
Chapter 436A - I Found You (EXPLICIT CONTENT) ago
Chapter 437 - Offers ago
Chapter 438 - Unbelievable ago
Chapter 439 - Worth A Kiss ago
Chapter 440 - Xuunah, Ren Hunter ago
Chapter 440A - Merry-Go-Round - EXPLICIT ago
Chapter 441 - Is That All? ago
Chapter 442 - What A Deal ago
Chapter 443 - Not Kid Stuff ago
Chapter 444 - Mirror, Mirror ago
Chapter 445 - It Was Dark, Now There's Light ago
Chapter 446 - Like An Angel ago
Chapter 447 - A Solution ago
Chapter 448 - Light Shines Not So Brightly ago
Chapter 449 - Reassurances ago
Chapter 450 - Moving Day: Part One ago
Chapter 450 S - The 'S' Stands For Spoon! ago
Chapter 451 - A Beacon Of Light ago
Chapter 452 - Moving Day Part Two ago
Chapter 453 - Moving Day Part Three ago
Chapter 454 - Like A Rock ago
Chapter 455 - No One To Blame But Ourselves ago
Chapter 456 - Sharing Is Caring ago
Chapter 457 - What's In The Box? ago
Chapter 458 - Armor Me Up! ago
Chapter 459 - Fully Armored ago
Chapter 460 - On Their Way ago
Chapter 461 - Saving The High Elves ago
Chapter 462 - Say Hi To The High Elves ago
Chapter 463 - All In A Day's Work ago
Chapter 464 - Honor Duel ago
Chapter 465 - Spending My Time Wisely ago
Chapter 466 - No One Talks About Fight Club ago
Chapter 467 - Another Guest ago
Chapter 468 - Party Time ago
Chapter 469 - Confrontation ago
Chapter 470 - The Party Continues ago
Chapter 471 - Party Time Continued ago
Chapter 472 - Episode Five ago
Chapter 473 - The Party's Over ago
Chapter 474 - Back In The Game ago
Chapter 475 - Gifts Galore ago
Chapter 476 - Ghoul Grinding ago
Chapter 477 - New Arrangements ago
Chapter 478 - Voyeurs ago
Chapter 479 - Get The Ball Rolling ago
Chapter 480 - Give And Take ago
Chapter 481 - Your Thanks Is Enough ago
Chapter 482 - Make Me Something ago
Chapter 483 - My Name Is... ago
Chapter 484 - Different Views ago
Chapter 485 - Into The Underworld ago
Chapter 486 - Fixing Mistakes ago
Chapter 487 - I Am Helping ago
Chapter 488 - A Dish Best Served Cold ago
Chapter 489 - The Light Shines ago
Chapter 490 - Relaxing In Style ago
Chapter 491 - The Chosen Ones ago
Chapter 492 - You Understand ago
Chapter 493 - Building Plans ago
Chapter 494 - A New Problem ago
Chapter 495 - A Quick Library Visit ago
Chapter 496 - Hold Your Horses ago
Chapter 497 - In The Beginning ago
Chapter 498 - City Building ago
Chapter 499 - He Did It Again ago
Chapter 500 - New Residence ago
Chapter 501 - The Whole Point ago
Chapter 502 - Clean Up This Mess ago
Chapter 503 - Get The Party Going ago
Chapter 504 - Back To The Pool ago
Chapter 505 - Drama Unleashed ago
Chapter 506 - A Bit Of Why ago
Chapter 507 - Club Of Hearts ago
Chapter 508 - Quality Time ago
Chapter 509 - Relaxing Interlude ago
Chapter 510 - Getting Back To It ago
Chapter 511 - Feed Me, See More ago
Chapter 512 - High Elven Heretic ago
Chapter 513 - Pit Stop ago
Chapter 514 - I Didn't Expect That ago
Chapter 515 - One Soul For The Road ago
Chapter 516 - Finally Back For Them ago
Chapter 517 - An Entourage ago
Chapter 518 - Out We Go ago
Chapter 519 - Is That Enough? ago
Chapter 520 - Next, Please ago
Chapter 521 - Back Home To Rest ago
Chapter 522 - You Want What? ago
Chapter 523 - Fear Thy Neighbour ago
Chapter 524 - Into The Breach ago
Chapter 525 - Meet Us There ago
Chapter 526 - Under Siege! ago
Chapter 527 - Is It Over? ago
Chapter 528 - You're Kidding! ago
Chapter 529 - Decked Out ago
Chapter 530 - Fixing The Wall ago
Chapter 531 - Mop Up This Mess ago
Chapter 532 - Lord Grasham ago
Chapter 533 - I'm FINE ago
Chapter 534 - Back in Full Capacity ago
Chapter 535 - Share, Share Alike ago
Chapter 536 - I'm Here For You ago
Chapter 537 - Hard Truths ago
Chapter 538 - Promises To Keep ago
Chapter 539 - Dinner And A Date ago
Chapter 540 - What She Wanted ago
Chapter 541 - A Bit Trippy ago
Chapter 542 - The Light Realm ago
Chapter 543 - Go Back Into The Light ago
Chapter 544 - Watt Did You Say? ago
Chapter 545 - What Will You Choose? ago
Chapter 546 - Another Slight Complication ago
Chapter 547 - To The King ago
Chapter 548 - Unexpected Meeting ago
Chapter 549 - More Meetings ago
Chapter 550 - A Returning Guest ago
Chapter 551 - Rescue Me? ago
Chapter 552 - Blair-ingly Loud ago
Chapter 553 - Finishing Lunch ago
Chapter 554 - Picking Them Up: Part 1 ago
Chapter 555 - Picking Them Up: Part 2 ago
Chapter 556 - Picking Them Up: Part 3 ago
Chapter 557 - Picking Them Up: Conclusion ago
Chapter 558 - Back To The Meetings ago
Chapter 559 - Making Choices ago
Chapter 560 - Cook For Me, Baby! ago
Chapter 561 - I Hope You Learned Something ago
Chapter 562 - The Morning After ago
Chapter 563 - Disposition Of Power ago
Chapter 564 - Enhance Your Calm ago
Chapter 565 - Breakfast Time And A Half ago
Chapter 566 - A City Full: Part 1 ago
Chapter 567 - A City Full: Part 2 ago
Chapter 568 - Paperwork ago
Chapter 569 - Wants And Needs ago
Chapter 570 - Lylyth's Lair ago
Chapter 571 - A Reverse Heist ago
Chapter 572 - Rule Of Power ago
Chapter 573 - The Water Realm Version 2 ago
Chapter 574 - If You Asked Me To ago
Chapter 575 - You Can't Eat That ago
Chapter 576 - Maybe If You Try ago
Chapter 577 - Proper Sleeping Arrangements ago
Chapter 578 - A Prime Example ago
Chapter 579 - Second Round ago
Chapter 580 - The Final Event ago
Chapter 581 - I'll Take Care Of It ago
Chapter 582 - Spawned! ago
Chapter 583 - Serving My Time ago
Chapter 584 - Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner ago
Chapter 585 - Waiting With Denise ago
Chapter 586 - Exchanging Stories ago
Chapter 587 - To Each Their Own ago
Chapter 588 - Denise's Date ago
Chapter 589 - It's Getting Late ago
Chapter 590 - Fight Because You're Right ago
Chapter 591 - Business Dealings ago
Chapter 592 - As The Water Churns ago
Chapter 593 - It Gets Murky ago
Chapter 594 - Near The Bottom ago
Chapter 595 - Unless You Swim ago
Chapter 596 - With The Current ago
Chapter 597 - Blow On This For Me ago
Chapter 598 - Blow On This For Me, Too ago
Chapter 599 - Working Out ago
Chapter 600 - What Can I Do ago
Chapter 601 - You Deal With It ago
Chapter 602 - Fated Meeting ago
Chapter 603 - Meeting With The Princess ago
Chapter 604 - Diana Dazzled ago
Chapter 605 - To Feed The Hungry ago
Chapter 606 - Ending The Day ago
Chapter 607 - Back in the Flow ago
Chapter 608 - Are Things Working Out? ago
Chapter 609 - Plans Can Change ago
Chapter 610 - Could This Be It? ago
Chapter 611 - The Results ago
Chapter 612 - Clarification ago
Chapter 613 - Damage Control ago
Chapter 614 - Coming To A Head ago
Chapter 615 - Calling It Quits ago
Chapter 616 - Is He Okay? ago
Chapter 617 - Checking Him Out ago
Chapter 618 - What He Wants ago
Chapter 619 - Reloaded ago
Chapter 620 - What's Going On ago
Chapter 621 - Issac's Shop ago
Chapter 622 - Issac's Shop Again ago
Chapter 623 - Start Of The Plan ago
Chapter 624 - Task Complete ago
Chapter 624 A - Artemis Rising (Explicit Content) ago
Chapter 625 - The Plan Continues ago
Chapter 626 - Phase Two Complete ago
Chapter 627 - Plotted Plan ago
Chapter 628 - More Catching Up ago
Chapter 629 - Subsidization ago
Chapter 630 - Suniva's Sanctum Sanctorum ago
Chapter 631 - Wake Up Call ago
Chapter 632 - Supper Plans (Wednesday) ago
Chapter 633 - Comfy Couch Time ago
Chapter 634 - Bedtime ago
Chapter 635 - Morning Discussion ago
Chapter 636 - Fire Dancing Around The Subject ago
Chapter 637 - A Loose End ago
Chapter 638 - Dark Plans ago
Chapter 639 - Let Me Explain ago
Chapter 640 - All That She Wants ago
Chapter 641 - Planned Response ago
Chapter 642 - Quest Completed ago
Chapter 643 - Market Share ago
Chapter 644 - Fixing Stuff Up ago

