• Change's


    32 pages by BlueWave

    Third son of a king, attending an elite school, top of his class, respected and loved by his peers and teacher's, Kiyoshi Arai's life couldn't get any better, so instead took a turn for the worst.

  • Falling Star

    Falling Star

    27 pages by S. R. Anderson

    After a family from a powerful clan known as the ‘Ras Clan’, crashes on planet Dunia, a planet on the other side of the universes, they find themselves stranded.

    Their coming was foretold thousand of years ago along with its implications. For it was said that their presence shall bring death and destruction, as well as the possibility for life. Which have left Dunians with varying different opinion of these people known as, the Renzu.

    With no way to make contact with, or return their homeworld, those uninjured have no choice but to try and integrate into a new society, establish a branch of the Ras Clan on Dunia, and rectify their mistake. As they themselves know that if they are unable to rectify the mistake they have made, then death and destruction is not just a real possibility, but an inevitability.

    Will the young members of the Ras Clan be able to accomplish their goals on a planet filled with Qi Masters, powerful clans, terrifying beasts, and untold difficulties?

    Author’s Note: This is my first story, so I'm looking forward to your feedback, as it will be much appreciated.

  • Tribular


    66 pages by zachbrown

     Earth has changed. Life has evolved and is no longer habitable by man. Humanity has fled into domes to survive. earning a living was only possible by playing games and using the currency found in them to buy what was wanted. all the needs of man was provided for but not everything is perfect.

  • Straying Reflection

    Straying Reflection

    16 pages by Zovi

    Elinor just had the craziest morning in her life, and yet it was nothing compared with what was to come... the vanishing of a red button, a cute boy with a burning hand, an overly-seductive class president, exploding pimples and hot milk coffee... Everything seems to be connected yet completely isolated from each other. Follow Elinor's story and her quest to make sense of the meaning of the world and perhaps her own straying self...           

  • Chosen by a three headed god

    Chosen by a three headed god

    8 pages by Zumzar

    Mina having lived her whole life in the elven vilage wanted to see the wolrd, however just a few months later she has an accident while hunting and she awakes to the visage of her patron god. 

  • The Eveningtide

    The Eveningtide

    126 pages by Rhiyan

    The story follows Lear Ephistre, a novice adventurer who embarks to achieve his dream of greatness. He decides to join a guild to help with his endeavors but is rejected, destroying his morale. But his actions cause him to come across a man recruiting members for his own guild. Their meeting marks the beginning of their, soon to be grand, adventures.

  • When Do I Stop?

    When Do I Stop?

    2 pages by holler23

    Great people are formed everday

    Those who will be Heros

    Those who will be Villans 

    Those who will be Neither

    Here is just one more



    Liam is strong and handsome individual he was raised by a terroist group and trained to be solider, asssassin, spy, or diplomat both feared and envied by his collegues still he lives his life to surve. So what happens when are betrayed by those you surve. I don't know but i'm sure it's interesting

  • Rattus Salutis

    Rattus Salutis

    2 pages by BrotherofHavok

    Migrating from planet to planet in order to survive the rats leave behind dead planets. Now they've chosen their next destination, but the inhabitants weren't originally from this planet. Instead, all the numerous races had been brought their by their chosen Gods to fight and compete. For years these races fought without end, now the balance has been thrown into disarray, but can they remove the infection, or will it kill them first?

  • The legend of the son of the legendary hero.

    The legend of the son of the legendary hero.

    51 pages by Handhold-less virgin

    The war against the demon lord forced humanity to use the arcaic magic arts to summon a hero from an alternative world. That hero turned out to be Kurohara Ichika, a teenager from modern day Japan.

    The hero defeated the demon lord and decided to live a quiet life growing papayas in the countryside with his wife and his son, Kurohara Noah.

    The legend was supposed to be over. However, one day young Noah gets run over by a carriage going at full speed, and turns out he will now be sent to the "real" world, the one where his father had come from, in an important mission with the fate of both worlds resting on his shoulders.

    Noah clearly doesn't like the idea, but knowing the basics of japanese common sense thanks to his dad, he thinks he won't have too much trouble finding his way in this parallel world.

    Or so it was supposed to be...

    "Wait, is this really Japan!?" 

  • The Chronicles of Hydea

    The Chronicles of Hydea

    9 pages by bluerobin

    While burying a time capsule, two kids from Earth uncover magic crystals. Now their bodies are dying, and it all goes downhill from there. 

    Catherine "Cat" Taylor and Darrion Comis have resigned themselves to dying when they are thrust headlong into an interplanetary war, complete with space battles, a quirky team, a nefarious villain and the occasional romance. 

    Book One in the series. 

