The Arcane Emperor



Chapter 52: An Unexpected Destination

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A smile floated across Kara’s face as she watched sleeping Rainer. She found the previous bobbing of his head as he had struggled to stay awake through their talks pleasant to watch.

The conversation returned to the Fae, albeit at a quieter tone.

“Do you think they believed him?” She asked.

Elru paused for a moment, but it was Theodore who answered.

“It doesn’t matter,” He said.

Delilah replied in the Druidic Tongue.

“Who’s going to call that man’s bluff?” Furtak translated, seemingly echoing the words.

“In the end, they could be certain in him lying. But who’s going to tell the Dragon in a cat costume that he’s not really a cat?” Elru said.

Kara looked over at Rainer again before her face froze. Just yesterday, he was clean shaven as usual from Luna’s flame, but today…

It was as if weeks had gone by.

Seeing her frozen look, everyone glanced over to Rainer before they experienced the same revelation. Yet before they could bring any question to it, a small fairy flew out from his coat.

And a few moments later, she was small no longer.

Long straight silver hair elegantly fell down her shoulders. Her violet eyes had a slight glow. Her pale skin lacked even the slightest imperfection. A one-piece violet dress went down to just above her knees.

Standing just short of Kara's height was Luna far different than before. She gazed toward the sleeping Rainer, and a small flame escaped her hands. In just a moment he returned to the previous form, his hair shortened to just above his nose and his face clean-shaven.

Rainer had kept the fight with the Fae Queen mostly unknown. Whether it was the transference of a far stronger Sacred Faerie Fire or Luna’s growth, nothing was mentioned.

Luna lightly kissed his forehead before looking over to everyone else. The Fae Queen had already been considered quite beautiful even amongst the Fae. And with Luna taking her image along with the changes with Rainer’s Arcane-laden Mana, everyone in the room found it hard to look away.

“I am still quite tired; can you take Rainer to his room?” She asked before returning to a small size once more and entering his coat.

“Luna is sleepy,” A small voice responded from the coat before she became no longer available for everyone’s many questions.

“I’ll take him,” Kara said while snapping away from the sight she had been lost in. Even looking entirely as an adult, she was still Luna. Kara headed over and carried Rainer. Her movements in picking him up didn’t affect the exhausted [Archon] in the slightest.

Kara returned moments later.

Elru looked strangely at Kara as she thought over the day’s events. More than anything she couldn’t understand how even through [Aura Detection] Kara seemed no different than any Wolfkin. Her being a Demon mattered little with what she knew about Kara.

Fae were not among the races affected by Demons. And while they certainly didn’t have any good feelings towards them, Elru, a studier of history, had the same opinion of nearly all races.

The ritual Demons practice was adapted and possibly discovered during a period when all of the North was a single empire. And this single Empire waged a constant war against the Demons to the east.

In the time Demons would awaken their transformation ability and their Demonic Aura, a talented human could reach level 25. In a prolonged war, such a fact could have eventually lead to a dire situation for the Demons.

But with the use of the ritual, even a minor skirmish became an opportunity for the Demons to awaken their young.

Yet countless centuries later the technique of war became one of wanton slaughter. In the end, the evil of humans or Demons affected the innocent the most. 

Knowing they wouldn’t get any real answers without Rainer, no one discussed the fully-grown Luna. And while she only now reached her full adult form, she was, in fact, only mildly younger than Gunthar at 52.

“Gunthar, how about we test out our new skills?” Kara asked.

“Ah, of course, Little Wolf.”

The two headed to a different room while the rest moved their discussion to a different subject.

“Elru, you mentioned the existence of Sun Elves far from here. Are your Fairy Rings perhaps able to reach nearby there?”

Elru nodded.

“Then good. Perhaps one day, when I look closer to my old self, I shall like to see how different, or similar my people in another world are.”

“What do you mean look closer?” Elru asked, “Is this related to why you are so interested in the Forbidden North?”