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This story hurts me. It's painful to read. Not in the sense that the grammar is bad, nor is this some sort of incoherent story that jumps from one point to another to satisfy the author fantasies. It hurts because it's wasted potential, so much wasted potential. I won't spend time on the story, the grammar or the style, as they are all good, none of them are excellent, but they are worth the reading. The problem stands with the characters and how they interact. I'll be blunt, i don't think the author know how humans work. Let's start from the main character: he is perfect. That's it. He has a tragic past, but instead of giving him flaws it is used to show how strong and kind he is. Sure he has a phobia, but instead of making him seem weak it serves the only purpose of making him courageous, he has a weak body, only tho show how strong his will is. Let's talk villain. It's a 6 year old boy throwing a tantrum, well he isn't 6 years old but he might as well be since his character and motivations wouldn't change one bit. The side characters seem to be various, until you realize they are all a stereotype of what they are. The tailor is a grandma, the smith is a dad, the hunter is an uncle etc etc. If you think "generic grandma" you have pictured the tailor. Even the interaction with less developed characters always go the same ways: MC needs something, meets person, person refuses mc because he has a problem/ he underestimate him, mc shows how amazing he is, person changes idea, mc throws money at him because he is generous and kind. The last thing i want to talk about is the romance. It's bad, not terrible mind you, but still not good. I have two major problems with the romance. Problem n 1: it's mostly pointless. Let me explain, i am not against romance in novels, nor against romance novels, the problem here is that sometimes the story turns from a story with romance to a romance  story, a bad one at that. Every once in a while the plot seems to take a break in order to have the mc and his partner flirt, which wouldn't be bad if the break advanced the relationship, but it doesn't. It's just there, you can remove it and the only thing that changed would be the length of the chapter. Now we pas to the second problem, spoilers for chapter 100 more or less

