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AN: So I made a tiny error but missed a significant world-building moment last chapter. It has already been corrected yesterday but for those that wouldn’t have seen it:The change was that after [Arcane Energy Manipulation] leveled up by Rainer giving Luna his mana, he now gained 18% experience right after. Pretty crucial to my world design.  

Was too tired to finish editing last night, so morning chapter. Another chapter shall be coming later today. Also just as a preface chapters aren't always going to be this long. I feel web novels should be web novels and my goal word count is more around 2000-2500 per chapter. The almost combined 9000 that are Chapter 4 and 5 feels a bit too much for me. 

Thank you for all the views, follows, and favorites.  

[Sleep Learning] had always had the ability to be customized in how the learning happened, rather it was required. Rainer back on Earth would read over various pieces of music and could control to a degree which pieces were practiced, how they were practiced, and on what instrument. Though, back on Earth, he had been unable to use it to practice magic.

Prior to falling asleep and after making sure Luna was alive, Rainer had set up conditions for how he would practice [Arcane Energy Manipulation].

These conditions involved creating a perfect sphere, similar to [Arcane Bolt] but without the field containing the energy and magical commands that made it a proper spell, then spinning said sphere around him once the energy inside could be controlled. Afterward, the condition was set to duplicate the sphere and create as many at the same time as possible.

This was similar to what his grandfather had tried to teach him to do with mana, but he never could properly form a sphere. Not only that, but he’d been spent quite quickly.

He chose this skill in particular to level because he needed to fully know whether or not [Sleep Learning] would give him Exp like leveling [Arcane Energy Manipulation] naturally had. From then on he’d make sure to think about what exactly he leveled without actual work before he wasted a significant opportunity to become stronger.  

Whether it was out of respect for the formerly living goblin mage or the fear of him no goblin had tried to enter the room as both man and fairy slept comfortably.

So ended what was likely the longest Rainer had slept for in months due to the work he had been doing in order to wall-walk. He gently opened his eyes, melodramatically wondering if he was still alive, and soon he couldn’t help but feel excited at how great he felt. Right away he jumped up, sending a certain fairy flying.

“Ahh! What are you doing to Luna! Luna was having good dream!” the fairy said as she stopped herself mid launch.

“Having a good dream? While you were supposed to be on guard?” Rainer simply felt too good to really be angry, but this was more fun.

“Dream? Yes Dream, Luna Day-Dream all the time. Luna carefully watch while sitting on human’s head. Human sleep a long time, Luna can’t help but Day-Dream. Human taking advantage of Luna’s good work. Accusing Luna of sleeping,” she replied, speaking far quicker than normal.

Rainer ignored the still continually stammering fairy and instead looked at the messages that appeared when he awoke. He started to notice that the message system was intuitive and generally reacted in the way he pleased.

For example, if he tried to actually look at something where a message was without trying to look at the message itself, it would automatically disappear. Just a thought brought any recent messages back right after.  

[Arcane Energy Manipulation Leveled up to Lvl 4]

No experience? As I thought. I’ll have to test out if training a spell gives experience. If it does I’ll have to switch to sleep learning something I wouldn’t practice anyways or that won’t give experience when leveled. Speaking of which, [Appraisal] didn’t give me experience when it reached level 2 but can I even train it in my sleep?

What is this…Familiar?

[Familiar contract initiated, Make Fae Princess Luna Emralira-Igna your Familiar? Y/N]

He was about to hit yes immediately before he paused and looked over at Luna. Yes, she was most likely responsible for healing him and certainly having her around would be convenient. Not to mention whatever the goblin had wanted her for may be on the table. But, Princess?

As of now, he saved a princess from torture and imprisonment.  

That means hot Fae women who are hopefully my size, gold and who knows what else...probably. But if I make her my familiar? I might become the man who kidnapped a princess of Fae. That's a pretty big target on my back. I should just ask her.

Rainer turned back to the still stammering Fairy.

“And another thing, Luna had moved hair perfectly to form bed, and yet now it's ruined. You ruined Luna’s hard work and yet Luna is the villain!”

“It's my bad, my bad, you guarded properly and I blamed you. I’m just a terrible person.” Rainer did his best to look depressed. And it was quite effective.

