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The next morning, Brandon and Eveline are eating breakfast at the dinner table and gettting ready to go to school. Once they finishing eating Sharon walks into the kitchen to check on them.

Sharon: You kids finish eating now?

Brandon: Just now.

Sharon: Good, be a dear and wash yours and Eveline's bowl. Please and thank you. After that I'll drop you two off at school.

Brandon: Wha- Do I even I have a choice?

As Brandon grabs and washes the bowls, Sharon's attention turns to Eveline. She sees that Eveline is not as pale as yesterday but still sees that her complexion is still not great.

Sharon: How are you feeling today sweetie?

Eveline: I'm feeling fine right now.

Sharon: I see. Do you mind if I give you a quick check up? I'm sure you don't want what happened yesterday to happen today. Which is why it's a good thing that I finally going to have time to take you two to school now.

Accepting her offer, Sharon then starts to check her temperature and her pulse for any abnormalities.

Sharon: Have you had trouble eating lately? You haven't tried to eat any food you made right?

Eveline: (Is my cooking that bad?) ...No, I've been able to eat fine.

Sharon: *takes notice of her bandaged hand* How's your hand? May I take a look to see if it finally healed completely?

She twitches from Sharon wanting to see her hand. However she hesitantly gives Sharon her hand so that she can look at it. Sharon notices Eveline's unsure movements but does what she said what she would. Once she finishes unwrapping the bandage she sees what's underneath.

Sharon: Well then, I guess the scar finally went away.

Eveline: Huh!? What do you mean!

Sharon: Calm down Eve. Here take a look yourself. *shows her the location*

What Sharon sees is a completely healed hand with no sign of a scar, showing Eveline. Brandon overhears this and walks towards them.

Brandon: Woah, yeah mom's right. Look's like the thing is finally gone now. Isn't that great?

Both Sharon and Brandon express a sense of happiness for the healed hand. Eveline still looking at her hand is unable to believe her current situation.

Eveline: (What are they talking about? They can't see how large it's gotten!?)

In her eyes, Eveline sees the large scar that once was a small burn scar on the center of her palm, but now is a large burn scar that goes from the center down to her wrist.

Eveline: Are you sure you don't see anything! Like anything at all!

Sharon: Woah relax Eveline. There's nothing there anymore. Don't you agree Brandon?

Brandon: Yeah. That small scar you had is gone now. Why are you panicing?

Unable to understand as to why these two are saying that her hand is healed, weating starts to show as she starts to fell nervous. Immediately she notices that Sharon and Brandon are puzzled as to why she is acting weird.

Eveline: Oh yeah. I guess you're right. Hehe, sorry I guess I saw something else.

Brandon: Guess you won't be needing those bandages anymore.

Eveline: Yeah... You're right.

She smiles as to try and have them think that she is fine. Managing to do so, Sharon goes to start the car with Brandon and Eveline right behind her. Once inside the car, Sharon starts the engine and soon enough they are on the road to school. Throught the whole ride, Eveline is unable to take her eyes off from her "healed" hand.

Eveline: (Why is it that only I can see this? Am I going crazy? Because no matter how many times I blink my eyes, I still see this damn scar!)

Before she gets too frustrated, Brandon sees her and his concern for her causes him to place his hand onto her shoulder. She jolts for a second and turns to him. Seeing his calming smiles gives her the chance to relax the rest of the way. Arriving at the front of school, Sharon glances over to Eveline.

Sharon: If anything bad happens, I'll come to pick you up as soon as possible. Okay?

Eveline: Yes, thank you. *gets out the car*

Sharon: Brandon, watch over her. Look after her so that if she looks like she's about to faint.

Brandon: Got it.

Getting out of the car, they walk into the school and enter the first class of the day. Sitting down, Eveline is tapped on the shoulder by a friend of hers that sits next to her.

Girl: Hey you don't have those wrappings on your hand anymore. Is whatever you had there gone now?

