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Rainer glanced at the man in front of him, Baron Lodran, with a slightly surprised look. Based on Kara’s words he expected a pigheaded fat noble but instead, such expectations were false.

[Human, Male, Knight lvl 3]

He was a thin youth that looked just slightly older than Rainer. He had long blond hair and brown eyes that didn’t give off a hint of arrogance. He was moderately good looking with a small nose and clean jawline.  

“Are the accommodations to your liking Lord Magus?”

“They’ll do. When will we be meeting for the hunt?”

“I will send a messenger when my father is prepared. Please feel free to relax, would you like some servants from my household sent over?”

“No, leave,” Rainer responded frankly, and there was not even a twitch on the Baron’s face at such an answer.

“I beg your pardon Lord Magus, but the water pumps are quite far from here…”

Rainer whispered to Luna hiding in his coat.

“Luna cast a water spell over his head.”

Rainer just stared at him and waited. Baron Lodran was confused for a moment before he looked up just as the spell collapsed, leaving him completely soaked in the winter weather.

Once more he didn’t even budge, too perfect in his acting.

“To think I had underestimated your talents. I hope you would pardon me, Lord Magus,” He said amidst chattering teeth, “If you require no more than I shall take my leave. The money for the Yeti you hunted will be brought shortly along with a token of my noble house. It will grant you easy access to any finer establishments here and ability to enjoy them at my payment.”

Upon seeing no disagreement Baron Lodran, hurried away.

His deference meant Rainer might not have to trade anything for Kara’s bounty removal. A simple word of her being his guard and he believed no further conversation was necessary. He decided that was a subject best brought up in the presence of the former baron.

But now, having a good guess at the true character of the snake in front of him, all plans of working together with the nobles of this city vanished, regardless of what kind of man his father was. Not acting on your anger and being able to hide it so perfectly were two different matters entirely. 

His bad opinion of nobles, how he had bothered Kara, and seeing such a high ability to hide his emotions led him only to think Baron Lodran was completely rotten underneath. There was the chance he simply was talented at such a thing, but Rainer had no interest in taking an ally he could never even be partially sure of. 

He would eventually need the support of nobility for his plan, but there was no need to force himself with such minor nobles, and in a country, he’ll likely not stay in.

Heading inside with Kara and Gunthar he immediately turned to Kara to make sure she was alright with him only removing the bounty, and that she hadn’t talked down how bad the situation was.

“No, this is more than enough. Had he truly done anything worthy of death I’d have given it to him myself. It was a thrown drink that escalated from the damage it did.” Kara spoke entirely at ease.

“Good. After we get your bounty removed we can go and enjoy the town between training.”

With his limited resources outside of [Sleep Learning], there wasn’t much to be done after he expended them. He doubted he could get anymore from Yalin's Journal until he leveled his [Faaran Runic Language].

When Rainer had been meeting with Guard Captain Mayer, a certain individual had been walking towards his location.

The former Baron, Charles Lodran, had been heading to the barracks when he felt two massive surges of Aura. He rushed over to the barracks only to find Guard Captain Mayer hurrying out of the building.

Hearing the story directly from Mayer, Charles personally took care of these accommodations and went to go to his son to tell him that if he treated the mage with even the slightest bit of disrespect that he would be disowned.

Aura users were uncommon, powerful ones, if you discounted Demons, were as rare as mages.

For a mage to have not only one but two such individuals guarding him and for that same mage to be screwing around on a Yeti hunt; What kind of status would such an individual have? In these lands becoming a powerful mage without being attached to a guild simply wasn't possible in all, but the most unlikely cases.

The sons of some of the highest ranked mages within prominent guilds were equivalent to princes, and this one may be such a figure. Charles grew quite stressed at having to placate such a person. Even more so given the mage’s guards were now the two strongest people in the whole town.

Nobles, in general, wouldn’t necessarily be able to defend against high leveled people killing them, but with the authority of a Country and King, any such assailant would be viciously hunted down. But if the one who killed the noble were of higher status, a gift would be more than enough to stop any retaliation.

Entering the yard surrounding the guest house, that had two guards posted outside; Rainer was quite content with the accommodations. A spacious two story mansion made of wood and stone. The lawn was decently sized though like all the town was covered in snow. Upon entering, they found a well-decorated foyer and with Gunthar in the lead they began to check each room with their detection skills carefully.

Finding nothing of note they all returned to the Foyer before Rainer spoke out.

