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Not a hero nor a villain, just a town guard.

Not a hero nor a villain, just a town guard.

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Male Lead Magic Gore

I know too much about heroes and villains, kings and queens, dungeons and countries to make the mistake of becoming famous. I also know that if someone becomes strong and tries to hide the truth that it becomes more of a superhero/vigilante story. I don't want to touch that. I am not going to make a huge farm to feed the country, nor am I going to become wealthy. I instead plan on doing one thing: become a guard in a town and have a steady job and not stick out at all.


it might work, who knows?

The Game of Petty Gods

The Game of Petty Gods

Original Fantasy LitRPG Strategy Profanity Sexual Content

They woke up in nothingness and knew two things:

They knew who they were.

They knew why they were there.

The world before this one was hazy and meaningless but their identities, if not its details, were still in-tact.

They were there to play the God's Game. 

What that meant was different for each of them but all had the same goal: to Win.



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Strategy Grimdark

The devil's faction has finally been massacred by God and his 'heroes'. As the devil's son and final heir, Luce, luckily manages to sneak his way back onto earth with his father's sacrifice. As the final hope of the devils, he is forced to cast a forbidden magic onto himself to suppress his powers in order to get off of God' radar. As he wakes up centuries later forgetting everything about his past what will he do now without the slightest shred of power?

Watch as the devil's reincarnation makes his way up in the world while learning of the mysteries of his past and treads through the realm of the Enderbed to gain power along the way.


Everyone Loves Fluffy Tails

Everyone Loves Fluffy Tails

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Virtual Reality Reincarnation Summoned Hero Martial Arts Gender Bender Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Magic Profanity Fan Fiction

A fanfiction spin-off of the series called "Overlord". It's about a player that's sent to another word in their in-game avatar that of a Kitsune Queen from the DMMO-RPG called YGGDRASIL. The events take place a couple years before the main series.

Warning: The series will contain fwuff, and it's not for the faint of heart.

Rising Sovereign

Rising Sovereign

Original Action Adventure Romance Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Wuxia Traumatising content

Shen Jian is a fourteen-year-old prodigy, a Divine Sovereign whose proficiency with the sword and blade instills fear even among the most powerful of immortals in the High Realms. After committing a terrible sin, Shen Jian is willingly exiled to the Lower Realms, forbidden to ever return.

Yue Hua is an intelligent and beautiful heiress. On a tragic night, the Yue Clan is wiped out by powerful enemies. Pursued and desperate, Yue Hua inadvertently crosses paths with Shen Jian. Their chance encounter sets off a tale of adventure, revenge, love, and ultimately redemption.

Hound of the Underworld

Hound of the Underworld

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Cyberpunk Summoned Hero Reader interactive Supernatural Strong Lead Non-Human lead Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content Fan Fiction

When Death the soul harvester was in need of a place for the soul waiting for judgment he created the Underworld under Hell... 

When Death was in need of a guardian for the Underworld, he ripped the shadow of Cerberus and a part of the soul of is middle head to create "Hound" The Shadow of Cerberus Guardian of the Underworld... 

But when a rift in the space-time fabric is open by an escaping necromancer of another world and hound is devoured by it with a part of the Underworld and its souls!  What will happen to them and the Guardian of the Underworld?

  Hello everybody, I'm Greem Reeper I'm here to say this:

I don't know how to write a story and English is not my best friend (I'm French) also if you want to see the MC you can go there it's the greenish black one:

The MC body and look is based on an Armor set from Adventure quest world (just the look of the MC).

The Observer's Chosen

The Observer's Chosen

Original Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

This is the first book i am writing and is inspired by Dante's Immortaility, Chaos Seeds, King's Dark Tidings and Raven's Shadow and as such is a LitRPG book it it about the son of prince Darvin who is called Era, Prince era is a dark elf elf hybrid and is a prodigy but kept seccluded from the world for fear that he and his seemingly overpowered class would get taken.


Don't judge it too hardly I'm trying my best - Jay

Fun in Other Worlds

Fun in Other Worlds

Fan Fiction Comedy Fantasy Male Lead Fan Fiction

Tain, have been sick all this life till the day he die and get his personal heaven where he get to go to his favorit anime.

cover picture not mine.

First story ever, sorry if there bad grammar.

I dont own anything in the story. 

The Path to Power

The Path to Power

Original Action Adventure Reincarnation Martial Arts Magic Wuxia Gore

A young man died, but instead of being reincarnated his spirit flew across the realms untill it found its twin.  Here Chao Yee found himself alive again in the body of a yong boy.  In a world where power is never given but only earned Chao will have to overcome obstacles and mysteries to become the man he has chosen to be.

Overlink I:The Legend Of The Most Powerful Magic User

Overlink I:The Legend Of The Most Powerful Magic User

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Magic

Yagumo Yuuta was a normal lazy boy in high school but accidentally dies amd got recairnated into a new world filled with magical things and this his adventure to become the most powerful magic user. 

Chromatic: Kings of Colour

Chromatic: Kings of Colour

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity

For decades the Kings of Colour had lived in peace with one another. But the event's of one night would change things forever. After a brief war in which the Rainbow Kings allied together and vanquished the King of Black, Obsidian, and his allies, a facade of peace was seemingly restored. But all is not as it seems, and with the reappearance of Jet, Obsidian's son, could the forces of the Black Faction come together once more after all these years and look past old grudges in order to save the world?

Bitter Sweet Love

Bitter Sweet Love

Original Action Horror Psychological Mystery Female Lead Strong Lead Gore

The strangely emotionless Chief of Crime Specialist Division encounters with gruesome murders of pregnant women in one night. No clue lead Quinn Monroe any closer to the lunatic killer.