“No, no, no, no, human help and save Luna and now Luna lied to human after human so nice. Luna fell asleep, Luna bad fairy,” she said quietly while she stood on his shoulder.

“Good, I forgive you,” Rainer said while he held out his palm, "And it’s Rainer, not human.”

She nodded before fluttering to his hand.

Now that he looked closely she seemed to have grown an inch or two after her transformation. Contemplating for a moment Rainer decided to just ask some general questions before asking about the familiar contract.

In the end, forcing a Fae Princess into some sort of contract didn’t sound like the best idea. Also when they had appraised each other earlier something about him being a hero was brought up. It could be a hint about how he ended up here, not that he planned on playing the role.

There were a lot of other questions he wanted to ask but he was starving and thirsty and he didn't doubt that unless he was at his breaking point he would never eat what he saw the goblins eat.  

Hero, Contract, and then let's get the fuck out here and get some food. No just water. Really need water. Where do they even get water from in this mine?

“So earlier you mentioned that I might be a hero or something? You want to explain that?”

“Hmm Luna is confused too. All heroes should be heroes but you’re not a hero but you have the blessing, but don’t have the blessing.”

She nodded as if he was supposed to perfectly understand what she said.  

Blessing…? No rather, what the hell did any of that mean?!

“And this blessing would be?” he asked.

“The blessing.”

“Yes, the blessing,” Rainer said, listening intently.

“Hmmhmm the blessing.”


“And what?”

“The blessing!”  

“Yes, the blessing,” Luna responded with an innocent look.

““No I mean what is the blessing? What does it do? What does it look like? Why do I have it but don’t have it? Where does it like go for walks? What does it taste like? The blessing!” he blurted, his hunger reducing his patience.  

“Oh Luna forgot, If Rainer hero but not hero but maybe hero Rainer wouldn’t know about the blessing. But Luna isn’t sure what the blessing tastes like…”

“No, that's fine, that's completely fine, just tell me what it does.”

“Luna can do. The blessing allows those favored by the World Tree to access the World Tree’s Information. All Fae like Luna can use [Appraisal] at the very least. Other than Fae, only Heroes,” she said proudly with her hands on her hips.

“So I have to be a hero?” Rainer started to understand that thankfully he was most likely not a hero, and not expected to do any related tasks such a grandiose class would require. His [Arcanist] Class covered why he was able to initially learn abilities quickly. He could only then assume the barrier of entry to learning [Appraisal] was so high that no one other than those who were given it could learn it. Besides himself of course.

“Yes, but you also not hero. All Heroes have to have Hero class. Hero Mage, Hero King, Great Hero, Hero Mouse. You just Ara-a-acanist. But you have to be hero. But not a hero….”  

Why does she even have trouble saying it? Is she doing it on purpose...I mean my messages are all in English so hers should be in whatever language she’s most comfortable with. Wait...we’ve been speaking in English this whole time! What the hell? Oh whatever I don’t even care, who knows how long that explanation might take.

“And it's impossible to have [Appraisal] otherwise?”

“Hmm, completely impossible Luna says.”

“And Luna can’t be wrong?”

“Luna is never wrong.” The amount of confidence brimming from this statement was too bright for him to even look at.

Sighing Rainer decided that finding another human to answer his questions might be better before he did anything irreversible. He wanted to ask her about changing classes but if she says something confusing…

I’ll be a damned farmer or something in the middle of a goblin mine.

“Alright, then I have another question.”

“Luna answered perfectly, of course, you would ask more.”

Did he even wish to ask anymore? Should he just hit no and be done with it? But the idea of having a personal healer had enticed him. Even if she was a little strange he wasn’t actually that bothered by someone who would happily talk while he didn’t even have to pay attention.

Anyone else would just get offended, but she had enough confidence to know that he was hanging on to every word. Plus, he had an odd amount of sympathy and attachment for her, like she was a lost puppy who couldn’t stop happily barking and crying when he was around.

Rainer had experience in the past of being against getting a dog. And then happily letting it sleep in his bed a few days after he loudly declared the dog wouldn’t even be allowed in his room nor would he ever help take care of the dog. Which he did anyway, almost exclusively, like some dad in a sitcom. He got a bit misty eyed with the reminder of Lucy...