Furtak listened closer as well. He didn’t know anything about Rainer’s interest in the Forbidden North.

“We know of a way to recover a portion of what we once were. We’d still be undead, but we’d recover much of our previous sensations as well as appearance.”

Elru thought it over before posing a question to Theodore. With his agreement, the final answer only waited for Rainer’s awakening.

“What shall we do with our prisoner?” Furtak asked pointing to the unconscious Fae. Without Rainer’s draining, she would awaken eventually. The female Fae only wore leather armor and had red hair.

Elru had healed her injuries as they approached life threating. A testament to the damage done by Arcane magic to Fae, who could otherwise survive anything but losing their heads. 

“I’ll handle it. I forgot to teach this to Rainer earlier, but with his skill, he likely can put on a stronger seal.”

Chanting the same words as her sleeping spell Elru instead started drawing a [Body Enchantment] rune. Something she didn’t think could be done on anything but a Fae, prior to Rainer’s revealed ability to enchant even Kara.

She drew a Rune on the forehead of the still unconscious Fae. After 10 minutes of work and with an addition of her own Mana the seal glowed lightly.

“Furtak, can you add Mana? You should get an understanding for when it's filled. It’ll hold for a day. The effect gradually gets weaker after that,” Elru said as she sat back in her chair, her Mana depleted.

Furtak frowned as the Rune required nearly his entire Mana pool.

“I’m not exactly a [Fae Enchanter],” Elru said seeing his expression.

Elru used Furtak as a means of questioning Delilah. With the [Archon] being a legend of yore, her mother knowing him could only mean Delilah was truly an ancient monster. Even just to reach her current strength as a monster without the aid of an Aura user took considerable time.  

Both she and Theodore listened intently as he joined in.

Kara and Gunthar sat across from one another in a wide-open room.

Gunthar still looked through his skills as Kara, who already purchased them, sat in thought over the quest she had received.

With her [Demonic Werewolf] class reaching level 25, and her level 25 [Blade Dancer] set as a subclass, was enough to gain the quest. However, it required her to use a Demonic Dungeon for the advancement.

She would need to return home sooner or later.

“I wonder if this is how casually the Sorcerer purchases his skills?” Gunthar asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I had started looking through them as if I had to choose. Before I soon realized…I don’t.”

Kara smiled in acknowledgment. With [Devil Lord]s giving experience greater than low leveled tier 2 persons, they had made significant advancements. This was added on to the numerous [Deviling]s who joined them.

Gunthar had reached level 19 in his [Arcane Reaper], alongside Kara reaching level 19 in [Mystic Dancer], as part of her experience went toward [Demonic Werewolf]. With both gaining 18 skill points from these two rare classes, they easily reached the required 30 to purchase all three skills from the store.

To make such an increase in a single battle could only be heard when one was a high-level tier 2 fighting others of a similar nature and leveling their second primary class. For both, it was as if they ascended in strength with relatively little effort.

“Shall we begin?” Gunthar asked as he stood.


Gunthar’s bones cracked as he rose to a greater height. They turned pitch black and the new clothes Elru made him reformed to cover his whole body.

As of now, Gunthar no longer wore his enchanted armor. When he used one of the [Devil Lord]’s souls his defense surpassed the enchanted set in any case. Two small horns extended from his forehead.

Kara drew two blades and clad them in Aura as Gunthar did the same for his sword. With enough cladding the weapons became blunt.

Both gave a small bow before the situation changed.

Kara felt her heart grow heavy as if death called for her. Her vision grew blurry, but with a surge of Aura she recovered. It was too late, however.

Gunthar’s blade was already at her neck.

“What the hell was that?” Kara asked as Gunthar moved back to his original spot. She managed to calm herself down a few seconds later.

“[Reaper’s Beckoning]. It tries to convince its target that their death is inevitable. A skill of the Soul. I imagine in your transformed state you’d be unharmed.”

