• Coming soon

    Coming soon

    0 pages by shahd34

    I Kno w I wrote 3 chapters before but I am going to make new ones ,k?

  • Videamus


    19 pages by RemonJaov

    A beggar, waiting for his inevitable death, and a mercenary, coming along to help him find it.


  • Lost Lands Online

    Lost Lands Online

    10 pages by Tenebrae
    2037 the first VRMMO Lost Lands Online was released. A few weeks later James Rockwell, a remarkable average member of the upper middle class, gets pestered by his colleagues to give the recently released VRMMO a try. Having nothing else to do at the moment, he agrees, and a few days later he starts the game for the first time, without having any idea what to expect or to do.

    It's basically an VR story without hidden classes and a MC that just wants to kill time. I'm writing this without much of a plan in order to improve my writing skills, so I'm not quite sure what's going to happen. Mature tag is an insurance for me and constructive critism is good. Suggestions what should happen next are fine, too.
  • Vitsjk: A legend of a bygone age.

    Vitsjk: A legend of a bygone age.

    9 pages by Waterdrinker

    Vido is a lord in the northern part of Vitsjk a cold and barren land. He was asked to join a rebellion against the kling in exchange for more lands and titles. He agrred with this request. In the west lays another country which is overflown with rivers here lives a woman with her family they have a normal farm.


    This is my first upload and story.
    If you have pointers I would be very happy with them also
    I am not a native speaker. I am not sure if I will write another chapter, depends on the received comments and reviews.

  • Ka'artspel


    2 pages by Mr.Freezing-san

    In the year 3473 a man named Kart Springfield popularized a card game known as Ka'artspel which in just 2 days took the world by storm.

    Now legally accepted as a sport, Ka'artspel is now played by almost every single person in the world!

    Little did everyone know that Ka'artspel is not just a normal card game but a gateway to a whole new world.

    Follow a set of people with varying age as they unlock the mysteries of the game.


    Hello! Freezing here. This  is my first ever fiction and I'm still in my 1st year in college so please bear with my grammar.

    This fiction is very similar to yu-gi-oh which is where i got the idea from.

    Also I have no clue if card games plus novels is such a good idea.(lol Im gonna try it anyways)

    Thank you for reading this!

  • Revolt Against the Heavens

    Revolt Against the Heavens

    30 pages by Coolish

    The crowd roared, thousands died. An empire fell, a victor crowned. Death permeated, applause echoed. The champion waved, smiling. A young boy crawled, bleeding. The games are over, the battle won. The boy looked up to the sky, only he knew the truth, “This was all for nothing.”

  • God's Perfect Worlds

    God's Perfect Worlds

    9 pages by Seta
    Approximately 200 million years ago, God created a system in which would properly rank each planet according to a rank from SS + to unranked. Planets that are considered unranked will have the weakest species and a simple and boring life, similar to us humans now. SS + would be a constant slaughter, to be honest words wouldn't be able to put it into perspective. If a species is able to survive in this world for a set amount of time, they will then be suited for that planet and have all of that species transferred there. Anyways a 24 year old something, freshly unemployed male named Seta ended up dying in a car crash and later ends up in this system. Will he be able to survive? Or will he fail and have humanity continue its boring everyday existence which is considered living?
  • Multiversal One Shot

    Multiversal One Shot

    3 pages by Re:Writer

    When Simon and the crew form Tengen Toppa Gurenn Lagann to fight the Anti-Spiral, how does the other universes react to it?

    I do not own Gurren Lagann, RWBY Dragon Ball, Bionicle, or My Hero Academia

    I wish I did own Gurren Lagann though.

  • Gantz Aplha

    Gantz Aplha

    0 pages by Mr gentleman

    Somewhere in Tokyo, there is a room. In that room is a black sphere. Periodically, some people who should otherwise have died are transferred to that room. There, the sphere gives them special suits and weapons, and sends them out on a mission to kill monsters that live on the other side of the mirror. 

    Fighting in the mirror world, all their worst nightmares will come to life. Bizarre monster with frightning powers roam this world. Fighting to kill these creatures can be lethal, few participants survive them. 

    Dying from suicide, i arrive in this world. Will i have what it takes to survive?

    This is my take on Gantz. Instead of being in the real world, monsters will be invading from the mirror world. Powerful weapons and armours are not given at the start and have to be bought with points. I'll be mixing some elements from Terror infinity with gantz.

  • Balls Are Life

    Balls Are Life

    0 pages by picip

    In the year 2042, full-immersion gaming technology is no longer a dream. The big gaming companies, though, have yet to make a video game that catches many people's attention. Until, that is, Nintendo releases their biggest game yet- Pokémon Rainbow. An MMO featuring the first five regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova, the game draws a massive crowd of players both old and young, longtime fans and complete newbies. The game gets tens of millions of players during its first few days of release.

    Our hero, a sixteen-year-old named Allie Dover, is the daughter of two 90's kids who grew up playing the original games who had insisted that she and his brother grow up with the old Game Boy Color games as well. Allie's whole family buys copies for each of them, and they plan to meet up inside.

    However, when players log in, they soon discover that the game is not what they think it is. It is much, much more than they ever imagined. To the point that they can't stop playing.

    Follow Allie in her quest to defeat the Pokémon League, and to keep her precious Pokémon from fainting. 