“I’ll head to bed early. It’ll be nice for the first time since I’ve come here to sleep as long as I like and not have something waiting to kill me in the morning.”

Kara and Rainer fed the egg as usual before he headed up the stairs and toward the master bedroom he had picked out earlier. 

He truly desired just to sleep, without waking up only to be thrust into the next stage of a dungeon or beset upon by undead.

But, he had his 2nd class advancement coming up within the next few months. Not only that, but he wished to revisit the mine and see if he can go and collect those fire spells he left behind. So in the end, until he needed to mentally rest he’d stay aware in his [Sleep Learning].

Luna stayed downstairs with Gunthar and Kara who were about to train. Gunthar’s current goal was to teach Kara the blade skill he had developed.

“Gunthar,” Kara asked,”What do you think about Rainer taking the 2nd Class advancement so soon?”

“Are you concerned Little Wolf?”

“Are you not?” Kara responded a bit angry.

“No. Whether it is having Luna or his abilities beyond his class I have little concern. Do not forget that the Lady of the Fae’s healing ability likely surpasses all, but the strongest healing magic I have seen. And my people were quite talented at such a thing. More importantly, there is no cast time nor delay for her healing.”

“Luna will keep Rainer safe, why is the She-Wolf so silly,” Luna spoke as well in her usual proud form.

Gunthar looked at Kara and saw none of her worries dissuaded.

“Little Wolf, if you had a place where for 8 hours each day you had unlimited Aura. How strong could you become?”

Kara looked at him in shock. They knew Rainer could learn in his sleep, but as he hadn’t mentioned anything specific, that was all they knew. Gunthar, however, had made this assumption. If this was the case, then his training speed cannot be described in any words.

“Good, you understand. Now come and focus on your own training. You can clarify if that is truly the case with the Sorcerer in the morning, but I have little doubt it is not.”

Walking to the Baron’s mansion Rainer had noticed Kara visibly relaxed. Compared to before it was as if she was floating on air. He wrongly assumed it was due to the bounty about to be lifted and had no idea his causal answer about [Sleep Learning] and confirming it was unrelated to his class had caused her to almost have no worries about his 2nd Class advancement.

Rainer sat across from both Baron Lodran and his father, Charles Lodran, within the dining room of the Baron’s Mansion. Similar to his son Charles too had blond hair though it was cut short and while looking like a proper warrior Charles’s age showed, and he seemed to be at the very least 70 years of age. His nose was considerably long compared to his son who likely inherited his smaller one from his mother.

[Human, Male, Knight lvl 25]

“So it's quite simple,” Rainer started speaking having been the one to call this meeting before the Yeti Hunt, “My guard had informed me that she was wanted in this town due to defending untoward advances by your son.” He said as he took out a copy of the bounty poster. Leaf hadn’t seemed to reveal anything in this town as well given the poster only mentioned she was a Wolfkin.

Charles’ face went through a range of emotions before finally settling on a seething rage as he looked at his son. Especially given now that Charles couldn’t help but wonder when he was asked for help, in tracking down his son’s assailant that he was being sent to his death.

“What! She was the one who cut up my face. I spent a considerable amount of silver paying to get that healed! I only spoke to her it isn’t as…” In front of his father and such an accusation Carver Lodran’s facade was gone, but before he could finish to everyone’s surprise Charles had slammed his son’s head into the table.

“I am truly sorry for my son Lord Magus. Not only shall I have the bounty removed I will retake my position as Baron. I can only hope you grant mercy to my worthless son.” Charles said while bowing his head.

Rainer hadn’t expected such a severe reaction. Rather it seemed a welcome one at first, but now he might have to deal with the revenge from Carver losing his position of Baron. Rainer had a role to play and couldn’t suggest lightening the punishment.

“I will accept such an apology, Charles, but I should warn you if your son pursues such matters he will not be the only one to experience the consequences. I only wish for her to be able to walk freely in town with me, without common rabble thinking to collect some extra coin.”

“Thank you, Lord Magus, for your kindness. “

“Lock him in his room; I’ll deal with him after the hunt,” Charles yelled toward one of the guards by the door.

Carver too had been affected by the reveal especially since his men informed him that the Wolfkin had entered a dungeon. Apparently, she had succeeded beyond what anyone thought possible. More importantly to Carver the mage in this room had likely gone to the Dungeon as well based on the description he received. Such actions disagreed with this Lord Magus’s status. He reorganized himself and accepted his punishment as he was led away. In the end, Carver didn’t know his father was showing them such respect because of their power rather than just status.

