• Galactic Showdown!

    Galactic Showdown!

    54 pages by NasVersix

    The galaxy is an unending space which nobody alive would dare claim that they are its ruler. A planet? Perhaps. Five planets? There is a record of it. But a galaxy? Never. Not to mention a something of a larger scope. In the search for someone who would be able to do this unrealistic feat, a group of like-minded people had banned together to organise a competition that would be held once every fifty years, Galactic Showdown! With the motto "May You Conquer the Vast Galaxy", they strived to find someone whose ability would trump everyone in their generation and even the people of the previous generations would have no definite certainty of winning again him.

    Neo-Earth, an underdeveloped planet according to the Galactic Convention, was chosen to send five representatives for this competition. The only reason they were able to do so was because every time the competition was held, one planet would be randomly chosen by the organisation behind the competition and was given the right to participate. Only then did the earthlings realise that they were not the only intelligent beings that existed in the universe.

  • The War of Destiny (A Story from Vandaria)

    The War of Destiny (A Story from Vandaria)

    27 pages by ratcut3

    This is the land of Vandaria, a world where frameless and human resides. Frameless is a magical race who put great importance on logical judgement while human is a race who is not blessed by magic, but has resilience and braveness to chalenge all limits.

    However, for three thousand years, frameless was the absolute ruler of Vandaria. Human was nothing more than slave and servant of frameless. Humans were supressed and those who bear the blood of both human and frameless were ostracized.

    Yet the wind of destiny could not be stopped. The spark of rebellion was ignited and the flame of war would engulf the whole Vandaria. This was a story about men and women, human and frameless, who seek for their places in destiny. There was no right and wrong. Each of them held their own belief, yet they were destined to fight between one and another.

    This was the greatest war in the history of Vandaria. This was the War of Destiny.

    This is not my first story, but this is my first story in english. I want to try writing a story in english because, seriously, it is VERY difficult.

    This story was a high fantasy epic story with multiple PoVs, like Song of ICe and Fire books. This is a bit out of my league, but I will do my best.

    It was based on an existing fantasy franchise in my country, called Vandaria Saga. Thus, I do not take any credit for world-building and lore.

    All critics are welcomed!

    (Cover picture was taken from https://vandaria.wordpress.com/) 

  • Something Creative?

    Something Creative?

    0 pages by Fefras

    A new virtual reality game has hit the market.







    An attempt at a series... I hope I stay motivated...

    This is my first attempt at writing so :P



  • dark night

    dark night

    11 pages by starlaise

    one day and being of untold power showed up to scott planet telling them that thier world will end and they are given the chance to aquire great power that could make them gods, demons and dragons among men and become inmortal to time.

  • Clash of Cards

    Clash of Cards

    4 pages by Saphirathefrostmaiden

    Summary: Napoleon Bonaparte, a genius general from the eighteenth century, finds himself in a new world after his death. Betrayed by his country and friends, the now old, now in a new body, is determined to once again become a leader of great status. However, in this new world, strength is decided by your level and the strength of your「Battle Pets」

    Can Napoleon conquer this world through his wit and experience?

    A/N: Remake of an old story. 1-2 entries of 300-500 words per day

  • A tale of the lonely op hero

    A tale of the lonely op hero

    5 pages by BoiGod

    Your summoned into a world to defeat the evil it harbours, and you do, quite fantastically. But in the end, you were cursed by the evil, never being able to die.


  • Wayland Crossing

    Wayland Crossing

    23 pages by Blue Blaze {COMET}

    Kaori Tanizaki. First year student at Akakawa Senior high. Sole occupant of her parent's house. Great friends with an idol, the soccer team co-captain, and a loud, cheerful girl she's called her besties since she was six. Trying to take charge in her life, she goes through days in melancholy while monsters, mighty and destructive, appear all over the world, attacking endlessly without any hints to where they are from. The world's only hope is the Super Six, a group of heroes who always appear to combat the monsters with awesome powers. But, working in secret, no one knows who the Super Six are, or what their motive is.

    Towndown Shibuya is attacked, with Kaori and her best friend stuck in the middle of it. But Kaori is rescued by one of the Super Six: A sixteen-year-old who has found himself unable to return to his home country. Kaori must hold herself together as she faces monsters in Japan, the boy who has suddenly come under her care,

    ...And the crush she has on him.

  • Trickster


    1 pages by Ysmyrlda

    Jeana Mindy , The right hand of the biggest drug dealer died during a suspicious deal , The DEA memebers were stuck as she was the only hope for them to catch The Dealer , Only to find hope again in a poor women that looked exactly like the dead Jeana Mindy , Now with hope filling their heart again they begin to teach this women how to act like Jeana in hope to catch the Dealer.


    Unbeknownst to them that they were bringing their own downfall.


  • The Hero of Old

    The Hero of Old

    1 pages by Lavaovertaker

    This is a lore story to my Dungeons and Dragons world named Elandria. This is also going to be very slowly uploaded since I am also working on multiple other things and still in school. #GirlfriendsTakeAlotOfTime.


    The story foretold on these digital pages are a fill in of the large lore hole about the body of the Lord Deus Invictus.

    The Lord Deus Invictus is the deity of the world, however, he was long forgotten after the battle with the hell king Udorwrath. After the 28-year long battle Deus and The Hell King went into 1 on 1 combat and after 12 straight days of battling Deus succeeded at sealing Udorwrath back into the hellish domain from which he once came. Afterward, Deus was offered godhood and he declined violently as his own mind accepted it. The mind of Deus split from the body leaving the mind incapable of performing any mortal interactions and the body with only the physical powers of which he already had.



