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Kitt & Sunder

Kitt & Sunder

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Contemporary Reincarnation Gender Bender Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Profanity Gore

Marcus Sever is the leader of the Black Hand mercenary group. Kitt Price is a rising Hollywood star. Each are at the top of their profession when tragedy strikes. 

Kitt wakes up in the wounded body of the mercenary leader, a dagger still in her chest. Will she be able to survive the infighting, betrayal and assasination attempts that await her? Will Hollywood survive Sever as the grizzled mercenary evades police and tracks a ruthless killer?

The Lordship of Ineriah

The Lordship of Ineriah

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Martial Arts Harem Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Wuxia Profanity Sexual Content

On the world of Mariaea life is harsh and can be hectic in peaceful times let alone after the destruction of 1/4 of the planet. Again..  

On another planet, Seth is in the middle of becoming a true Ineriah Mage. Sadly, that didnt work out so well and he ended up reincarnating into the body of a Drakion named Arszoami.  Follow the adventures of a young Drakion trying to come into his own power and understand the residual memories of a past life.

Synopsis under construction.

The story will heavily follow a lord and craftsmen MC. So expect plenty of kingdom building and enchantment in the chapters. Release will be 1-2 a week depending personal scheudle and how a chapter flows.  The average length will be 2000-4500 depending on the subject matter. Thanks for reading!

Ethereal's 13 Worlds

Ethereal's 13 Worlds

Original Fantasy Reincarnation Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Strategy Profanity

I toss and turn stirring from my deep slumber as I fade in then out of consciousness.

It starts off blurry then quickly fades in my vision clearer than even I can remember.

Swirling pools of mass and energy greet my nonexistent eyes flowing in a sea of primordial chaos.

I wet my imaginary lips thirsty oh so thirsty.

I drink it in all of slowly at first trying to quench my thirst, then faster and faster gorging myself till there is nothing left.

Finally full and satisfied I look around me and see nothing.

Nothing at all just the empty void of darkness.

This was the day I woke up.

This was the day I created my first world.

However, I am not a god.

I am limited.

I can be hurt.

I can be killed.

This is the story of my creations and me.

The story of the denizens and inhabitants of my worlds.

The story of their leaders, their heroes, their people and their legends.

This is the story of our best and our worst moments.

The story of 13 worlds and the being who made them.

However, we are not all that dwells here in the void.

There is..... something else.

Nameless: Ascent

Nameless: Ascent

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Gore Traumatising content

Everybody has a Name.

Names are a path to power, a gift from a god. When a child receives their Name, they learn the path their life will take, and they can see the strictly defined system that lets them rise beyond human limitations.

When Maiz receives his Name, he has the chance to become something he has only read about in history books--a God Chosen. But his path to power will force him to serve a dark master, and question what he will do to gain power.

Shadar is the Dungeon King, a man who spent years earning the right to lead an army of monsters in their struggle against humanity. He holds immense power, but he is constantly plagued by unrest among his subjects.

Two men poised to create new legends with ancient powers. Two men who must learn who they are in a world of Names.

(Contains an RPG-based magic system)

Pacific Rim - Overkill

Pacific Rim - Overkill

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Sci-fi Short Story Cyberpunk Male Lead Strategy Fan Fiction

2008 - San Francisco

Kaju, "Godzilla" attacked San Francisco, alerting the world of the global threat of Kaju. As the world recovers, another Kaju hits Japan, then an American Carrier Group. A new world goverment forms in order to protect the world from these monsters, and builds the first of the Jaegers.

Ed Gun was an airforce pilot who fought against Kaju, "Godzilla" in the battle of San-Francisco. He turns to the newly formed Jaeger intitative to help the world fight this threat. After months of training, he is sent to Manila's Shatterdome. As he arrives, the only Jaegers in the world's armament are Mk1 and Mk2 Jaegers, used only to fight off up to Cat 2 Kaju.

So when the first Cat 3 Kaju exits the Breech, the world is horribly unprepared.