“I honestly once more apologize for the distress my son has caused. Even if you do not join the hunt you may stay at the guest house as long as you desire,” Is what Charles said, but in reality with all the stronger hunters they called leaving to the Dungeon they had little chance of dealing with the problem without the Lord Magus in front of him. Charles was strong, but fighting multiple Yeti on his own wasn’t possible for him.

“No, it would be entertaining to deal with some Yeti.” Rainer also needed the money, but he very well couldn’t say so.

This was hardly the strangest form of entertainment someone of high rank had participated in. Charles saw nothing wrong and was instead only glad the Mage in front of him had such interests.

“We will leave for the hunt tomorrow at dawn, though if you wish, we could push back the time.”

“Dawn will do,” Rainer said while leaving the room.

Charles gave a small bow after standing up while looking at the rings on Rainer’s fingers.

So they all truly work together? And that one is…

If Rainer’s guards were enough to make one fearful of his status, then this ring produced a far greater effect. Charles only stared in awe at the ring he had only seen once in his whole life, on the hand of his King. It gave the same feeling if not stronger; Charles thought as he recalled his entrancement with the King’s spatial ring.

He had never seen another, even amongst some of the high-ranked mages he met with. This was beyond his expectations and only caused his anger at his son to rise. He believed his son was ready to take over as Lord, but his ignorant actions had clearly shown such a thing was false.

Leaving through the gate of the manor Rainer talked to Kara, “So now that we can walk around you have anywhere you want to go?”

“Let us go enjoy an extravagant dinner on the Baron’s dime,” Kara spoke quite enjoying the punishment that was given out.

“Perfect.” Rainer couldn’t help, but be elated. The answer he feared worse wasn’t given. Though in a world like this it would make sense for a woman like Kara not to want to spend hours shopping. Rather in his own world, there were plenty who had no such desire, he couldn’t help, but hope he finally got lucky in this matter.

3 hours… Rainer thought to himself as Kara was still browsing the weapon shop and occasionally talking to the blacksmith manning it. It had been the 4th shop they visited, his original thoughts on shopping were unfortunately proven correct when she got distracted by the first weapon shop they found. Gunthar joined her in exploring them even though with his enchanted sword he clearly didn’t need any. But even he got bored after some time and now just stood guard outside.

It wasn’t as if Rainer was forced to be here. Kara offered him to do his own thing with no hidden agenda, but with the recent Fae attack, Rainer decided they wouldn’t separate. And seeing how excited her tail was after even three hours looking through different daggers and short blades he didn’t have the heart to get her to do something else.

If only I could be like Luna sleeping in a pocket…

It didn’t help that nearly every single one of these shops were far too hot compared to the weather outside. He was quite distressed imagining what it’d be like without his resistances.

In any case, Rainer focused once more on one of the three tasks he had been [Sleep Learning] on. The first was the creation of new spells that he could gain skill points by creating and then leveling. He recalled the new messages he received. He needed spells and skills he could autopilot.

[Spell Gained: Spear of Arcane lvl 1/10]

[Spell Gained: Arcane-Fire Spear lvl 1/10]

[Spell Gained: Spear of Fire lvl 1/10]

[Spell Gained: Arcane-Light Bolt lvl 1/10]

[Spell Gained: Arcane-Fire Bolt Armament lvl 1/10]

[Spell Gained: Arcane-Light Bolt Armament lvl 1/10]

The armament spells, while they worked, had such a high drain on his maximum mana they were almost useless. It wasn’t that the spells themselves were that expensive, but keeping them armed and under control simply took too much mana at his current level. But as they were both tier two spells, they would eventually be worth 4 skill points in total.

He also didn’t understand how to add the Holy modifier to [Arcane-Light Bolt], but the flash of light was more than enough to blind an unsuspecting opponent. The spear spell required his hand to cast, and he couldn’t get it to work otherwise making it impossible to arm for the moment.

The second was trying to gain aura enhancement though he still had no success in such a thing. He started to wonder if perhaps the Arcane nature of his Aura meant he went about it all wrong. His Aura was undoubtedly unique. He thought that maybe it wasn’t meant just to increase his speed or power, but something else.

