• World of Eliya

    World of Eliya

    33 pages by Snigglez11

    Julien and Andre are best friends, playing and training together since they were young they were insepertable. On a fateful day, Andre had hit Julien on the head and cause him into a coma for three days. After waking up he had seem different however he was still the same best friend that Andre had knew. 

    Andre is strong willed and is not worried to be vocal about his opinions while Julien was steady and myesterious, revealing his ideas only when he feels nesscary. 

    On the path to become the strongest and seek the truth of the world, they must become the strongest magnus`s this world has ever seen, after all... Strong rules the weak.

    Follow these two`s journey to become the strongest`s magnus in a world filled with mysterious wonders. 

    Author`s Note: Thanks for reading. The start seems  rather slow but I dont intend to fill the story with long parts that are very specific on for example school life only to end it abruptly. I will do my best to keep these "arcs" decently sized. again Thanks for reading please comment and give me any feed back. Postive and negative is fine with by. 

    ALso please Rate my story if possible! Thanks ! 

  • Singer Wannabe

    Singer Wannabe

    16 pages by Ao Usagi

    Synopsis :

    A man who loved music since young and dreamed being a singer became deaf after that an accident occured after he graduated from a music university.

    2 years later, he commited suicide from depression and learned that God made a mistakes which caused him to become deaf.

    Giving him a second chance with cheat-like abilities, can he truly realize his dream to become a singer?


    Schedule :

    Most of the chapters will be released the week-end but I'll try to post chapters once I finished writing if my schedule is free during the week. 


    Author note:

    This is a story of romance and slice of life, but just to let you know, I'm writing only for myself and for fun.

  • Mundane Magic Magus

    Mundane Magic Magus

    5 pages by The One

    Whilst the kingdoms of swords and magic warred against the vile monsters, the kings of all sentient races decided to come together and call upon a group of heroes from another world.

    However, one of their heroes was soon kidnapped by an incredibly powerful entity for unknown reasons. The kings tried to find the hero, but to no avail.

    1000 years later, the hero reappeared.

    [Contains sex, gore, swears, torture and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.]

  • A bad night for the apocalypse

    A bad night for the apocalypse

    1 pages by Babydragon

    Ever just have a bad day? Now just add the apocalypse to that and you’re where Luke is. 

  • Silver Nightmare

    Silver Nightmare

    11 pages by Overlord Susanoo

    Michael Andrews and his brother Jake were Wizards that kept the natural and supernatural worlds seperate. As a detective Michael was able to do just that as he was aware of the crimes being commited by both sides of the worlds. This case however bridges those worlds. A murder with a man cut in half was what brought him into the situation and now he just couldn't stop before he learned why this was happening and who was doing it. 

  • Otla


    18 pages by Iroo

    After hundreds years of war the land can take no more. The rulers listening to their peoples plead and in the light of an unbelievable discovery decide to call truce. Most believe that is their greed guiding them since the mages announced there is way to travel to new lands, new worlds. But the people are content if the war leaves their homes. If the rich heroes want to find glory and fame let the search it somewhere else. What the future is going to be from now on?


    Author note

    Hello everyone, this is the first story i actually write down and yes english is not my first language. Since i don t have someone to edit any correction will be welcomed. I put some tags if i think i need to add some later will do. As for release it will be one every week. Thanks for reading me.

  • Mirrorworld


    0 pages by aznsteel

    The past, present and future. Some dwell onto the past and some must accept the future but we all live in the present. No matter from whatever universe you live in or whatever rock you hide underneath. The past will not change; the future will always be different for every single person and its how you live in the present that makes you feel alive. 

    But lets say you could see the future, where everything is wrong and at the same time everything is right. What do you do at in the end? When the whole world you picture always seems so twisted and wrong and that there are people called 'Suits' flying around the world fighting VIllians? 

    Author Note: This is my first web serial. Long time reader and ready to with this world that I created. I am still working on the jarring points in my writing and the characterization of my characters but hopefully, they seem atleast normal for you guys. 

    I do not know how frequently I will update and I do not know If I will give you guys a schedule. 

    Critism of my writing are wanted. I need more information so I can improve!

  • Revolution of the Rags

    Revolution of the Rags

    3 pages by xpwifi

    And then they all died.

    The Black Watch, an information seeking mercenary organization sends its trusted associates to "The City of Rags" to investigate rumors of rebellion stirring within. In a twisted turn of events, our heroes join the revolutionary process of defeating the local government and setting up newer and better rulers in the place of the corrupted ones in power. But a revolution is not so simple. Will the revolutionaries unite together to stand against the powers that be, or will they fall?

