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Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Virtual Reality

the year is 2144 after years of research the teslar corporation one the top game produces in the world launch their newest creation TERRA an MMORPG that has never been seen before where players are transported into another world ,a world of humans dwarfs and elves to an age where they battle monsters and each other to complete quests and end the game for the grand prize of a hundred million dollars .

Banished By The Gods

Banished By The Gods

He was kicked out of his Clan for no reason.
He was beaten and left to dead by them for no reason.
He was humiliated by others for fun.
and now he wants revenge.
In a world where the strong prey on the weak, a world were magic means strength.
Will Lannister get the revenge he is after?
Journals of Cultivation

Journals of Cultivation

Original Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts
When I was born into this world the first book I ever read was the journal of the Demon-Mage Nichoals Freeney. For millennium, this journal has been a requirement for every apprentice mage, and most you warriors have read this book, and gained insight into the true world of Martial Cultivation and Magic. Yet, unknown to all the journal was not complete. Now, many, many millennium later I have reached the pinnacle of power. Soon, I'll be ascending to the higher-realms and feel that it is time. Time to tell the remainder of the story that has captivated an entire world for thousands of years! Hopefully, you'll gain some insight from the journal's of mine. Good luck, You'll need it.

- Nicholas Freeney

A/N: Once Weekly Updates (minimum) Please Review/Comment/MSG me. As an author, feedback is crucial to my motivation since I'm doing this not just for me, but for you too.


P.S. I'm also working on another project, Sacrifice, which you can find here.
A warlocks grimoire

A warlocks grimoire

Original Adventure Fantasy Tragedy
Ever wondered how that evil Warlock became so evil ?
Ever wondered why he wanted to kill all the humans ?
Rise With Pride

Rise With Pride

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Sci-fi
Rise with pride is something that I have been thinking about on and off for a while now.

It's a reincarnation story, so I won't put in the Original tag.

Not a Harem story. I don't really know what to put in the description yet as I don't want to give away the first 'Volume'.

Probable periodic bits of Romance, not quite sure how early or late just yet.

Likelihood of Gore and Torture. Other Themes may be included so the mature tag is here to let people know that the story is for over 18.


Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Horror Supernatural
Steeve was a weird guy, he hated his world, and proved it by killing hamsters in the funniest way, but bad luck for him he died in an equal stupid way.

And as he did, the hamster God who was bored reincarnated him as a hamster in the world his pantheon govern, the twist? He forgot to turn of the hero system, and so our protagonist is now a super hamster, who decided to follow the path of a demon lord and made a mess of this world in vengeance!


This story is about a EVIL protagonist so there's a lot of EVIL in there!
Also there's a lot of 'mature' scene so be wary of that!

Among Demons and Gods

Among Demons and Gods

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Romance School Life
the main character, Isa Hironori, is a second year high school student in a Japan where the coexistence of science and magic are natural, as are demons. However when he finds out that he is possessed by a powerful demon he finds out that the only way to get rid of it is to make a contract with a stronger demon. therefore forcing him into a world that only the elite of humanity are involved in. (Please feel free to ask me about anything that seems unclear and give me suggestions on the writing style because this is the first time i have ever wrote something for fun like this, i would love any advice you can give me!)
The Path of Darkness

The Path of Darkness

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Supernatural Profanity Gore Traumatising content

Necromancer. That word used to be feared throughout the continent, perhaps the world. Now barely anybody knows what it means. The necromancers of old were powerful, cunning, and insidious. Masters of death, they held the power to sway the fate of nations. The tales of their exploits are all but legends and myths now, stories from a time long forgotten. There is a war brewing, between the two great nations of Janaro and Klavan. Caught in the middle and framed for treason, a historian will exercise magic long lost in order to carve his mark on the world. 

The Book of Rune

The Book of Rune

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy
If you like moderately well-researched semi-medieval military logistics with some fantasy twists, and also conspiracy, and exploration, and violence, and maybe a dash of road movie, hey, Ruen just might be your thing.

Plot-wise, basically there's a guy who got fired by Death, a kid with pyrotechnic tendencies, and a slave general who wouldn't mind retiring but ended up on a mass suicide mission.

If you were looking for a less TL;DR version, a guy who got fired by Death meets a kid with pyrotechnic tendencies, and they try to get the guy un-fired while also trying to come to terms with death together (ooohhhh, look, I'm deep). Meanwhile a slave general does something stupid and ends up being sent on a suicide mission, and he tries to wreak havoc and save lives at the same time. The threads come together, I swear.