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I honesly enjoyed most of the story in the beginning, but the further into the story it gets the less focused on crafting it becomes.  By chapter 103 the primary tag should be romance with a secondary tag of coming of age. This is not to say that it is not a good romance story it just feels like false advertising in the description to consider it an adventure story.  The correct description would be "and this is the story of how a boy who felt he had no chance at a normal relationship realizes it does not have to be normal to be love"

Nekone Rin
  • Overall Score
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Used to be a fun read, but now it's just a mediocre eronovel.

Alright, so, this story actually started off as a fanmade continuation of Mythran's novel, "Master of All, Jack of None". Honestly? It started pretty well. I enjoyed the characters, the dialogue and the jokes for a while - until everyone suddenly because two dimensional and literally nothing can go wrong for the MC that he can't fix.

First, the characters. They're pretty OK, I guess, until you reach that one chapter (it's different for everyone) that will make you just GROAN at how poorly thought out they are and how utterly cliché their designs are. I don't mind cliché too much, and if it's done well it can do a lot of good things, but when every other character is a walking trope, it turns into a mess.

Also, for some reason, MC is perfect in every possible way, is painted to look like a messiah even while he beats the shit out of people, and is probably the strongest player in the world, all while being a crafting class.

Next, the grammar.  The grammar and spelling is honestly pretty great. Bokuboy pretty much proofreads and edits his chapters every day, so that's pretty cool, I guess. There are minor flaws here and there, but nothing too bad.

Third, the story itself. Spoilers ahead for the last two points, duh.

It's pretty simple and not that well put together. At the time of writing this review, the story is nearly at 200 chapters (193, to be exact), and MC still hasn't done anything apart from:

1. Somehow get married

2. Sleep with at least seven different women and get hit on by like another twenty

3. Build a house

4. Enchant things with game-breaking effects

5. Build another house

6. Fix a multitude of problems in the Dwarven kingdom such as underground gambling arenas in less than three chapters

7. Not die once, as far as I remember

8. Talk to a beetle that's apparently just as horny as he is

9. Invent about a hundred different things and end up being worshipped by half a kingdom for some reason, even though he's just cheating by bringing things in from the real world

Evidently, it's kind of a mess, and not really worth reading, unless you like ero without plot.