“Again,” Kara said as she readied herself. They spent hours repeating this as Kara witnessed a rare moment of an attribute leveling, Willpower.

“We should have everyone, especially Rainer, train to resist this,” Kara said.

“With the Sorcerer’s Willpower, he may not even notice the skill,” Gunthar laughed.

“And the next?”

“I can’t use this one yet, [Reaper’s Ascent]. It requires the soul of something capable of flight. It allows me to form wings of Aura and take flight. So, there is only the last, [Aura of Demise],” He said as he activated the skill. He displayed his Aura normally, yet an invisible pressure spread out.

Kara found her strength unaffected, yet her thoughts turned elsewhere. Questions filled her mind of whether she could really resist all of Demon-kind coming after her. Whether at that moment she would be abandoned by those she cared about.

Seeing her expression, Gunthar immediately canceled the skill.

“Apologies, Little Wolf,”

Kara shook her head as the thoughts left her.

“It's alright. I’d rather not train with that skill, though…

“Such is fine.”

“My turn then,” Kara’s legs tensed as she all but vanished as her [Gift of Lightning] activated. Only Gunthar’s trained response managed to deflect her blade. But the other, in a similar gesture, landed by his neck.

“For a single second, it doubles the effects of my enchantments. [Mystic Burst]. But they become unusable for a few seconds after. My other two I’m afraid aren’t to be used in training as well. Else Rainer’s sole job be enchanting me.”

The two continued their sparring as Gunthar practiced using [Reaper’s Beckoning] at opportune moments in combat. Even as she grew used to it, when timed properly it often caused Kara to falter and lose the duel.

Though in her [Demonic Werewolf] form the effect did not reach a point where it mattered.  

Rainer awoke. A yawn escaped him as he checked on the night’s progress. But soon he realized a problem. There was no night’s progress.

Feeling for Luna in his pocket and seeing Kara meditating in the corner he laid on the bed once more.

I forgot, huh?

He thought. He couldn’t even remember when he fell asleep nor how he ended up in bed.

Rainer closed his eyes once more as he extended [Void Detection] around him. The strange feeling of sensing the void gave him a state of peace as he thought over recent events.

With Yulia all but gone, and Luna by his side, his worries focused on just a single point, Kara.

With Theodore explaining the defenses a Mage Guild may have, Rainer knew chasing after Yarik now was pointless. At least, until he grew stronger. It was only a question of what his knowledge of Kara would mean.

Rainer hoped for the best. It wasn’t exactly clear that Kara was a half-demon. She only seemed like a Demon with powerful capabilities in hiding one’s Demonic nature.

I’ll have to grab my chef and warn Charles about what happened…

Rainer thought. Would his future apprentice be used to threaten him he wasn’t sure what he’d do. Whether he could avoid a blatant trap and ignore him, or that he’d have no choice but to charge headlong into danger. But he knew that the best course of action was to prevent such a situation in the first place.

A slap aimed at his own forehead awoke Kara from meditation.

“Rainer?” She asked.

“It looks bad, right? Out of everyone who wanted to work for me, I only picked out a single boy.”

“What are you talking about?” Kara asked confused.

“You know, the only person from the mine who had magic talent. The boy who I picked out of the lineup of those who offered to serve me, the Lord Magus.”

“Girl. And yes, since you didn’t mention you picked her for her magic talent I imagine some might have thought strangely of you. Though, I find it unlikely Charles would.”

“Then that’s fine, though I should probably tell Charles anyways…” Rainer said seemingly not noticing Kara’s correction.

“How are you?” Kara asked.

Rainer paused for a moment before breathing out a long sigh. In truth, he felt beyond exhausted, even after the night’s rest.

Along with his recent near-death experience, he had been aware in [Sleep Learning] far too many nights in a row. Even his improved attributes could only keep the mental fatigue away for so long.