This is a rough draft of a fantasy semi-book that I've had in the back of my head for some time. I've written a variety of short stories set in the world over the past three years, and I finally kicked myself into writing the actual story. Very much a slow work in progress. Occasional violence (okay, well, maybe more than occasional), occasional foul language.
The Tunnel to Virtual Reality: Goddess Takeover (This has been scrapped)

The Tunnel to Virtual Reality: Goddess Takeover (This has been scrapped)

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy Gender Bender Tragedy Fan Fiction
Virtual reality.

We all hope that one day we could live inside a video game, no? Well what if that actually happens.

No not like sword art online, or Log horizon...... though it's close. Maybe .hack.... then again I've only heard about it. Really don't know much about it.

(Done ranting) Back to the story, welcome to the Isles of Mitoria. A recent virtual reality video game that instantly became famous. Though no one would have ever expected that a certain god would steal the game (ahem me) and actually turn it into a new world filled with danger and adventure.

My name is Pandora, and I welcome you adventurer to my new world.......

A girl with silver hair can be seen in front of the goddess cowering. Towards her Pandora sneered,

"""Except for you. I need you for something else."
This story has been scrapped. Once I learn how to write interestingly, I will refine this and make it better. Sorry for wasting your time.


Original Comedy Fantasy Romance
there it goes Rossy the girl with big boobs sexy figure with lots of fans all over her academy!
PEEKAP academy is the best school in Mariveles perfecture, all top students from elementary enrolled to this prestigious academy and the best sport is pole dancing.
The Human God

The Human God

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy
Rin was going to getting ready to walk home from school when a sudden bright light and earthquake encompassed the whole school, taking all of them to a new world full of wonders and danger.

We follow Rin as he tries to figure out who and what he is, and also why he has a seriously overpowered skill that could literally take over the world in seconds...
Cheating Monster

Cheating Monster

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Psychological Virtual Reality
Book 1 - Cheating Monster: The mightiest tadpole.
Book 2 - Cheating Monster: The mightiest spore.

A comedy taking itself seriously.
Follow Kneeko, a formerly dead man who used to live as a digitized consciousness, dwelling in online worlds commonly known as VRMMOs, who has now returned to the real world with a new body. He now live a comfortable life, working for his father's company as a 'competition crusher'.
His job description, ""to hack and create chaos in their competitor's VRMMO worlds."

Everything would seem as if he Kneeko had finally met a good ending, but how did having lived for over 10,000 in-game years affect his ancient mind.
Author's note: Those who know my work know to always expect the unexpected... Things are not always what they seems to be.
Unique Fusion Magic Hex

Unique Fusion Magic Hex

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Romance School Life Supernatural
World Essence. The mysterious energy coursing throughout the entire land of Vor'ten, and very possibly the entire world. This energy has allowed humanity to flourish, building great empires and vast kingdoms, conquering nature itself with just a sweep of their hand. Humans were the strongest existence, and with the help of channeling this World Essence, many were able to turn into Magic Knights, gaining magical abilities to combat the various fierce beasts throughout the lands.

Alas... those glory days of old were long gone. Humanity has now been pushed to the brink of destruction, and now the remaining members of the human race are encased within giant domes known as 'Alkkras', made with the last remaining bits of the World Essence.

It was said that those giant domes were the last gifts left by the remnants of the ancient human race, as a means to protect the future generation from the attacks of the many wild beasts roaming outside. Five Spiritualist Invokers, all combined together, used the last bit of the World Essence and sacrificed their lives to lay a gigantic,
1028-seal formation magic array to form these barriers, forever saving humanity, but also trapping humanity within these barriers.

However, the humans were never completely helpless. No matter how little World Essence was left, the humans still had some remaining. Realizing the incoming crisis, the humans found a way to seal World Essence inside a special type of crystal.

Soon, these crystals began to become implanted into weapons, turning them into World Essence Weapons, and they began to display properties of their own.

Extreme heat. Bone chilling cold. Absurd sharpness.

These normal weapons, after being imbued with the energy of the World Essence Crystals, began to form natural affinities to elements. Fire. Water. Earth. Wind. Darkness. Light.

Using these weapons, one could become a Chevalier that wielded the power of the elements.

However, if one wanted to reach a higher level of enlightenment and understanding, one could become an Invoker.

Via the study of magic array formations, one could directly use the power of the World Essence to cast devastating magics upon the enemy. These people were Invokers, highly valued for their combat potential by the Army.

These weapons and magical arrays were used in the great fight between the humans and the beasts long ago. They had long since been put away in storage, almost long forgotten...

However, after ten-thousand years of suppression, the human race is beginning its counterattack against the Beasts...

Synth was an Invoker in the Magecroft Academy. However, his talent was terrible, being only at the Spark Stage. This led to him being looked down upon and bullied. He was unable to cast any Calamity-rank or even Destruction rank spells, and was only able to cast Coalescing rank spells at the age of 17, a record low in the academy for cultivating these rare Invokers. Even though he put in more effort than anyone else, he was still unable to advance his Channeling Energy.