He also had no idea if the mine was right next to some at least more civilized races, or if it was dead set in the middle of nowhere. Having even a companion that was a little too talkative wouldn’t be a bad thing.

He decided to go for it in the end...

“So do you know anything about familiar contracts?”

“Oh you mean the contract Luna accepted. Luna knows. But Luna not happy. Why hasn’t Rainer accepted yet.” The angry look on her face caused Rainer to stifle a laugh.

So she got the same message. Was it really so easy for a Princess to accept such a thing? It says she’ll be MY familiar right?

[Familiar contract initiated, Make Fae Princess Luna Emralira-Igna your Familiar? Y/N]

“And you’re okay with being my familiar?”

Luna’s eyes turned wistful as she stared up at particularly nowhere.  

“Luna was very scared, goblins do mean things poking Luna with heated up sticks and hurting wings. And the strong goblin...Producing dust is very hard for fairies. Yet hero saved Luna and not ask for dust that all humans want and even healed Luna. It is like Luna is in story of The First Hero.”

I’m very curious about this fairy dust now...but it would leave a bad taste in my mouth if I tried to get any from her.

“But you said I might not be a hero?”

She rubbed her head for a moment, clearly confused. Rainer thought that perhaps this World Tree was like a god to them, or perhaps an actual living breathing god. The fact that Rainer had [Appraisal] without a hero class must have been like he was challenging her very fundamental beliefs.

“Luna doesn’t mind.”

“Can the contract be broken?”

“Yes….” she responded a bit sadly.

“It was just a question, I’ll accept.”

Rainer hit yes on the message prompt, figuring even if she lied about some aspects, intentionally or not, the message clearly stated she was his familiar. He became a bit nervous that if the so-called World Tree was responsible for this game system, couldn’t have he just been fooled? Though then it would just switch yes and no or do a trick message of something else entirely. There were numerous far easier ways of fooling him.

A new status type window appeared in his face after a few messages.

[Familiar Gained: Fae Princess Luna Emralira-Igna]

[Title Gained: Fae Contractor]

[Change visible title from [Arcane Scholar] to [Fae Contractor]? All effects still persist Y/N]

[Familiar: Fae Princess Luna Emralira-Igna]
[Fae Enchantress Lvl 6]
[Current Shared Skill: None]
[Familiar Skills: Summon]

Already another title, thank you...World...Tree?

He thought to himself before hitting no and keeping the shown title the same.

Wait...Lvl 6? Did my mana do that?

“Hey, Lu…”

Before he finished speaking Luna had flown in front of him and kissed him on the cheek and he received another message right after. Luna had taken his surprised look to have been embarrassment and was quite pleased with herself.

He was of course instead intently looking at the new message. Why would an 7-inch tall fairy make him embarrassed? He was just comfortably sitting nude in front of her in the first place, not that he noticed.

[Talent Gained: Gift of the Fae, Luna Emralira-Igna]

[Gift of the Fae, Luna Emralira-Igna: The Gift of the Fae Princess Luna Emralira-Igna. Grants 100% total increased mana regeneration.]

Compared to a potion it may not seem like too much but to Rainer, the word total was absolutely unmatched. It answered his questions about how the percentages listed stacked as well. He thought now it was likely the 200% and 100% from his class and affinity were additive. Whereas this bonus was multiplicative with all other bonuses!

He took a quick look at his new title before he stood up.

[Title: Fae Contractor: One who has entered into a rare and powerful contract with a member of the Fae. 5% experience bonus. Gives Familiar Skill: Summon]

Though the moment he stood up he noticed the mine was a lot colder than before. Looking down he now finally noticed the lack of his clothes. He looked over at Luna who was now covering her eyes and decided to appraise her dress to see if an earlier thought was correct.

[Magical Construct: An object made out of pure mana. Type: Fae Dress]

“Hey Luna, you mind making me some clothes?”

“Ah, I’m sorry Rainer but Luna can only make clothes for Luna,“ she said, still hiding her face behind her hands. Though, even through her tiny hands, Rainer could see that they were slightly separated and she was clearly peeking.  

Wait why are you even getting embarrassed now, you did this!

Rainer palmed his face with his left hand for a moment before he shook his head and focused on more important matters, like leaving this place.

