• How to Survive a Summoning 101

    How to Survive a Summoning 101

    697 pages by Durrendal

    Death was supposed to be the end for Rigel. Unfortunately, he caught the interest of a vile god. Ripped away from his world and all that he holds dear, Rigel is thrust into the ruthless world of Sangraal, where gods walk amongst mortals. Millennia of strife and bloodshed had come to an uneasy end as the mortal races have forged a fragile truce, but the gods have different plans. With the threat of awakening dragon-lords and the treacherous war of gods looming, fire and blood is set to wash over Sangraal once again. Forced to work for a despicable god, Rigel must gather his wits and dirty tricks to survive this brutal and unforgiving world. He must also face his own inner darkness which threatens to twist him to something he doesn’t want to be. To navigate the quagmires of lies and betrayal, Rigel needs power. But power comes at a price, and for Rigel, that price might be too high... Maturity Rating : 18+ for sex, language and general despair.

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    ( Cover Art: Sleeping Soul In The Sky)

  • Nostos


    8 pages by Durrendal
    Nostos, the Greek word for homecoming. Here lie the stories of ordinary people, who have lost themselves, and their worlds.

    The lost souls may or may not find the north star to guide them home.


    This is a series of one-shots that I wrote when I was in High School, which wasn't that far back. The stories each are self-contained. The writings here are experiments. So expect the style to be eclectic and oddball. Finally, the stories are short. Each one of them is like a Haiku, precisely worded.
    Do let me know how you guys liked the stuff. This is a off-project so updates will be infrequent. Let me know since the things are one-shots, each story is not gonna continue after 1 chapter.
    (Cover art: Random starry sky img search. Credit to whoever took the photo)
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