But due to his constant research and study, Synth ended up creating a power that would go against the heavens - he had found how to Fuse spells together.

After trying it out once, merging the magical array for the Small Fireball and the Mortal Judgement skills, he was able to create a mid-rank Destruction tier spell, Holy Judgement Flame. However, after this, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to fuse more spells together or even cast them, and noticed a weird, pentagram shaped formation on his left arm.

He would later call this mark the Fusion Magic Hex, a curse that prevented the wielder from casting magic that wasn't their own...

This meant that with the exception of Synth's newly created skill, , he was going to have to create unique magic arrays if he ever wanted to step on the path of becoming an Invoker!

This power that destroyed the laws of the Invoking System, and his unyielding persistence in testing and creating new spells, would later gain Synth the nickname the Unique Fusion Hex, and lead him to become one of the strongest beings in the entire World!
Tale Of The Undying

Tale Of The Undying

Arren lived his infancy surrounded by a loving family and many friends. The world was peaceful and he had no complaints about his lifestyle. However, as time passed, he noticed that, compared to everyone around him, he was aging increasingly slower. Eventually he completely stopped growing older, as he reached an apparent age of around eighteen, while his actual age being over thirty. Nobody knew what to make of this fact. Not even himself. Now he is over 100.000 years old and he still looks the exact same. Why? How? For what reason? Was there even a reason? With many questions eating away at him, he simply kept living. No matter How long. And no matter how much he wanted not to.

This is my first story ever, so I don't really know what I'm doing... Any and all suggestions and/or constructive criticism will be appreciated. Also english isn't my mother language so bear with me if I make mistakes at times.
A certain hero who was transported to a sci-fi world(experimental story)

A certain hero who was transported to a sci-fi world(experimental story)

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi
The dragon god of Infinity approaches the world of Nazeweth. With every steps it make, Armageddon follows. In a desperate attempt to stop it, the gods of Nazeweth sent a hero to defeat the seemingly unstoppable creature........and the hero ended it in 2 hits(WOW, bravo *claps*). With such anti-climatic ending, the hero went to sleep & appeared in a new world different from Nazaweth. (This story is an experimental story(just wrote it on the spot for teh fun of it))
All World Online

All World Online

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Virtual Reality
Damien Close, age 19, becomes a quadriplegic after an unfortunate car accident, losing all function of his body from the neck down. With his parents in shock and his best friend suffering from unbearable guilt, Damien finds himself without much support. Being unable to even take his own life, Damien struggles to get past each day, looking for something to live for. With every passing day, Damien becomes more solemn and impassive. Three months later, Damien has almost given up, but to his surprise something unexpected happens. He is given the chance of a lifetime; to take part in a study focused on researching the effects of VR games on quadriplegic patients.

Authors Note: If you find that the dialogue from the prologue to chapter 5 seem to be not that smooth, I apologize for that, it was my first time writing a fanfic so the dialogue was not in a format that is ideal. However, due to reader comments and some research I will try to attempt to improve the dialogue from chapter 6 and onwards. I may or may not come back to edit the first few chapters since I would have to rewrite most of it and I would rather spend that time writing out more of the story.


Original Action Drama Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Supernatural
Cifer was offered as a sacrifice to the devil by his own family. Instead of dying, was given a chance to live in another world. The One True God has given him a mission. Stop the higher being calling themselves gods from snatching soul from the life stream and restore balance.

An adventure will begin from a devil's sacrifice to be one of the most powerful beings seen.

With a body of a titan and souls of devils, grasp power and devour everything for happiness and freedom.
Half Demon, half human.

Half Demon, half human.

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Psychological Romance Reader interactive
Three siblings struggle with the fact that they were born with blood from two races, two races that were mortal enemies from the beginning of life.

The story will follow the 2th oldest brother, Nathaniel.

Your choices will ultimately affect the lives of these children, be it that they are alive or dead, good or bad, it is the result of your choices. Polls will be held for what should be done, the voting will end for the next chapter. Lack of votes
or a balanced vote will result in a random choice.

And so, the story begins.
Western kung fu

Western kung fu

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Tragedy
Weasly Lime is fat, Over 50, Orphen and single, his health looks like a patience from the game opperation. In a nut shell his life is terrible. dispite all that he stills try to find atleast one positve thing not that its easy. well he dies and sudenly find him self rebourn with his memory intact doesn't meet any gods or goddess. now heres the kicker, the world he find himself in is not a wester world but an eastern one. No magic but chi, no knight but martial arts.