Eveline: Yeah. Yeah it is, take a look yourself. *shows hand*

Girl: *looks at hand* Huh, yeah it's gone. Congrats.

Eveline: Thanks. (... Am I the only one that can see this scar now? But how?)

Unable to get her mind of her current condition, she couldn’t focus on anything all of the first couple of classes. A bell rings, indicating that Nutrition has started. Walking out to the quad, Eveline sits on a bench near the cafeteria. Brandon sits next to her and attempts to ask why she has been acting strange.

Brandon: Say, you doing okay? Cause back at the house you seemed very flustered.

Eveline: I did? ... Sorry I was just shocked I guess.

Brandon: Shocked?

Eveline: Not shocked. I mean like I don't have to wear those bandages on my hand anymore.

Brandon: Oh so you just got used to having it on or something?

Eveline: Y-yeah, something like that.

Brandon: *smiles* You're weird.

Eveline: You think so?

Brandon: Yeah but it doesn't matter. It's not a bad thing to be weird, I mean I can be weird every now and then. Even a little too weird sometimes.

Eveline: That's true. Sometimes you do say really weird stuff.

Brandon: ... You make it sound like when I'm weird, it's a bad thing.

Eveline: Well...

Brandon: Seriously? (A crap! What the hell do I even say that's weird?)

Eveline: No, don't worry about it. You being like that is just who you are. Plus your right, being weird isn't a bad thing. *faces down* Besides it's one of the reasons I like you.

Brandon: You say something?

Eveline: H-huh?! No, nothing at all.

Time passes and soon enough Nutrition ends and the students head towards their next class. With their next class being history Eveline heads to her assigned seat. As she does, she turns her head slightly towards her left; next to her chair and sees that Miho has been looking at her. The look Miho's giving appears as if she's analyzing Eveline. Unable to understand why she's looking at her, all Eveline can think of is to wave at her. Instead Miho turns her attention towards the front of the class and sighs. More students enter and the bell rings, prompting the teacher to gain control of the class so he can start his lesson.

History Teacher: Okay, everyone open your books to page 105.

Opening her backpack to grab the textbook, she realizes that it's not in her bag. She sees the teacher walking around the class to see if anyone is slacking off. He notices that Eveline doesn't have her book in front of her.

History Teacher: Why don't you have your book out?

Eveline: I ...forgot?

History Teacher: *sighs* Did you now.

Brandon: *raises his hand* I can share with her!

History Teacher: No, no point in you moving where you are. Besides I want my students to at least pay attention and not flirt while in class.

The class laugh as Brandon feels embarresed. The teacher looks at Eveline's left side and he spots someone he can trust.

History Teacher: Miho, share with Eveline.

Miho: ...Fine.

Scooting her desk beside Eveline's, Miho places her textbook in between where the two desks meet. Following along with the teacher's lesson, Eveline follows along and her scarred hand lays on the side of the book. She notices that Miho is looking at her scarred hand, thinking that she too cannot see the truth.

Eveline: My hand finally healed. So I don't need to wear those bandages anymore.

Miho: ...Is that the story your going with then?

Eveline: I'm sorry?

Miho: Your hand. You see it clean with no scar or such, right?

Eveline: N-no? I don't.

Concerned by her question, Eveline's heart start to beat and feels her palms beginning to sweat.

Eveline: (Can she see it!?) Do you?

Miho: No. I was just asking if it was gone from your view.

Eveline: What do you mean?

Miho: That whatever it was your bandage was covering up, is gone now. What did you think, idiot.

Eveline: Oh, haha. (Why did she call me an idiot?)

Baffled by Miho's question, Eveline is left wondering if Miho was trying to say something. Soon after Miho gets up and asks the teacher if she may leave to the restroom. Excused to go, she leaves the class and starts slowly walk towards the restroom.

Miho: *takes out phone* That idiot better answer.