“Tired. But happy,” Rainer said as he grinned toward Kara, “Now I’ve only got one source of trouble left in my life.”

“Oh, I’m just a source of trouble?” Kara said in mock hurt.

“The most troublesome woman in existence.”

“Why do you look like you just paid me a compliment?”

“Because I did. Even as the most troublesome woman in existence your good points outweigh it all.”

“Stop repeating that troublesome woman in existence part, you’ll probably somehow manage to grant me some ridiculous title….” Kara said.

“Can that actually happen?”

“Since when was that a question you ever asked?”

“I suppose it’s not…” Rainer said as he closed his eyes again. Before the nap, Rainer quickly went over what he could Auto-pilot.

His thoughts steered towards gaining two more skill points for [Time Manipulation] before he remembered once more he was missing a skill from the usual three in his skill store. With [Chronomancer] he could reason it away as him already knowing the skill. But with [Archon] he viewed such a thing as unlikely.

With [Arcanist] it was [Arcane Rage], [Arcane Weaving], and [Space Manipulation]. He could only think his lack of a third skill was because he didn’t evolve [Arcane Weaving].

[Arcane Rage] was an internal use of chaotic Arcane Energy, whereas [Arcane Weaving] was an external use of ordered Arcane Energy.

He always had an issue with [Arcane Awakening] being a requirement of the class [Archon]. The damage it caused as well as the energy required for anyone other than him in its use made it difficult for him to understand how any other [Archon] could learn it. At least without far higher attributes than what would be available in the first tier.

And so, his thoughts steered towards that perhaps the requirements weren’t so concrete. That evolving [Arcane Weaving] unlocked the [Archon] class as well.

Seeing his thoughts drift towards such a speculative conclusion he shook them away. For all he knew all [Arcanist]s that became [Archon]s also had [Sleep Learning]. Or that there was a far easier way to evolve [Arcane Rage].

For now, he decided to level [Arcane Weaving].

He pictured several goals in mind, as he then set his [Sleep Learning] to automatically work towards them. And so, he fell asleep once more.

A white-bearded old man watched on as intermittent screams filled the room. Laying in a bed in the center was the burnt and injured Yarik as several healers attended to him.

Healing magic was not suited, as these mages knew it, to handle such wounds. At least, not without some tampering.

Amongst many healers, they found ways to place conditions on their magic. For some, they could use the blood and sacrifice of others, often criminals, to aid in the magic. A more powerful version came about from self-sacrifice. But many were unable to do such a thing unless in the rescue of loved ones.

So, to heal such grievous wounds, that seemed resistant to healing magic, required a more personal sacrifice from the one they were healing instead.


The pain caused by the damage relived dozens of times over as the wounds disappeared.

Yarik’s father standing in the room thought over what his son had told him. This man was the true strongest of the Skyborne. In fact, Yarik could only be considered the third.

Publicly, Mage Guildmasters held the title of strongest in the guild. And often, this wasn’t incorrect. And yet other times you would have Mages with no interest in the title nor responsibility. Or those incompetent in such affairs would receive enough pressure from the Guild as a whole to not take up the position.

The former was Yarik’s father who had never in his ancient life held any position of public power. His goals lay in the strength of his magic and the pursuit of immortality. In his youth, he had aspired to become a Mage King, but he soon saw the folly in such a position.

It was not true power. It was borrowed. Borrowed from the people. From the 2nd Tier experts working with the Royal Family. From the Mage Guild that laid in the territory. Kings were nothing in his view. Even now if he truly wished it how could the Royal Hathor Family stop him in any manner?

Even the title of Mage Guildmaster meant little.

If his son ordered him to move, would he not just laugh in his face?

Even as he felt anger at his son’s assailant, he too had little interest in pursuing such a matter. So long as there was no retaliation, he wouldn’t act.

Even if the organization beyond this Foreign Mage sought the Mana crystals and possibly Magicite deposits in the North, he did not mind. Magicite long since stopped working on him.