The third focus and his current task was understanding [Spatial Domain]. While its sensing properties were astounding, even eight hours of [Sleep Learning] that he used in the past hadn’t leveled the spell. Using it to focus gravity as well hadn’t managed to level it either though he tried it for a lesser time. In the first place that was utilizing a focused form of [Gravity Domain] with [Spatial Domain].

He stared at the silver coin in his hand before he finally had two ideas, though one wasn’t something he’d be willing to try in real life. The second however would be perfect to try, especially for someone with Mana issues like himself.

He would focus the initially circular Domain into a straightforward tunnel. He put all his focus into trying to get it to budge. He even began incorporating [Spatial Manipulation] to try and aide his goal.


Rainer snapped out of his spell and saw Kara standing over him with a new short blade on her waist alongside her usual blades.

“Sorry for taking so long, I haven’t had the chance to visit a weapon shop in a while. Shall we go eat?”

They walked out of the shop, Rainer now rejuvenated, grabbed Kara’s hand as they walked. Kara had already gotten directions from the store owner where the wealthier restaurants were.

“Rainer? Why are you holding my hand? Do you need something?” Kara asked confused.

“This too? It's what couples do on a date.” Even Rainer usually unabashed was a bit embarrassed having to explain this.

“Yes I understand that we had done it before,” She said reddening a bit remembering their first night, “but while walking? Isn’t that dangerous? What if one needs to make a sudden move and it puts the other off balance?”

Rainer took a serious thought at that and realized she was right. Especially given the numerous people that could be after them. But he found Kara wasn’t giving his hand back as she turned and started walking toward their destination.

Her concerns were overridden.

Looking around Rainer noticed that everyone gave them a wide berth. He assumed information had spread about him. Though that didn’t retract the gaze either Rainer and especially Kara received. Not that they’d let Rainer catch any of them at it, their fear of the Lord Magus replacing anything else.

Rainer, reaching the restaurant, noted it was surprisingly loud inside. His thoughts were answered by numerous [Merchant]s discussing and arguing all over the place. It seems like one of the few nice places to eat in town. The town itself lacked a noble presence besides the Baron meaning only [Merchant]s and others of wealth could afford to eat here. 

He didn’t even need to show the token he received before the owner himself came up to him, called over by one of his waitresses.

“Welcome to my humble establishment Lord Magus, I already have a private table prepared for you.” The plump bald man gave a bow while speaking.

“Well if it's humble perhaps I should head elsewhere.” Rainer kept to his character.

“Merely an expression Lord Magus, just an expression.”

“Oh? And you believe I didn’t understand that?”

Rainer saw the frozen face of the owner and decided to let him off.

“Just take us to the table, bring out everything of your best for us to try.”

“Of course, right away Lord Magus.” The owner said while running off leaving the nervous waitress to lead them to the table.

Rainer’s act wasn’t only to keep in character, he just honestly didn’t want to be bothered in a room full of merchants. He didn’t exactly have much money after Kara purchased a very expensive short blade.

Gunthar stood outside of the table as a guard despite Rainer’s protest, though, thinking of it now Rainer thought it likely wasn’t the best for him to be reminded of his inhumanity.

Rainer, in general, didn’t like that Gunthar had to hide his appearance in the first place. He hoped the [Arch-Lich] might have a research room or laboratory of some kind so that he could help Gunthar at least recover some of his humanity if revival was absolutely impossible. But with world travel a possibility Rainer didn't believe magic had any limit.

On that subject needing to keep Luna always hidden among people would become an even greater problem as they reentered civilization. Had he overwhelming power what would it matter if he had a fairy, an undead, or a Half-Demon as a companion?

“Hey Kara, I know we talked about my Academy idea, but what do you want to do?” He said while waiting for the food.

“It isn’t as if we will be required to be present at such a place forever? What is 10, 20, 30 years for one’s such as us? I wish to go out and adventure as my mother had, but I am in no hurry and I quite like your idea. Having a safe place to call home after a long journey, I desire such a thing.”

“To leave your poor husband behind while you go out exploring, how cruel.” Rainer had been making a joke, but just now he realized he said, husband. Thankfully for him Kara didn’t seem to acknowledge it, or was that worse?

“You would be joining me. When do mages ever rule over anything? You can have someone else do that.” 

Rainer had in the past occupied himself with the thought that if mages had such a high status why weren't they kings? But he now understood that gaining the benefits of being a ruler without any of the responsibility is a far more ideal situation, especially with the pursuit of magic at your forefront. But was Rainer the same? Most of his study was done during his sleep.