Last, I'd like to talk about the most glaring issue - the romance.

Without spoiling too much, in recent chapters, the MC gets into drama with his ex-girlfriend (that feels shoddily done and makes them both look like huge idiots), married a character in the game (I don't personally have a problem with this), sleeps with her, proceeds to sleep with her AND her mother at the same time, and most recently he ends up having sex with every woman in sight, for no other reason than "she came after me and I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I had sex with her for twelve hours". He manages to go at it with two seperate women in one chapter at different points in time, at some point.

If I end up somehow not dropping this novel, I'll edit this review later if need be.

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Its unfortunate with how strong the story started out.  Now its less about playing the game and getting the different crafting skills and more about hooking up with each new female character.

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Decent source that falls apart as the story continues

I enjoyed all of Mythran's original release as well as the first 30-40 so chapters of this release, but as the story continued the villans became reptitive as is every single female the MC interacts with. It starts with him either A) being underestimated and doing something nice/amazing then throwing money at them, B) Finding them having an issue and solving it then throwing money at them, or C) Having them immediately infatuated with him for no reason other than appearance and then throwing money at them. Its gotten so predictable that every female the MC encounters that appears more than twice I expect him to sleep with. 

The author has taken what was a crafting VRMMO premise and turned it into a Harem/smut story with the smallest of ties to its original premise. Crafting is no longer the focus, the downsides of his class have been completely removed and whatever bonuses he had have become completely unbalanced. It ceased to be about how the character can grow without overpowering combat abilities to MC can beat anyone, craft anything, screw any women, and fulfill any wish the author wants with ease, there is no tension at any point in this story anymore. 

As of the end of the dwarf Arc I've dropped this series and this review will no longer be updated. It hurts to see such a great premise with such potential obliterated with two dimensional characters, flat romance, and "perfect" characters, and walking slips of paper with a trop and a female gender sign on them.

  • Overall Score

but I had to stop reading because it turned from a lighthearted story about an interesting VR world into a depraved, sex-addicted story that seemed more for masturbation than actual reading. Such a shame because it started out so well, but it got worse and worse to the point where a good half the plot of each chapter is based around the MC having sex with different characters.

Even leaving aside how 1 dimensional and boring every single character and 'plot' development is, I don't think the story is worth reading anymore. 

Lord of a Thousand Blades
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alright let me explain my odd scoreing, these scores are a combination of there previous 4.5 and 5 star rating and there curent 1.5 to .5 ratings (with an exeption of grammer), my reasoning for this is the character started a direct down hill decent after he meet the trapper and then his family, all great characters by the way.

let me set the premise: our character through plot armor gets this stories main gag his class; a class with no restrictions on which crafting classes he has, golem making, enchanting, farming, fletching, you name it he can get it (from this we infer that the majority of classes get either only one crafting class or selection of a few depending on there adventure class) however he can not use wepons or (origionaly) use the combat UI... when i stoped he had, a few chapters ago, single handedly taken out a batalion of 150 dwarfs... he is still like level 4 or 5 by the way.

ah yes the romance... in the first he was going to most likely get a harem no lie... he was described and cute (hafling is his race described as just above hip hight to humans in the origional 1-16ish chapters) currently he is "a head above dwarves" and described as imtimidating or imposing. He was however shown to have a high moral ground, he just slept with his wife and her mother (i know there not actualy related but he shure as hell didnt), hated bullies: beats the shit out of the main antagonist, antagonising him...

there are other examples but i dont want to type it all out, in essence: this story takes a shit on all it used to be and says but mommy i want to be over powered. Tada... this story. 

p.s. oh and he haas a side bitch too... nothing against bad, devious, protagonist with harems. However dont call him a "good" or "kind" kid... he's and asshole, be proud of it, not hidding it behind weak motives.


i hope somone reads this and avoids this book... or just knows what there geting into

I just wanted to get some facts straight for you:
Ren defeated a Battalion of 462 dwarfs, not 150.
He's Level 30 now, not 4 or 5.
I don't remember him being described as just above hip height, but in this fan fiction, I made him 4 foot 7 inches tall. He's still short compared to humans (by a foot and a half)... but dwarves are an average 4 feet tall. He is a head taller than the average one. Normally, people feel intimidated or imposed upon around taller people.
His moral high ground is being eaten away by his experiences and by his resurfacing memories.
He had to 'beat the shit' out of Tristan, or Tristan would have beat the shit out of him. In 'normal' PvP, one player has to lose by dying, unless conditions are set beforehand (like a fist fight to conceding).
Ren actually is overpowered compared to others of his level, but not of his abilities. It's why Talon said he was a level 150 at least.
Ps. Of course he's becoming an asshole. His ego is skyrocketing from all the successes he's had.
If you average out your stars, it's not 0.5, but the Overall rating isn't based on the average.
I think that was everything. :) I hope you have a great day!
- Bokuboy.