The Rising Sun (The Black Flower Chronicles #1)

The Rising Sun (The Black Flower Chronicles #1)

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic Strategy Grimdark Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

The war between the beastmen of Griffin’s Sight and the elves of Nova has raged on for decades. Despite the assassinations, invasion attempts, and the general duration of this conflict, both sides have found themselves in a standstill, halting all progress, but not diminishing the flames of hatred that still burn vigorously. Recently, monsters thought to have been long dead were sighted, attacking at random, and exterminating anyone unlucky enough to catch a glimpse of them. Elsewhere, a group of devil worshipers that was thought to have been snuffed out has suddenly resurfaced, boasting stronger numbers than ever before, adding to the chaos affecting all Azeria.

Entangled in the midst of these factors, an inexperienced adventurer, a washed-up hero, and a disgraced knight band together for survival, but little did they know that they would act as the heralds of the next era. 

 The Saiyan immortal

The Saiyan immortal

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Non-Human lead Fan Fiction

Its the eave of the destruction of Planet Vegeta, a saiyan couple are in the nursery looking upon their child when they hear from Bardock of the incoming destruction and send their child off.

Unfortunately the child never reached his destination as a space tear appeared in the pods trajectory and landed him in a world unlike any in the dbz universe.

Read on as our unlikely protagonist grows strong in this world of kill or be killed.

ps: I write this as something of a hobby. Its literally the first time I write a series or any story but after being on this site a while I was interested in trying to write one. Don't expect insanely good grammar as my first language is french (ok the bastardised canadian version of french) and I am massively out of practice. if you have constructive criticism go ahead. consider this a very rough draft.

I do not own DRAGONBALL. DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd, Fuji TV, Akira Toriyama, FUNimation.

Corpse Haven Survivor-Season 1 The return of the survivor

Corpse Haven Survivor-Season 1 The return of the survivor

Original Fantasy LitRPG Psychological Romance Tragedy Reincarnation Martial Arts Harem Slice of Life School Life Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Strategy Gore Traumatising content

Overwhelmed with regret of what he could have done for the better.

Qiu has caught the attention of the god or the devil who knows who has decided to give him another chance.

Now would he be able to grasp onto the hand that has reached out towards him or will he once again not be able to grab onto the outreaching hand.

Karmic System

Karmic System

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Cardis, a prodigal scientist in his past life, one who was solely responsible for the invention of FTL, and Intergalactic travel through the discovery of a god particle. Finds himself at the end of all life, and the beginning. 

The karmic system, a scale to judge your life based on your actions, whether Evil or Good, give you rewards based on their intent, and how effective they were. 

So what of the man, the man who led his race to the top of technological superiority? The man whose sole intent throughout his entire life, is to free them from the confines of their solar system. To bring them away from their impending doom. When he has succeeded and lived his life. What is he to gain in the end?

I didn't actually want to change ♂♀

I didn't actually want to change ♂♀

Original Drama Psychological Romance Contemporary Reincarnation Gender Bender Slice of Life School Life Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Sexual Content Traumatising content

In the 21st Century, it's not uncommon for people to be transgender. Far more frequently than is publicly admitted, many individuals have thought to themselves that they feel like they were born as the wrong gender. For some people, this is merely a casual passing thought or an embarrassing guilty secret never to be spoken of again. For other people, these discordant feelings are so disturbing that they live on the edge of depression and suicide, a murky cloud looming over their heads as they attempt to suppress their deep-set feelings in order to desperately fit in with society.

Every once in a while, you might encounter somebody who was brave enough to take the nerve-wracking leap to begin "transitioning" into a life as the other sex using medications. Their stories are peppered throughout the media, and they are publicly known in the everyday world as "transgender".

But what about the 95% of people who never choose to "transition"?

Lin Xiaorui (林晓睿), a second-generation Chinese university student with Japanese heritage, never wanted to be transgender. Even though he instinctively knew from a young age that he never fit in with the other boys and secretly desired to have been born a girl, he never dared to mention it to his conservative traditional family.

Lin Xiaorui is also a realist. Even as a teenager, it was more than apparent to him how hard life would be if he made a certain taboo choice that everyone shunned. It would be hard to get a job, hard to pay bills, hard to face his family, hard to make friends, and just as hard to find love. The world as it stands remains filled with discrimination against "apache helicopters". Lin Xiaorui wasn't brave enough to commit himself to a life of constant hardship and struggles. A quiet peaceful life was all that he desired, and Lin Xiaorui never thought of himself as a particularly daring or brave person. He's been a quiet, studious, and withdrawn straight-A student all his life after all.