Dialing a phone number, she holds it up with a annoyed look as it sends her straight to voicemail. She tries once more and the same result ensures. Until she tries one more time and finally gets a response.

Sasaki: Hey, what's up?


Sasaki: Damn, you gotta yell into the phone like that? Think about the people around you. They'll think your a weirdo bitch yelling at her boyfriend or something.

Miho: The doors around me are either closed or no one's inside. There's no problem. I want you to come back from wherever you are now. The girl is going to be killed if she isn't "treated".

Sasaki: Aw man, I just put in a couple of quaters into Darkstalkers 3 just now. I'll come after.

Miho: You want her blood on your hands.

Sasaki: I'm on my way. Jezz, way to put guilt on someone Miho.

Miho: Also, that comment of me being a weird yelling bitch hasn't gone unoticed. Just know that you won't be waking up with dry pants in the morning for sometime.

Sasaki: Haha okay, okay. I'm sorry for saying that. Seriously.

Miho: ...

Sasaki: No really. Sorry. Really. You're not really gonna-

Hanging up on him, Miho turns back and walks to class.

Returning to class Miho approaches Eveline and notices her hand. She stops and sees that her scar had gotten dark around its edges while she was gone. She's not the only one to notice, since Eveline seems to be greatly bothered by it. Sitting down, Miho takes notice that Eveline had quickly put her scarred hand below the desk.

Miho: (That moron better get her quick.)

The class ends and Eveline goes to Brandon so that they walk to their math class. Walking out of the room Eveline and Brandon walk towards their next class as Miho is walking far behind them. Once they enter it, Miho stays to make sure nothing abnormal would happen. The bell rings and the hallway is left empty, leaving Miho alone. Just as she herself leaves, she senses something ominous approaching.

Miho: ... Looks like one came.

The light in the hallway begins to flicker and a dark human figure forms. It barely has the shape of a person. Its limbs are very long with its arms touching the ground, legs that's s half of the door's length, and it's main body streached beyond human reasoning. Two white glowing eyes appears on it's head figure.

White eyed Spirit: Here. I sMell it here...

Just as it floats to the room Eveline is currently in, Miho extends her hand outwards and she mutters a particular chant all while glaring at the spirit. Suddenly the spirit is frozen in place. Unable to move, Miho walks towards it; now face to face with the spirit.

White eyed Spirit: That scent. It's HeRe. I NEED IT. NEED IT. NEEDITNEEDIT!

She puts on a red glove that has a star within a circle drawn it. Raising her hand once more and creates the shape of a circle with her index finger to the face of the being. Once the circle has been made clockwise, she makes a fist and punches the spirit. The spirit then fades away as it cries in agony.

White eyed Spirit: WHY! All I nEEd is that smell and I CaN STAY!

Finally gone, Miho stands alone as the lights return to normal.

Miho: (Odd. It's daylight but it took the risk just to manifest a physical form to get her. If that is the case... Then looks like we won't be able to wait anymore.)

She approches the classroom's door and opened it. Quickly she spots Eveline and grabs hold of her arm.

Math Teacher: What's going on here?

Brandon's protective nature towards Eveline causes him to immediatly stand up and yell.


Suddenly the windows crack loudly until they break open. The shards of glass from the broken windows go inside the classroom, causing everyone to flinch and run to the saftey of the otherside. Using the commotion to her advantage, Miho pulls Eveline out of the class.

Eveline: S-stop let me go!

Miho: Shut up. You can't stay here.

Eveline: What? Why!? What do you mean?

Before she would answer her, Miho stops right next to the stairs and is looking at something below.

Miho: Why the hell are they so aggresive now? (Her arm!)

Miho grabs Eveline's scarred hand and takes a look at it's condition. Disgusted by what she sees she let's go of her.

Miho: You don't have much time anymore.

