Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Romance Anti-Hero Lead Male Lead Reincarnation

*Cover done by Marmartarcheck him out, he does really beautiful art*

 Warning This fiction contains mature content

A red flash ends our world, and Will too dies with it...

Or so it was supposed to happen, but he discovers that his memories have been transfered to a genetically engineered baby many years in the future who has the power to control organic nanomachines called Nanides.

With many warring factions, a space full of oportunities and a past life that haunts his actions, Will has to change in order to survive in this new cruel world.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Rewritten Prologue: The End and The Beginning ago
Rewritten : The Orner :Part 1: Start ago
Rewritten : The Orner: Part 2: Society ago
Prologue: Feelings ago
Prologue: Edward: First Half ago
Prologue: Courage: Second Half ago
Prologue End: First Half: Eagle´s Talon ago
Prologue End: Second Half: Will, Rea and Edward ago
Interlude: Part 1: Council of the Hundred ago
Interlude Part 2: Phantom ago
Interlude:Part 3: Spaceship ago
Kingdoms & Slaves: Part 1: Frontier ago
Kingdoms & Slaves:Part 2: Defiance ago
Kindgoms & Slaves: Part 3: Fighting ago
Kindgoms & Slaves: Part 4: Relgash ago
Battle Master: Part 1: Pirates ago
Battle Master: Part 2: Desert ago
Battle Master: Part 3: Oasis ago
Battle Master: Part 4: Manile ago
Battle Master: Part 5: Mankala Bandits ago
Battle Master: Part 6: Battle ago
Homestead:Part 1:Village ago
Homestead:Part 2: Metal ago
Homestead:Part 3: Training ago
Homestead:Part 4: Gunblade ago
Freedom:Part 1:Rebellion ago
Freedom:Part 2:Riot ago
100 Followers Special Poll -Closed ago
Freedom:Part 3:Execution ago
Freedom:Part 4:Reaper ago
Freedom:Part 5:Village ago
Peace & Storm:Part 1: Militia ago
Peace & Storm:Part 2: Understanding ago
Peace & Storm:Part 3: Cumulonimbus + Map ago
Peace & Storm:Part 4: Storm ago
Peace & Storm:Part 5: Grent ago
Interlude: Preparations ago
Journey:Part 1: Killing & Meeting ago
Journey:Part 2: Frozen Mountains ago
Journey:Part 3: Fox ago
Journey:Part 4: Secret ago
Journey:Part 5: Influence ago
Revolution: Part 1: Anger ago
Revolution:Part 2: Elite Guard ago
Side Story: Kenta: Part 1: Pilot Academy ago
Side Story: Kenta: Part 2: Soaring ago
Revolution:Part 3: Escape ago
Revolution:Part 4:Death ago
Revolution:Part 5:Aftermath ago
Revolution:Part 6:Riot ago
Revolution:Part 7: Found ago
Revolution:Part 8: Near ago
Revolution: Part 9: Endings: VOLUME 1 END ago
Volume 1 End Update: VERY Important things, Announcements and Teasers for Vol. 2 ago
Side Chapter-Johann The King of Chaos-Part 1- Aspirations ago
Side Chapter-Johann The King of Chaos-Part 2- Power ago
Volume 2:Recovery:Part 1 ago
New Lands: Part 1 : Takeoff ago
New Lands: Part 2 : Androids ago
New Lands:Part 3: Intermission ago

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Great Idea, needs more details.

Ok, So I am going to review this the same way RoyalRoad does. I would like to preface this by saying that I am reviewing it this harshly because I like the premise and would love to see this grow into a better novel/serial.


1) Overall Score: So for the overall score I am going to give this a 3.5 out of 5, the reasons behind this rating I will explain in the categories below.


2)Style Score:So for style I will give it a 3.5 the main reason behind this rating is due to the constant skips between first and third person.  It may just be me but the skips lead to confusing and messy transitions, it is very rare to find a writer that can do both third and first person writing in one story, the only one I know of pulling it off in my entire reading life is Terry Pratchett.  I think you should chose one form or the other.  The other really jarring is the skips in time, over the course of the first three or four chapters he goes from baby to child to full adult, it is much too quick, I know a lot of these reincarnation stories want to skip over the boring childhood chapters, but it is something that is necessary to building the plot and characters, I hate time skips as they just seem lazy, (not saying you are lazy lol) if you want to start the story latter in the reincarnation just do that, it feels like I am missing large chunks of the narrative.


3)Grammar Score:  4 stars, the spelling isn't bad, but those first few chapters with the paragraph long sentences made it really hard to read.


4)Story Score: 3 out of 5 Ok, don't get mad at me, but the story mixed with your narrative style, just doesn't work.  I can see that you are going for a complex story, and that is a good thing, the only issue is the way you write is minimalistic(nothing wrong with that, look at Markus Heitz he is an amazing minimalistic writer) but the issue arises when you have so many characters and none of them have adequate description,  it makes it hard to remember who is related to who, and what their stakes in all this is.