Despite how badly his heart yearned for it, every part of his brain screamed that it was a bad idea to become transgender. It wasn't a rational choice. In fact, it seemed like a horrible one in the grand picture of things.

This was why Lin Xiaorui never wanted to be transgender.

Lin Xiaorui resolved himself a long time ago to simply be a man.

Until one day he woke up and discovered that a tanabata wish that he had frivolously written over nine years ago at a shrine unexpectedly came true -- though, not quite exactly in the way that he (she?) expected.

Lin Xiaorui: "Please let me experience high school as a girl."
Path of Slaughter

Path of Slaughter

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Tragedy Summoned Hero Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic Strategy Grimdark Profanity Gore

(Note: This is a re-write of

(Note 2: It's also being simultaneously written on webnovel. 


The law of the jungle prevails over the world.

In order to live, you have to work for others. In order to be alive, you have to kill.

Slaughter, become powerful, exceeding those whose shadows loom over you until no one can control you anymore.

I, Valerius, learned that this was the truth of the world when I tasted freedom for the first time.

So as to not be restricted in this world, I will live the life of a villain who pierces the rules set by the heavens with a merciless blade.


Let's Shine

Let's Shine

Original Action Fantasy Contemporary School Life Female Lead Secret Identity Magic

So, first things first, this here is a magical girl thing. There are girls in it, they have magical abilities, fight supervillains (who have magical abilities, too, but in a more menacing way, like superpowers), and also do girly stuff. But it's not for children. Or at least not entirely. The idea is, it should be cute, but at the same time serious. Cute-serious, yeah…

So, this is experimental for me. I'm planning to make short updates for as long as I can keep it up or until the plot resolves itself, whichever comes first. Most of all, I'm planning to not overthink or overedit things as much as I usually do, so there are bound to be mistakes and inconsistencies. I'll try my best to keep them to a minimum, though. But if you notice something, please feel free to tell me!

Empire of Angels

Empire of Angels

Original Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Non-Human lead Profanity

The fall of heaven is happening and the Lucifer couldn't more happier to see everything his Father had build, perish. He felt alive, more alive than he had been.

Gabrielle was Heaven's, The Empire's and the earth's only hope. 


The grand General -MMORPG

The grand General -MMORPG

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Psychological Slice of Life Magic Gore Traumatising content

This is the tale of Noah, Pestilence in game, who starts his adventure in the newest all promising VRMMORPG: Vesper.

Vesper design is maxed freedom, a fun and everlasting adventure to keep you enthralled. Its purpose is to create a new reality where everyone can have a shot to the top!

When he got no clear future ahead, he will live day by day but with death, he shall rest!


Hello! I'm Matt, an Italian guy with little experience in English. I got the language down by reading a lot of web novels so expect some grammar mistakes and spelling errors, I'm trying to improve my writing so every comment and correction is very welcome!

This story will focus on a necromantic adventure with some out of game development, actually, there is no skeleton(pun)  programmed development and I'm writing day by day. I'm open to suggestions both in progress and revising of content.




Dennis the Conqueror (Sword & Sorority Book 1), A Harem Lit Fantasy Novel

Dennis the Conqueror (Sword & Sorority Book 1), A Harem Lit Fantasy Novel

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Summoned Hero Harem Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Dennis is a second-year college student whose only luck with the ladies is ogling them from afar and picking up their misplaced bikini tops the morning after wild pool parties he never attends. Struggling to keep his 4.0 and to pay the rent for his crappy one-room apartment, he works late at Conan's Pizza and does poolside cleanup every morning before rushing to class. His hope that something better will one day come and his overactive Frazetta-inspired imagination are all that get him through the day. 

Dreams of slaying beasts to rescue babelicious women will soon be put to the test as his sudden gut-emptying illness turns out to be the side effects of desperate priestess magic from a world of savage-land hotties and nightmarish monsters.

With his newly bestowed herculean body and the aid, advice, and welcome attentions of his female companions, Dennis must learn the skills of a warrior, gain the heart of a champion, and fulfill the uniquely different desires of the women who choose to call him their man.