Charles was no different giving away his position as Baron early on, though now he had to take it back, at least while Rainer was here.

The group was unbothered during their lunch and soon prepared to leave.

Seeing the tired waitress coming back with yet another plate to an already full table Rainer’s conscience got to him and, calling it a part of his fake character, he decided to leave a large tip.

He left the remaining bag of silver he had after Kara’s purchase. They’d be making more tomorrow morning in any case, and it isn’t as if they paid for the actual dinner with the Baron’s token in hand.

“For your lovely service,” Rainer said to the blushing waitress, as she also grew shocked by the amount left thinking what he meant by giving such a tip, before leaving.

As they left the restaurant, he felt Kara pinching his side.

“Had fun flirting?”

“It's a part of the character I’m playing. Besides, I felt kind of bad with all the food she had to bring us that we mostly didn't eat."

“Oh? Then should I play the part of the guard and sleep in a different room?” Kara asked teasingly.

“Alright, good point. I’ll make a character amendment.”

“Those who hold out their hands in prayer cannot choose the miracle that comes to them…” Gunthar whispered out of earshot as he led the group back to their temporary home.

As they reached the mansion, both Gunthar and Kara returned to training whereas Rainer went back to trying to focus his [Spatial Domain] to no avail and soon ran out of mana.

He used [Aura Detection] at Kara gathering her aura in trying to recreate Gunthar’s Aura Blade, but from focusing too much, he was met with the same headache as before when he over detected Gunthar’s step-softening technique.

Suddenly he was struck with an idea, though until he used aware [Sleep Learning] once more he’d have to hold off in case it went horribly wrong. Tonight he’d take a mental break and instead automatically level some of the new spells he learned.

Kara shook Rainer as it was now nearly Dawn and time for the Yeti Hunt. After a long struggle and finally getting Luna to cast a small water spell on his face she succeeded. Though succeeded could only be said lightly.

Even with his face completely wet he was undeterred and still slowly got up. 

Rainer lazily stretched while enjoying his new messages. [Arcane Rage], with no consequences of its use and his improvement to Affinity and Intelligence meant spells could be cast far faster, increasing the efficiency of his [Sleep Learning]

[Arcane-Light Bolt has reached level 10]

[Reached the maximum proficiency of a Tier 2 spell: Rewarding 2 skill points. ]

[Spear of Arcane has reached level 10]

[Reached the maximum proficiency of a Tier 2 spell: Rewarding 2 skill points.]

[Spear of Arcane-Fire has reached level 5]

As a tier 3 spell [Spear of Arcane-Fire] while a shorter time with his increase Attributes, it still took quite long. His first [Sleep Learning] of [Spear of Holy Arcane-Light] took nearly three nights of sleeping, not to mention that lower levels were faster to learn. Long, however, was a relative term when speaking of Rainer’s mastery of spells.

It required 30 skill points to raise [Faraan Runic Language] so he was approaching it now having 21 points. Even if he couldn’t learn the spell Deliverance itself just gleaning more from the runic formula was more than enough. Add on to the powerful spells he hopes to find in the mine, and it's a perfect investment before his advancement. And for the future, with having access to all of Nalmar, it was an even better idea.

If Rainer wanted money he could just sell his extra [Ring of the Nalmar Knighthood] to the previously former, Baron. But he thought it was good to get a look at the strength of this world outside of the microcosm of a dungeon and an undead-infested city. And if he could earn money while doing this there was no reason not to.

As the group left the mansion, Rainer spoke their general plan.

“You two should switch off taking the lead in fighting. We have no idea if yesterday was an act of Charles’s. If he is the type of person to still hold grudges such as his son’s face being cut up from glass. If that's the case I'd rather have one of you next to me in case he made a move."

Rainer spoke this, but given that Charles never personally went after Kara he could only assume he was either unaware or not in agreement with his son. But this was a new world to Rainer; he saw no issue in being cautious.

“Luna, if we set the party to sharing experience does it get wasted on me?”

“Luna isn’t sure, but Luna doesn’t think so…”

“Then if everyone agrees we’ll do that.” Seeing no one saying otherwise Luna went to the hidden mark on Rainer’s hand that now glowed at her touch before Rainer received a message.

[Share experience Equally in Rainer’s Party. Y/N]

As they reached the town gates, they saw the full extent of the Hunting party.