  • High School of Magic and Weaponry

    High School of Magic and Weaponry

    25 pages by Ace Takashiro

     humans and demihumans had an agreement to live together in peace, but some rebel against agreement and started a war.

    An alternate history where magic exists and is polished through modern technology, involved and scientific approach to magic, and how the government manages magicians and the demihumans.

    This is a story take place After the war there was a boy name Takashiro that lived in an ordinarage with his only friend at the  ordinarage Yuzuki,they had fun together but one day they found out the secret out ordinarage,being only of two survivers Yuzuki suveived but needed medical support and was rush to the hostpital. Takashiro was taken in by a great swordsman Hirabayashi Nakahara, training him to the point that he almost dies but he finally awake his unique ability. On his way he met new friends and rivals. TIME to show the world his power.

  • Czar Of Combat: Kings

    Czar Of Combat: Kings

    0 pages by TheWhiteRavenOfChernobyl

    This is a tale of a time not too far away, where BCI (Brain-Computer Interfacing) has been mastered, and honed to perfection. This new craft has lead to leaps and bounds in all industries, doctors no longer need to worry about shaky hands, just the job in front of them; Chefs have databases with hundreds of thousands of recipes, pinged to their mind on request; Engineers can design and build with mere thoughts; And of course,  it's opened the gateway to a new era of gaming; both legal, and not.

  • doop


    0 pages by Raigyo

    dee daa

  • Videamus


    25 pages by RemonJaov

    A beggar, waiting for his inevitable death, and a mercenary, coming along to help him find it.


  • Vitsjk: A legend of a bygone age.

    Vitsjk: A legend of a bygone age.

    9 pages by Waterdrinker

    Vido is a lord in the northern part of Vitsjk a cold and barren land. He was asked to join a rebellion against the kling in exchange for more lands and titles. He agrred with this request. In the west lays another country which is overflown with rivers here lives a woman with her family they have a normal farm.


    This is my first upload and story.
    If you have pointers I would be very happy with them also
    I am not a native speaker. I am not sure if I will write another chapter, depends on the received comments and reviews.

  • Revolt Against the Heavens

    Revolt Against the Heavens

    30 pages by Coolish

    The crowd roared, thousands died. An empire fell, a victor crowned. Death permeated, applause echoed. The champion waved, smiling. A young boy crawled, bleeding. The games are over, the battle won. The boy looked up to the sky, only he knew the truth, “This was all for nothing.”

  • I guess i'm not the hero?

    I guess i'm not the hero?

    6 pages by Slurpasaur

    Doran is a slightly delusional person who is summoned to another world with his classmates after their death. They have been told that normal people dont have an afterlife, but, if they succeed in bringing peace to the new world they will all be sent to heaven. Doran was a little different. He wasn't supposed to die, which caused his body to be slowly destroyed instead of dying instantly. 

    It is my first time writing a book. Please dont expect much and get disapointed if this goes south. Expect bad but probably still readable grammar. 

    Also I guess this will be a little offensive but I hope you'll just sweep it under the rug if you dont find it funny. I'll try to not make it pointlessly offensive.

  • The Drowning Donkey Tavern: A Collection of Misery and Monsters in the Krakey Forest

    The Drowning Donkey Tavern: A Collection of Misery and Monsters in the Krakey Forest

    2 pages by SlimLickens

    Taverns, a place any weary traveller can drink their troubles away and their minds swept in an endless current of gossip and stories of local drunks.

    Lark Crom, a gunslinger of Kell, stumbles across a lonely town in the middle of Krakey Forest after weeks of enduring restless nights and hungry days. Here he finds his oasis in the midst of a nightmare, The Drowning Donkey Tavern. As Lark barges in and sits himself at the bar, he listens in on the stories of local Grelchmen. With an ale in one hand and downing shots of whiskey with his other, he loses himmself amongst stories very few men live to tell.

    (The Drowning Donkey Tavern is an anthology of stories that our "mc" listens in on as he finds a bar in a small dwarven town in the middle of a cursed forest. As well as Lark's own sub-plot that goes on between stories.)

  • Seventh of April

    Seventh of April

    14 pages by VannVann

    Say, today was rather pointless. We spent our day leisurely, wasting our time away while the fated clock ticked away. When it finally rings what will we do then? What was the meaning of it all?

    Mankind and many others do not understand Life while treading life.


    And yet they all, at the end reach enlightenment. When our fated ring echoes He will greet us.

  • The Mistress and Lover

    The Mistress and Lover

    7 pages by LazyCreepyUncle

     Cathryn Infortunatus is a secretary at Golden World Business Center. She was promoted to work under her friend, Angel, whom she had loved since the days they worked as receptionists together. This is a oneshot, so read the rest to know the rest of the story. (It's not yuri, dont worry)

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