Eveline: ... What? What are you talking about! *looks at her scarred palm.*

To her horror, she sees that the scar is now completely black. The veins around the scar have also darkened and is very slowly going up towards the rest of her body. She begins to walk backwards until she hits a wall behind her.

Eveline: W-w-w-what is this... It was fine before...

Miho: How long have you had that?

Eveline: I don't understand. Why is it like this... *tries to scratch it off*

Miho: Hey. Don't do that. You'll only hurt your skin if you keep doing that.

Eveline: ... You can see this?

Miho: Yes I can. So stop scratching it. Another time I'll explain, but right now we need to get out of here.

Pulling Eveline close to her, Miho pulls out a card from the pocket of her black hooded sweater. She holds the card in front of her face and begins to chant a phrase.

Miho: Spirit that sleeps within, come forth and hear my command.

The card burns blue as the ashes spiral and forms into a small creature. The creature is girlish looking, flying with fairy wings, blue skin, long white hair, and two glossy violet eyes.

Miho: Entity, I command you to burn any malicious beings that will cause this girl harm.

The small creature looks at Eveline and smiles. However very ugly like as its does not have teeth. Only showing the gum line. It moves towards Eveline, causing her to flinch and it begins to fly around her body.

Miho: Let's go. We going to run pass all of them so do not slow down.

Grabing hold of Eveline, the two quickly walk down the stairs and attempt to pass the dark spirits that are emerging from the ground. Eveline's eyes try to follow the fairy as it flies around her, however could only see the traces of blue light as it moves around. The ghosts seem to be completly ignoring Miho and only looking at Eveline.

Miho: *tightens her hold on Eveline* (That fairy won't last if their numbers grow even more.)

Getting closer to the exit, all the dark spirits lunge right towards Eveline. Quickly the fairy circles all over Eveline's body, with its blue light taking the form a a cylinder like shield. The distance drew close and the spirits had reached out as horrible, cold-blooded cries came from the spirits. Where their eyes should be, was only white void. All were focused on Eveline as her blight grows a bit more. Since they're everywhere too, they made it hard for Miho to see with the dark mass in front of her.

Miho: Don't listen to anything they say. Even if a voice sounds familar, DO NOT RESPOND BACK.

Eveline: They talk-


Eveline: Y-yes!

Immeditaly as they get closer to the exit, all the spirits body contort and begin to look like the one Miho defeated before getting to Eveline. The sounds they make grow louder as they continuously get burned into nothingness by the fairy's blue light. However as Miho runs faster, Eveline begins to slow as she begins to breathe harder. Eventually as she looks to Miho's direction, she realizes that not all the dark spirits are attacking. There are others in the background with an empty gaze facing her.

Eveline: (What the hell is all this? Why is this happening now! Am I... am I finally going crazy? Is the therpy that Marshall placed me in not working?)

Old doubts that she once believed to be gone creep in and repeat within her mind.

Eveline: (Something bad is always happening to me... Do I really not deserve to be happy like before? Should I... I...)

Voices mix in within her mind.

Spirits: (YOU SHOULD BE-)

Eveline: I should be dead.

Miho: What?

Eveline: Nothing good ever lasts for me, so what's the point in going on.

Miho: *flicks tongue* (Damn it, this situation is too much for someone like her. Plus this mass of darkness these bastards are producing is making it impossible to see anything.)

She looks back and notices the fairy is starting to slow down. Now frustrated, Miho looks at Eveline and could barely see her since the fairy's blue light is making it possible.

Miho: The hell with it!

Holding her tightly, Miho sprints forward knowing that the fairy protecting Eveline is starting to be overwhelmed. Feeling a brush of cold air, Miho runs as fast as she could, as Eveline was trying to keep up. Suddenly the fairy makes a squeal and the blue light that was protecting Eveline slowly fades away. A hand of the dark phantom touches Eveline's shoulder and immediatly every muscle and vein in that area feel as if they are being ripped out.