In a year’s time, 2nd Tier experts across the world would meet at a formerly abandoned island south of the Dragon isles. They would form groups to take on a newly formed 2nd Tier level 25 Natural Dungeon.

Keeping such a place secret proved impossible. All it took was a single pirate selling the information to multiple sources. And while that pirate ended up killed, the damage was done.

And in the end, no single nation had 15 2nd Tier they could simply throw away in a dungeon attempt. It would require the best of the best to make an attempt with any real success.

Yarik’s father was no stranger to the massive gap that formed between level 24 and 25 of the 2nd Tier. For he had spent a good portion of his life crossing it once already. Only to find out he needed to do it more than once to get the extended life he desired.

But he knew he lacked the time to cross it for his second class. His leveling from 24 to 25 the first time was already from a rare opportunity. Some coming to the meet likely had two classes in the 2nd Tier at level 24 having learned from the experience of their predecessors that leveling a single class to level 25 does not grant a quest.

The screams of his son entered his ears once more, but he only looked to the future. He was all, but certain whatever organization stood behind this strange Magus would be at the meeting.

He would not take such a risk for his foolish son and make an enemy that could deny him the possible immortality he has long since sought.

Over the course of his nap, he managed to raise [Arcane Weaving] to level 5. With [Arcane Awakening], his new stats and [Arcane Awakening: Surge] his ability in [Sleep Learning] was quite improved.

His goal in improving it was simple. He used all his knowledge of the various anatomies and commanding his sleeping self to try to form as accurate models as possible. With a clear goal in mind, no matter how many failures there was constant improvement toward refining his ability in [Arcane Weaving].

And with no limit in Arcane Power, the weaves size and number mattered not.

Rainer sat across from Theodore as he arranged the jugs of blood in a circle. Underneath, a large board of wood, broken from the top of a large table, lay flat as Theodore carved lines. The lines stretched from the jugs to a small bowl in a created indent in the center.

“The Draconic part within the blood is as well the magical part of a Wyvern. The part that separates it from ordinary Monsters. Even Delilah while powerful and intelligent is still no different from other Monsters.”

“And it’ll react to magic use, leaving behind the useless parts?”

“Correct. However, the problem is, it requires a fine control. Too much and the Draconic essence will burn up and be used, whereas too little and it will become inert before mixing with the remainder of the blood. In truth, our only hope here is to practice with an as small amount as possible before your [Archon] class allows you to bridge the gap.”

As Theodore continued his inscribing, Rainer asked him another question.

“When do you think it will hatch?” In part, Rainer was slightly worried about the time he spent in the Devil-like World. The ring itself seemed to show no issue, and still accepted his and Kara’s deposits.

“In truth, it should have hatched several days after you received it. Wyverns are very quick to hatch and to grow. I imagine as they become more Draconic, that slows. Perhaps your strange Mana and Kara’s Aura have caused a truly large change. “

Rainer paused for a moment before he described his worries. In fact, he mentioned the entirety of what had happened when fighting Yulia.

“We noticed your beard. I suppose that’s explained now. Any reason you are keeping this from the others?” Theodore said as Rainer rubbed his now clean-shaven face.

“Kara worries. A lot. It’s best she doesn’t know how close, or how many times I may have actually died.”

“If that is your wish, Rainer. Let me see the ring,” Theodore asked. Looking it over he handed it back, “There is nothing wrong. It seems the [Scaled Wyvern] or perhaps something far different that leaves that ring will be truly special.”

“What are the inscriptions on the ground for?” Rainer felt a strange sense of familiarity from them.

“Certain patterns help guide the Draconic Essence. We found them purely from experimentation. I cannot tell you how or why they have such an effect. Were it not for your ridiculous class effect I wouldn’t be saying this but, I personally believe these markings only make the Mage believe that the essence is easier to extract.”

“Placebo effect,” Rainer added, wondering if it would translate.

