• The Fading Memories

    The Fading Memories

    0 pages by incognitosolver

    There are two types of fear that haunts me. One is the fear of death and another one is fear of confronting the truth.

  • Detective Game

    Detective Game

    0 pages by NotNear
  • Lost


    1 pages by TheCirius

    She’s gone... it’s almost been a year. I’m coming. I’ll fix this 

  • A Bored Gods Tale

    A Bored Gods Tale

    1 pages by skyblader70

    In a vast universe There was a God named Dom

  • The Girl With The Turtle Socks

    The Girl With The Turtle Socks

    3 pages by summergirllw

    Some Things to Know as a Reader:

    1, Don't put all the credit on me, because my fwends helped write the book tooooo. Their names will be in the story in the By area

    2, I write slow so don't expect me to write a new story every week or so... these things take time

    3, Don't judge me please

    4, No being mean in comments or I will be sad :(

    Now onto teh story :D

    I know it’s a cliche to start with “Once upon a time...” But The Master enjoys it like that. The Master shares his interest of fairy tales with us by controlling everything. The Master created us for a purpose; a character in his own fairy tale. I love The Master. I know it seems manipulating for newcomers to The Master, but soon… you can be with us forever, and play a part in our little world… 


  • Lord of Monster

    Lord of Monster

    43 pages by Rougeist



  • Cultivation in the Tian Family

    Cultivation in the Tian Family

    2 pages by Zobbit

    This is a story, depicting a young boy who got adopted into the Tian Family. 

    His experiences while cultivating himself, and how having a Godly family as your backing is just overpowered.

    ~ I will use the Tian Family name, same as BaiSiwa in N1UH does. I will use similar aspects as Sudra in tORC, but I'll try to give my own fantasies on top of that, not making it better, not using their actual characters, but simply using some of their concepts~

    Oh, and yeah, go comment on what would be cool, cause it would actually be very cool, in your own story that is^^

    I Tagged it as Wuxia, though I'll actually want to go into something similar to Xianxia, well that Tag doesn't exist, so I used the closest to it~

  • Mother


    29 pages by XiaoAiqingge

    Due to a series of events, a young girl of only five years old had been sacrificed to a local god so as to avoid incurring its wrath.

    Now, young Ariadne is being raised as the daughter of the spider goddess, Kuukona.

    A short and heartwarming slice-of-life about a little girl and a monster is about to begin.

    With one feared and the other forsaken, this is the tale of a mother and child.

  • brief


    3 pages by Alchyr

    A collection of brief writings.


    All warnings applied because I might use them in the future.

  • Jacks Tale.

    Jacks Tale.

    11 pages by Novykh

    In 1859 a powerful geomagnetic solar storm  occured in space. During this solar storm Planet Earth was hit by a coronal mass ejection. During the exact moment the CME impacted Earth the Universe itself underwent a fundamental change. Somehow the energies from the solar storm and the CME protected the Earth from this fundamental change.

    But the Universe has completed it's change and found Earth hasn't. The new Universe seeks to correct that.

    Meet Jack and listen to his tale. 



    First time author here. I have somewhat of an idea as to how the story will progress. I plan on taking my time with the meat of the story. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

  • Outcast


    3 pages by Ziavory


    Hated by all humans.
    Disdained by all demons
    Degraded by all spirits.
    Rejected by all gods.

    They sneer.
    They snub.
    They spurn.
    They scorn.

    Alas at the same time, he remains untouched.

  • Chaotic Shadows (Temporary Name)

    Chaotic Shadows (Temporary Name)

    31 pages by Alreadyded

    Generic protag dies, meets a godlike being, reincarnates in new world with some form of system.  System is based on Shadowrun 4th with some alteration to the source material, and lots of custom stuff. 


    I will not claim to be original, and will reference lots of other works.  If you spot one, call it out in the comments, first to do so each chapter might get a character in a future chapter.  The chapters will be sporadic at best, since i am only writing as a hobby, and when i am in the mood for it.

  • Ordeal


    1 pages by Plentyn

    If the world goes great then we may one day create a wonderful game. This is what I imagine the game is going to be like. I am going to focus on two player who will come together and forge the start of the game. 

  • Strange Dreams

    Strange Dreams

    1 pages by Somedepressedfella

    Riley is one of the Golden Rose Kingdom's young knights in training that has the potential to be a knight in his future years yet recently, stange dreams have started to appear randomly that has affected his performance both in a good way and vice versa.