Along with Tom’s group and Charles, there was one more group of 6.

[Elf, Female, Enchanted Swordswomen lvl 14]

Only one drew Rainer’s attention. Long golden hair cascaded down her back. Her ears pointed out of her hair and were lightly tipped red from the cold. He couldn’t stop staring...

Until he heard Kara's voice.

"Aren't you staring a bit too intently?"

“What? I’ve never seen a full elf before. You wouldn’t understand. Even if she were a man, I’d stare just as much. If not more since there wouldn’t be an issue with it.”

Kara just rolled her eyes with a slight smile on her face at his explanation. She wasn't mad in the first place having already guessed he had never seen an Elf before. 

“You’ve seen one. Though I’m not sure if it counts,” Gunthar replied.


“Right here,” Gunthar said while pointing to himself.

“You’ elf?”

“Sun Elf to be precise. What, do you merely assume every undead you meet is human? That is surprisingly intolerant of you, Sorcerer,” Gunthar said jokingly, ”Did you think I could be considered the most talented Paladin and only reached level 25 at 52 years of age as a human? You underestimate my city.”

“Huh...I suppose that makes sense.” Rainer had said before they joined the group of Hunters.

“Thank you for coming, Lord Magus,” Charles spoke, but Rainer just nodded in his direction.

The six members of this hunting group Rainer hadn’t met before were confused, but soon understood that the powerful mage that was rumored to be in town was right in front of them. This had actually relaxed an initially nervous group, all except the Elf who could tell the Lord Magus’s mana wasn’t that high. Though the strength of Aura she felt from his guards kept her from speaking. It wasn't as if Rainer's mana denoted him as weak, given his increases, it simply didn't show he was anywhere near level 25. 

“My hunters have tracked the group of Yeti to the east of here after a recent attack on a trade caravan. We believe they number at 7, though we cannot be sure. The most dangerous among them is a fully grown Yeti leading the group. I shall take the role of Vanguard for him. The rest shall be responsible for the other Yeti. Lord Magus if you could assist me while your guards tend to the rest I would be most appreciative.”

“Fine, I will allow a single of my guard to support the group, and I shall kill the leading Yeti.”

Even with that half-assed and arrogant answer Charles grew happy.

“For everyone simply joining us and participating in the hunt you will receive 15 high silver each. Contribution shall distribute the rest.” High referred to the quality of the coin. Each coin had a small magical stamp that made it far more work to replicate said mark than just to earn a high silver versus a low one. Mage Guilds had their hands in many parts of life.

Rainer had received 30 for a well intact Yeti Corpse, so this was a more than fair amount for adding assurance that no one ran from combat.

The group headed out with Charles in the lead. Rainer gave a grin to Tom who had looked over resulting in Tom’s face slightly paling before he quickly turned away. The rumors he heard in town caused him to truly understand what kind of person he had tried to rip off. Whether or not it’d cause him to change his ways wouldn’t be known, but it certainly slowed him down.

They had walked for about half an hour before they saw Charles’s hunter waving towards them. He was a distance away, in a thick patch of trees. 

[Human, Male, Hunter lvl 9]

And then, a boulder smashed into him leaving him dead. A vicious roar echoed in the distance. They all could only watch in stunned horror as far more Yeti than expected poured out of the forest.

On the head of a leading horned Yeti was a goblin wielding a crooked staff and covered in furs.

[Goblin, Male, Shaman lvl 11]

[Jotin, Male, Adult Horned Yeti lvl 17]

Over a dozen Yeti rushed out of the forest. Only Rainer’s party had not the slightest fear for their life.

Were it not for Rainer’s party in the back Tom’s group would have ran immediately. It wasn’t that they trusted Rainer they only feared the consequences if he survived and they had retreated. 

Rainer cast an [Arcane Bolt] in his hand. This action had caused the Elf who knew of Rainer’s mana capacity to lose all hope in him being of use. That is until he unleashed it.

The goblin stood no chance as the bolt slammed into him ending both his life and control over the Yeti. But the already enraged Yeti did not even notice the death of the one who gathered them.

Rainer enjoyed himself a bit as he launched a charged [Arcane Bolt] after [Arcane Bolt] at the approaching Yeti. Even if they did not kill on hit, they would render the Yeti useless in combat. It was a welcome feeling not to struggle in battle. Lacking any Aura, Yeti were only known for having tough skin and fast speed for their size. To the level 25 Rainer what were they?