“Luna you wouldn’t happen to remember where the exit to this place is?”

“Not a clue!” she said a bit too proudly.

What is there to be so confident about?!

“How about using this ring and taking me with you?”

“I don’t want to go home. If Rainer really wants to I can but not want to…”

A for once serious tone coming out of Luna, who didn’t even refer to herself in the third person. Rainer sighed for a moment and decided he’d keep the ring as a last resort. He didn’t mind honoring one serious thing she’d said the whole time, so long as he wasn’t dying or at risk.

Dropping the conversation, Rainer walked over to where he carefully set down all the notes of the goblin.

“Can you read these Luna?”

Back to her usual self, due to seeing Rainer didn’t plan on making her use the ring, she fluttered over.

“Of course Luna is special. Ah, But Rainer can too you know?”

“So I can spend even more skill points on a skill you’ll make fun of me for.”

“No silly, I can share the skill since you are Luna’s master now.”

Rainer recalled the skill sharing ability and he had become ecstatic at the thought of reading this mage’s notes, though even a little more depressed at the wasted points.

“Hmm, done!”

Receiving no information Rainer just managed to stop himself from speaking out before he saw the message that appeared.

[Current Shared Skill: All Language Translation]

[All Language Translation: All non-runic Languages shall be translated to the one you are most knowledgeable in.]

He had been speaking English as an afterthought but it didn’t really matter to Luna at all.  

“So how could you tell I was speaking the “dumb one’s” language?”

“It's the noise. Even if it comes out Fae, Luna can still understand what language it's in.”

“Alright Luna I’m going to spend some time reading over these notes, could you check the cabinets and surrounding area for any clothes I could wear? No, more importantly, shoes, I need shoes and some water.”

Seeing her look a bit uncomfortable Rainer amended what he said a bit.

“You can just look in this room if you don’t find anything you just relax. Oh, you don’t happen to be able to read these runes?”

“Nope, sorry Rainer,” she said, still feeling a little guilty at not wanting to leave the room.

“Hey, it's okay, here, as soon as you check the room you can lay down in my hair again,” he said, brushing his hair.

“Hehe, Luna would anyways. And when Luna is done checking Luna will make water for the weak pitiful human who needs it.”

Regaining some of her spirit, she flew away while Rainer looked down at the notes, not before being a little confused at the pitiful human part. Did she always have such a view?

Organizing the notes as best he could, right away he could tell that the goblin himself hadn’t written them. If he had, Rainer was positive he’d be dead without a chance. The notes were written in almost a teaching way, it seems this goblin mage that was here was an inheritor or, hopefully not, but an apprentice of a seriously strong mage.

The spells were summarized and decently put together, and while he could just easily read what each one did, actually using them was a different story. But Rainer had a plan. He’d learn the easiest possible spell he could find out of all these notes. Not only would it give him more spell variety, it would give him something he could use [Sleep Learning] on without losing Exp. At least, if his prediction on the skills and spells needing to be directly related to Arcane Magic to give him Experience was correct.

The easiest spell combined with sleep learning meant that just like with [Arcane Bolt] his general control over fire should multiply.  

Learning that Luna could make water, at least what he hoped was actual water and not a euphemism for something else, all he needed now were clothes and food. He had the dead goblin mage in the hallway, though it had already been sitting out for 8 hours. It also looked a bit too human. He could survive for a while without food, he’d spare his sanity for now.

But all thoughts faded before the idea of learning a new spell. It didn’t even matter to Rainer if it would be useful in the end. He wanted, no needed, to learn it. He carefully memorized the spell for lighting a flame equivalent to a match, even one of the runes he didn’t understand. It wouldn’t be too hard to experiment and get the missing piece working.

He moved on to memorizing some of the harder spells soon after, already decently practiced in memorization techniques, with the improved intelligence from leveling up certainly not hurting his cause.

But such happy thoughts were interrupted by a loud growling yell coming from the tunnel that had been covered with a desk.  

Rainer checked his status screen for a moment before he got up and started walking over. He immediately armed 4 [Arcane Bolts] as he made his way closer.  