5)Character Score: 3 out of 5, this one is the central pillar to me of all novels, the characters, and while I wanted to feel invested in your world the characters did not quite grab me.  The main character for example, he seems to be wayyyy to japanese, I know it is a thing that is popular on this site, but I don't know if I can take another japanese light novel bricktagonist, he falls into all the same tropes, and has issues deciding if he wants to be a pansy or a hard ass.


Please don't take this as me hating on the novel, I really do like the sci fi themes you have put in, I just feel if you are going to do a complex story you need to describe the world and characters better, I want to know motivations, feelings, I want to taste the food when they eat it!  Keep up the good work and I hope this review helps!

Terminus Est.

  • Overall Score

After reading some of the glowing reviews, I don't know what to think.  I simply don't understand what the author is trying to do with the characters or story.  When I read it it just seems like a jumbled mess, I don't see a logical connection between what is happening or how characters are behaving from one moment to the next.  Personalities are inconsistent, choices are made that seem at odds to what we've seen of the characters, without explanation ... 


And yet there are plenty of great reviews, so maybe it's just me missing things.  Whichever, to me, time is better spent elsewhere.

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A little polish and this story will be become a gem

Overall :

After spending some time reading up to the latest chapter, I have found that I like the flow, but the grammar that's the part that keeps this story from flowing well. If you can work on your grammar more, and spend more time editing then this will be a gem. But that is for a later time. For now, you can only focus on building up your reader base as your story begins to get good. As of the latest chapter, yes it's getting good. But it lacks the refined narrative that quite a few stories on here have. I just recommend that you keep doing what your story does best. Hectic but entertaining at the same time.

Style :

The descriptions give me enough of what I need to know. But a little more detail in the story wouldn't hurt.

Story :

So far it's been pacing quite well up to the latest chapter. I hope your story doesn't lose its well-managed pacing.

Grammar :

Spend more time editing your older chapters. And maybe get a proofreader that will help your story, in the long run, its readable despite this.

Characters :

The MC is decent, but his thoughts are a tad difficult to understand at times.

The side characters, unlike the MC, need to be established more. They lack believability.


-Boxxy, the God of boxes

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I thought this story was interesting from the very first paragraph, and I havent been disappointed yet. Everything I see here in very intriguing and I really enjoy the story.

A good read!

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The story has what I would call several prologues intermingled with the actually story, and it creates a situation that perhaps can feel somewhat confusing/off-putting. However, do not judge the story based upon the start. It’s a rough start, even with the rework the author put into it. I assume that the elements introduced in the prologue is required for later character building/story arc, and as such my recommendation is to read through it, but to give it a chance and read the next 4-5 chapters after the end of the prologue.

That is when things really pick up and some of the chapters are brilliant - of examples can be mentioned a great arc from a different POV.

The story is still rough and grammar mistakes occur from time to time, but I am quite certain that this story will grow to be one of the greats on the site.

It is an adventure, with a heavy focus on character and world building, just suspend your disbelief a little while reading and don't expect everything to be "realistic" and you'll have a great time reading this.

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If you start reading it don't let go until Kingdom and slaves part 4

I have been a long time searching for a Space opera / fantasy novel;

And here it is all fresh, the world is interesting it mix all the strong point of both Sci-fi and medieval settings, slave dealers, princess, starship fights.

The fights are well detailled and are easy to follow the prologue take a bit too longue but, oooh boy when you get into the action.

I have no critics about grammar and style i'm not english myself.

Keep up the good job +1 follower

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Read this if you want some sort of pushover/inmature MC 

its way too dramatic, and the mc is some sort of loser, with an inferiority complex. did not make it past the prologues(it has a lot).


Author should get his head checked, he might have depresion or somehing.

  • Overall Score

good: but really confusing

lets be clear: i tried twice, but i never made it through the 8 prologue chapters. (why are there 8 prologue chapters? instead of just chapters 1-8? no idea. authors prefrence i guess)

the parts of the story that wernt confusing:(the re-written chapters) i really enjoyed, but thats when stuff turns strange

The following chapters seemed to jump into the middle of a story from a different book. with some of the same charictars going by differnt names, new charictars who weren't introduced,(showing up as if they were) and smack-dab in a whole senerio that is completely different than anything previously discussed. that leaves me confused.

maybe the author re-wrote some chapters and forgot to delete the older version, or maybe the first 3 were re-written; but ended up accidently removing vital infomation that the following chapters built on. who knows?

maybe if i just keep reading things will eventually fall into place. but i cant keep going on a story that dosnt start out in an understandable way.

...sigh... it feels like i'd have better luck solving a New York Times crossword puzzle using the terminology from a math proof, than to try to decode this prologue...  i give up. plz fix.