He saved the leader for last firing a charged [Arcane Bolt] straight into the [Adult Horned Yeti’s] head crushing it and killing him instantly.

The Yeti hadn’t made it within 10 feet of the group before all 12 were dead or close enough. Some had a few arrows in them, but none mattered in such a one-sided fight. Gunthar ran out to finish off the ones still alive.

No one said a word amidst the silence. To the few that knew [Arcane Bolt] was, but a training spell, they were beyond confused at the scene before them. They could only assume it was somehow a different spell.

“Well hell, I expected a bit more. Will we have another hunt now that we know the Yeti weren’t here by accident?” Rainer said while walking up to Charles.

Snapping out of his shock Charles answered, “Ah...yes...we’ll have to see…Will Lord Magus be joining us?”

“Sure. Hopefully, it's a slightly larger challenge," Rainer responded before deciding to have a little revenge. “Give a minor contribution benefit to the group here who will be spending the rest of the day carrying this for us as agreed, 1% should do,” Rainer said while pointing at Tom’s group. Tom, of course, wasn’t in any position to deny such a request.

“I shall bring some of my…”Charles started before being interrupted.

“That’s not necessary. Tom’s group is more than capable.” Rainer couldn’t help, but grin while he looked at their defeated faces.

Don’t scam a Sorcerer…

Gunthar thought to himself now feeling slightly sorry for the group.

Rainer’s party headed back first as Charles decided to stay and help guard Tom’s team as they prepared to carry the bodies back to town. This had raised Rainer’s opinion of him quite highly but, in the end, his son was still a problem.

“You left none for me. If this is our future adventures we’ll need to have a talk,” Kara said after having traveled half of the way back. 

“You should have been quicker than that,” Rainer said grinning at her. Before he could react Kara threw a snowball right at him.

“You should have been quicker than that.” She said returning his grin. 

Rainer spat some snow out of his mouth doing his best not to look directly above Kara. He laughed just as the spell from Luna reached its conclusion.

Kara was confused until she felt the snow smash down on her. She squealed feeling the snow going down her clothes while Rainer used this chance to get away.

"Traitor!" Kara called out toward the Luna who was still hidden in Rainer's jacket. 

They were all, a little more joyful on their return to town.

Now back at the mansion, Rainer decided to explain their next course of action.

"Once we receive the money from the Hunt we should get the fastest mounts we can find and head to where I entered this world from. There is something I need there." Rainer also thought of all the people held captive in the Mine. 

It hadn't bothered him at the time, but if he were going to deal with the Goblins and Orcs in any case, he would be left with dozens of people he had to lead somewhere. It wasn't as if he was numb to their suffering, but rather it was a case where he didn't feel the obligation to deal with them afterward. It would be nice if he could lead them all here, but then what? Was he to be responsible for dozens of people's food and housing? He could only hope wherever they had been taken from they could return without too much trouble. He was on a time-limit.

In the end, he decided he wasn't going to leave them there to die after taking care of the Goblins and Orcs. 

Maybe the Baron could take them? He seems caring enough, but I'd have to finagle with it to be in character. It shouldn't matter too much given the Baron had already seen my capabilities. 

"Do you even know where to go?" Kara asked recalling his remark about it being possible to be lost in a forest.

Rainer had thought for a moment before he realized he didn't, at all.

"Its entrance should be near where I met you for the first time." He said hoping Kara remembered where that was. 

Kara thought for a while, but was unable to come up with any mine that was near there.

"There are no mines anywhere near there Rainer...Do you mean the Arachne Tunnels?!" She said standing up from the table.

"Yeah...probably. One of the exits of the tunnel leads to a Goblin and Orc run mine." He responded thoroughly confused as to why it was such a revelation. 

"And you went through this tunnel without meeting any Arachne..."

"No, I did, I just burnt them. They were pretty low leveled and not that strong."

Kara just looked at Rainer strangely. She couldn't believe their overseer didn't come out and kill Rainer. The spiders he met were likely just children. 

"If that's the case we should be all right so long as we head straight toward the entrance to this mine you speak of." Kara then said. 

With Rainer's current strength unless he ventured deep into the depths of the Tunnels she had no concern for his safety. And with her strength as well there was even less concern. More likely than not so long as they didn't go the wrong way the Arachne shouldn't even bother them, she thought. 

"Good, it's settled."

The prospect of new and powerful magic burned a fire within him. 



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