Until the killer himself, fascinated by Quinns exquisite beauty, contacts urging her to catch him.

So I tried everything is there in the world to reincarnate but nothing is working

So I tried everything is there in the world to reincarnate but nothing is working

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Contemporary Reincarnation Summoned Hero Multiple Lead Characters Strategy

So do I have to write this.

Everything written in the title and cover.

Wait what! title is too long so it can't be approved.

Give me some ise kai justice, to write my title passionately. Dammit.

Nowadays even mangadex have there ise kai genera.

Warning - it's a parody weekly series of the ise kai series.


It is a way to remove my frustration over all the ise kai series on RRl in the name of fantasy.

Our MC is so op he will find the way to shatter the chains and will move towards enlightenment(reincarnation).

Come-on how many time does the god give ticket to incarnation so that that much novel is been created.

So we will force our way through it.

Our MC is so OP that his power is to speak in bold.

What? Do you have, problem with that



Gods and Glory

Gods and Glory

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Reincarnation Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Gore Traumatising content

What is Right? And what is Wrong?


It's the hypocrisy of history written by victors. The Gods are good, the Devil is evil or so we've been told. Those who oppose the rulers in this world shall be persecuted and entitled evil, for they might shatter the false peace established.


There never will be true peace, only coexistence. For to live is to devour; To devour is to deplete that which is consumed. This is the fact of life.


What makes a Hero? Who deems what deeds be called 'Heroic'?


Saving the world? Being chosen by a God? Unbelievable Power and Skill? Spirit of Self-sacrifice? Or Devotion and Bravery?


Who knows?


Our protagonist shall play the part, starting over again to correct her mistakes. Pit against the tides of fate, struggling to change the future.


Her nemesis, victim of a cruel life and the irresponsibility of adults. Sights set on revenge, now he crawls his way back, looking for blood.


Watch the contest between wits and brawn, as they fight their way up to victory. In the end, who will prevail? Noble or Peasant? The Hero or the Devil? Mortal versus Immortal.


This is a story of Sin, a tale of Trust, a novel of Nobleness, and a chronicle of Magic.



~ fin ~



"I will write my way into another life."

- Ann Patchett -


Hello everyone~!!!   ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Ballisti here. I hope you had a good time reading! This is my very first book, but I've spent quite the time writing and editing this. So I'm a tad bit confident with this.


Sadly, I'm only able to put up 2 chapters weekly. The reason is...I'm still a student. School is hard, annoying and a hassle but necessary. So I'm really sorry for the slow updates, but please bear with me~!(๑-﹏-๑)


I hope you enjoy reading this ('cuz I sure as hell had so much fun writing this ( • ̀ω•́  )). Thanks~!

Follow me on Twitter @ballisti_here

Ash Burst

Ash Burst

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Gore

In a world were power its the ruler, the people who possessed such power had everything they desire. Xander its a boy without parents, money or super power. But he is approaching a dared night. WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

Project: cure for those demons.

Project: cure for those demons.

Original Fantasy Psychological Romance Tragedy Reincarnation Slice of Life Female Lead Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Traumatising content

What if you die all of sudden?
Only to later on find out that there's a life after this.

It happen to a girl, filled with love and emotions. She died and wakes up in the neitherworld, there she´s now will try to
live her life to the fullest. There´s so much for her to learn and so much you want to do.
This is partly her story.

Back to Pokemon and Earth

Back to Pokemon and Earth

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Fan Fiction

Archer Sullivan volunteered to be a part of the first ever Dimensional Travel experiment conducted by the UASMDT: United Association of the Scientists Majoring in Dimensional Travel. Little did he know that his decision would lead him to a new world where Pokemon exists and everything revolves around Pokemon. 

Trying his best to live in this new world and to search for his way back home to Earth, little did he know that his decision would change the both worlds that he was concerned about, both the world of Pokemon and Earth.


Note: I do not own Pokemon. This is just fanfiction. This is my first time attempting to write my novel so please bear with me. Hope you enjoy my crap and thank you. And cover art is not mine. :D

System...I Really Don't Care[BL]

System...I Really Don't Care[BL]

Original Drama Fantasy Romance Reincarnation Slice of Life Male Lead Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Xiu Yan is lazy by nature. Faced with physical labor he worked hard to make a successful company to rise in the ranks.

After he made the richest company in the world, he thought that he could finally lay back and relax binge-watching his favorite shows while eating sweets but no, life had to just kill him.

Join him on his forced journey to save worlds against his will.

Last of the Mage-Kings

Last of the Mage-Kings

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Strategy Wuxia

In life, Aryon lived as a king of a magical kingdom. In death, he swore to forever to protect it beyond the grave as a Relic King: an undead mage, set into slumber, to be summoned during the kingdom’s dire need.

But now, Aryon has awakened to a foreign world of mysticism and heaven-defying acts. Can the magic of the old world compete with the mystic arts of the new? Read on to follow the journey of Aryon as he seeks to unravel the mysteries of the past and overcome the dangers of the present.

The Orc Elementalist

The Orc Elementalist

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Male Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Dylan Harvey was just your average mall cop. A man with little responsibility is suddenly thrust into a world full of magic and mayhem after a night of texting and driving. Now, reborn as an Orc, can Dylan survive the brutality of Orcish culture before his journey can truly begin? Or will he become some dumb brute's stepping stone to power?


(Updates whenever this funky cat completes a chapter.)

(Art made by me. Don't judge, I only have MsPaint)