    ****DISCLAIMER**** I do not own Pokémon, nor do I have any affiliation with Nintendo. I do not claim to own any of their intellectual property.

  • Grimoire: Retake

    Grimoire: Retake

    95 pages by kourii

    "Reality is different than a story or a game." That's what my best friend used to say to the otaku me all the times and I myself knew full well that it's true. Well, that was until now... Why you ask? Let me ask you instead, what if you woke up one day, remembered your past life, then found out you are a harem member of a RPG game? The harem MC is childhood friend A and the main rival is my brother B. Hah! And that's just the beginning! You are mistaken if you think that's all. How about an amazing finishing touch of having found out later that reality does not follow the original storyline but might actually be the improved sequel version of the RPG? Hahaha, God, I'm laughing tears of despair....

  • Anno Domini

    Anno Domini

    13 pages by LVL. 1 SUBSIDY

    (first time writing, please go easy on me.)

    About a guy who goes to war represtening his family. 

    Past members of the family are respected, and have somewhat of an infuence.

    He goes to war, something bad happens. (that'll be far in the story before that happens btw.)

    Read At Your Own Risk:



  • Dungeons: Rising of a new soul

    Dungeons: Rising of a new soul

    2 pages by marmotte

    So it should rise! Till it pierces the sky or the core of the world.

    So it should  grow!

    So it should live!

     ON HIATUS ( sorry people, I made a mess of the story before really starting it , I have too much ideas and don't know where to begin and then where to go , so I have to organize it)

    Author :Welcome to my first story, I discover the writing world so here is the product of my imagination and my will to share it . The prologue is  announcing almost nothing of the rest of the story, but I had to write it to commit myself to the writing of this story.

    I'm open to criticism if it's constructive. I will go at my rythm so no schedule, but if something is on hiatus or dropped I will notify you. Good reading.

  • Lost Days

    Lost Days

    4 pages by LVL. 1 SUBSIDY

    (This story is just me testing the waters so dont expect too much. Critisism is accepted. In moderaion.)

    A man named Raziel is troubled. He feels different. The same but different. Like wearing the same shirt, only with a different color. He tries to find out what it is that is wrong.

  • Reashaping Soul

    Reashaping Soul

    11 pages by Calomy
    Belinda Odessa thought that coming back from dying 27 minutes ago would be the weirdest thing she would experience in her life, however things would keep getting weirder from now on.
  • The old, The new, The ancient

    The old, The new, The ancient

    1 pages by Fenrirson

    He who know knows not but he know sees knows the way 

  • Absolute Knowledge

    Absolute Knowledge

    42 pages by Drew Cordell

    My life changed in a matter of minutes. The choices I made led me to a life of crime and caused me to become the worst sort of criminal; I became a traitor to the country of New York. For better or worse, the path my life has taken is irreversible. I’ve killed, I’ve died, and I’ve risked my life in attempt to destroy a society built on over one hundred years of lies and corruption.

    My name is Jacob Ashton, and this is my story.

    Absolute Knowledge is the first of a cyberpunk science fiction trilogy which takes place in a dark, futuristic New York City set in 2146. The country of New York is divided into three physical tiers and the faceless Government is working to establish Absolute Knowledge.

    Working as Thinkers, the citizens of the Slums are paid for their thoughts and given vouchers needed to sustain their cost of living. Since the Government controls almost everything, most citizens are forced to either work as Thinkers or turn to a life of disconnect from society under the harshest of conditions.

    In Absolute Knowledge, every thought has a price.

  • The One Who Didn't Make It

    The One Who Didn't Make It

    3 pages by EldritchOutsider

    Some people in this world are natural born outsiders. Outsiders are the ones who change the world. Those that don't fit inside the mix are forced to follow their own path. Some don't make it long enough to make a difference. This is the story of an outsider who didn't make it. These are the events leading to an outsiders demise.

  • The Sum Of Nothing Is Zero And That Is Exactly What Everything Becomes

    The Sum Of Nothing Is Zero And That Is Exactly What Everything Becomes

    18 pages by Shiru
    Die. And then reset. But Tsukino Kanon doesn't know this is happening. If she can't remember what happens before she resets, how will she escape death?

    In the end, all returns to zero.

    Fic contains: Graphic violence, swearing, disturbing scenes
    Current word count:
    Arc 1: 4600 words / Prologue + 2 Chapters


    This fic was inspired by time loop stories such as Edge of Tomorrow/All You Need is Kill, Groundhog Day, and the increasingly popular Re:Zero -Starting Life In Another World-, but is written with one question in mind as the stimulus;
    "What would a time loop be like if the center of attention wasn't the looper?"
    It isn't, by any means, a perfect story, and the planning done is very minimal. I expect there to be a few inconsistencies here and there, but I'll try to make the story as coherent as possible. At best, I'll update once a week; at worst the story should update twice a month.
    In terms of the violence and such, this is my first time writing a story with violence in the detail I have; it isn't a lot of detail compared to other works, but it's good enough for me and I hope for others as well. I hope you enjoy it!
  • Loch


    1 pages by vesuvius

    Loch former war magican, has been teaching at the Copenhagen Magical Institute the last few years at the promting of his friend. Teaching has been a way for Loch to re-enter the world after a period of seclusion after the war. Discover who loch really is and what part he really plays at the school. 

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