Seeing Theodore nod his head and remembering Yalin’s understanding of gravity he grew a new-found respect for Nalmar’s society. Rainer himself now wondered what kind of society he could create with his academy with both his Earthen knowledge and the Mana-Well.

Knowing that soon he’d separate from Theodore, Rainer thought over things he’d like to ask him. But Theodore asked a question first.

“What do you think, of using the year Elru owes you in protection, by having her scout the North with me?” Theodore asked.

Rainer grinned, much to Theodore’s chagrin.

“What happened to needing some alone time?”

“Well with her Glamour she appears as nothing special and her interests coincide quite closely with mine…” He slightly mumbled.

“If she’s-

“Already said yes,”

“-okay with it,” Rainer finished his sentence.

“Well then,” Theodore said with a cough, “You looked as if you had a question for me?”

“I’ve been thinking, what’s the cheapest undead I can make?”

“What do you mean?”

“With my connection to Gunthar, I can Void-walk to him. So as long as the undead don’t take up too much of my Mana wouldn’t it be worth it to leave them in places?”

“Was the…earlier one…expensive?”

“9 mana…”

“Then until you can reduce that cost through the same method as that man, I’m afraid it won’t get much lower unless your ability in necromancy improves,” Theodore chose his words carefully.

“So long as you’re here it should be fine for now. I’ll test out more methods as we travel south. Learning Charles’ Aura inscription skill might have a good effect if I can make it more permanent.”

Rainer asked Theodore various questions on some of the blood and other magic from the hidden library along with some notes that mages kept. Theodore would occasionally explain more of what he knew in extracting the Draconic Essence from the Wyvern blood.

As Theodore finished his preparations, Rainer used [Soul Detection] as he asked one more question.

“Hey Theodore, when you sense your own Soul, is it supposed to feel different from other people of your race?”

“What level is your [Soul Detection]”


“Then no,” Theodore responded as he stared at Rainer.

“I’ve found out recently, that I can’t heal my Soul like I can heal my body in [Sleep Learning]. Of course, with my healing ability,” Rainer said as he activated [Arcane Invigoration]. Though no longer visible to the naked eye even one without [Magic Detection] could feel the strange power emanating from within him, “I can heal it almost instantly. But still…”

“Perhaps your [Sleep Learning] Void, as you’ve put it, is that strangeness in your Soul?” Theodore asked as he then sensed Rainer’s Soul.

With his level of [Soul Detection], Theodore could tell the difference between people of the same race, but even he could feel something strange about Rainer’s apart from this.

“Perhaps. I certainly won’t be testing out something like that anytime soon.”

“Then even more reason to learn the skill of mine which strengthens the Soul considerably.”

Rainer nodded. It was true that if the Soul in [Sleep Learning] was the same as his right now, that anything related to it could be practiced. With his body, for example, even a million pushups would have no effect in reality apart from a possible skill.

Sitting in the middle of the circle Rainer focused on the jugs of blood around him as he closed his eyes and Theodore’s voice entered his mind.

“Focus first on the one in front of you.”

Rainer used [Arcane Awakening] to its maximum as well as casting [Arcane-Spatial Domain]. He found he formed a strange connection with the inscriptions below him, an almost instinctive one, as he started to manipulate his Mana.

He found purchase with the [Draconic Essence] far easier than intended.

[Skill Gained: Draconic Essence Extraction lvl 1/10]

Theodore watched on in amazement as only in moments did the Draconic essence from all the jugs of [Scaled Wyvern] blood flowed from the jugs into the inscriptions and then into the bowl in the center.

The skill leveled once more before Rainer completed his task.

[Draconic Essence Extraction has reached level 2]

Rainer stared down into the magical blood in front of him. A dozen jugs of it had turned into but a small bowl. Feeling its magic and its presence, Rainer finally understood why [Draconic Runic Language] escaped him.