    Read as Riley trains to reach the pinnacle while understanding the strange dreams that he is having randomly.

  • Lawless


    7 pages by myling2002

    There was a war and there was death. Few survived, animals, plants, places and people. The war broke the earth forever and no one can fix it. But the living can still thrive.

    There is a town were there is no such thing as law. 

    When theft is a sign of appreciation...

    When arson is another term for thanks...

    When kidnapping is a way of showing compassion...

    And when murder is a word for I love you.

    In that town, you cannot trust a stranger, an acquaintance, a distant friend, a neighbor, a bethroved, a best friend, and you very own family. Death is a way of life there. Nothing can stop man from being ruthless. No one is normal anymore...

    Except for the Notables.

    They are people who are not like those heartless psychopaths.

     Jason is not a Notable... nor is he a Commoner. He is a nobody. All he wants to do is to destroy the town and save all Notables. He would literally kill for it. 


  • Having a Farm is Easy Right?

    Having a Farm is Easy Right?

    2 pages by Snowdragon

    To have a farm is a dream for the young man named Raven. To watch his plants and animals grow and harvest them gives him the ultimate happiness. But this simple dream seems too far our young Raven..

    Follow the adventures of Raven, as he tries to grow his farm and defend it from insects, beast, bandits, magical beast... and cultivators???

  • The Pirates of Al Ghul

    The Pirates of Al Ghul

    10 pages by Yumi

    Nowa Al Shams was born in the capital city of the country of 'Ardu Altanwir, Jalalat Alshams. Her family was mostly military, and she was the heir of the great Al Shams clan, one of the greatest family of knights in the world. However Nowa longed for adventure, and after her family has finally went too far in their controlling of her life she decided to fufill her dream of seeing the world. In the end though, the life of an adventurer didn't go so well for her and derailed her plans. she isn't alone in the ride, she would have the people she met during her journey along with her to support and fight alongside her during her journey out into sea.


    The story is going to be written whenever I have free time so please don't expect a consistent release schedule. 

    Prologue only for now. Will be writing the next few chapters first before I post it.

    Edit 7/5/2018: Right, so I'm probably going to have to rewrite everything from the beginning again cause I have added things into the lore that I didn't have before but it turned out quite important so I can't remove it and that ruined my whole timeline. So yea, back to the beginning of world building and timeline planning.



  • The Sick Duck Platoon

    The Sick Duck Platoon

    26 pages by cupcake

    The hilarious adventures of four best buddies, Samuel, Robert, Johnathan, and Diederik. 

    Sam- The main protagonist who always tries to tame the wild flock of the Sick Duck platoon. A guy with a sense of justice and courageous with a hair-trigger temper.

    Rob- The coolest and the calm headed guy. He loves is porn collectibles and is also popular among the girls. He his the idol of the perfect being in the flesh!

    Dirk- The bookworm nerd and an academically genius. He is very shy in front of people and his tiny in size. But no one would want to get at the bad side of Dirk because when he loses his cool, he doesn't give a shit even if it's his teacher or policeman or terrorist or the president of united states itself, he would beat the shit out of you by hook or crook.

    Joe- The horniest, the worst, the most idiotic person, who doesn't give a shit about the world. Always drag the flock inside a neck-deep shit situation. He loves his buddies a lot still end up dragging them down the drain. 

    The four of the teens were slapped as 'The four Sick Ducks' of Lamington high School. This is the rock N roll pathway of the Sick duck platoon!

    Note:- I don't own the cover photo, all credit goes to Monty Python comedy group.

  • Shattered Memories of a Broken Core

    Shattered Memories of a Broken Core

    5 pages by Sylvor

    Life was never easy. He didn't know how or why, but it never was. And it most definitely didn't become any easier after what happened.

    Broken, fragmented, in pain and confused. That's all he knew. No inkling as to how or why. Only the nagging feeling that something was missing.

    A word. A name? 
    Who's name? 
    It didn't matter.
    It was his now.

    And sooner or later, what is missing will be his again as well.

  • Totally Not Year 12

    Totally Not Year 12

    22 pages by Aramzilliam10711

    People tend to live life as they know it. Living with their friends, hating their enemies, and genrally just going along with the flow. So what is the big question? What if they lost all their memories? What if they forgot their previous lives, forgot their names, forgot all the experiences that made them who they are? what if they got dropped into a strange land, lost and alone with only a warning to survive? Would they remain true to themselves or would new experiences make them unrecognizable to their past selves?

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