  • Virtue of GODS

    Virtue of GODS

    11 pages by TabooGod

    After the 4th world war, the land was in turmoil. The world of Dharati achieved a lot in the field of science, but it came at the cost of entire countries wiped out from the face of the world. 

    5years later, during the year 3015 4th April of Juvias calender, a twin brother and sister entered the country renowned psychic institute on the consent of their father, what does their fate carry, and what will become of their lives after this huge change?

    This is the era of the 11th generation psychics after their seal was released, how will they affect the world? Will they make it burn into ashes or blossom it into a heavenly paradise?

  • dark night

    dark night

    11 pages by starlaise

    one day and being of untold power showed up to scott planet telling them that thier world will end and they are given the chance to aquire great power that could make them gods, demons and dragons among men and become inmortal to time.

  • Clash of clan

    Clash of clan

    3 pages by Mr.Bush

    The pawns have been set ,The banners have risen ,The swards sharpned ,



  • The Peculiar Sema

    The Peculiar Sema

    2 pages by Eurobeat Lover

    Sema Ainsworth died while fighting the Undead King. Rather than being dead for eternity, God returned him to the past while giving him the knowledge from his past world.

  • Eons


    9 pages by croossed

    An exile prince creates his own power from a settlement that was created by his mother.

    Creating the strongest settlement and reigning supreme in this world was his mothers last wish for him.

  • Holding the Line: The Mercenary Companies

    Holding the Line: The Mercenary Companies

    59 pages by Soopah_Fly

    Manny Rosiaro is the president and CEO of ArmCore Securities, a small mercenary company operating out in Alliance space. ‘The Thousand Words’ the makes up the alliance is factitious and a hot bed of conflict. A perfect place for a man with a mech to make a name for himself.

    ArmCore has built a respectable reputation by completing small contracts such as garrison and short-term escort duty. Manny and the Rolling Rekong, his Atlas-class mech has proven themselves reliable and efficient. They have never failed a contract.


    ArmCore just finished a contract and is on their way to Merkatuan, a trade world, to rest their people and to update their equipment but unbeknownst to them, an alien force is silently making its way towards the world, the first target on their conquest of human space.


    Will ArmCore survive the opening salvo of aliens looking to expand their empire or would the men and women of Manny’s mercenary company burn in the flames of war?

  • Private Investigator John Ford and the Cult of the Magic Book

    Private Investigator John Ford and the Cult of the Magic Book

    6 pages by christos200

    Internet novelist Dandre Marshall could have never imagined that his roommate in London would be an eccentric private investigator named John Ford nor could he have ever foreseen that an investigation of the murder of a couple would result in a lethal confrontation with a cult of fanatics and their summoning to a magical world of kings, warlords, sorcerers and pirates. Will Dandre and John survive long enough in that new magical world to find out the secrets of the cult and a way to get back home?

    I do not own the cover art, all rights reserved to the owner.

    There will be at least one update every week, though from time to time I may update more often.

  • Mystery x mystery

    Mystery x mystery

    2 pages by Sobstory01

    What would you do, if... there's really no point in writing a synopsis in a web novel now, is there? Does reading this synopsis even answers your curiosity, your inquisitiveness ? , the burning passion to peak under a skirt?!


    have I hit 200 characters yet? please tell me I did. Anyways, it's a mystery novel because its rare and I want to feel like a special snowflake..

  • notes


    0 pages by JULE_0298

    Bye  ( ' - ' )/^

  • First Convocation

    First Convocation

    1 pages by MadEraclers

    A group of magicians performs the first call of an entire universe follow the journey of one of your [Hero] `s in their cumin through the fantastic and violent world.

    This was done online at the grammar school I did not go to learn to write in English for hobby.

  • Paradise: Our Story

    Paradise: Our Story

    7 pages by sunwalker

    Set in the far off future within a planet that has not only experienced an apocalypse once but twice , following the stories of several survivors and their struggles within a world filled with mutants , powerful technology from the past , and artificial super humans.

    This is their paradise, these are their stories.

  • Your Faithful Knight

    Your Faithful Knight

    2 pages by xluferx

    "Ignorance is a bliss."

    Princess Anneliese’s ignorance allowed her to lead a beautiful life inside a bubble of happiness.

    It was never meant to last, exposition to such reality after losing her only layer of protection ended up being too much for her to bear.

    At least her beloved knight would be there to protect her.

    Or so she thought.

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