Gunthar and Kara entered the room just as Theodore was discussing with Furtak the benefits of the remaining Wyvern blood.

Rainer had already borrowed vials from Furtak to store the [Draconic Essence] along with an explanation of what to do during the hatching. Though, Gunthar already knew much of it.

Seeing them coming in Rainer spoke up, “I’ve meant to ask. What did the two of you gain from your level ups?”

They explained their 3 bought skills to Rainer before then talking about the hidden attributes they unlocked.

“From [Blade Dancer] I had unlocked an attribute, Dual Coordination. It helps coordinate both of my blades at the same time. With [Mystic Dancer]…Enchantment Coordination.”

Before Gunthar could mention his own, Elru’s voice rang out.

“What?!” Elru gripped both Kara’s shoulders much to the Wolfkin’s shock, “It’s not fair…how can such an existence be possible…”

“What do you mean?”

“Enchant Coordination. To use more than one Body Enchantment at the exact same time…It’s the attribute unlocked by [Grand Runic Knight]s…”

Elru walked away again returning to the scroll library of Furtak’s.

“And Gunthar?” Rainer asked, holding in his laughter.

“Soul Empowerment. It improves all Soul related skills. When you have some time, Sorcerer, you must teach me the Devil’s tongue.”

“Of course, what use is my [Archon] class if I couldn’t even do that,” Rainer said. Though, he thought nervously, as he struggled to think of how he would teach such a thing. He knew in the future for his goals he needed to learn to pass on the skills he gained from his class bonus. So, he treated Gunthar’s request as a goal he needed to reach.

“Rainer, I’m curious if you can resist one of Gunthar’s skills,” Kara asked. She recalled her own difficulties and thought it hard to believe his Willpower would be enough alone without any practice.

Gunthar started first with [Reaper’s Beckoning], but Rainer was only affected by a slight increase in pressure. Only noting that there was a presence affecting him.

“The second skill, Sorcerer, is a bit different. It brings about one’s doubts and apprehensions to the surface. “

“Go ahead,” Rainer nodded.

With Gunthar activating the second skill, Rainer found himself largely unaffected. Except for one point, Luna’s early arrival to her full Fae adulthood. Such a new development weighed on his mind ever since his return and assurance of Luna’s safety.

Gunthar immediately stopped, quite surprised his skill affected even Rainer with his high Willpower.

“How did the conversion of [Draconic Essence] go?” Gunthar asked. He saw Rainer likely still dwelled on whatever his doubts related to. But in part for changing the subject and another part in pure curiosity he asked this question.

“It took but a moment,” Theodore answered for him, “And my theory on the inscriptions being solely a matter of a mind….” He then said as he recalled the scene of Mana carefully activating it, “Was quite false.”

“Let’s head back, Rainer, we should talk,” Kara said as Theodore explained everything that happened during the ritual to Gunthar.

Instead of heading back to their room Kara lead Rainer off to the balcony of the mansion. Lacking a proper window, it looked out into the city.

“I guess you know about Luna’s change?” Kara asked.

Rainer only nodded. He had originally thought he had years before a decision needed to be made. Now he hadn’t the slightest idea how to make it.

“I knew about you and her from the start, you know,” Kara said looking at the strange expression on Rainer’s face, “Rather perhaps everyone but you did. Did you truly believe how you fed her Mana as normal?”

“At first, I wasn’t sure. But after a while it became a bit obvious,” Rainer said scratching his head.

“And so did I, from the start. My ears are quite sensitive you know?” Kara said referring to their time traveling with the Winter’s Guardians, “And yet I still accepted you as we went forth. In fact, it was Luna who was quite helpful on our first date.”

“And you’re still okay, even with the new changes?”

“I’ve been interested you know, ever since the first talk with Matheus and then later talking to Elru,” Kara then suddenly added.  

“What do you mean?”