(man, why can't you be more of an asshole so I dont feel so bad about trashing your story...) what i meant by average is change from beginning of story to where i finished reading, if i distill what my gripe over all was is it feels as though the focus of the story changed, it might just be i hate a change in interest as it went from crafting to a almost play to live esk story which kinda turned me off... especially when the start of the character was nowhere near these characteristics, innocent, kind, agreeable, inventive, hard working, and sheltered. the only attributes currently active are inventive, and hard working, completly changing his character... he felt like backward progression, so this story is more of a hero falls from goodness to a rather scummy person, a nice appearing scummy person still the same.


+ .5 stars for a nice author

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I'll start off by saying that this review will probably get long and contain spoilers, so sorry for that in advance.

I think that the author started this story with the best of intensions, however things are begining to get out of hand recently. I hope with this review to highlight some of the areas where things have shifted from the first sixteen chapters.

In the first sixteen chapters are focused on Ren and his crafting skills. He is dedicated to his crafting above all else, and we see his joy at being able to do what he wants freely. We are introduced to several other players, who could end up as allies or enemies.

When Bokuboy took over writing this story he does a great job of completing the arc the story ended on. The story continued to be well done up until the current arc with the dwarves. The major points of contension I have are as follows;

1. The other players. The other players have been used sparingly in this continuation. So much so that they have no real impact on the story at all. In the few places that they are used they are used well, but they are not used often and it takes away from the foundation built in the early chapters by Mythran.

2. The Dwarves. Their culture is not explained in any definitive way. This ads some confusion to the story. When Ren says something or does something that gets the Dwarves all riled up, the reader cannot really understand why. After reading enough one can pick up on a few rules of edicate, but they are never really laid out. Another problem with the Dwarves, or rather the Dwarven arc, is that Ren is not learning blacksmithing or mining from them. I know he has great skills in both those areas, but he could be learning special techniques or subskills that are unique to the Dwarves. Instead he is tailoring and being a soldier for a bit. He does start learning about stone masonry which is good, but it is still almost background to the other drama occuring in the Dwarven arc.

3.The romance aspect. I have no issue with adding romance to a story, but in this case the romance has taken over the story. I didn't mind Ren and Lucy, but I found the romance unrealistic. Ren is seventeen and Lucy would probably be in her mid to late twenties for the job she is doing (18-22 schooling, plus 3+ years to be experienced enough to be the main caretaker for a permanent big client like ren makes her 25 at the youngest. Even that is pushing it). Add in that he looks like a twelve year old and the relationship does not seem to all to viable. I will admit it could still be possible though. Ren and Nathalia does not really work. It may have, if not for the fact that Ren already worked his way out of that and then it was sprung right back into play with out warning. The way it was done was silly. The biggist concern with the romance is that it has now taken over the story. It seems like every female charcter loves Ren in a romantic sense (not actually the case, but feels like it is very close to it). It is like Ren no longer cares about his crafting and now only cares about having all the girls like him.

I really want to like this story, and I will probablt keep reading it. However, I think it needs to have a break from all the romance stuff and get back to the crafting. Ren is supposed to be the Master of all and Jack of none. Let him get back to mastering all the crafting skills for now, and then maybe add romance in later, once things have settled down. Just make sure crafting is the focus.

Sorry for such a long review.

  • Overall Score

While I really do appreciate the fact that you've decided to continue one of my personal favorites on this site, I do hope you got permission from Mythran to continue his story. This is just a preliminary review on what I feel can either go really well, or end in disaster. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but emulating an author's style is really hard. I can understand that you want to take a dropped story that was honestly one of the best ones on this site and revive it to it's former glory, but you have to be careful to not mess with it too much. A lot of the reviews that are coming in are coming in out of the pure nostalgia factor that this story gave so many people. In short, please don't ruin the memory of the story for others. I would much rather read a story that was dropped but retained it's originality than a sad reboot a la Ghostbusters. Do your best, I look forward to how you'll build this world.

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This story started out great, quickly became one of my favorites on Royal Road since I enjoy stories with crafting in it. Then the sex happened. soon after the Dwarven Arc starts, it becomes Sex, slightly less sex, more sex, 1 chapter for story progression/repetetive crafting, suprised reactions, then repeat with more sex. Painful, and want to read more about actual story, but dropping due to a sex scene every other chapter.