Facing deadly vagabonds, ravenous beasts, and mythical creatures, he does his best to survive the challenges of this new land and protect the women relying on him. But his hard work in college never prepared him for any of this, and especially not for the Dark One.

Disclaimer: This book has violent conflicts with both men and beasts. Cursing occurs throughout as the main character sees fit. This novel also includes a harem of women and all of the expected extracurricular activities with a red-blooded young man in such a situation. The sex content goes from FTB (Fade To Black) to full R-rated. This book is not meant for readers under 18 years of age.

Note to readers: This is draft material. I'm still working on this book, but I'd love feedback. Wether you think it's better than bacon or worse than an in-grown toenail, I'd appreciate your opinions. The book will be finished and published before too long, but I want to make it the best it can be. So, enjoy the story and let me know what you think. If you want to be notified when the full book comes out, go to and signup for the newsletter—and be sure to check the box for 'Harem Lit'.

Worlds Defenders

Worlds Defenders

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Sci-fi Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic

In the year 2020 a new dimension called Realm of Defenders was opened on Earth. It enables the rapid development of technology and more importantly the use of what can only be called magic. 


Release Schedule: 1 chapter / day (7 chapters / week)

The Boss that learns from mistakes

The Boss that learns from mistakes

Original Action Fantasy LitRPG Psychological Virtual Reality Reincarnation Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Magic


This is something that no Bosses have. They may be able to distinguish between “Player” and “NPC”, but this is not true intelligence.

True intelligence is learning constantly. Mistakes fixed, skills tailored to exploit weaknesses, even simple things such as where to stand. 

This is a story of the first Boss that has “True Intelligence”. A consciousness. Full reign over their dungeon and skills. The year is 2094, and the hardest game to appear has just begun.

A Dark and Dangerous Place

A Dark and Dangerous Place

Original Fantasy Non-Human lead Magic Grimdark Profanity Gore Traumatising content

The word Dungeon evokes thoughts of mobs, traps, adventure and most importantly Loot. Even the most conservative individual can be tempted to enter a Dungeon with the promise of grand riches for minimal effort against a mindless hole in the ground. The Church of All Gods evaluates Dungeons to ensure they are not ‘corrupted’ with Celestial or Infernal essence that would allow the Dungeon to summon Angels or Demons. The Adventurers Guild has the mandate to ‘develop’ a Dungeon limiting the Dungeons growth and ensuring a steady supply of resources for the Nation where the Dungeon was discovered. The Dungeon Fae; pixies, sprites and wisps, bond with the Dungeon to teach and train the Dungeon to follow the strictures of the Dungeon Accords moderating the Dungeons God-like power within the Dungeon itself. The threat of destruction allows these organizations to ‘domesticate’ most Dungeons to behave within the expectations of enlightened society, however the reality is that Dungeons are Apex Predators that feed on the essence released by the death of sentient creatures.

The newly discovered Dungeon on the edge of the Great Swamp has no knowledge of the Church, the Guild or the Council of Fae. This Dungeon only knows the one fundamental Law of the Swamp, ‘In Muddy Waters, all are Prey.’



This is a story about a massively overpowered Dungeon which has the emotional compass of an alligator. The Dungeon does not have the morals or restraints imposed by society and if it had the capacity to even understand those concepts would view them as nothing more than a weakness to be exploited. Dungeon Pixies, Sprites and Wisps are NOT Disney animated family friendly little helpers. The Dungeon Fae bond with the Apex Predator in existance having ZERO remorse or regret over ANY death in a Dungeon and even other Fae are fair game for a barbeque. 


Lost Identities Short Stories

Lost Identities Short Stories

Original Fantasy Sci-fi Short Story Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters

"I've lost my identity can you help me find it?"

This is a compliation of short stories I've rewritten, all relating to identity and related topics. For the most part, none of the stories are related to each other, besides the fact that they may share the same plot device.

Events and names written are purely coincidental.

Night of the Phantom

Night of the Phantom

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Virtual Reality Martial Arts Harem Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content

Age of Heroes.Since its launch, it changed the virtual reality industry. Billions of people enjoy this mystical world full of wonders everyday. When Meron joins as the character Nero, he journeys the world aiming to become a legendary thief.

This is the age of heroes...