[Primary Classes: Arcanist Lvl 3/25]
[Titles: Arcane Scholar, Fae Contractor]
[Exp: 34%]
[Sub-classes: None]
[Race: Human]
[Skills: Sleep Learning Lvl 9/10, Appraisal lvl 2/10, Goblin Anatomy lvl 1/10, Fae Anatomy lvl 4/10, Long Jumping lvl 1/10, Sprinting lvl 1/10, Bare-Fist Fighting lvl 1/10, Muknar Language 3/10, Faaran Runic Language lvl 3/10, Fae Language lvl 1/10,  Mana Manipulation lvl 2/10, Arcane Energy Manipulation lvl 4/10]
[Skill Points: 3]
[Talents: Excellent Arcane Affinity, Human Growth]
[Stamina: 12/12]
[Stamina Regen: .1% per second]
[Mana: 13/15(17)]
[Mana Regen: .0022 per second]

He gently twisted the ring on his finger a few times, before he decided to call over Luna and make sure they were ready to run for it.

“Here Luna, take your ring back. If we're about to be killed you’ll use the ring and take us both right? No, wait can it even take us both?”

“It can but…”

“Then it's fine, you wouldn’t rather die than go back home would you?”

“No Luna wouldn’t want Rainer to die…”

“Then good, take it,” Rainer said as he threw the ring to Luna and turned back towards the tunnel.

“But I would rather die...” she muttered out of earshot as she put on the now shrunken ring.

Luna flew over and hovered behind Rainer just as he spoke to her.

“So what kind of combat abilities you got?” He wasn’t hoping for much. She was captured in the first place.

“Luna’s Flame isn’t very strong for attacking. It wasn’t…”

“Yeah, it could be different now that you’ve changed and leveled up 4 times.”

“What! Luna leveled up! And 4 times! How can such an occurrence even be explained?” she exclaimed before her pitch slightly shifted towards the end.

“You didn’t notice?” Her speech changed again...

“Luna didn’t notice, didn’t notice. Hehehe, Luna is so strong. Thank you, Rainer,” she said as she nestled herself into his hair.

“So you can help?” he said while becoming a bit more hopeful.

“Nope. Have fun, Rainer!” she blurted out without a bit of shame.

He was just about to swat at her before he heard a roar that was most certainly not from a goblin.

He started to gather the Arcane energy around him as it rumbled in fury coalescing within his palms. It formed two powerful [Arcane Bolts]. He grinned, readily awaiting whatever came rushing through the tunnel.


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cloud043 @cloud043 ago

This is actually quite good.  Keep up the good work.

OneEyedLich @OneEyedLich ago

I've been bing reading it, It's good ! And there's à lot of chapter per weeks
I hope MC will as properly what happened to her (i guess she suffered a coup d'état and was sent helpless against some random gobelin x)) 

Si she grows bigger each time she receives mana huhuhu

Keep the good work !

SilentHill34 @SilentHill34 ago

Slight mistakes.
''He got a bit misty eyed with the remainder of Lucy...''  I think you meant reminder instead of remainder.
''Before he finished speaking Luna had flow in front of him and kissed him on the cheek and he received another message right after.''  Change flow to flown.
Thanks for the chapter. :-D


Aternus @Aternus ago

30/09/2016 09:58:32SilentHill34 Wrote: [ -> ]Slight mistakes.
''He got a bit misty eyed with the remainder of Lucy...''  I think you meant reminder instead of remainder.
''Before he finished speaking Luna had flow in front of him and kissed him on the cheek and he received another message right after.''  Change flow to flown.
Thanks for the chapter. :-D

Thank you for specifics and reading. I actually noticed remainder but I think when I changed it I just typed remainder again lol.

Changing both now.

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OP familiar contracts obtained with little effort, emotional attachments with strangers out of nowhere, and disembodied all-knowing voices are my pet peeves.

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Last chapter didn't you say fae anatomy was at six and now it's at 4

arckane @arckane ago

10/20/2016 6:14:36 AMThe Bus Lurker Wrote:

OP familiar contracts obtained with little effort, emotional attachments with strangers out of nowhere, and disembodied all-knowing voices are my pet peeves.

 Then don't read no one cares what your "pet peeve " is


Aternus @Aternus ago

10/22/2016 5:50:23 AMarckane Wrote:

Last chapter didn't you say fae anatomy was at six and now it's at 4

 Did I? Thanks ill go fix.