“Apparently, it's far more fun when the Fae are the ones giving away Mana,” Kara only grinned, “I’ll wait until it’s her second time to join in on the fun. Maybe it’ll be fun teasing her for a change…” She added as she went back to the room quickly.

Rainer placed his hands across the balcony as he looked out over the Goblin city. The lack of moss on the wall meant that while he could see outward, none could see him.

Had the issue he struggled with so long been so easily solved? It was true that polygamy was common in this world. Among those he recently met George had multiple wives.  

He stared down at his hand as his thoughts switched to his eventual [Voidwalker] 2nd tier advancement. With his third-tier titles, his points for creating an enchanted item extended beyond his prior capabilities.

Two rings then?

Rainer thought. This was his ideal solution. But he knew from Kara’s face that it was not hers. So, he would do all he could to make her happy. To make Luna happy. He could do nothing more, for he could not choose.

And if neither forced him, he would not on his own.

He had long since abandoned much of the ideals of his previous society. Whether it was the sanctity of life or the adherence to the law. And he knew the path he took that, while he would hold the ideal of learning up high, he would likely engage in a war that this world had never seen.

He would be a threat that extended beyond race and national border. All Mage Guilds, and those Demons who sought Kara would see him as their foe. And too, if Kara’s fate as it would be in Gunthar’s world proved here, would the entirety of the world see her as their foe.

As his thoughts spiraled, he felt Luna’s arms wrap around him. She had left his coat outside of his view and returned to her new full size.

“Are you alright?” Luna said.

Luna had felt the turmoil in his heart through the Familiar bond.

Grabbing her hand, he spoke, “I am now.”

“Rainer, I had not brought it up previously, but I have something important I need help with,” Luna said.

Her tone was grave and lacked any of her usual moods.

He only nodded as he turned around to face her.

“When I was…born. My life was anything I could wish for. But as the nightmares of fire and pain became reality, there was only a single person by my side. The person Yulia assigned as my caretaker. Quera. She took care of me every day, at first, as if I was no different from a princess. Without her, every moment was but darkness and fire.”

“And she was the one who helped me escape. And she was the one I left behind…I…After I escaped. After I ended up as a prisoner. And even when I escaped Yulia, it was only once more darkness and fire. Until you came for me…”

“As I always will.”

“I didn’t wish to bring Quera up for I feared, I feared you would rush to save her. I…and after what had happened I was so weak.”

“We’ll leave right now,” Rainer said holding her.

Luna only nodded before returning to her old size and taking her place on his shoulder. Rainer rushed back to Kara.

She looked at the two confused, and seeing the seriousness of Rainer’s face only followed the two out.

Gathering everyone, Rainer explained the change in plans. They would immediately head to the Fae realm and search for Luna’s caretaker. He knew every second meant the chance she could be tried or hurt as a supporter of Yulia’s. Or perhaps die from the lack of Mana in whatever place Yulia placed her were she still alive.

“Are you sure, Sorcerer?” Gunthar asked. They had decided that they would wait to head to the Fae realm until Rainer had grown stronger.

“I am,” Rainer responded. To him, the one who helped Luna escape. The one who allowed him to meet her. There was no one he owed any more than her. He could only hope his hasty retreat hadn’t left her without Mana and alone in a cell.

According to Elru, Fae could live without Mana for a few weeks, but Rainer saw little reason to wait.

“Let us go with you,” Furtak responded, with Delilah nodding in agreement.


“You need more than one person to represent your Arcane Order do you not? Unless you think a [Fire Sage] who is Flame-Touched is unworthy?”

“Alright, fellow Adept, let’s be off,” Rainer said.

Before Furtak could take flight himself, a nearly gravity-less field surrounded the entire group as [Arcane-Wind’s Ascent] covered them in turn.

With a flurry of wind, they accelerated as Rainer’s [Arcane Awakening] operated at maximum. He hoped his visit to the Fae realm went with little issue.

And he doubted it would be the case.

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