Before she does scream in pain, she is then pulled forward by Miho. Light blinds her for a few seconds, and as they adjust, she realizes that both her and Miho are now outside. She up and sees the sun still shinning as usual and some students walking around.

Eveline: We're outside?

Miho: Yeah, took awhile since I couldn't see a damn thing. You're luck the door we found was already open.

Miho takes a look at Eveline and observes that she seemed to be holding her shoulder. She walks up to her and moves the collar of the shirt. Quickly noticing that her shoulder is severally bruised. As it the center is redish purple and the rest is dark blue with a green rim.

Miho: Come on, we need to leave.

Eveline: But everyone-

Miho: Didn't you listen to me. I said they only want you. That blight is attracting them, but since we are in the sun they'll burn into nothingness the moment they leave that building.

Eveline: Oh. Okay.

Glaring at Eveline, Miho sighs and orders her to follow.

Miho: (This girl... Is she nothing but self-loathing?)

Walking to the far side of the campus, they run into a closed off wired gate. Miho looks at the thick chains and lock. She rattles the gated door to see if it was loose only to see that it is indeed locked. She looks to Eveline's side.

Miho: Hey, do you still have enough energy to get rid of this?

The fairy still around Eveline, makes a gently squeak and nod. It flies to the gated door and extends its little arms out. The chains and lock begin to quickly burn away. As it becomes ash, the little fairy look towards Miho with a proud face. She notices this and reaches out to it and rubs its head with her fingers.

Miho: Nice work.

Feeling her gratitude, it flies back toward Eveline and expects the same thing from her. However it goes unnoticed as Eveline is holding her bruised shoulder and is looking exhausted.

Miho: *opens gated door* Let's go. Now!

Snapping back into reality, Eveline walks as she follows Miho. Unsure what is going to happen. They make it to a gas station three blocks away from the school without any trouble. They are approached by a shaggy looking teenage boy.

Miho: Why the hell are you here?

Sasaki: Car was low on gas. So I'm filling it. Why else?

Miho: I told you that you needed to get to the school. You damn imbecile.

Sasaki: Imbecile, huh. Sure don't hear that word alot these days. Sides, looks like everything was fine. She was with you, so it couldn't have been that bad.

Miho: There were more than I had anticipated.

Sasaki: *smug look* Oh, so ready to admit that you do need help from time to time?

Miho: Hmph, don't be ridiculous. I-

She stops her sentence and sees the fairy buying for her attention. Quickly she turns to look at Eveline and as soon as she does, Eveline falls to ground. Sasaki runs to her and notices her blighted arm.

Sasaki: Holy shit! What the hell type of demon gave her this!?

Miho: Not sure, but one suspect does come to mind.

The two of them grab Eveline and place her in Sasaki's car. As some people looked, Sasaki said that she was only weak because of malnutrition in order to fool them. They then get in the car and move away from the gas station.

Sasaki: Do you really think that the Bloodstained Crow gave her that blight? I mean only demons give you those. Most of the time it's by accident, but the blights slowly drain your life, weaken your body, causes your blood vessels to painfully pulsate, and spread to the rest of your body. Worst case it hollows you out as everything in your body become fluid and spill out.

Miho: I know.

Sasaki: Why didn't you notice before?

Miho: I didn't sense any anomaly. I should have physcally checked her the moment she returned to her daily life.

As they drive, Eveline not entirely conscious lays on the back seat. She tries to say something but feels her mouth dry. Pain from her blight begins to sting her more. Now feeling like that one part of her body on fire she tries to grip the now pulsing black arm of hers, but is unable to.

Sasaki: Think you can treat her? It looks like it's pretty far into the stage?

Miho: I must. She may have leads of where that demon went.

Sasaki: *sighs* Right. You hear that girl? Don't give up yet! Your time to rest isn't just yet!

Eventaully she loses consciousness and the last thing she sees is the fairy next to her with a worried look.


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