    8 pages by ShadedLight

    the sky opened, a sphere appeared through the hole granting each individual of earth a counter-cloakwise watch magically allowing them to enter the sphere's world. "life is unfair, everything is... and i like it" Akashi says with a smirk this is my restart, this is my restart, this is my chance to change everything!!


  • Lonely


    40 pages by LonelyAuthor

    Do you ever struggle with being alone? Ever feel like you have nobody around? Well then the Companion services are for you. Our agents are tailored to provide company for those who have nobody. Never again will you have to fear being alone, for that can be resolved with one call to our agency. Please note that our agents cannot, nor will they, enlist in illegal matters. Any attempt to persuade them will result in the loss of privileges of the services provided and will be unreedemable. We hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Holding the Line: The Mercenary Companies

    Holding the Line: The Mercenary Companies

    59 pages by Soopah_Fly

    Manny Rosiaro is the president and CEO of ArmCore Securities, a small mercenary company operating out in Alliance space. ‘The Thousand Words’ the makes up the alliance is factitious and a hot bed of conflict. A perfect place for a man with a mech to make a name for himself.

    ArmCore has built a respectable reputation by completing small contracts such as garrison and short-term escort duty. Manny and the Rolling Rekong, his Atlas-class mech has proven themselves reliable and efficient. They have never failed a contract.


    ArmCore just finished a contract and is on their way to Merkatuan, a trade world, to rest their people and to update their equipment but unbeknownst to them, an alien force is silently making its way towards the world, the first target on their conquest of human space.


    Will ArmCore survive the opening salvo of aliens looking to expand their empire or would the men and women of Manny’s mercenary company burn in the flames of war?

  • First Convocation

    First Convocation

    1 pages by MadEraclers

    A group of magicians performs the first call of an entire universe follow the journey of one of your [Hero] `s in their cumin through the fantastic and violent world.

    This was done online at the grammar school I did not go to learn to write in English for hobby.

  • Aventuras de Galus

    Aventuras de Galus

    10 pages by Megxero

    El hijo del Dios Hwanin, al llegar a la tierra se dispone a conseder la Humanidad a la tribu del oso y del tigre cuando de repente la tribu del mono interviene.

    Galus el representante de los monos causa caos en las pruebas con lo que el hijo de Hwanin en castigo convierte a los monos en Zorros con lo que las Aventuras de Galus inicial al buscar el camino a casa. 

  • Dimensión Desconocida

    Dimensión Desconocida

    17 pages by Megxero

    Bunny y Chava trabajan en un lugar de alta seguridad, inician sus labores en el trabajo como guardas del puerto, como todos los dias, cuando de repente Bunny se encuentra un niño en un lugar donde no deberia haber personas externas al puerto.

    El niño se encuntraba encerradon en un bus, corre a rescatarlo y cuando se da cuenta, Chava y el terminan entrando en la dimension desconocida.

    Con lo que terminan redescubriendon el mundo que les rodea, que esta lleno de magia y peligros inimaginables.

  • When the madness arrives

    When the madness arrives

    4 pages by Xartar

    Some people just seem to be hated by life itself, living a complete suffering or better said... a death in life. Join our protagonist Dane Haldert from the end of a life to the beginning on another...

    However, will his next life be a good one?, only time will tell.



    This story will contain tragedy, madness, violence, cruelty and torture... however it's quite possible that there will not be sexual content (I just suck at writing it).

    If you are aged below 18 years old DO NOT READ.

  • The Maiden Of Death And Zero

    The Maiden Of Death And Zero

    2 pages by Xftg123

    One tuesday, eighteen year old Kazushi Michizane finds a beautiful maiden girl in a Lolita outfit on the edge of his school roof about to commit suicide, and he therefore decides to go save her. That is, until he ends up getting stabbed and kissed. But after he gets stabbed, he finds himself back to the start of his day, almost as if he went back in time.

    And on the same Tuesday, he ends up meeting a new transfer student in his class named Runa Chinatsu, a girl with dark silver hair, bright blue eyes, and fair skin. And it's then that he not only unravels what Runa was, but also becomes part of Runa's journey in a roller coaster of mysteries, time loops/paradoxes, and even necromancy. And with his friends and even some enemies along the way, it's only the start.....

  • Rise of the female tyrant

    Rise of the female tyrant

    14 pages by Lazy Writer

    In a time of immortal destinies, when countries rise and fall amidst the chaos, a small girl, determined to live a better life, dresses up like a boy and travels the land wanting to join the army of her country with the single goal of getting stronger, powerful enough to break the chains that bind mortality.



    This is a martial arts story with female main character. Please understand that because I don't understand a speck of Chinese the names of the characters will be of different variations. English isn't my native language so forgive my mistakes and possibly awkward use of words.


    WARNING! My way of writing is super lazy. If you start reading, be aware that I might not update my story for unknown periods of time.


    DOUBLE WARNING! May have dark themes. (not exactly sure about this part. Don't know whether I should add a mature tag or not)


  • Chaotic corner

    Chaotic corner

    12 pages by bluebug

    It has been about a fox who lost his sister and then went on a crusade to find a necromancer in order to revive his sister(Prologue lost).

    It has been about a galactic sky brightening up and smashing that recently evolved hobgoblin (ragequit).

    It has been about your future thoughts which you might have or might not have, depending on whether you have a brain (never put to paper).




    So, this is the chaotic corner. Please be prepared to suffer from endless sequences of chaotic events, else only artillery attacks will await your brain.

    Your body however won't suffer.

    Proceed with caution

  • Primordial Law

    Primordial Law

    52 pages by Kronosthegreat

    Three individuals each with there own powers get into a world of magic and harrowing danger. One to rule over time, One to rule over the heavens, and One to rule the beasts.

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